Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meg's Bistro & Inn: Joshua & Belle

Meg's Bistro & Inn is open for business. Please visit the front desk if you would like to make reservations.

My good friends Josh & Belle have made reservations at the Bistro and appear eager to start their date. I easily re-arrange the seating schedule and get them the finest seat in the house. The view is spectacular.

The table is set as my lovely guests begin to arrive. Josh requested French Champagne and it sits chilling next to lit candles and fresh flowers as the centerpiece.

"Joshua & Belle, please follow me, your table is ready." >>

Members of the flight crew - Halle & Lucy. Face manipulation by Belle from morphs by Area Orion.

Here's Laura & Pixie

...and Belle from Cele7110

...and Melissa & Andrualla from Belle and Area Orion.


  1. Why thank you Megan. You are a most gracious host and your restaurant is top notch from the service down to the amazing location. The view is spectacular. I take my arm and Belle puts her arm around my arm and we walk to the table. The table is a private room with 360 degree glass all around it and beautiful views with the utmost of privacy. The only people that can see out are us and no one can see in.

    Belle loves the atmosphere and I pull her chair out graciously and help her with her coat to take it she takes off her coat I notice that you are quite muscular and very very fit and I see you flex your back as you sit down and it is a sight of beauty. Even Megan takes a look. Megan is amazingly muscular herself and Belle notices that also.

    I pour you a glass of French Champagne and we toast....and you say............and then you look at me and want.............and then you ask me.............and then you are wondering..........and you are wearing on your date...............and you..........and then you are thinking............and then you.....

    What a great start to an amazing date with Belle.

  2. This is a nice location, I like the view, you have chosen well Josh. May I call you Josh? Joshua sounds SO formal and we are here to enjoy ourselves. If you find that too formal, i am ok with ANYTHING you ask!
    We must toast the BUFFIES first, and our host Meg. Let us toast all muscled females, and wish them well and that they find the happiness they deserve.
    And of course my handsome escort, who has asked me on this date, how could I not toast you.
    I see you like the black dress I am wearing, I hope it is not too tight, but it shows off my muscles well and I feel like flaunting them tonight! Don't get jealous, I will not leave you, but I want everyone to know how well you have done for this date. (That sounds a bit self ectntred but as you can see the champagne is beggining to affect me !!!)
    How has your day been, I am certainly glad to get this break from work as it is publication week for our mags and the Boss has not replaced my friend, so I am doing 2 jobs at the same time! I certainly need that champagne!
    Enough of me, I am being rude, how are you, I trust you are enjoying life to the full. You are looking very handsome tonight, I think a few people will be jealous when they see me out with such a good looking guy. (Meg is looking good but tonight is our night).
    What are your hopes? I am looking forward to a week together, where will you take me?
    Ah, my starter of Szechuan spare ribs has arrived, please feel free to talk while I eat, I am not one to stand on ceremony, you were saying . . .


  3. After a glass or two of champagne and seeing how amazing you looking in your backless black dress that shows off your beautiful cut back and ripped lats which makes me very turned on, I compose myself and say that we can go anywhere you want in the world. I see you love Chinese food and since you are such a fan of it after we finish dinner tonight there is a car to take us to the airport where my private jet will wisk us off to our starting destination of China and then jump over to Japan. I don't want to give away everything right away about me. I want to leave something to the imagination and believe me that I have an amazing week planned that will make you not only laugh out loud but will relax you to the point of euphoria and heigthen your senses and pleasure. You are very curious. You look up at me after eating one of your spare ribs and you cross your legs and lick your lips as you polish off your glass of champagne. You are truly stunning and the champagne is starting to relax you in many ways and making you feel very warm inside and a bit turned on looking at me............

    I ask the waiter to bring another bottle of champagne and Megan insteads sends a very very special bottle of wine from her own personal collection. Megan winks at me and says she has no idea what this wine will make her feel like..........

    You look at me and say........and you want to feel............and you like what you are hearing and you think...........

    and you want...........

    and you ask me to................

    and then you take my hand.........and then you........

  4. Well, Josh, I don't know what you are drinking, but you must be reading my mind, because I do like what I am hearing, I am certainly enjoying your compliments, I thank you for that.

    Before we set off on our trip round the world perhaps we could go to another special place that I have :)

    Maybe Meg has a secluded room somewhere?! Her wine is certainly having an effect on me. I don't usually do it on the first date, but I am getting in the mood tonight!

    I had better have some soup now, some Dom yang gung spicy seafood, just right I think, I somehow imagine I will be expending lots of 'fluids' before this night is over . . . tee hee :)

    I wonder if you are man enough to have tons of female muscle, me, lying on top of you? I somehow think you are :)

    I will lay on top of you and let your hands investigate my huge muscles, and other parts, I will guide you thru' my most secret desires . . . I will cover you with my pecs and squeeze and squeeze them :p

    I think I will have the aromatic crispy duck, that is a whole duck, next, I see it is the most expensive item on the menu, but you will find it is worth it . . . tee hee . . . you might need to stoke up with protein yourself if you want to survive the night lol!!! ;)

    While we wait for the next course to be delivered to our table, I reach under and guide your hand to . . . :) what is that I feel as well, you seem to be getting excited about something . . . maybe you can make me feel even warmer inside than I already am! I am sure you can ;)

    But, I should warn you, you see that empty champagne bottle? I can crush it to dust in there . . . and have destroyed many a strong man, and case-hardened dildo, there as well!

    I think you are up to my challenge, I look forward to the meal being over and us having a really good . . .

    MMMMMMMMMMM! kiss kiss kiss . . . Belle

  5. The wine has been more than an aphordisiac. I look at you and your beautiful rock hard muscular rippling body of pure power and I am very turned on and very curious about how amazing of a lover you are. I call the waitress and ask Megan if she could direct us to a private room in her restaurant. Knowing that Megan loves her own privacy, she comes to the table with another very very special vintage bottle of wine, but this one in particular is a one of a kind bottle. She hands me two crystal glasses and whispers into my ear................and then whispers into your ear something totally different...........and she says there is a special place above my restaurant with 360 degree views of the city and since it looks like you will not be leaving till late morning tomorrow it is all yours. She does not tell us what the room has in or anything all she says is that you will have the utmost privacy and you can be as wild and passionate as you want in it. She also tells me that dinner is on the house but I leave her a very handsome tip of 200.00 for her hospitality.

    I want you so badly and I take my hand and Megan leads us to an elevator to go to the 3rd floor of the restaurant mind you this is only accessed by a key card so no one can go there unless you know the pin code which is changed daily.

    Megan types in the pincode which happens to be 6969 today and the door opens and you and I get in the elevator...........You are so thinking that you want...........and then you need............and you are so turned on by me............that you............and I am so turned on by you that I.................and then you want rip my clothes off and do............and I want to do the same and you are thinking and your heart is racing and your muscles want.....................and then you................

  6. Well, Josh, I would not want Meg to throw us out, maybe we should stop our shenanagins . . . for just now! I wonder if she would like to join us, I think she would be up for it, tee hee.
    While I wait for my green coffee to come, why don't you blow out the candles, and come and sit here on my lap? That's better.
    Let me caress you with my 30inch guns, and pull you gently into my 60inch pecs. MMMMMMMM, nice.
    Ah, here is my coffee at last. Hmm, there is no milk. I think we can solve THAT problem :)
    Let me adjust my dress, that's better, now if you massage my 'pecs' in a vigorous manner, ahhhhhhhh, that's working . . . anyone else take milk? There is plenty more where that came from! I am the hostess with the mostess, tee hee.
    Well, Joshua, where do we go from here . . . ?
    Kiss, kiss, kiss, Belle.

  7. Ah, Josh, my fav number, 69 tee hee.


    i was hoping you would want to service me with your man-muscle :) so here goes:

    good, then let's begin . . . let me get it out for you, ah, it is a bit limp, let me work on that for you . . . i will stroke it gently, my that seems to be working, let me get down closer to it . . . now let me caress it gently with my tongue and lips . . . oh my, that seems to be having an effect, it is getting much larger now :)

    what a fantastic head, and so thick and covered in huge veins :)

    now let me get it all moist, here it goes into my mouth :)

    mmm, that certainly is a mouthfull, let me lick it and wrap my tongue round it to get it really moist :)

    i think we are ready now, let me move it down and tease my clit with it, mmm, that is nice . . .

    don't you go there, i am in charge of this encounter and i will tell you what to do . . . you can fondle my ass, i have buns of STEEL . . . i could crush nuts in there LOL!!!

    just sit and do nothing i will do it from here . . .

    control yourself, don't come yet, just let me massage my volva with it, mmmm, i am getting moist myself now . . .

    ok, time for you to penetrate me, don't come yet . . .

    ah that's good gently in, i should warn you that i can crush beer cans in there, now let me put my massive 30 inch arms round you and pull you into my 60 inch pecs . . . i should say that i always go on top, so sink back slowly and let my bulging flexing muscles caress you . . .

    ah that's better, now that my tongue is free i can bring it in to play with yours, open your mouth wide . . .

    that's good, can you feel it sliding round your mouth? it's huge isn't it :)

    now we are both deep inside each other, my vaginal muscles are massaging your manhood with incredible power, back and forth and squeezing it harder than any handshake could . . . my body is flexing in sympathy, feel my massive quads, abs and pecs rub on your body

    our groins are pumping but my grip is so great you cannot withdraw from my vagina even if you wanted to (you are held so tight i could stand up and we would be locked together in my vagina's vice-like grip)

    your manhood is beginning to hurt, your whole body is in agony and ecstasy at the same time and you must come soon, but you cannot cry out as my tongue is deep in your throat

    i am reaching the climax as well, soon you will be free, you come like a volcano, what a stallion, i did not know anyone could have such amounts of jizz in them . . . i come at the same time and you are expelled by the explosion of body fluids from my vagina, your dick now bruised and limp

    as you settle down in your exhausted state you come to realise the tremendous weight of bulging fe-muscle that lies on top of you and you are smothered by my mounds of muscle . . . i could lay on you all night and use you like a bed but i know in your present fragile state with my great weight i would flatten you like road kill, so i must get up

    looking around the room it is quite a mess, it will need some cleaning LOL!!!

    maybe a nice bottle of wine to finish or a box of candies, that's just for me, don't know what you are having LOL!!! i don't smoke cigarettes but sometimes i enjoy a nice cigar, something i took from the Governor of California

  8. Josh, kiss, kiss, kiss, Belle.

  9. I blew everywhere belle. Wow!!!!

    I need to recover. That was amazingly intense.

    To be continued tonight......

    I will write later beautiful.


    have to go to work now.

  10. After an extremely rousing sexual and sensual love making session, I wake up to see you asleep with gorgeous muscular body ripped and glistening with sweat and you are glowing. You sleep so gently and you I run my hands through your thick beautiful hair and kiss every inch of your amazing body. I kiss you on the mouth and you wake up out of your sleep and we french kiss passionately which seems like minutes and then it goes on and on. You are so turned on. I let go of you. Open the top button of my shirt and turn around so you seem me from the back. The shirt that I am wearing has gotten very tight and it starts to conform to the massive muscular frame you see forming before your eyes. Then you see the shirt begin to tear and you get so turned on that you want to rip it off my body. You grab onto me and I push you back onto the bed and my pecs start to form bigger and then an amazing cut like a chasm forms down between them and my six pack turns into 8 chiseled large deep muscles with the amazing crevices in between. I pull my pants down a little and then you see my raging hard on from my dick getting bigger and thicker and wanting you to grow to accomodate my body growing. You love what you are seeing. It is now 6A.M. in the morning and we are leaving for the airport in the late evening, so you...................and then you..........and you lick your lips and..........and you grow in certain places of your body and feel............and you want from me............and I want from you.............and you are so turned on that you grab the phone and you call Megan............and then you ask her to...................and then you..................

  11. Your now huge muscled body is turning me on!!
    I grab your giant manhood, i don't know if it will fit me now, but i will certainly try . . . i get my tongue round it and begin to suck, mmmmmmm, more protein than steak they say, they are certainly right with you!!!! and more steak than a prize bull lol!!! and my pecs are growing bigger and bigger to swallow your new body completely within them holding you like a prison!!! I want ALL your bodily fluids inside me!
    The roof and walls are creaking as our huge muscles push against them, lubricated by our sweat and fluids, bending the steel girders within, but we can afford ANY damage we do to Meg's place lol!!!
    I have to find the phone which has been swallowed by my butt and ask Meg if she wants to join us, or at least open the door so we can release the flood of bodily fluids in the room, and continue to let our muscles expand. There is danger that we will bring the building down.
    Swallowing your jizz was great, but it has caused my muscles to continue to grow and my pecs have gone thru' the windows, standing proud like some giant pink blimps!!! but your body is so amazing i don't want to stop as you continue to grow, keeping pace with my pecs!!!
    This is great fun!! but we really need help now or we will be on the evening news!!
    Can the Buffies save us, do we want them too, will my pecs flatten the city? Will Meg join us for a threesome? Will we get to the airport on time? Is there a cure for this, or should we just enjoy ourselves? HELP!

    WOW!!! I need to lay down now LOL!!!

    Kiss, kiss, kiss, Belle.

  12. Josh, will be working late Friday, so don't think i am being rude . . . just busy.

    I need the time to lay down in a dark room anyway LOL!!!!! and have some wine :)

    Kiss, kiss, kiss, Belle

  13. Josh, that WAS intense, i do need a rest now . . . tee hee.

    Kiss, kiss, kiss, Belle

  14. WOW, I think we all need a rest after that Belle :) Feel free to write me in for a threesome... you go girl!!!

  15. Josh, tho' my tongue is over 12 feet now I struggle to lick all of your gigantic cock, your balls are bigger than Hummers, your jizz flows like a fire hose and I am drowning in it, you are the 'perfect storm' of sex!
    Your pelvic thrusting makes the building shake like an earthquake, and your cum covers the city like a thick blanket of snow.

  16. Josh, you are more than a Man.
    I am your sex slave.
    I suck and kiss your hard cock, Belle ;)

  17. Meg, you are making me an offer I could not refuse!!!!

    Hugs and kises, Belle

  18. Josh, if Meg wants to catch up with us on vacation, I will need to go and pack my dildos. I think I will take the atomic powered one, it is the only one that can pleasure me when I am aroused, and it is double-ended ;)
    Threesomes can get very 'interesting', do either of you do anal?

    Josh, you ROCK!

    I kiss your dick, Belle.

  19. I have been really really busy. I have been reading all the amazing hot sexy things you have been writing belle and they turn me on and make me oh so hard. Tonight after I get back from work I will write some more for our exciting and very sexy and erotic adventurous week. When would you like to go off to China and do you want to take Megan with us?

  20. Josh, have been busy as well. I am glad you 'appreciate' my humble writings :)

    Meg could fly out with us, or meet us out there. I think I will have trouble getting my dildos thru' customs, tee hee, but I will enjoy demonstrating them :)

    The middle/end of the week would be ok.

    Looking forward to reading it ;)

    I lick your hard cock, Belle.

  21. PS: don't worry about the anal thing, only joking . . . or am I?


  22. Hi Belle,

    I want everything and anything you want to do from you and I want it hard so I can feel it. Where shall we take off to and should we ask Megan to come along with us. Make it a threesome week world trip. I think but before we go you need to get back to original size and we can play with you and me and her growing later in the fantasy story. Let me know what you think.................and then I say and then you want..............and I say the gulf stream jet awaits..................and you...........................and you lick your lips and get so turned on that you..........................and then

  23. Wow, Josh, huge cock, big muscles, good looks, great personality, BUT YOU HAVE YOUR OWN AIRLINER!!! You must be filthy rich! Now you are getting me interested LOL!!! A poor girls dream!!
    Maybe we could go shopping in New York, Paris, London, Rome, or go to Vegas or Miami, or . . .
    NO, I am joking now, I like you for who you are.
    I will let you choose the destination, it is MUCH more fun that way, you will probably go somewhere i would never have thought of, surprises are always good i find.
    We will take Meg along, i can't wait, a threesome so soon!! I am turned on now at the thought of that, i can fuck you and Meg together and join the mile high club, that is making me SO hot ;)
    We will be our normal size when we board, but after that who can say? LOL!!!
    I will go and pack my essential oils and dildos now and await boarding instructions LOL!!

    Hugs and kisses, Belle.

  24. Pack baby and I will have a car to pick you and Megan up. You bring the essentials that you will need. Clothing on this trip is not needed because I have your sizes and whatever you want or need we can get on the trip. Your hearts desire on this gulf stream and clothing is optional on the mile high club with you and me and Megan. Lots of growing and ripping out of clothes will happen. So lots of fun time to be passed while we jet to our next destination. Megan and you will be picked up by my private limo and I will meet you at the airport where my jet will be there to take us. I have to make a stop of my own something special and a surprise for you both..........

    and you say..........and you look like..........and you want..........and you are feeling...........and you ask me.............and you are horny and hot for............and you need.......

    In the next entry to our trip tell me about the packing you do for the trip what you are taking Belle and what you do while you try all these things on and describe it to me and detail and invite Megan over and you too have a little girl on girl and muscle time, who knows what could happen...........and then meet me at the airport after you call for my car.......take your time.........Lots of detail...............

  25. I am just out of the shower . . . there goes the door bell, it is Meg, but she is early, I am not ready yet, I am just in my bath robe . . . :)

  26. . . . to be continued, oh yes!!!!

  27. Meg is at the door. I open it and find an attractive, muscular lady standing there. Even with her business suit on I can see she is very musclar. "Hi, I'm Meg" she says. "Sorry, but I may be running early". "No, I think I am running late" I answer. I regret now opening the bottle of champagne, but I wanted to get in to the holiday mood. "I am just about to start packing, you had better come thru' to the bedroom, just leave your cases in the hall" I tell her. Meg hangs up her coat and follows me to the bedroom.
    I still have to sort out my clothes, Meg stands to let me get past her to the closet and I notice her bulging muscles beneath her shirt. "Your hair is really nice" I find myself saying. The champagne is having an effect on me, I would never speak so personally to the head of the Buffies like that, not so soon anyway. Meg laughs "I simply washed it, I am pleased you like it" she says. I find myself standing in front of Meg, I cannot help but touch her hair, it feels really soft . . . "You must tell me your secret" I say and kiss her hair, bringing her head close to mine . . . my bathrobe falls to the floor, and I find myself pulling Meg closer, but she does not resist me, and our lips touch.
    Meg's body is firm and warm, and I want more of it. My hands caress her, her back is wide and ripples with muscle, I find myself becoming aroused at her closeness to me. We pull tight together and our hands move sensually over our bodies . . . I reach for a dildo but Meg laughs "You won't be needing that" she says. Meg has dropped her clothes on the floor as well now.
    Our clits rub together and I feel my vagina juices wanting to flow, but I try to hold them and control them. I feel Meg's breath on my face, she smells of honey and lemons, beautiful, and soon our tongues are deep in each others throat. I fondle her buns, they are like STEEL, and she massages mine, I feel her fingers enter my anus, I get more aroused, she is massaging my cervix from the inside! My vagina is now awash with fluids as Meg and I continue to massage our clits together, I have never known such ecstasy, our bodies rub together, her dancing pecs pound me . . . in my state of excitement I stumble back onto the bed, with Meg on top of me. Her muscular body presses down on me, I find her very feminine, yet her muscles are like rocks now.
    I remember the poem 'enjoy love you are worth it, fall down deep don't try to surf it, swim in the happiness it's all for you, soak long and leisurely, get drenched, wet through' and I give in to my emotions.

  28. My whole body is in a state of orgasm but Meg is not ready yet, we pull tight on each other and Meg flexes her firm muscles and gives me yet another anal massage. Meg's body is so massive I cannot reach hers, but I don't think that matters now!
    I am almost done, I have never known such pleasure, I signal to Meg that I must release my flow, I cannot hold it in any longer . . . should not have had so much champagne . . . my juices erupt out of my vagina but Meg waits and then rises above me like the Goddess she is, and her vaginal fluids run like a waterfall, I am in Paradise! I have never had sex like this before, either with man, woman or dildo!
    Meg suggests we shower, so I turn the shower on again, and we massage our aching muscles in its warm flow rubbing the lather into every part of each others body, and finish the champagne. The purifying water sobers me up, and I am embarrassed at having made such a sexual approach on the great Meg. She just laughs quietly and tells me that it is ok, and we did have a great fuck!

  29. Meg helps me to sort out my clothes, if my body expands I may need to take my halter as well as bras, but Meg say if that happens nothing will hold them in. I would be better taking some of my nice Nike tops instead of a halter, so I pack them with my standard bras. I will take the 'little black dress', everyone likes that, maybe a jumper to put over as well when I don't want everyone staring at my shoulders and pecs. I have a red dress, which is a bit tight, that I rarely wear now, I try it on and it shows all my muscles and everything else, I am glad that I wax! Meg likes it, so in the case it goes. I am not a great one for hats so some baseball caps can go in, but I will take the high heels as well as the strong walking shoes. Better not forget the toothbrush, the massage oils, and the dildo that looks like a lava lamp, it gives off pheromones and positive ions and has given me a lot of pleasure, maybe I can pleasure someone else with it.
    I think we have got everything packed. We have our suits on, so we look like the respectable business ladies we are. I wonder how long before we are out of them again! Watching Meg walk to the hall phone I hope it is not too long, and I hope she cannot read my mind. Form follows function is certainly true in Meg's case!
    Meg calls the number Josh gave, and smiles at me as she puts the phone down. I feel nervous and excited at the same time, is Meg thinking the same thoughts I am? Meg says she is looking forward to the trip and she is pleased we like each other and have got off to a good start.
    We wait for the limo to arrive and I hope Meg does not see that I am getting moist again!
    The limo takes us to the airport and Josh's private jet. Well, if we have forgotten anything it is too late now, so we board and find Josh waiting for us. "Please take your seats, ladies" he says "refreshments will be served on our way to . . . . "

  30. We board the plane. You ladies look fabulous both with rippling muscles and I can tell that you had time to get to know each other previous to cumming to the

    You are both glowing and beautiful and I want to eat you both up. Much time for that on the plane and you both walk up the stair way to the plane I have my steward take your bags and as the door closes, I go up front with the pilot to make sure that we are all good for our flight. The pilot ok's everything and I ask my female stewardess to come in and give you some refreshments anything from the open bar. She is built like a fitness model. Who knows I might ask her to join us later in the flight when things start to get interesting that is if you want her to of course. There is only so much of me you and Megan to go around. wink wink.

    The plane takes off and a digital map drops down from the ceiling in the cabin. I put a blind fold on both of you and I say we will go whereever your heart desires in the world and we will stop as many times as you want. We will be taking many forms of transportation on this week long adventure and each place we will stop will be extremely luxurious as I have homes all over the world and transportation to get wherever you want to go.

    You look at Megan Belle and you say where shall we go. So I blindfold both of you and you think it is kind of kinky. Just wait till you see what is going to happen on this plane. Many many many amazing things including growing,ripping out of clothes, muscles expanding to just start it out and to name a few and very erotic/tantric hold on ladies I say. As the plane takes off I lead you to the map blindfolded and also Megan and you point to....................and you are thinking.................and you want.............and you are really horny and very hot for......................and you need.............and you are feeling................and you want so badly.....................and then you..........

    Megan please add in along with Belle in this story because you are both my esteemed guests. Your hearts desire is what I am here to fulfill and the sky is the limit...................

    and you both say.............................and then you.............

  31. Hmmmmm . . . the stewardess is attractive, fitness models are so, well, fit!!! Now, if you had an all-female flight crew as well, I could be in heaven LOL!!!
    I will file my nails and sort my make-up while I wait for developments, maybe change into a Nike top and jeans, they are so much more comfortable, and good for 'sport' ;)
    Hugs and kisses to all on board, get your pants down Josh, Belle.

  32. As the flight departs for places unknown the stewardess door opens and a bevy of beautiful fitness models who happen to be my crew come out and stand there well dressed and at attention.

    All different hair colors and ethnicities. You wanted
    a classy mile high club belle. Well here it is. We have many
    many hours to kill and a lot of flying to do.

    Whatever shall we do. Megan belle any ideas ladies? Lol

    I am the only guy on the plane. And your jaw drops and you..,,,,.,,,,...

    Enjoy :). And you want and then you....,,,, x

  33. WOW, what a great start to the trip! I like blondes and coloreds, and basically all others who have a strong fit body LOL!!
    I am in heaven now, I cannot believe the choice you have given me, Josh, I am lost for words . . . for the moment LOL!!!
    I hope there is an executive bed on board big enough to take us all!!
    I will start massaging my muscles with essential oils, anyone else want some?
    I want you all, Belle :)

  34. Tell us more Belle.

    :) All the juicy details of what you would like to do go and what you want to happen. Also Megan if you want to comment on this do so also. And you say..............

  35. I'm there in spirit... this is you & Belle.

  36. Josh, you certainly have a very attractive flight crew.
    I ask the one who looks like Halle Berry and the one who looks like Lucy Lui to come and help me get pumped.
    We go into your private compartment, and I am pleased to see there is a large extravagant bed in there. You also have a selection of weights, which are sensibly chained down for transport. I don't want to interrupt you at the moment for a key, so I break the chains with my bare hands, and we select our weights.
    I can only find dumb-bells up to 500 pounds, that will not give my biceps much of a workout, but I settle on the edge of your bed and begin to pump. I smile as I see the ladies have picked much smaller weights.
    As they begin to work, I suggest we will get on much better if they take all their clothes off as they are getting quite hot. Halle has a muscular fitness model body, and nice breasts. Lucy is a surprise, not only does she have muscles like Swarzenegger but she has large breasts as well, she must be at least a 50G. They are not droopy at all, they bounce like inflated beach balls as she exercises.
    I tire of pumping with the light 500 pound weight, and start to pleasure myself with it, pushing the end of the bar in my vagina and massaging my volva with its plates. This has an effect on the girls, and Halle starts to put the end of her dumb-bell up my anus.
    The strain on my dumb-bell soon snaps the bar in two and I let one half drop to the floor, and continue to massage myself with the other. The heat from my cunt soon melts it like wax. Halle yelps and leaps out of the way as I suck her weight up my anus, she let go just in time!
    I shit it out as molten metal and it forms a pool on the floor which cools and solidifies.
    I say I am sorry for this but the show of my great strength has excited the girls even more and they join me on your bed, and begin to fondle me. They lick the sweat off my face, ears, nose, mouth and neck. Lucy has her hand in my vagina trying to find my g-spot, and Halle stuffs her fist up my anus.
    As we grope and fondle each other and lick the sweat off our muscles we are like some writhing orgasmic creature, and we wait for you, Josh, to come and pleasure us with your huge cock.
    The door to the compartment opens, and Meg steps in.
    I lick my lips, Belle.

  37. Meg joins me on your bed, she is wearing nothing but a large pearl necklace, and we begin to lick our bodies with our tongues. We move to 69 and Meg's tongue is in my vagina, filling it full and licking my g spot. She is amazing, next she takes off her necklace which is actually pleasure beads, and feeds them up my anus, I am reaching orgasm and Halle and Lucy join me again on the bed.
    As I come my milk flows as well and Halle and Lucy lick all our body fluids off us including the milk.
    As Meg and I continue to pleasure each other I hear the sound of chains breaking, and look up to see that Halle and Lucy have become much bigger and stronger, and now they are breaking in to the weights.
    Their muscles are gigantic, Lucy's make her breasts seem normal sized next to them but they are still a size 50. And all without drugs, due only to wholesome milk, mine!
    Meg suggests we should fly to Hawaii, there are great beaches there, and mystical pools which will help our bodies develop.
    I am not one for surfing, but posing my huge body on a beach in Hawaii appeals to me.
    Josh, perhaps when the others are surfing, you and I could sneak away to the magic pools, I find them intriguing.
    I am licking Meg's anus now, but look forward to licking your huge cock when we reach Hawaii.

  38. Wonderful story addition Belle. So Hawaii it is. I would love to join you in a mystic pool. So the pilot sets course for Hawaii and we all in the throws of passionate love making our very large 4 some fall asleep on the huge bed in the back cabin of the plane. We will be there in a couple of hours. So we need to rest up.

    I am off to bed dear Sweet Sexy Belle and wonderful sexy Megan. I had a very long weekend of work and I have to get up early tomorrow. Feeling a little like a cold is coming on. The adventure continues and now it is getting good...............and Belle then you........and you say.......and you ask for.......and you want..........and you are feeling.......

  39. Belle I would love you to come and make me feel all better......wink wink......

  40. Josh, I would love to cum and rub my 'medicine' into your feeble body and bring you back to fitness, maybe a few mouth-fulls of my hot juices will help you get better.
    I hope it is only man-flu that you have and you are fit for Hawaii, look what it is like there.
    We will visit the mystic waterfalls and pools and the power they have will restore you to full health-and more!!!!
    Work, tell me about it, had to push a car single-handed out of the way of our stall at a show, and today burnt my fingers moving a spot-light!
    I hope to burn more than my fingers tho' when we reach Hawaii!!!
    Hugs and kisses on your cock, Belle.

  41. Well now that you put it that way Belle. Lets go and I can not wait to get to Hawaii. I tell the female pilot who is also very hot to transform the jet to a supersonic speed plane and get us there as soon as possible. Hold onto your hats you hot amazon ladies because we are going to be there within five minutes. As we touch down in Hawaii a runway appears from out of the blue sea and we taxi into my private airport on a private island where these amazing pools of vitality are...........Belle you get extremely excited and you want to get to them as soon as possible with me............we get off the plane and my 200 foot luxury yacht is waiting there to take us to the island of magic love the idea..........and on this yacht clothing is optional.........bathing suits..............and lots of fun to be had on this party yacht..........with all the ammenities. All the girls pile off the plane and we take it to the island............and you want..........and you do............and you see..............and you rip your clothes off and...................and you want to with who.....................and you look at me and think........................and then you................and you are so turned on and horny for................and then you.............

  42. I could really do with a nice cool chi chi now, so I will head off and join the others and introduce myself to them properly.
    The girls are certainly enjoying themselves round the pool and they all say that my body looks amazing, they are running their fingers all over me, it is quite a turn-on!
    They are all fit looking crew members, but I notice the one who looks like Laura Van Der Boobs particularly.
    Laura says she has always wanted to be stronger, so I invite her up to my room that night. I tell her that I can help expand her mind, and a lot else besides, with my special exercises!
    If you want to join us in my room, Josh, so much the better!
    I have plenty of vodka to go round in my private bar, I see, so I am looking forward to a hot night!
    Laura comes to my room, and she has brought you with her, great!
    I have already started on the vodka, I am making myself a chi chi, and I make plenty for all, if you want one.
    Soon we are on my bed in the throws of sexual experiment, my juices are flowing like milk and honey, literally, and you both lap them up.
    The first sign of Laura's new powers is that her breasts and pecs start to grow, I lick hard on them and we both smother you with our expanding muscles and let our fluids and milk flow.
    Your cock grows bigger as you swallow our juices, we are so randy now that you struggle to service us both, and your cum flows everywhere as we wrap ourselves around you trying to lick it up.
    Laura is the lucky one as she leads your cock into her vagina, she screams in ecstasy as you fill her with giant cock and cum, but I am not bothered as I know you are such a stallion that there is plenty for me as well.
    I pull her out of the way to get at your swollen cock and suck it till you come again, I plunge it in my vagina so I get the full load of your ejaculation, I feel I shall explode with your power and I suck your cock deep into my body and our juices explode over the room.
    Laura admits defeat, she sees I am the stronger one, or maybe it is what I put in her vodka!! tee hee.
    I do not play fair when it comes to other women and you!
    I want you all to myself, and we continue to service each other till daybreak, your cum and my juices flowing without stop.
    I am worried that your giant cock will wear out my vagina, but slowly you begin to tire, and I can rest and have some more vodka. It does not seem to affect me as it did before, and I need about 50 bottles to feel even slightly drunk.
    Tomorrow I think I will have you and your pilot, and maybe some more of the crew, I am sure they will want to try my 'exercises' after they see the result on Laura, and maybe a visit to the magic pools will make us even bigger! I hope so.
    The hall porter calls and says that one of our party is messing around with the trolleys and causing mayhem in the lobby, it is Laura, she is drunk, I must have given her too much of my juices, they can have a powerful effect on the novice.
    Perhaps it was the red vodka, but it does not usually affect people that way.
    At least she is happy, but we will have to put her to bed to sleep it off.
    I look forward to having you, and maybe some of the other girls, again tomorrow Josh, let's hope it is undisturbed by my drunken playmates this time.
    I am looking forward to trying your 'joystick' again, kisses on it, Belle.

  43. I see you looking all hot and very much bothered and very sexy as the steam comes off your muscles from the sweat of your workout of lifting 2 huge palm trees and curling them 500 times each and I am so incredibly turned on from you Belle that I tell you that we are going to go to a very very private part of my island where just the two of us can be alone. This is a place on the island where the pool is a known ancient secret of power, muscularity, growth and sexual power like you could never possibly imagine. A place you will never feel like leaving although when it is time to go the lasting affects of the properties of magic in this vast pool will last with you for eternity and give you imortality like of your wildest dreams that you can control your muscle growth at love the feeling and hearing about this and that you will be come a goddess and me a god and share our lives together....and you want......and you are feeling.......and you are thinking........and you want to do.............and you want to tear your clothes from your body and.........and you are thinking about what it will do for us...........and you suggest.......and then you....................

    Go for the detail and description Belle. I love it when you get super detailed in what you want........

  44. Josh, this has all turned me on, I feel very sexual, and have built a terrible thirst.
    Your crew are all very attractive and I notice two that I had not seen before. Melissa already has an amazing body, large muscles and huge breasts, and Andrulla also looks particularly strong, with big arms. She sounds British, it will be good working with her.
    Both girls tell me they want to get even bigger, and ask me to help them with their exercises. I shall invite them to my room, on separate nights, and they will taste my chi chi and donut.
    Pixie the pilot is also looking at me, her arms are amazing, I will convert her as well. At the end of this trip I hope to have all your crew converted.
    I have decided, however, Josh, before we try the delights of the ancient pools, and I convert your crew, that YOU will take ME out for a meal. A private place where we can eat together, yet alone from all the rest.
    All this exercise has made VERY hungry.
    I want to taste the delights of Huli Huli Chicken, Haupia, Char Sui, Kalua Pig and all the other cuisine the islands have to offer.
    YOU will order the meal.
    I have found a blue dress in your cargo which fits me well. I will put on my best face, and wait for you on the steps of the condo.
    If you are late, or stand me up, I will wrap my thighs round your giant balls and squeeze them till more than just your eyes water! Hmmmm. I may do that anyway, just for the hell of it.
    Order my chi chi, made with vodka, and come and get me :)
    Do this right and you will be amazed at what will transpire later.
    Hope you like the dress. Think carefully before you answer, and watch how you behave at the meal. Your future may depend on it. (only joking . . . or am I? do you want to be a god, or squashed flat between my enormous sweating thighs?)
    I don't want to have to punish you TOO much, tee hee! Belle.

  45. A woman who knows what she wants. Belle that is so sexy and so hot and you have made me so hard thinking about it.

    I digress. lol. Back to our amazing time together. I text you at 7:00P.M. and say that I will be there at 8:00P.M. sharp to pick you up. You step out of the condo at 8:00P.M. sharp as a maybach bentley pulls up in front of your condo. I get out dressed to the nines in a very sleek armani tuxedo all black with a white bowtie and looking very debonaire. I look at you in your beautiful blue dress which hugs all the amazing curves of your body and your muscles ripple and show through your dress like a beautiful second skin of beauty and they ripple. Your hair is pulled back and up and you are wearing really nice stiletto blue heels to match your dress. A very classy lady. I open the door on the back of the maybach and you get in. Where we are going on the island is a surprise and for our eyes, ears and to your imagination only.

    Inside the car is a plush back seat with an armrest in the middle. As the driver who is my chauffeur, female and looking very much like another fitness model drives away with us in the car she puts up the partition which slides up and we are in complete privacy. I turn on the mood lighting in the back and also some beautiful romantic music for us to enjoy. I open the armrest and in there are 2 chilled glasses and a 45,000.00 vintage 1903 bottle of champagne in the armrest with fresh strawberries and a small fondue pot heating only the finest belgian and swiss chocolate flown in today especially for YOU AND ME. THAT IS YOU ME.

    You love all of this and you get so turned on by the gesture. I pop the cork and your eyes light up and you get moist between your legs thinking about the rest of our dinner date.

    As we get to our destination after a couple glasses of this very fine champagne and the amazing chocolate strawberries. The female chauffeur opens the door and you step out. In front of you is my villa and I don't bring anyone here ever accept very very special people. You are the very first person I have brought here and on the island. I only come here for rest and relaxation for myself.

    As I pick you up in my arms and carry you over the threshold the giant oak doors open and I take put you down and lead you to the grand dining room where it is a beautiful antique room of gorgeous furniture and a table set for two with candle light and a string quartet in the small room next store playing relaxing music to enjoy your dinner to. My kitchen staff is all men. No women in this place. This is our sanctuary to enjoy. No woman competes with you here. I am a true gentleman and I keep my word.

    You love all of this and in front of you on the table is everyone of the finest delicacies of Hawaii all the foods that you want to try and love including a giant roasted pig which is a native tradition. They serve you course after course and I enjoying watching how much you are loving the meal and everything and the service and I just love watching you and seeing how happy all this making you..........

    You are having a wonderful time and then you......and you are feeling..........and you want.........and you show me..........and you say to me...........and you love what..........and you are so turned on that you...........and you are get very hot and very sensual............. the bar staff brings your chi chi as many as you want mixed exactly the way you love it and you are in pure ecstacy that you............and you want me to do to you.............and then you........I love how you look so much that you notice and you.............and you are thinking.........and you are ready to show me and want to show me what will transpire later that you..........

    and then..........

    Love the detail Belle....You are amazing.......Tell me more you beautiful.................

    The night passes by so slowly and you are loving it..........

  46. Oh, Josh, how can I be so bad to you when the Gods speak from your lips!
    You have melted my heart :)
    You have chosen the feast well, Josh. I especially enjoyed the Kalua Pig, a pity they ran out after I had 50 of them, but the other 200 courses made up for it. The meal must have made some dent in your plastic!
    The sweet courses were exceptional.
    There are two things in life I like stiff, and jello is one of them.
    I look forward to washing it all down with gallons of your semen.
    The 100 chi-chis I drank with the champagne has helped me to relax, and feel more womanly again.
    Look into my eyes, Josh, look deep into my eyes and tell me what you see . . .

  47. We will go back to the pool, and swim in its warm waters.
    You suggest I should lose my costume, such as it is, but I keep it on for the moment.
    As we tongue and fondle each other our juices start to flow, and I suck the end of your huge cock and drink the semen to wash down the last of my meal.
    My milk flows as well as your cum, and soon the pool has turned white with our juices.
    You massage my huge breasts and pecs while you slip your dick in my hole, and I put my tongue deep in your throat.
    We turn over and my tongue slips in your anus as you lick on my cunt. A good job we are so 'athletic' or we would never reach these parts!
    I have the strange feeling that we are being watched, but I can see no-one, so I continue to suck you dry, back and front.
    I remember that it was you who invited The Megster on this trip, I could have had you all to myself, so I decide to punish you.
    I push your head underwater and open my legs wide, and bring your whole head past my curtains right into my vagina.
    I close my legs again and hold you tight with my thighs.
    If you do not please me I will use them like a bottle opener. I doubt even a god could survive that!
    Ah, but you are good, your huge thick tongue moves inside my vagina licking its walls and pleasures me. You have even found my uterus, I have never had such orgasms as I am having now.
    Whoa! Don't go THERE tho', unless you want me to pee on your face. You don't, do you?
    I wish that Meg would come now and pleasure me with her tongue and huge muscles.
    She doesn't.
    I feel you are getting less excited, hmm, maybe lack of oxygen down there, so I pull you out and drag you to the bank.
    I regret having punished you now, I should not let my dark side take over.
    Being a Goddess is not in my plans, not YET anyway, but maybe I have gone too far in stopping you.
    You are all out so I start to give you the kiss of life, my huge breasts and pecs pump on your body, while I put my mouth to yours and suck everything out.
    You are breathing ok now but are still out.
    I look up and see a man and a woman watching us closely. They are dressed in traditional island costumes, and speak to me in ancient Polynesian.
    Strangely I understand everything they say. The man is Kane the Creator, and the woman is Namaka.
    Kane gives me a bowl of water which he says will revive you, and I start to pass it past your lips.
    Namaka asks me if I want war or peace.
    I say I want peace, she is pleased with this, and says she has a gift for me.
    When I return she asks me why I came back, and I say I could not leave you. She says that is good, so she will not kill me.
    I give you more of the water, and when I look back they have gone.
    I decide to tell no one of my new gift, yet.
    The night marchers will be out soon, so we must hurry back.
    I lift you up to carry you back to my room, gawd, you must weigh a ton at least, I had no idea you were that big, all that cock and muscles.
    A pity you are still under, my costume has gone now and my huge breasts bounce on your face as I carry you.
    You ARE still out?
    I lay you down on my bed to recover, and go to the balcony.
    The moon is up now and I can hear the waves crashing on the shore. Truly these are islands of the Gods.
    Sex and protein are good, and the islands are beautiful beyond belief, but a girl needs more than that in her life.
    That's what a girl needs in her life, where can I get some retail therapy?
    That's where we will head next!!!!
    Josh, wake up, and get Pilot Pixie to get your jet ready!!!!

  48. Oh, Josh, make sure your chauffeur comes along. Is it me, or does she look like Ashley Hanna?

    Hugs on your gigantic cock, Belle.

  49. and Josh, i hope you are looking at the top of the page?

    I think I am still under the influence of your amazing meal, champagne in your bentley, and what a fantastic dining room, with real music, sometimes i can be too hasty.

    i can't wait to see what your Japanese estate is like, if you will take me there!

    Look into my eyes, Belle.

  50. When we board your jet, I will thank you properly for such an amazing night out ;)

    It will be non-stop uninterrupted sex all the way!

    Sucking you dry till your balls are empty, Belle.

  51. As I look into your eyes. We board the jet for Tokyo and off to my Japanese palace in the remote hills over looking tokyo. You are excited and we get into the jet. The female flight crew is waiting and we take off. As we take off the fasten seat belt sign goes off. I hit a button on the wall panel and the whole cabin becomes sound proof, and the walls thicken and floor has a beautiful velvet carpet come out over it which is heated from underneath. A fire place comes out of the floor. It is magic time and time to make passionate love all the way to Tokyo. Now what shall we you say.........and you want.........and you want to be involved in and or more than one person to be involved in............or not.......and you are feeling..........and you want to rip your clothes off and..........and then you........................

    Love how you feel towards me Belle. Tell me more..........convert those girls for me..............and lets make it a flight of all to remember..................

  52. Josh, pack the champagne, strawberries, and ice cream

  53. I will write the story of our flight to Japan

  54. Josh, I will start writing now, please remember it is getting to be a busy time, and the holidays coming up, trust me, and be patient

  55. You have a FIREPLACE in your plane!?

  56. Josh, make sure there is PLENTY of ice in the champagne bucket as well!!!!!

  57. I will bring my essential oils with me, it is amazing the pleasure they can bring - tee hee

  58. And candles, do you have candles on board?

  59. All the essentials including candles and anything you need are on board my plane. It is a plane of luxury so I keep it stocked with only the best and most special things. If you know what I mean.

    Knock yourself out Belle. Can't wait to see what you have in store.

    Goodnight muscle goddess....

    And then you..........

  60. I open the door of your special room, and make to go in.
    All the girls follow me, and I have to tell them that it is just you and me, Josh, I have you all to myself on this flight.
    They all look at me with Bambi eyes and pout, but I tell them they must behave and go back to their duties.
    I close the door and sit down on the bed beside you.
    The fire is blazing, the room is warm, so I take my clothes off and move closer to you, and put my arm round your huge shoulders. Nice.
    I think a glass of champagne, to start us of, and maybe some strawberries. The ice cream will come in use later.
    I put a berry between my lips and bring my mouth close to yours . . .

  61. Josh, are you a sucker or a snatcher?

  62. see, I have set another man-trap for you, tee hee

  63. A man trap huh. Well I can think of worst places to be trapped in lol. I am a romantic kisser and I love to french kiss if that gives you any idea of my kissing technique. The glow of the fireplace in the room dances off your rippling muscular body and your eyes glow cobalt blue. I love seeing your muscular shadow off the wall and see the curvature and the amazing woman that stands before me. Take me anyway you want you goddess. I am falling love and feeling like I want you in me forever and want your body wrapped all over me..

    and you say.........and you want.........and you do................and you give........and you are thinking..............and you flex and grind and do.............and you make your muscles contract and grow and pump up and down when you..............and you really like............and you are so turned on that you.............and then you.........

    I love what I am seeing tell me more of you want to do to me Belle...............

  64. Ah, you are SO good!
    After you take my gift we bring our tongues into play, licking all over each others faces.
    My tongue is so long I can reach round the back of your head, and massage your neck with it.
    Then we French kiss, and we put our tongues deep in each others mouths and entwine them.
    I will need some champagne to clear my palate, excuse me while I have a glass (or two!).
    I start to pump my pecs, I bring them up to massive size, they are like mountains of muscle, I clench them together, my cleavage is like the Grand Canyon.
    I fill my cleavage with gallons of ice cream, and place a berry on top of it.
    I bring my chest close to your face, you will have to lick quickly before it all melts!
    Ah, you are doing well, but you have not managed to lap all the ice cream up before it melts.
    I flex and dance my pecs as I pull your head inside, it is swallowed up by mountains of pumping muscle!
    The ice cream is a great lubricant, and I clench my pecs harder and squash them tighter round your head.
    I continue to flex them and give you an all-head massage.
    My pecs could flatten a Buick like a car crusher, but you find the experience extremely orgasmic.

  65. As my pecs hold you like a living vice, I fondle your buttocks and massage round your anus, before bringing my fingers inside.
    I trap your cock with my volva, and suck it deep into my vagina.
    I massage your glands from inside, I feel your cock begin to swell as you approach ejaculation (the first of many on this flight!!!).
    You could park a Sherman in my vagina, which is just as well as you are filling it, and more, now.
    You explode like Old Faithfull, but I clench my flaps tight and hold the gallons of cum that burst out, I have a use for them in a moment.
    I release you from my pacs, and let you lay back on the bed.
    I take strawberries and ice cream and fill my vagina with it, to make a cum sorbet.
    I lick myself out, MMMMMMM, delicious!
    Do you want any?

  66. Oooops. The excitement of the sex has made me do a typo.

    I release you from my pecs, of course!

    That WAS intense, let the games continue ;)

  67. Now that I have licked myself out, I fill my vagina with strawberries.
    I sit on top of you facing your cock, and slowly work my ass up over your head.
    As I feed you berries one at at a time, now THAT'S muscle control!, I get my magic oils and start to massage your huge cock.
    My oils smell of anything you want, the smoke from a log cabin in the Rockies, a tea clipper rounding the horn, the smell of the good earth being turned to receive its seed, or fruit like mango or peach, the sand on the beach, even the smell of a jet sitting on the hot hardstanding, if that is what turns you on.
    My efforts are being rewarded, as you begin to rise and get hard again.
    What a stud!
    Your cock reaches up to my mouth, this time it is as hard as granite, even that funny ridge that guys have round it near the tip, I could break a sledgehammer on it.
    I feel your groin begin to move and throb, if you ejaculated now you would blow the plane apart.
    It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it, so I put my mouth over the end of your throbing cock, and prepare to catch the next load of cum.
    I massage your member harder and harder, and gallons of hot cum erupt in my mouth.
    I swallow what I can, it is the best tasting cum I have ever had, but gallons spill over onto the bed.
    I take the champagne bottle from its bucket, and fill the bucket with your cum. I fancy another sorbet later, and the ice will keep it fresh, but I doubt there will be any lack of fresh cum on this trip!

  68. Josh, what are you doing with that ice?
    Why are you rubbing it on my nipples?
    What they say is true, and my nipples start to grow outwards, they are like dicks now!
    Now you are pulling and pushing them, careful, you will start me lactating.
    Oh, I see.
    My breast are swelling now to bursting point, they are creaking with the pressure, I cannot see past them, I must lactate now or they will burst like they were made of silicon.
    My milk flows and sprays you all over, and covers the room in a layer of cream.
    My, it does taste nice, you should eat all you can, it will be good for you.
    I will add some to the champagne bucket, that will be some sorbet I shall have!!!!

  69. Let us rest, and have some champagne, then I fancy trying good old fashion lying on the bed sex :)

  70. Sounds good to me. I have been going back and forth with this cold I have. Any ideas of how to kick it? Also we are heading off to Tokyo so lets get comfortable. Maybe on the way over you can convert some of my flight crew. They have all been buzzing over your body and how amazing you look.

    I would love to have some good old fashioned lying in bed sex. I close the door to the cabin and turn on do not disturb sign. All the flight crew have a code to get into the cabin, so if they want to be converted they can come in and you can do your magic.

    Love the new pictures of you up here sweetheart.

    You are gorgeous.

    and then you.....and you want......and you ask me.......and you need........and you are horny and turned on by...........and you want to wear or not wear................and you want to do................and then you........

  71. Josh, the arts are getting ahead of the story, but when we reach Japan I am going to have a makeover by the great Cele, as you can see . . .

  72. I see. So do you want to continue the story uBelle about the flight over to Japan.

    Let me know when you want to progress.



    P.S. Happy Holidays and keep me posted. You are an amazing muscular woman. Tell me more.

  73. Belle I saw your Buffie and changed picture that Cele posted. Want to continue the story. Lets go to Japan and have some fun.



  74. I put my finger in my 'sorbet' and start to lick it off, you pull my hand slowly to your mouth and gegin to suck my finger, we pull close together and begin to work our tongues on each others lips, and then we pull or heads closer and our tongues are inside each others mouth, turning over each other and licking every corner . . .

  75. Your cock rubs my flaps and clit, and I start to get aroused again - your member is getting hard and I pull it in my cunt and we embrace hard together . . .

  76. our hands go everywhere as we caress and fondle . . .

  77. you start to pump and work your groin, you are going like a jack hammer in and out . . .

  78. in and out, my vagina is full of cock muscle . . .

  79. we hold each other tight with our arms and wrap our legs round each other . . .

  80. you are pumping harder and harder now, but you hold it in, we are bouncing up and down as your force increases . . .

  81. Bing bong . . . 'Please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts, we seem to be experiencing some turbulence' says Pilot Pixie.

    If only they knew what was causing the 'turbulence'

  82. as we bounce hard and harder we almost hit the roof, you come with a huge gush of semen which fills me full . . .

  83. as you lay back on the bed i suck myself out, i will not save any of this for later, i want it all now . . .

  84. as you fall asleep i have another glass of champagne . . . the noise of a party in the cabin comes thru' the soundproof wall, the girls seem to be having an orgy, i can hear Laura giggling, what is it with her and the color red, but i don't want that just now, and i lay down beside you . . .

  85. as we fall asleep we subconsciously pull ourselves together and our bodies entwine . . . ah, it feels nice

  86. I dream of Japan and the super store that they call Cele, at 7110 Buffie Street, i think i will go there and get a make-over . . . you can pay, tee hee

  87. oops!!! the excitement and power of the sex is making me do typos again LOL

  88. I would pay for anything for you Belle my love. So you fall asleep and like nothing 26 hours fades into thin air and you wake up and are very horny and you want to have sex and make love passionately one more time to get your adrenaline going for your 2 fun filled days in Tokyo at my castle villa. You wake up your heightened senses and your sexuality starts to perk your whole body. Your muscles contract and expand and you get moist between your legs. You get on top of me and take both hands to your dress and rip it clear off your body like tissue paper and you tear off my clothes and my huge hard on penetrates you and we grind and grind and grind the bed making a dent in the floor until we feel the plane land on my private runway. You are so turned on and clothing in my airport hangar is optional. You love that thought and put on your UG boots which it is snowing outside and a long winter fur coat and a hat and put your hair up and I lead you out of the plane with my flight crew to my bentley maybach limo waiting to take us to my villa in Tokyo while the snow softly caresses your body and melts off your hot muscles as it hits your body. Cele's assistant will be meeting us there and taking us to 7110 Buffie Street and who knows what other flight crew might join us for a special make over. That is if you want that. If not it is just you and me.



    and then you............and your mind is rushing so much that you............and you want...........and you are so turned on by............and you need............and you are feeling.................and you look at me and.........................and you have so much desire for..................and then you.........

  89. Josh, I want Melissa and Andrulla to come with us, I feel it is time they tried some of my special 'oils' tee hee

  90. On the journey we can get to 'know' each other a little more - let me get your cock im my mouth again and ask the girls to help me lick it off as it is SO huge!

  91. As they lick at your huge member I pull back and bring my vagina up close to the end of your dick so the girls are licking me and you off

  92. As our juices flow I start to massage Melissa and Andrulla with them, making sure EVERY muscle on their bodies gets some

  93. There skins are glowing now, and I suggest that they try spiderman pushups to exercise their muscles. . . the effect is amazing, as each group of muscles starts to expand as it gets worked

  94. Their pecs are almost stopping them getting down to the floor, and I sit on Melissa and you sit on Andrulla to increase the weight for their workout

  95. Their muscles are growing to impressive size, if we keep going we will be pushed out of the limo doors with the amount of muscles that they have grown

  96. I tell them to stop, but they are both extremely horny now, so we 4 indulge in an incredible muscled sex orgy with fluids flowing everywhere and being lapped up by my new converts, they have done well, they will need new outfits now as their clothes are completely shredded

  97. I pull them both close and make them lick out my vagina, the effect on their muscles is impressive as they harden like blocks of steel

  98. I think they will be the strongest and biggest of my converts, which is what they hoped for

  99. Very nice my love.

    Onto the tokyo villa where we pull up to in sheer excitement...........I have a specail surprise for just you and me here. You are so excited you can hardly hold yourself together. You step out of the car and I press a switch on a remote and the entire home is surrounded by a shield or forcefield per say. It is warm and you feel very comfortable so you strip off your winter coat and hat and I stand before you with just a trench coat on. You are loving this. You want to know what I have in store for you. You rip open my coat like piece of gift wrap and in front you stands the most muscular man in the world that you have ever seen bulging with muscle. Rippling and veiny and loving every bit of it I flex bigger and you love it. It is time to go a very spiritual bath house in my home where you and I will grow together and become immortal ones. Are you into immortality because you are about to be in for the time and ride of your life...and you say...........and you look at me and you do................and you are feeling.............and you have become so curious that you need and are so hard and horny for me that you............and then you................

  100. mmmmmmm - i am loving it!!!!! i like your bulging muscles and veiny huge cock which is now touching the ground, can't wait to taste it again . . .

  101. Tell me more love....................... Do you like growing and what do you think of immortality and becoming that do that you have be reborn to be look at me with those big eyes and excitement in them and you say.................and you want............and you need.............and you like..............and you are so horny that you..............and you ask me...............and then you.............and you.................

    Tell me in great detail what you want and feel and are feeling......................



  102. As we swim in the pool and wallow in its enchanted waters, Melissa comes in and says she has received a strange package, which must be handed to Belle alone.
    She hands me a strange china box covered with ancient writings.
    Melissa returns to the weights in your outhouse, and I open the box she has given me.
    The box turns to dust, and leaves in my hand a small statue of a strange goddess, long forgotten by the minds of men.
    I hear Diana's voice in my mind telling me to use it in the pool if we want immortality, and that it contains an extra gift for me.
    What can she mean . . . ?

  103. I bring the small statue into the pool, it glows and shines as the water touches it, and it is gone!
    Nothing is left of the weird creature it depicted except in our minds.
    Like the biggest female bodybuilder you could imagine, but there was something different as well . . .

  104. A female bodybuilder, in a strange pose . . .

    Josh, love ya, lots more to follow, Belle xxx

  105. Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like this getting really really good. Thank you for the teaser love. I look forward to reading what is coming next. I hope you had a wondeful holidays and that you had a nice Christmas, and that you got all your muscular body delights could ask for. :)

    Love the detail.............and then you.....and you want.......and you ask me.......and you need.........and you like.......and you are horny for.........and you really want............and then you..........

  106. Josh, as we continue our swim in your pool of magic powers, I fondle your huge cock and caress your head in my other hand. I work my hand up and down the length of your giant member, bringing it up hard and firm, its huge veins pulsating and gorged with blood so they look like live snakes moving under the skin. The tip is as hard as rock, and I begin to massage my clit and flaps with it. You are eager to come, but I suggest you hold it as long as possible, for I think I have a surprise for you!
    Your hands move over my baseball sized calves and up across my tree trunk like thighs, and on to my cunt curtains.
    As we swim in the pool I can feel its powers enter me, I think I will have some fun very soon! I have never felt like this, I can feel every pore of my body come alive as the pool's powers enter me.
    I caress you and hold you hard against me as I work your dick and caress your neck.
    As you move your huge cock into my vagina I say I will show you how to really enjoy the sex.
    As we rise to the surface of the pool we continue upwards, and the liquid runs off our gleaming giant muscular bodies like waterfalls from the highest cliffs.
    We continue and rise skywards thru’ the roof, oops!, sorry about that, did not realise what a Goddess I have become, we smash the force field as well and rise high above Tokyo into the cool sky, higher than your jet could ever go. Namaka's gift to me is the power to fly!
    I guide your huge throbbing dick deep into my vagina, I have not been so full or tight since I lost my virginity.

  107. I had a GREAT Christmas, made even better by Diana's gift to me - tee hee!!!

  108. I continue to rub your member harder and harder to get maximum effect, while holding you tight to my body with two hands so you do not fall, and caress you with my other hand.

  109. Can you guess what Diana's gift to me is?

  110. Josh, more posts to come :)

    Hugs, Belle x x x

  111. Wow love.........No what is your gift that Diana gave you. I would love to know......Tell me more. I love where this is going........

    And you say.......and you want.....and you do.........

    Love this. It made me hard instantly



  112. As we float above the sky our bodies radiate in the suns rays and our sexual efforts leave a shining trail like a new comet in the night sky, all the world is watching us.

  113. I have four arms now like the ancient statue of the muscular goddess she sent to me, that was what was different about her, four arms bulging with giant muscles, feel my power on you as your cock is crushed and molded in my vagina, and my four hands roam all over your body, massaging and squeezing your muscles with incredible sensitivity, and yet with great power as well.

  114. As we continue with our sex and French kiss our sweat turns to ice and flies off into space in sparkling showers as it catches the suns rays, even tho’ Japan is in darkness now far below.
    Such sex the world has never known, your super hot jizz and my juices rain down on the land as we float at the edge of space.
    Andrulla has taken shelter in a cave to escape the downpour!
    A good job we are immortals now, or we could not survive up here.

  115. Look and see how I have changed, no longer a dumb blonde,
    YES, I am a real immortal Goddess at last.
    What fun I am going to have now!!!! Oh yes :)

  116. Thanks to Synthya/Diana for the great goddess art in her new DA group - you must visit, all her work is outstanding!!!!!!

  117. Tell me more baby...........go on..........I love this story........................

  118. Josh, I am also a shapeshifter now, similar to the Celtic Goddess Badb.

    A short break for the New Year, then we shall renew . . .

  119. What do you want me to become, I can be anything or anyone you fancy, with my new powers . . .

  120. Josh, I hope you have a really good time bringing in 2010

    Belle x x x

  121. Happy New Year Belle. You are becoming quite the popular one on here with all your new drawings of you and renderings. I love it. I look forward to continuing our adventure in the New Year.

    Ring in 2010 and have a great time and grow grow for me and do things that will stretch your muscles and make you huge in the New Year.



  122. Josh, i seem to have gone from zero to hero!

  123. Josh, A HAPPY NEW YEAR and many of them x x x Belle

  124. Hey Lovely gorgeous muscular Belle.

    So shall we continue our romantic trip across the world. Go on and tell me where you left off and I will add an entry when I see your next post........and then you in the New Year.....................

  125. Josh, with my new powers i can become a giantess as well as returning to a more 'normal' human size LOL!!

    I will continue soon, just getting orientated after going back to work, bah - lol

    Hugs and kisses, Belle.

  126. Hey Love,

    Waiting for your next entry into our fantasy with much patience and anticipation.........and then you...............



  127. Josh, i hope to have the next part up this weekend-i think you will find it is worth the wait- tee hee

    Kisses and hugs Belle

  128. Hey Love,

    Can't wait to see the next part and what you have in mind..................and then you say........and do............

    Big kiss and hug to you to love,


  129. As we embrace high over Japan, I see the blast of a rocket launch. The Japanese have launched a probe at us. Now, I could have fun with a big hot probe, but maybe this time we had better be discrete, and descend to your estate. As I am a goddess now and can change into any shape I choose, I will return to a more human form. I will lose my extra arms, but I don’t want to be smaller than the girls, have you seen how big they are! I will keep my new muscles for all to see.
    As we land the girls are clearing up what looks like a snowstorm. “I would make myself scarce if I were you” says Andrulla “everyone is talking about this, it’s on all the TV channels. They are saying that an unexpected el nino brought in stuff from the Pacific and covered Japan with it” she said as she cleared away a ton of jizz.
    Let’s have a shower to freshen up – hmmm – I love the way you soap my body and my intimate places tee hee – and take your limo to Superstore Cele for some retail therapy. That’s why we came here after all! The superstore opens 24/7 so I will be able to buy anything I want, bring your plastic. We arrive in the busy centre of Tokyo, as I leave the car people stare at my incredible muscled body.
    I like what it says in the window of the superstore “All happy wishes granted”. This is in Japanese, but as I am a goddess I understand all languages, known and unknown.

  130. Look at all these departments, they even have construction equipment. Hmm. A male assistant greets us and asks what our pleasure is. Hmmm. Shoes is what I want, and he shows me a selection. I choose a pair that will fit my now large feet, perfect in pink, I will take a thousand pairs of them. There are some excellent handbags here, red leather, I will need 366 of those. Some dresses to fit my larger size, they have a large lady department, good, say a hundred of the red shoulder dress, 200 of the little black dress, maybe 200 trousers suits, and 1,000 sports tops. 500 baseball caps as well for jogging. Sports shoes, lets see, will probably need 5,000 of these, don’t think they will last long, even the titanium ones. I won’t need any sports bras tho’, my breasts can support themselves!
    As we pass the construction department I see a large jack hammer, I may give that I try, I am still horny from our ‘flight’. I ask if I can try the hammer in the fitting room, the assistant looks doubtful but brings it across. I close the curtains and switch it on, the hammer drives deep into my vagina and smashes itself against it walls. This is fantastic, my juices run as I orgasm at 1,000 rpm. The pleasure is intense, but within seconds my muff has destroyed the jack hammer. I come out of the fitting room, and tell the assistant that it is not big enough. Let’s leave before he checks up on it!

  131. In Dr Cyn’s secret lair deep in Tokyo’s sewers, Jerry Jerkoff finally breaks into the city’s security systems. “I have them, Doctor” he says “they are walking down Buffie Street”. “Let me see – are you sure, the blonde looks smaller than the space telescope images, she seemed to have four arms then as well”. “No, I mean, yes, well, maybe, yes, it is them, I am sure” says Jerkoff. “Hm she is certainly bigger than any human female bodybuilder, I will give you that, she is bigger even than any of the male roid monsters I have created”. “Jerkoff” “Yes?” “Jerkoff” “Doctor?” “I want you to give me hourly reports on them – I will have her power for myself Jerkoff” “Yes ma’am!” says Jerkoff as Dr Cyn leaves for more evil-doing.
    Jerkoff watches on the surround-vision the blonde walking, the simple red dress with split skirt she is wearing barely holding on though it shows every curve, her shoulder and neck muscles turn to mounds of pulsating flesh as she swings her arms and moves her head, pecs bounce like giant pink beachballs, her 12-pack abs ripple as waves of power move across them from top to bottom and side to side, her thighs and quads swell and bulge as though giant snakes were writhing beneath the flesh . . . from the back her calves look like huge pumping hearts, her incredibly wide back rises and falls with mountain ranges of muscle, and her striated butt muscles clash and pound at each other as though they were massaging themselves. Her whole body writhes and pumps with moving veins and giant muscles, all bulging as though they were about to break through the skin that covers them.

  132. Jerkoff can take it no more, he grabs his throbbing cock as it bursts out of his pants, and lives up to his name. “She is a real goddess” he thinks “and I will have her all to myself . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm-squirt”.

  133. Well, for once I have beaten my deadline . . . enjoy kisses Belle

  134. I blew a mile into the air when I read this love. I think it is time we left Japan and Cele's lab and off to some place much more remote and away from everyone. What form of transportation would you like to use to get there my love. Your wish is my command and whatever you want lets make some magic together. Pick any destination in the world or on the globe...............You lick your lips................and then you...........and you are feeling..............and you want............and you need.............and you flex and pump your body bigger and bigger..............and then you go back to your normal human size still very ripped and very muscular............and then you............

    So what will it be love.......................

  135. It's not Cele's lab, he is one of the good guys - i should have the next part this weekend - kisses, Belle

  136. As we walk back to your limo the street suddenly opens beneath my feet, and I fall into a giant cube of ACME quick curing resin, the street closing again as quickly as it opened. Before I can use my powers the resin has hardened and I am trapped like a fly in amber. Jerkoff appears with a forklift and takes the cube back to his quarters in Dr Cyn’s lab, and puts me on a pedestal, in the middle of the room. I can only move my eyes, but I can see that the walls are covered in pictures and posters of female bodybuilders. A bank of computers is set up to search the net for the latest pictures of any female bodybuilder and automatically save and print them out, yet another computer morphing the pictures to inhuman muscle sizes.

    This guy has a real big fetish for female bodybuilders.

    Jerkoff stands behind a control console in front of me, and puts on a set of welding goggles. Reading his lips he seems to be saying ‘now goddess, let the fun begin’. He flicks switches and a trapdoor in the floor opens.
    A device like a laser come jackhammer/drill rises from the floor, and now Jerkoff puts on a pair of cyber gloves. The device begins to flash and grind, and two spheres filled with liquid rise from it.
    Jerkoff starts to guide it towards the cube. He is sweating uncontrollably and seems to be adjusting something in his pants.
    It is an atomic powered cyber dildo and he is controlling it with his cock!
    The lasers flash and the drill bits grind, the spheres pump, and it begins to cut into the resin, heading straight for my cunt. I can see something reflecting in his goggles, it is another cyber dildo behind me, heading for my anus!

    help Help HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!

  137. Josh, i liked the way you wrote your parts of the story, help a goddess out here and come to my rescue, pretty please *pouts*

    Kisses, Belle

  138. Nicely written! Seems like Josh's got a big job on his hands. (Surely you can't kiss when you're in ACME?)

  139. Phoebe, I am blowing him a kiss in my mind LOL!!

    Hope he comes soon :)

  140. Belle,

    You have got me miffed on how to get you out of this situation. I see the giant drilldo coming at you and being your knight in shining armor. I turn around and start to unbutton my shirt and my body temperature rises and you lick your lips and you are getting so turned on as you see my back expand and shred my shirt and my pants rip off my body like tissue paper and I am standing there in full splendor with my muscles rippling. I grow bigger to 30 feet tall and I am huge and my pecs are massive my 12 pack are like boulders the chords in the veins of my biceps are so energized and you are so turned on that you start to summon the power in you to push out the drilldo out of your body with your legs and your lady parts and you want me so need me you want me and you want to feel me inside of you and grow to my size.......and then you.......and you want.......and you are thinking.........and you need.............and you can't take it anymore that you.............and then you............

    By the way Phoebe are you a female bodybuilder or into female muscle fantasy and are you interested in our little adventure and would like to be part of it.......what do you think Belle..........should we ask her to join us for some amazing muscle fun........................................... what do you think Phoebe................

    Tell us about yourself........................and then you Belle.....................

  141. This isn't my fight. It's your duty to use your wits!
    Besides, there's not many people who like three-way relations. Enjoy your peace for as long as you can, because it's hard to gain it.

  142. Well Belle it sounds like Phoebe is not interested in being part of our amazing fantasy and or anything else. That is ok. I can't wait to see what you are going to write back next love.

    Too bad because Phoebe could have made it interesting. You and I have a lot of catching up to in the fantasy love. So hit me with some really good juicy and fantastic detailed stuff.

    You know Phoebe Belle has a special power and way to turn people........ask her about it.

    And then you Belle......and you want......and you need........and you are feeling........and you have..........and then you.........

  143. What is interesting Love...........

    Belle did you get my last posts on our fantasy........I bet you are coming up with something really great to add in the next days.

    Can't wait.



  144. Oh you bet it will be interesting . . .

  145. Love do you mean the next part of our fantasy will be interesting?

    When am I going to see it love?


  146. Patience Josh . . . working late this week so it will be the weekend

    XXXXX Belle

  147. I see the door of the room open, and Dr Cyn enters. She is obviously unhappy, and is gesticulating at Jerkoff. I can’t see her lips, but Jerkoff has gone pale, and he powers down the drilldos. They drop back thru’ the floor, and Jerkoff leaves the room.
    Dr Cyn fingers a brooch round her neck, and a beam from it flashes over the cube. The cube crumbles and falls into piles of dust on the floor.
    Dr Cyn smiles, and starts to remove her clothes.
    “I have been watching you for a while on my Personal Outer Realms Network” she says “and I LOVE your amazing muscled body. You should thank me for rescuing you”.
    She runs her hands over my pecs and abs, and rubs her knee, her thigh, her pubic bone and tailbone across my volva.
    She has an amazing physique, which is hidden by her clothes, certainly not short in the muscles department herself. She removes her clasp, and her dark hair falls over her shoulders.

  148. “Don’t over-rate yourself” I tell her “being an inter dimensional goddess I could have escaped at any time, I just wanted to see where this was going”.
    I undress slowly, appreciating every exposed piece of her flesh. I kiss her elbows, touch her breasts, and blow softly in her ear.
    “I want to know your body, to know how to turn you on and learn what your chemistry is” she says.
    She kisses my neck, I caress her belly, her inner thighs, and kiss behind her knees. She smells under my arms, and I massage her buttocks. I slowly suck on her fingers. I get naked and lay my body on top of hers.
    “The point is to get physical, to get close, to express your feelings of love and desire” I tell her.

  149. She touches my pubic area. I moan and purr to let her know that feels good. Simple flesh-on-flesh sex is the best. I have an extremely responsive clit, she stimulates my g-spot, and I feel intensely turned on.
    I feel a gush of wetness, and eject a spray of come at orgasm.
    Ah, that was SO good!
    “My friend Josh will sort you out, he must be 30 feet tall by now” I tell her.

  150. “It’s you that I want, I am ready to sleep with another woman, you must have thought about it? I am tired of one-on-one with myself” Cyn says.
    “If you want to have regular sex with a goddess like me, then you must give up your evil-doing and join us”, I tell her.
    “If I can have fucking like that I will do anything you ask” Cyn says.
    “Then come with us on the next part of our journey, to the Greek island of Lesbos” I tell her.
    “Oh my gawd” Cyn says “a fifty foot tall muscled lesbian, this IS my lucky day!”
    “The next time we will try fisting” I tell her.
    Cyn cannot wait, she snaps her fingers and a packed travelling case drops from the roof.
    “Let’s go” she says, “Jerkoff, you are on your own from now”.

  151. I stepped next to my new goddess, hugged her big biceps and felt the firmness of her large muscles. With a look to me she snapped with her fingers. A sudden flash appeared in front of my eyes. I clung myself around the massive muscle of her arm. As the light faded, I could recognize the most beautiful view which I ever whitnessed. Time seemed to stood still while we traveled together trough room and time. In an blink of an eye (or was it an hour?) we stood in front of an ancient temple. Belle looked up with a slight hint in her view that told me she was at home. After a few more seconds she spoke again.
    “Welcome to the beautiful island named Lesbos, Cyn. I guess you noticed this temple already. It is unknown and hidden in the depth of a mountain on the island and can only be seen by special women.” Belle told me.
    “Special women? What do you mean exactly? Has it something to do with the name of the island?” I asked her.
    “Very good, beautiful!” She told me with a loving voice. “For thousands of years, as every man and woman believed in gods, this island was the home of lesbian women and their lovers. Ruled by a goddess and her high-priestess.” She told me while we entered the dark Temple. Belles eyes began to glow in the dark, giving her the ability to see everything in daylight. I tried to keep up with her but stumbled. She caught me with one hand before I hit the dirty floor.
    “Excuse me I forgot this part.” She said smiling as her body started to glow and lighten every detail of the temple.
    We went further until we arrived on a large wall with paintings on the stone wall. They showed a immense muscled woman floating above everyone else. She had four arms instead of the regular two, like you would expect it. Underneath her another woman, that looked very similar like the one above her. Her four arms were heavy muscled as well and dressed in some sort of robe. On the bottom you could see just small figures. Every second kneeled while the other stood proud next to them. As my view wandered upwards again I noticed the standing persons become larger and more muscular as well, while the kneeling person almost seemed to stay the same size. Only by growing a bit. I turned towards my goddess and asked:
    “So what has this all to do with us?”
    Belle looked a bit amused at me and closed her eyes for a moment, as suddenly two more arms appeared underneath the original ones.
    “Do you understand now?” Belle asked flexing her four arms….

  152. Well, Cyn, if you want to be my disciple I have some simple tasks you must perform. Please me, and you will become a goddess yourself, with my help.
    First, you will bring all the ladies from the flight crew here to the temple, where they will worship me, and I will pleasure myself with them. I will reward them by giving them even bigger muscles and greater strength and size and make them minor goddesses in my pantheon.
    When you have done that I want you to bring me every woman in the world so that they can worship me as their new goddess, and you will make them my followers, to take the word of the new goddess back to the world of men, and tell them how I have awoken from the sleep of eons. The best of them will be rewarded by having bigger size and muscles than they can have dreamed off.
    Then you will bring every man in the world here, that we may choose from them those that we wish to keep as sex slaves. The others will become followers of the new goddess of the world, Belle!
    Perform these tasks, and pleasure me well, and you will be raised up above them and will be next only to me as a goddess.
    All the goddesses in my pantheon will have my powers flowing through them, and will have four strong arms each as well.
    Perform the secret incantations and begin!

  153. Bye the way, i think your style is cool, Cyn - please write some more

  154. Josh, you're trapped in an underground lab with Jerkoff... What happens next?

  155. Belle get me out of here. Sounds like you and I need some alone time. Baby use your superpowers and super strength and I will take you anywhere in the world you want to go and we will bring Cyn your lesbian muscular female gal pal with us and have a ton of fun.




    P.S. And then you.........................

  156. As I hear those words my knees are getting weak. This beautiful goddess in front of me will fulfill my deepest dreams if I obey and pleasure her.
    I drop down to my knees and bow my head in front of Belle.
    “I will fulfill every wish of you my goddess. I promise to complete these tasks as best as possible.” My voice clearly displays my desire and love for this woman in front of me. I suddenly feel two hands touch my shoulders. Small lightings are crackling between our bodies before her hands met my skin. In a split second I see myself standing in front of a beautiful woman which knees before me while I rest two of my hands on her shoulders. Suddenly a surge of power washes over me and I am back in my body again. The warmth spread from my shoulders over my chest, down to my belly, in my pussy and down to my feet which rest on the cold stone. I hear a voice, but not with my ears. I hear Belle in my head.
    -I know you will not disappoint me, Cyn.-
    My heart skips a beat and I lean forward to the massive legs of my instructor and goddess. I softly touch her upper legs. Her gigant quads are pushing through the soft and flawless skin of her legs. While my hand trys to cover as much as possible muscle mass, my fingertips are following the contours of her muscles. I feel her hands become a bit harder while I touch her and I take this as hint that she likes it.
    My moth gets wet. I like my lips and lean my head forward. Soon I can smell the sweetness of her pussy. From that moment I can’t hold me back. I almost ram my head into her waiting pubic area. I lick her pussy lips like never before while my hands are still exploring the beauty of her massive muscles. Licking and sucking I try to please my goddess as good as possible. I want to make a dent into the hardness of her legs and glutes but I have no chance. A bit disappointed I began to suck on her clit. She may be a goddess but I could feel a shockwave going through her. I don’t know if she created it herself or if it was my engagement which caused this. I take this quick moment and began to massage her inner legs with my complete strength. I feel her getting wet and put my lips around her pussy, ready to swallow as much as possible. Damn she tastes so sweet. And I don’t have to wait long for more. I repeat these parts for what seems to be an hour or so. Maybe more or less.
    As I feel two more hands getting grip under my armpits I slowly stop to please her. She lifts me up to her eyes and gives me a wonderful French kiss.
    “Cyn, you are a beautiful woman and a even better pleaser. But now I would like to ask you to fulfill the first of my task.”
    She sets me back to the ground and snaps a finger. I suddenly feel a pair of high heels pushing me up a few inches. Followed by a snuggling slip and a tight white robe which shows every feature of my body. She plants one more kiss on my forehead and steps back.
    “Now go and bring the first followers to me.” She commands.
    I bow down one more time in front of her and with that I disappear from the temple.

  157. Belle says: Cyn is a good disciple, and is eager to please me.
    Ah the spirit of youth, she fears nothing and will serve me well in the eons to come.
    I must have a shower before she returns with the ladies, but not just to look presentable, as a goddess should. As I wash in the purifying spring waters I charge them with my powers, which will convert anyone who washes or drinks the water to a goddess.
    I would not want them to think I favored Cyn above them, but I do.
    Cyn will be the first to shower if she has fulfilled her task.
    We will shower together naked so our flesh rubs together and my powers will flow into her all the more easily.
    She can pleasure me sexually again and my goddess juices will flow into her as well, adding to the effect of the waters, so she gets powers far above the others when they are converted. The others will shower alone.
    She has a feisty spirit so I will give her free range for all her emotions and goddess powers.
    Only I will be above her in power and strength and knowledge.
    I await her return with anticipation, I cannot wait to have sex with her again, she pleasures me so well.

  158. Jerkoff being jerkoff, I'm not such a scewed-up person. Alright, I admit to having sthenolagnia and that I'm a big fan of machines, but there's nothing that says I'm below Dr. Cyn. In fact, I can't wait to have my very own lab time.
    And Cyn being Cyn, she willingly gives it to me. She doesn't know that besides drilldos, the area is full of helicopters and other military engineering marvels, and she's a full-blown sex-minded person.
    And the typical NASA doesn't know that I've replaced a certain unknown company's projecting TV satellite with my own, launched in the form of a shooting star rocketing off from the Moon. Nevermind how I built it there... my LOIC, one of the greatest superweapons ever, is officially in existence. It's even a tried and tested way of eliminating meddling semi-divine beings, and most unique about it is how it does not leave behind radiation residue, which makes it a perfect assassin's dream.
    It helps that I know where they're going and that I have a radar-scan system as well. They're off the shore of Aegean Greece.
    Josh finds me in my Ion Cannon control station just as I engage this megaweapon.
    "That's for deserting me like an evil boss, Cyn!"

  159. "Do not underestimate the Engineer... he can be the master of all things. That which is on the Earth, he first has in his mind, and then he has it in his hand."

  160. Oh, missed . . . better luck next time, if there IS a next time

  161. I snap my fingers and the LOIC is destroyed

  162. Who needs to aim carefully when they can create craters several miles wide... Unfortunately, there are so many satellites orbiting the Earth that no one except me knows which is the correct one. Belle's "actions" send me into fits of laughter, because she's also kindly provided me with a visual of a crumpled-up Hubble Space Telescope. I bet those people at NASA are going nuts...

    And then Belle finds an ion storm building up in the sea beside her. Before she can react in he three seconds provided, the temple around her has its chemistry completely reorganized and is turned to dust. To this goddess, it may have only been an exceptionally strong wind striking her, but there's no more temple. Even the island has been warped and its underground infrastructure annihilated.

    Take note, goddess. Annihilated, not decimated. There is no remnant of your temple left, and you have no memory of it. you'll have to build one more for yourself...

  163. ... and there is no usable building material around you.

  164. Fool, I simply pushed the earth out of the way Jerk

  165. Which part of 'Goddess' do you not understand?

  166. Jerk you sound an awful lot like . . . well let's not go there

  167. Well Josh are you going to stand by and let Jerkoff insult me like this?

  168. Seriously, Belle, I wish you could recognise the fact that you're neglecting somebody here for Cyn. It's not exactly a good idea, and the thing is, there are greater gods and goddesses in charge of where the Earth goes.

    In addition, if you push the Earth out of the way, the satellites in are going to follow (not to mention the ion cannon's beam particles as well... they're ions.)
    So Apollo happily guides my superweapon firing, and after that, though the island is still around and there isn't much more than a simple and non-fatal tidal wave, the temple on Lesbos has ceased to exist. HA!

  169. This is not an insult; it is only a reminder to a most ambitious goddess that she has neglected her story partner by the name of Josh. I am not related to him in any way; but I believe we deserve more than this most insinuating treatment. (maybe not me, but Joshua)

  170. I was hoping that Josh would write a bit more than 'you say . . . . you do . . .'

    Maybe time to end this particular story?

    I see from your posts that you are close to my time zone so you are not who i thought you were.

  171. Things have gone a bit in a different direction here so i should really thank Josh for taken me on this very interesting Date.

    Love and kisses, Belle.

  172. Josh, I must apologize for the direction this date has taken.
    When you were kind enough to ask me out I never thought we would end up here.
    This has certainly been the most interesting date of my life! We have done many interesting things, and I have said things I would not have said if I knew that others could eavesdrop on our conversations. But, to be truthful, I have run out of ideas on how to sustain it.
    Maybe a rest will help us to recover from our adventures.
    I hope we can still be friends, kisses, Belle.


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