Monday, September 21, 2009

Megan + Benji

Benji asked to do a one-on-one story and how could I deny him... I spend most my time here giving him a hard time. He's actually very sweet and has become a friend. Comments are welcome but won't be considered part of the story.

There's a lot to do when you're living single far away from home. It's Saturday and I've spent my day paying bills, running errands and working out. Laundry can wait till tomorrow. The urge to get ice cream and watch a movie is overpowering but I promised Amanda we would meet up tonight for drinks. Maybe just a quick one. I take my time in the shower, do my hair & makeup then rummage through the closet for something comfortable yet sexy to wear... just in case. The D twins seem to scream to be let out, another nice benefit from increased chest muscles (150 lbs woohoo!). I take extra care to pack them in (mostly) and slip into my clothes. Earings... check. Jimmy Choo's... definietly. A quick check of my blog and email before I head out. Nothing new.

The club is quiet this time of night, it's after dinner hours but before dance time. The bartender sees me and makes a gesture that suggest "Hi" and "Do you want the usual?" all at the same time. I nod and blow him a kiss. Amanda & I always meet around this time so we can grab one of the lounge sofas before it gets busy. Perfect, there's one open and I make myself comfortable while I wait. The bartender brings my drink over and we make small talk, well sorta. I talk to him while he talks to the twins. It's rude but I'm used to it by now. All the women in my family have ample bosoms, thanks Mom. I smile but not really paying attention. "...looking real firm there Megan...." he goes on and I add a comment here and there. He's cut off as more people come into the bar and heads back to his station

My phone goes off and I see a text from Amanda. Something's come up and she has to bail. Great! I could call other people but I really just want to go home. A quick sigh, take a drink, lay my head back on the sofa and close my eyes. A soft, unsure voice says "Excuse me, are you Meg?" I open my eyes to a red-headed man about my age. Kinda cute but he looks nervous and for some reason knows me. I don't usually snap at people but I'm upset and a bit startled. "What do you want." He looks about ready to run but instead takes a deep breath and spits out "umm, it's Ben, Benji, you know... Benji Dude... from your blog." I see the bartender keeping an eye on me in case I nod him over to play interference but I give him the "all good" sign. I stand up and give him a big hug and ask him to sit down. "It's nice to finally meet you Benji but what are you doing here and more importantly how did you find me".

He starts explaining and I notice he's talking to my face and not the twins, a good sign. "Well Meg, it wasn't that hard with the hints you've dropped on your blog." Hmmm, I didn't think anybody would pick up on those. He's smart which is another good sign. The bartender stops over to ask if he wants a drink. It's obvious he's jealous since there are waitresses here that should be taking care of us. Benji looks at my almost empty glass and asks me if if I am going to have another. "Honestly, I was about ready to leave" I tell him and he waves the bartender away. "Can we go somewhere, I mean, I have something for you, I mea..." he says before I cut him off. "Look Benji, I don't normally do this but you seem like a good guy. I'm heading home, do you wanna come over and talk?" He nods and we get up to leave. I turn to the bartender and stick out my tongue. He launches back with the bird along with a coy smile. Jerk.

Benji follows me in his car and it's a short ride back to my apartment. I'm a little embarrassed with my clothes flung around the place but he doesn't seem to mind. "Sorry about the mess" I tell him as I pick up a few unmentionables. "It's laundry day tomorrow" walking into the bedroom with an armful of clothes. "Can I get you something to drink Benji" I yell. A quick look in the mirror before heading out to my guest. "I'm fine..." he says as I come back and have a seat next to him "... but I have a drink that might interest you." >>


  1. My heart was racing from the moment I saw her toned form squeezed into the outfit. I almost couldn't believe it, figuring out what city Meg lived in was one thing but choosing the right club on the first attempt was something else.

    Normally I wouldn't do something like this, track someone on the internet down, it's just not, well, normal. But Meg was different, my god she looked stunning in that outfit. Time for something else that isn't normal for me, knocking back the last of my Guinness I took the plunge and walked over to her.

    The banter was nice, her voice is soft and gentle, the introduction could have gone smoother but the fact we're still talking is all the encouragement I need, that and the gift I have for her. The hug was tight but welcoming, her exercise routine clearly evident. The bar tender comes over and my heart races, as my paranoia kicks in, but Meg wants to leave, "Did I do something wrong?" I think to my self, thinking fast I ask, "Can we go somewhere, I mean, I have something for you, I mean" Meg cuts me off thankfully, "Damn it man, hold yourself together!" I think to myself, my heart is racing a mile a minute, I can hardly stop myself from shaking.

    She wants me to come over, I nod coyly, don't want to seem desperate, trying to be a gentleman I offer my arm to Meg but she seems more focused on the bar tender, hope I'm not stepping on any toes. I walk Meg to her car, not that she needs my protection but it seemed like the honourable thing to do.

    Meg lives in the opposite direction to my motel but it doesn't matter, jus being close to Meg is good enough for now, hopefully once I give her the gift she'll be... welcoming.

    Her clothing is all over the place, makes her seem more human and not just some fitness girl on a blog. She apologises for the mess, "You should see my place" I reply, don't think she heard me, must try to be more confident when I talk. My throat is dry as Meg asks me for a drink, "I'm fine" I reply, my excitement getting the better of me as I think about what's to come.

    My heart skips a beat as she brushes up next to me on the sofa, I look into her wonderful eyes and almost loose myself, "But, I have this drink that you may be interested in" I offer, reaching to my inside pocket of my jacket. Meg looks at me worried and moves away slightly.

    "Oh? And what does that do? Knock me out so you can have your way with me?" she asks with a stern look on her face.

    "No! I..." I start trying to reason with her, "Damn I've screwed it up!" I think to myself. Meg suddenly breaks out her smile and winks at me.

    "Relax Benji" she says, sliding back up next to me, "I'm only teasing" she adds, casually placing her arm across my shoulders. I blush at the contact.

    "Please, call me Ben, Benji is my internet name" I answer smiling at her as I look into her eyes once more, forcing myself not to look down her ample bosom.

    "Ok Ben, so what does this little drink do then?" Meg asks with a glint in her eye.

    "I, erm, well" I stutter, damn it man get a hold of yourself, "I know about your desire to be, erm, big" I start, hoping I don't choose the wrong words, "So I did a bit of research on the web" I continue, pausing as Meg lightly brings my back down onto the sofa, helping me relax, "I, erm, found this company that has been developing some rapid gene-altering stuff, and figured you'd like to give it a go, they've been pretty successful so far" I take a deep breath trying to settle my nerves, this is all new territory to me, I'm way out of my depth and I think she knows it. She looks at me and smiles as she thinks it over, I've never been so nervous in all my life.

  2. A rapid-gene altering formula from the internet? My my first reaction is how could it be real. "Well Ben. I suppose I could try it but you have to take some also." He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out two vials, opens one up and downs it. I wait a minute to see if any changes come over him and he still seems perfectly fine, although no growth. He hands me the second vial. I open it and smell a strong medicine-like odor. I dip my pinky finger in and take a small sample. It tastes like cough syrup. There's no doubt in my mind now that Ben just blew his money on a hoax. He did come all the way here to find me so I'll play along for awhile. I take the vile, knock it back and give Ben a funny, crazy, wild eyed look.

    "Now, we're supposed to imagine the changes we want in ourselves" and we sit and meditate for a few minutes but nothing happens. Neither one of us feels any different and I knew it was fake. He digs around his pockets for something and pulls out a piece of paper that looks like instructions. He skims through the text and I see his expression go from confusion to concern. "Umm Meg, you're not on the pill are you?". I reply with "Yes...why?" He says "crap" under his breath and continues. There is apparently a list of do's and don'ts for side effects; no birth control, no alcohol and a couple others that I have violated. If it was real I would be concerned but cough syrup doesn't scare me. He continues on and the look of concern turns even grimmer. "Both vials weren't the same formula" he tells me. "One is the growth and the other is the control." Does that mean one person controls the growth of the other and who took which formula? I go first and imagine Ben becoming stronger but nothing happens. "OK Ben it's your turn, lets see what you can do to me". I barely finish my sentence before a weird feeling comes over me.

  3. I look at Meg, her toned firm body wrapped in an eye-catching outfit, her bust on display. As I focus on Meg's chest, for the first time, base instincts start to kick in and I picture her breasts larger, her large handfuls replaced with basketball sized boobs. My daydream is shattered as Meg starts to moan softly, looking up at her face I see her head tilted back, lips slightly parted, eyes closed. Another soft moan comes out as one of her hands slide over her body, reaching up to her chest. She lightly grasps a breasts, breathing in sharply at the contact, "Oh my god Ben" she pants as she lightly squeezes her slowly growing breast, "This feels fantastic!" she adds, half opening her eyes to look a me.

    My eyes drift down to her cleavage once more, my mouth drops open in shock as I see her top slowly being stretched by her swelling breast meat, her nipples clearly on show, poking through her top, as her tits start to bulge over the top of her dress, "Looks pretty good from here" I say softly, tearing my eyes away from the expanding cleavage and back to Megs eyes, smiling at her once I've made contact. The fabric can be heard straining as her jugs continue to grow, her breathing is shallow but rapid, "My god she's getting off on this! It must be a side effect of being on the pill" I think to my self, as I notice my dick straining against my trousers, feeling harder then ever before!

    "So tight!" Meg pants just as ripping can be heard as her outfit looses the fight against her developing bust line. Then as if on cue, the breasts stop growing. Sitting large and firm on her chest, large nipples appear like thumb sized thimbles under her outfit, I look at what I've done, speechless. "I'm... I'm so big!" Meg says finally breaking the silence as she lightly lifts each breasts through her dress, feeling their weight. With a soft tender hand Meg reaches out to my chin, rotating my head to look at her, "When I said I wanted to be big, this isn't exactly what I had in mind" she says with a soft smile.

    "I'm sorry Meg, it was the first thing that came to mind, I'll return them back to normal" I reply not sure if it was even possible. Meg takes my hand and squeezes it lightly, causing me to pause my current action, could she actually want to keep her new breasts?

  4. "Don't you dare make them smaller." The growing process is an unimaginable feeling, like a drug and I crave more. My D twins have grown up and and the strain of the dress is quite painful. A quick snap of the bra back and they explode free and actually burst through the dress. Ben looks mesmerized so I push him back on the sofa and straddle on top of him. I feel his raging hard on through his pants and gently stroke it while I rest my enormous boobs in his face. They almost suffocate him but I hear short little gasps of breath.

    "Ben, make me into a goddess and I will give you the pleasures of a lifetime". It sounds corny as I say it but the feeling comes back over me like an intense orgasm. My head shoots back and Ben gasps for air. I can tell he's a boob man and they start growing again. Free from constraints this time, Ben will's a floodgate of new tissue into my chest. He grabs a hold of them but my girls quickly envelope his body in flesh. Larger until they completely cover his upper body. My engorged nipples are super sensitive and his stoking them increases my euphoric feeling. I can't even see him anymore underneath it all. My god my tits are big.

    Large breasts were never my goal but I like the feeling and the power over males. I've seen the way men look and act like infants around a large rack. "Is that all you've got" I goad him and he groans as his dick grows larger and tighter within his pants. "Give me more!"

  5. Trying to get up proves to be difficult as the 50 gallon funbags Ben created weigh me down. I can't move and Ben appears lost in my flesh. "You're gonna have to help me out here" I tell him but only hear a muffled response.

  6. Her super sized breasts feel great pressing down on me, surrounding me, almost feels like being all snug in a warm bed. My hands lightly roam over their soft surface, my dick threatening to tear my flies open. As wonderfully large as they are, I know Meg would be severely hampered in the mobility department, I hear a muffled voice, it's not too clear but sounds like she is having similar thoughts. With a simple thought, I do the unthinkable abd shrink her marvellous rack down slightly, just to 40 gallons (about the size of beachballs), still plenty more than ample, but the reduction is enough to give the wonderful woman full mobility again.

    Her breasts leave my face, allowing me to hear and see again, "Stand up Meg" I request, looking past her naked breasts I can see that she doesn't seem too happy about being bossed around, or maybe it was the shrinking tits, either way she stands in front of me, the remnants of her dress falling to the floor. "So you like your big tits then?" I ask after filling my lungs with air.

    "Oh you have no idea" Meg answers as she looks down at her bust and runs her hands over her round, firm, yet soft to the touch breasts. They hang down to her navel, large nipples perfectly centred and standing to attention. I looked over Meh's near naked figure for the first time, tight abs and sensual things, rounding off an already impressive package. Looking back up to her face I can see that odd look on her face once more.

    "What's wrong?" I ask, getting to my feet, sure my erection is standingout like a sore thumb.

    "I, I didn't want to stand up" Meg answers, looking at me, "But when you said to stand up..." she pauses for a moment, "I, I felt compelled to do it, like I had no choice but to follow your lead" she adds, looking down at the floor. I walk over to her and lightly place my hands on her strong shoulders.

    "It, it must bea side effect of the alcohol" I suggest softly, "Don't worry" I add, looking into her eyes and smiling, "I won't make you do anything you don't want" I say, leaning forward and kissing Meg on her forehead tenderly.

    "Do, do you promise?" she asks sounding very vunerable, "Because, I'm not sure I'll be able to say what I want and what I don't want to do" I look her dead in the eye and answer.

    "I promise" Meg looks into my eyes, trying to read my intentions, I try not to hide anything from her. After a few seconds she nods in approval, "Ok then" I reply lightly stroking her cheek, "Shall we continue with the fun then?" I ask as I take my seat on the sofa once more.

    "Oh god yes!" gasps Meg with a smile.

    "Really?" I ask making sure.

    "Yes!" she snaps, "Change me, sculpt me, make me perfect!" she demands.

    "Alright then, if you insist" I say, thinking about the next change. Almost instantly Meg's hands shoot to her hips as she feels her small frilly knickers start to get tight, as her hips slowly get wider, more womanly. Turning around to look at her butt she sees it expanding as well, growing rounder by the second, her ass cheeks slowly eating her knickers as they're lost between the fleshy mounds.

    "Oh my god!" she pants as the underwear finally gives way, falling to the floor. She runs her hands from her 42" hips, up her waist and over her tits, "I'm.. I'm... voluptuous!" she says in disbelief.

    "I know" I say with a smile, proud of my handiwork, "Do you like it?" I ask, "Because this is only the beginning" I add, feeling more and more confident as the night progresses.

  7. "I love it" and immediately twirl around. My new breasts follow a couple seconds behind and almost knock me over when they catch up. "Whoops, better watch it" Ben exclaims as I try to regain my balance. These boobs could be weapons. I run my hands up and down my soft curvaceous hips then work my up to my breasts. Ben must have never heard the phrase "bigger than a handful is a waste" because their size is overwhelmingly large. My body strains to hold the weight and I feel weak for the first time in many years.

    I stand naked in front of Ben rubbing my breasts and think he might actually be drooling. "Do you want to feel?" I ask as I close the distance between us. He's keeping quiet to make sure he doesn't control me and I deeply appreciate that. He doesn't realize I would let him do anything at this point, even without the power. His hand softly strokes the side of my breast, almost being careful not to break it. I grab his hands and plunge them deep within the mounds then grab his little butt to bring him close to me. Who has the power now! His face and hands are lost within my chest as I grind harder against his ever growing (and still clothed) erection.

    "Well Ben, what else do you have in mind for me?"

  8. I'm in heaven as I play with the massive boobs in front of me, and a little surprised by Meg's hands on my backside holding me close.

    Playing with her breasts I hear her moan in pleasure as I feel her damp pussy start to dampen my trousers, my lust for her is obvious. Her attraction to me is clear but I want more, focusing on her libido I increase it ten-fold ramping up the sensitivity in all her erogenous zones ten-fold as well. Instantly she moans louder, her grip of my butt cheeks gets tighter, forcing me deeper into her chasm of cleavage.

    "Oh god Ben!" she gasps in response to my contact, "I need you so bad!" she adds, stepping forward causing us to fall back onto the sofa. Over powered by her needy pussy she starts to dry hump my groin, it feels fantastic on my cock and I feel like I'm ready to pop at any moment.

    "Sit up Meg" I ask, pulling my head out of her baby feeders long enough to speak. My power over her is clear as she responds immediately sitting up on her knees, whimpering with need as her hands roam all over her super charged body. I waste no time in undoing my flies, and sliding my cock out of my pants. I look down at my meat, "Holy shit!" I gasp in disbelief, "It's not normally that big!" I add taking in the full 10" erection. Meg's needy moans bring me back to the present and looking up at her I see a smouldering need in her eyes. With no words needing to be said I grasp her wide hips and guide her down on my huge boner.

  9. I've never been this hot before and I'm sure Ben has something to do with it. I feel wetness dripping from my vagina and shiver. He slides into me and I take his throbbing passion although I can barely see past my monstrous breasts. He holds me and I grab him tighter as I thrust him deeper with all my might. Our vertical stance isn't conducive to love making so we glide back over to the sofa and fall together, me on top of him. My breasts almost knock him out on our way down.

    Up and down. In and out. Faster. Slower. Harder. Repeat, Oh God, repeat.

    I don't want him to stop... ever, but I'm afraid after his climax there will be no more growth. Either from the serum running out or his lack of interest after ejaculation. "Ben, make me change while you're inside me, intimately feel my growth, make me the most perfect being ever!"

  10. I smile to myself at Meg's request. My hands slide up from her wonderfully wide hips up to her waist. I start pressing in narrowing down her waist to an exaggeratedly sexual 16". I can feel her pussy clamping round my large dick as she nears her climax. I slide my hands up to her fun bags and kneed their soft shapes making her moan even more.

    "Oh god Ben!" she exclaims, throwing her head back, "This feels fantastic!" she adds, her hands pressing down just above her mons. Her pussy starts pulsing around my cock and her heavy gasps for air tell me she's cumming, her juices seep out around my shaft and I feel an odd tingling feeling in my length.

    I'm a little dissapointed that she isn't more vocal in her release and as if on cue she starts moaning and grunting as she continues to grind our groins together, encouraging my dick to release it's payload, "Yes, yes yes!" she pants over and over again, "Fuck me Ben! Fuck me!" she begs, her head shaking from side to side. I don't answer instead letting her continue her ministration of my prick as my eyes scan all over her changing body,

    I look up to her face, her brunette hair flaying this way and that, I quickly change the colour to a pure vibrant Blonde, making it thicker, fuller and and more shiny than any seen in any shampoo adverts. Next I make it grown, her perfect tresses slowly crawling down to her backside, "Yes Ben! Yes!" she pants feeling the changes, "Change me more! More!" she adds. My eyes scan down to her firm legs, sexually holding me in place (not that I wanted to be anywhere else!). with a simple thought I make her legs longer, adding 6" to each, I know she'd be towering over me now but I didn't care, she'd look so sexy when she finally stands up.

    Then it hits me, the pressure in my cock suddenly builds and before I know what's happening I'm pumping my load into Meg's sweet, tight love box. My hands instinctively go to her hips as I hold her down while my hips thrust up, diving my huge boner further into the love channel, "Oh god cum for me Ben!" Meg demands as she looks down at me, "Give me your cum!" she adds, as her hands start to roam over her tits once more. My cock is still hard despite depositing a huge load of cum into Meg's pussy and giving me a powerful orgasm in the process, I don't Meg really cares or has even noticed as she continues to satisfy her libido driven urges. "You look so fucking hot!" I finally say, "You are so fucking hot!" I add making sure to cover all bases of compliment, there are still things I want to change and given current affairs I have little problem implementing them.

    Moments later her head tilts back once more, her pussy starts to pulsate around my dick...

  11. That was the most fantastic sex I've ever had and the look on Ben's face says the same thing. "I hope you're ready for another round stud" not knowing his sexual endurance. He looks worried like he wants to please me but may not have it in him. I breathe heavy and rub my body close, squeezing as much boob I can into his mouth.

    I feel him growing inside of me. I knew it wouldn't take him long to go again... but then the strangest thing. His fully erect 10" cock grows beyond in both thickness and length, shooting past my clitoris giving me an instant orgasm. Ben senses the change too and pulls out. We watch as an enormous 18" and massively thick gorgeous penis exits my vagina, letting spew mounds of my love juice all over Ben.

    We both look in amazement as Benji concentrates and makes it grow more.

  12. I've had dreams about having a super sized penis, and now those dreams are becoming a reality. As I picture my dick growing into a 24" long monster that's a s thick as my arm. Meg is perched over me, my huge cock resting on the edges of her monster cleavage, the head just inches from her mouth. She looks at it with a hunger.

    "Go on, suck it down" I offer, she doesn't need to be told twice and leans forward, wrapping her huge jugs around my thick shaft as she opens her mouth to take in the huge head. As her mouth slips around my cock head, I plump up her lips, giving her a permanent pout, 100 time more sexier than any porn stars best pout. I also remove her gag reflex, allowing her to take my whole length. Unfortuneatly her mouth doesn't open wide enough to take my girth, another quick thought and her mouth starts to spread wider and soon my head is at the back of her mouth.

    Meg slides off of my legs and kneels between my feet, looking up at me as she takes more and more of my huge boner. God her lips feel great pressed tightly around my shaft, her eyes speak of lust, need and pleasure. I reach out with my hands, sinking my fingers into her thick, lushus hair. Holding her head in place I start to thrust my hips, slowly plouging more of my salarmi into her mouth and down her throat. Her hands play with her huge nipples, pinching, pulling, twisting them. Her moans of pleasure reverbarate down my length taking my pleasure to unknown heights. Meg's eyes go half closed, her sucking picks up pace, her moaning gets deeper, primal, a hand slips down to between her legs. She's just cum again, cum from sucking my cock, her hand makes a loud slerping noise as she plays with her snatch.

    Her moans, her face, her scent are enough to drive me over the edge, driving her head down over the last of my cock, I cum, shooting massive loads of cum directly into her stomach. She slips most of my cock out until just the head remains inside and she gives me a show as I watch her swollow load after load.

    Soon my mega orgasm fades, my pecker still hard. Meg lets my cock head out of her mouth with a pop, sitting up presses my penis back into her fleshy mountains and starts giving me a titty fuck, "Oh Ben" she pants seductively, playing with my mind, "I love what you're doing to me" she adds, "Being crafter for sex, it's amazing, keep going don't ever stop changing me! I'm yours!" she declars before licking my length as she rubs her huge hooters up and down my length.

    I know their weight must be getting to her, she's a real trooper for not complaining but I'm not ready for her to be completely comfortable with them yet, "Thank you Meg" I say looking into her eyes.

    "No Ben" she starts, her eyes going half lidded, her head tilts back, "Thank you!" she screams as she cums again, "Fuck yes!" she screams again as her body is ravaged by another intense orgasm, "Oh God! Everything gets me off now!" she adds.

    Her admition sends me over the edge and I suddenly shoot another albeit smaller load over her tits some of it splatters onto her face. Meg stands, a little unsteady partly from the two quick powerful orgasm and partly from her new legs being fully used for the first time, "Oh my god!" she says, rubbing her legs together, her thighs glisening with her juices, "Everything seems so much smaller" she admits.

  13. She's a picture of beauty but there's still more I want to do, but first I have to deal with myself, Meg's juices are still all over my body and I'm starting to feel drained, but as I focus on my energy levels, I feel my self being rejuvenated. My skin starts to feel tight, Meg gasps at what she sees. I look down at myself and see my admittedly uncared for figure shaping up, getting toned, muscles becoming defined. I quickly develop a six pack, all excess fat disappears from my body, replaced with perfectly toned muscle, "Well that's a marked improvement" I say, switching between looking at myself and Megan.

    "I'll say" Meg answers, absentmindedly running her hands all over her body but lingering at her primal erogenous zones. I see her cupping her huge tits and looking down at them, a devilish idea enters my mind and she gasps at the sensation of another change coming over her. "Oh yes! What are you changing now?!" she asks as her hands focus on her breasts.

    "You'll see soon enough" I answer, as I see the beginnings of a third nipple appear between her original tits.

  14. I'm startled at the sight but Ben just has to think about calming me down and I react. I suddenly feel that maybe a third nipple wouldn't be so bad and look away from my chest and back to Ben as he smiles.

    His body has become amazing and I watch this once slender boy turn into an amazing, chisled, muscular man with the largest cock I've ever seen. He doesn't need mind control to make me want more. "Keep going with the changes Ben" I tell him as I grab onto his cock.

  15. I look down at Meg as she handles my still rock-hard-super-sized penis, watching her third breast grow, quickly pushing the other two outwards until it matches their size. Three beach ball sized mounds of fun flesh resting high on her chest, I can see in her eyes that the weight is too much for her as she starts to lean forward, resting her double cleavage against my legs. I think about her strength, her desires to be big and I start to implement them, Meg's body goes rigid as I double the size of her muscles, doubling her strength in the process. Thighs bulge outwards, biceps reveal themselves, her feint six-pack becomes more defined, breast jut outwards more, pressing them selves into my legs. Shoulder become larger, rounder, her back straightens up and widens slightly as new strength flows into her muscles.

    "Oh yes Ben!" she pants giving me a blast of that wonderful smile, "Give me more!" she demands, playing with my cock once more trying to convince me.

    "No" I say sternly, her smile instantly disappears and she stops playing with my prick, "I like you the way you are" I add, altering her mind so that she's even more submissive than before.

    "Yes, yes of course" she answers coyly before she starts to lightly stroke my dick.

    "Yes what?" I ask implanting new thoughts, new desires into her mind, there's a moment of hesitation as she process the changes.

    "Yes Master" she answers receiving a small orgasm from her compliance.

    "That's better my pet" I say, standing up pointing my cock head at her mouth. Without question she opens her mouth wide again and slips it in, her eyes locked onto mine as she slides my length into her mouth...

  16. The once sweet eyes of Ben have become dark, in fact his whole look and demeanor have changed from the man I met just a few hours ago. My mind is his to control but I still have independent thoughts. What caused this? Could it be due to his new ability to transform himself? His enormous head reaches the back of my throat and he pushes it farther down. His widening of my facial features allows him to push all 24" in and down my esophagus. I slowly bring my head back up.

    My mind fights to keep some bit of will but Ben's control is winning. I would do anything he asks... wouldn't I? The changes occurred after my vaginal juices covered him. Could they have altered his mind as well as give him the power to control his own body? Only his giant tip is left and I suck on it like a lollipop, sending pleasures through both of us. My tongue wraps around it, again and again before beginning the slide back down.

    Ben mentioned my side effects and they may have been transferred to him. Maybe even worse since they mixed with the control serum he ingested. His shaft makes its way back down my throat and I feel the surge coming. Literally gallons of semen fill me before he pulls out. I feel queezy but Ben quickly removes the sensation and suddenly I feel horny again.

    "Now my pet, it's time for more change"

    I feel all three breasts starting to grow again, to over 50 gallons in size each and beyond. The weight is tremendous and my body finally gives out, knocking me off the sofa and onto the floor. I lay on my back with 3 gigantic mounds of flesh pinning me down. I try hard but can't get up, trapped by my own body. Ben gets of the sofa and comes towards me.

  17. Note: Benji has my full consent on the story direction... he really isn't hurting or controlling me in any way.

  18. I look down at my new pet, feeling the power surging through my veins, marvelling at what I've done, I feel like a god, reshaping reality to my liking. My musing pass and I reached down, placing my hands on either side of Meg's small waist and pull her up to her feet, she stands to her full height, I keep her standing up right with my hands relocated to her shoulders. My eyes are in line with her chin, thanks to the added height. I can see in her eyes that she's struggling with the added weight I've just given her, yet still playing with her overly sensitive twat. Not wanting her to be immobile I double her strength again, watching as her body swells with the new strength, her muscles becoming ever more apparent. Pleased with my work I take a step back and smile as Meg stands unaided, smiling at me.

    "Thank you Master" she says, one hand playing with a nipple while the other rubs along her pussy lips. I watch her hand glide up and down her lips, seeing her small clit just pushing past her lips. I picture it larger, her moans get louder as it grows bigger, quickly quadrupling in size and sensitivity. It could almost pass for a small penis if she were a guy, but she's not, so it's just a huge clit, "Mmmm thank you Master" she repeats, tilting her head back as she plays with her self, "I'm so horny for you Master" she adds, slipping a finger inside her folds.

    Oddly I feel a pang of guilt every time she calls me Master, almost like there's an Angel sitting on one shoulder while a Devil sits on the other. I ignore the feeling for now, refocusing on the pleasure at hand. I step behind Meg she stands still while she plays with her self, I place my hands on her small 16" waist and start to squeeze, reducing her waist down by another 2", making her figure even more hourglass like than before. She just moans in response, her eyes closed as she brings her self closer to orgasm, not fully aware of what I'm doing to her.

    I place my hands on her wide womanly hips, I lightly turn her towards the door, "Walk" I order.

    "Yes Master" she says without question. Meg starts to walk straight forward, a finger still in her dripping cunt while her other is plastered to her tits. Watching her walk I make some more changes, her hips were already swaying slightly, partly due to their size and partly due to her being forced to walk on her toes but it wasn't enough, I wanted her to walk with an exaggerated sway and sure enough with each step her hips pushed out a little more. It didn't take long before her hips had more movement to them than Jessica Rabbit. But she was still just walking, a being of such beauty shouldn't walk anywhere, my thoughts getting the better of me, her walk quickly changed. Her feet slowly stepping more in line, it only took five paces for her feet to be strutting perfectly in line. Meg could no longer walk anywhere, she had to strut everywhere, a strut that put any catwalk model to shame, her hips swaying almost violently. I smiled as I suddenly realised that with each step her large butt cheeks bounced seductively.

    Before Meg got to far away, I started walking towards her. I quickly placed my hands on her hips, receiving that pleasurable moan from her at my simple contact. I casually lead her to her bedroom, making her stop in front of her mirror, "Tell me my pet" I started, lightly pulling her fingers away from her pleasure zones and down to her side, she whimpered at the absence of the constant pleasure, "What do you think of your body?" I asked as I willed her eyes to open and fix on her figure.

  19. "I look perfect, Master", spoken gently as my waning thoughts of independence are slowly slipping. Who could fight with the extreme pleasures and heightened orgasms that continually flow from my new body. My three massive breasts fill most of the mirror and I look close at every mound and crevasse. My skin is flawless, tan and all three nipples stand at firm erection. I take my arms under the mountainous mammaries and struggle to lift them up. Ben gives the the needed strength and small mounds of pure muscle enter my biceps. I am able to lift the hundreds of pounds of flesh.

    My 16" waist looks tiny in contrast to my upper half and hips and it gives me an hourglass shape never before seen or imagined. The abdominals are heavily muscled to give support, otherwise I may snap in two, and they flare up to strong lats. I look at my vagina and long to caress it. My engorged clit is throbbing and Ben continually increases my pleasure threshold. I turn to look at my back which has also been given a strong degree of strength. He's just given me what's necessary to be mobile... which is quite a lot. Every inch of my flawless body glistens and moves with perfection.

    Ben stands close behind me, putting his arms beneath my breasts and resting his head on my shoulders. His touch sends waves of pleasure through and I become that much closer to being completely his, forever. His penis is flacid from the continual lovemaking but I can still feel the massive mound of meat pressed firmly between my butt cheeks. "That's good my pet" he says and I look deeply into his eyes. The darkness has grown in them and a small shiver of fear runs through me.

    He leads me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, stumbling on the piles of dirty laundry. Anger quickly flares in him and I feel the pleasure being taken away, almost like punishment. It's become like a drug and the sudden lack it feels too hard to handle. "Please, Master, I'll make it better" as I stumble to clear a path. The back pain is excruciating as I bend over but I would do anything to feel his pleasure again. He lets if flow, even more intense this time. I quickly sigh and grab my clitoris firmly. We lay down on the bed, he curls up between my breasts and falls asleep. For some reason, I cannot.

  20. Megs giant tits are soft and warm using them like pillows I quickly fall asleep, feeling snug as Meg wraps her powerful arms around me. It's not long I start to dream about me and Meg.

    We start of as equals and just like what has happened tonight, she starts to transform, then as I make the mental changes, things start getting darker, I appear to be getting smaller with each change. The dream has turned into a nightmare.

    I suddenly sit upright, eyes wide open, a cold sweat on my brow, "Master are you alright?" Meg asks as she sits up next to me, her large tits pressing into my arm and back.

    "Yes... yes I'm fine Meg" I answer with uncertainty

    "Are you sure Master?" Meg questions, placing a hand on my arm as she starts to stroke my skin, "You don't sound very sure Master". Every time she uses that title, the guilt stings, the fictional Angle on my shoulder getting ever more apparent.

    "Yes Meg, it was just a bad dream" I reply, looking over my body to make sure my dreams hadn't affected the real world, thankfully I was still my muscled self at my usual height. My self examination complete I turned to look at the wonderful woman beside me, she was looking at me with concern in her eyes, her legs were squeezing together, stimulating her pussy while her free hand was rolling a nipple between her thumb and finger. I smiled at her actions, her libido was so high now that she didn't even know that she was playing with herself. I could feel my dick stirring at the sight and her scent, "Get on your hands and knees" I said softly.

    "Yes Master!" she said with a smile, quickly assuming the pose on the bed. I sifted myself onto my knees and moved behind her, I got my hardening cock and rubbed the swelling head along her dripping pussy lips, making sure to press it against her huge clit. She moaned with delight, "Oh yes Master! Make your Pet cum Master! I'm so lucky to have a Master like you!"

    Her comments were making the conflict in my mind ever greater, struggling to deal with it, I did the only thing I could do. I slammed my huge cock into her tight cunt and started to pump away, my hands gripping onto her hips like there was no tomorrow. She started cumming immediately, "Oh Master!" "Yes Master!" "Fuck me Master!" she screamed out loud over and over, each declaration of my new title causing me to slam my dick harder into her pussy in a vain attempt to resolve the conflict, only causing her to scream my "name" out even louder and with more passion.

    Driven by my primal urges to knock one out I pictured my penis changing slightly, as a nub grew out of my penis and lengthened positioning its self so that it would rub along Meg's engorged clit. The added contact caused her to shake her head from side to side, her hair going this way and that, her screams of pleasure coming faster, "Oh Master! Master! Master!" she cried out as orgasm after orgasm exploded inside of her, causing my guilt to become ever more apparent.

  21. Trying to counter the guilt I make more changes to my self, quickly a second penis grows out of me, just above my original one, just as big and fat, it quickly starts to press against Meg's fleshy ass cheeks. I spread her cheeks wide and watch as my second dick grows to match my original cock and pushes it's way into Meg's ass, "Oh my god Master yes!" she cries as she's double penetrated, quite possibly, for the first time, "Fuck your pet Master!" she screams as her ass ring starts to massage my second prick, trying to force it back out.

    I lean forward as my hips continue to thrust into her each hand finding a large tit, roughly grasping the soft orbs my hands roam over the smooth skin, hunting for the nipples, quickly finding the large nubs, easily 3" long and just as wide. I grab each nipple firmly, receiving more primal moans from Meg. "Say my name Meg!" I command, feeling my twin cock getting close to release.

    "Master!" she replies instantly, "Master!" "Master!" "Master!" she repeats in time with my thrusts. I can't take it any more, I feel the pressure build up in the base of my cocks and within seconds I feel my self shooting my seed into both of Meg's holes. The intensity of both dicks erupting is enough to sate me, I stop humping but leave my self buried inside her as I rest my head on her back. Meg stays on her hands and knees, moaning softly at my contact.

    As I lay there, slumped over Meg's perfect body, I know what I must do. Before sleep takes me over I undo all the submissive changes I made to her, releasing her as much as I can of her need to follow my orders. How much independence I've given back to her I won't know till the morning. As my eye lids start to close I hope to any omnipotent beings that may be listening that she forgives me.

    I wake up several hours later, to sun light streaming through the curtains. I feel a presence next to me, rotating my head to look I see Meg's transformed body next to me. In a flash everything comes back to me, my heart sinks at what I did to her but she looks so peaceful, laying on her back, her three tits pushing the bed sheets high off her chest as they stand there firm. I'm not sure what to do, moving may wake her up and I'd have to deal with her potential wrath. I decide to lay still and just watch her sleep.

    A few minutes later she stirs, tilting her head towards me, she slowly opens her eyes...

  22. The dim light is unbearable as I slowly open my eyes. It feels like a hangover from an entire weekend of drinking and my body aches. What happened last night? Most of it is a blur but I remember Ben coming over and giving me a growth serum. My eyes open wider, adjusting to the light and I see 3 enormous mounds of flesh under the sheets. Oh that's right!

    Ben's head peaks over my right mountain and he peers earnestly into my eyes. He has a gentle demeanor and I remember the darkness that came over him last night. I feel like myself again. I'm independent once more. "What happened?" I whisper. He almost tears up and struggles to get out "I'm sorry," The nearest we can tell was the side effect of alcohol with the serum but I only had one drink. The effect may have become more severe when it entered his body through me.

    The night comes flooding back to me and I'm mad at first. Rationale sets in and I realize he wasn't himself, just trying his best to give me everything I dreamed of. Besides, he's so damn cute. I peak under the covers and see my new body. "Wow, that's a lot of boobs" I say and Ben starts to smile. I sit up, wrap my arms around him and plant a kiss. "It's OK sweetie..." I say " can do what you want with me, just don't take my free will..." Pause for a few seconds "...Master!"

    Ben gets up and I lay back down to rest my aching head. The next thing I know, he's laying a tray of breakfast next to me and it smells wonderful. "All I could find was eggs and I hope you like them scrambled." We talk as I eat, about anything and everything. He makes a couple jokes and I laugh, which sends pains through my aching head. He laughs and takes the pain from my body.

    I finish up and invite him under the covers. "Don't know what you have planned today Ben, but would love if you stayed with me." I don't have to twist his arm. It's Sunday morning without a care in the world. He apparently still has the power to transform me... and am curious to what he still has planned for me.

    "Just one thing Ben. Why does my ass hurt!?

  23. Seeing her smile made me feel so much better about what happened last night, her say it was ok was all I needed to hear, I manage to crack a smile at her Master quip. But her question made me blushed, I'm not sure how but she didn't see my double cocks when I left the room to get her breakfast. That towel did more concealing than I thought possible. "Erm, yeah" I start, looking down, "I may have gotten a bit carried away with giving you pleasure last night" I continue as I lift up the sheets, revealing my twin snakes.

    "Oh my" Meg hushes, partly covering her mouth with a hand, "You mean you had... in my... at the..." Meg says trying to wrap her head around what happened.

    "Yeah... I double penetrated you last night" I blush, "You were screaming for more, and I was conflicted... I don't always think straight when I'm troubled..." I confirm.

    "And I took your whole length?" Meg asks, her eyes constantly swapping between looking at my dicks and my eyes. I'm forced to blush again as I answer.

    "Yeah, right to the hilt"

    Meg lightly bites her lower lip at my confession, there's a glint in her eyes, "Wow, I don't mind taking such a large member, especially if it fits, but I'm a firm believer in that things are only meant to come out of my back door, if you catch my meaning" she states, lightly pressing her hands down on mine, lowering the bed sheets as she looks me in the eye once more.

    "I'm, I'm sorry" I repeat, breaking the gaze. As I concentrate on removing my second prick.

    "It's alright sweetie, I've already forgiven you" she says, wrapping her arms around me in comforting support, I wrap my arms around her as much as I can. We stay like that for a few minutes, just enjoying each others company.

    After a while I start to notice that her breathing is getting faster, looking at her face she's looking a little flush. Meg spots me looking at her flushed face and starts to blush, "I'd best get these dishes cleaned" she says suddenly, breaking the embrace. She slides out of bed and grabs her largest t-shirt she usually wears to bed. Slipping it on she moans as it rubs against her erect nipples, two days ago it would have reached her mid-thigh and been extremely loose on her but now thanks to my "alterations" it's skin tight across her tits and arms and doesn't even cover her boobs entirely, as a small sliver of under boob can be seen. I catch her smiling as she admires the obvious changes that have manifested in her body. Meg picks up the tray one handed, her other going instinctively to a nipple and slowly struts out of the room. I take in her body as her muscles flex and bulge with every movement, her breasts bounce enticingly with every step, her hair flowing wonderfully, her hips threatening to slam into the door frame with their sway, even her fleshy butt cheeks bounce a little with each step as she struts her way to the kitchen.

    Within seconds of her leaving the bedroom I can hear her groaning as she cums from her nipple play, there's a loud noise as I assume the tray is dropped on a work surface and all I hear is, "Oh god yes!" screaming from her lips. I have a little laugh to myself as I realise that she's still super charged and super horny, I could reduce it down a bit but she seems happy, so I leave it for now.

  24. I slip out of bed, picking up the towel once more and wrapping it around my waist, still hearing Megs moans of pleasure. I start making my way to the kitchen to help with the dishes but as I step out of the bedroom I notice that the moans aren't coming from the kitchen. They're coming from the bathroom, and I can just about hear the sound of running water. The bathroom door hasn't been locked and I slowly open the door and see Meg standing in the shower, soapy water running down her body, cascading off her huge tits. I step inside the bathroom and close the door behind me, Meg slowly opens her eyes as she subconsciously feels my presence, her eyes lock onto me and she smiles, dragging a hand away from her body she straightens out her arm and with a seductive finger entices me over. Taking the bait I unwrap the towel, my cock already semi-hard, and I step into the shower. Water quickly raining over my muscled body, Meg wraps her arms around me, holding me close, "I have an itch" she says softly, leaning down to embraces me in a kiss, "That only you can scratch" she adds, hunger in her eyes, as she moans in another orgasm. I pump my prick a few times to get it fully hard and slid it into her waiting love channel.

  25. I slowly pump into her, lightly pressing her against the wall, "MMM oh yes Ben!" she groans as I scratch the "itch" deep within her, my mouth goes to her central nipple and I start to suck on the fat nub, occasionally flicking it with my tongue. My hands slide their way up Meg's muscled body and to her two free nipples, lightly pinching and rolling them between my fingers, causing Meg moan even more. I can feel one of her strong legs slide along my body as she wraps it around my midsection, "Fuck!" she moans as another orgasm quickly builds inside of her, "Oh fuck me Ben!" she adds just moments before the orgasm rips through her. Strong pussy muscles clamping around my huge cock, encouraging me to release my seed . I don't need much assistance and quickly leave my love package in her mail box.

    My job done I pull out of her, as her leg slides down my body, still lightly playing with her gargantuan baby feeders, I look up at her as she looks down at me, "Mmm thank you Ben" she says in the most seductive tone possible, "But I'm still really horny" she adds as a hand slides between her pussy lips, two fingers sinking deep into the folds, causing her to moan in pleasure again as a small orgasm washes over her. "If memory serves" she starts after recovering from the last orgasm, "You still owe me some oral pleasure" she suggests with a seductive smile, before her eyes close and she bites her lower lip as the next small orgasm hits.

    Taking the hint I kneel down on one knee, breathing in her sweet smelling scent, I lean in and start to lightly lick her mammoth clit, the hand that was in her pussy instantly pulls out and relocates to the back of my head as she presses me closer to her cunt. My nose presses against her clit as my tongue is forced between her lips. I'm forced to drink down some her juice, it tastes like heaven. My hands rub up and down her bulging legs, feeling every mountain peak and every canyon. It doesn't take long her Meg to start screaming out her orgasms once more. I stay kneeling, continually licking her pussy until the water starts to run cold.

    I stand up and turn the shower off, quickly stepping out and grabbing the towel, I offer my hand to Meg as she unsteadily steps out of the bathtub, "Oh my god Ben!" she pants as I hand her the towel, "Was I like that last night?" she asks, trying to wrap it around her stupendous bust but quickly giving up opting instead to wrap it around her waist, just.

    "You mean constantly horny and cumming like a tidal wave at any slightly erotic contact?" I return with a smile, "Oh yeah" I confirm with a cheesy grin.

    "Oh wow, no wonder you got a bit carried away" Meg said, reaching for a second towel and carefully padding her upper body dry. I settle for the hand towel by the sink to dry myself.

    Once dry we relocate back to the bedroom, none of our clothes will fit properly in our current states, I offer to return Meg back to her usual self but she rejects the offer, wanting to stay as she is for as long as possible. Slightly embarrassingly I end up wearing her baggy night time t-shirt (which fits over my muscles comfortably without being too tight) and some of her old baggy sweatpants, thankfully they're grey so my masculinity is somewhat preserved. Meg on the other hand has to settle for her dressing gown , which only just manages to cover her large butt and only two of her marvellous breasts, her middle breast sitting comfortably in the "v" of the gown in plain view for all to see. She slips on her pink fluffy bunny slippers and encourages me to the living room.

  26. We sit watching TV and chatting, she curls up on the sofa next to me absent mindedly playing with a nipple or her pussy, until she suddenly realises, blushing as she does, only to restart again within a minute.

    As we watch some substandard wildlife show Meg's phone rings, she leans across me to pick it up, giving me a wink as she does. she starts talking to who ever it is on the other end, by the sounds of it its a good friend, they talk for a few minutes and I notice that Meg is trying as hard as she can not to play with herself, eventually she says good bye to whoever it is on the phone and puts it down. Instantly her hand goes to a nipple and I see her breathing a sigh of relief, "Sorry about that Ben" she starts flashing me that brilliant smile, "That was my friend Amanda, we were meant to have a few drinks last night but she bailed at the last minute, she was just ringing to apologise"

    "Lucky for me she did" I answer opening my arm for Meg to lean in next to me.

    "Lucky for you?" she asks jokingly, "I think I got the better deal!" she adds, resting her head against my chest, her hand still playing with an erect nipple. God it was so arousing watching her continually play with herself subconsciously. However as before she soon caught herself, "Oh damn it!" she suddenly blurts out sitting up right, "I can't take this any more!" she adds standing up and looking at me.

    "Can't take what?" I ask concerned.

    "This libido!" Meg snaps, "It's too much, I like being a bit horny but you cranked me up so much that I'm constantly on the verge of orgasm!" she continues getting very aggravated, "I've already cum like five times since talking to Amanda!" she confesses, blushing slightly. I get to my feet and place my hands on her large upper arms trying to cal her down.

    "Meg, I'm sorry, if I'd have known it was making you this upset I'd have done something about it" I explain, looking into her wonderful eyes, she locks her eyes onto mine and smiles.

    "Oh Ben" she says softly, all the anger gone, she raises a hand up to my face and lightly strokes my cheek, "It was great to start with" she starts, choosing her words carefully, "But it's like one of those things that over time gradually get more and more annoying" she continues, easing us both back onto the sofa, "I guess it's gotten to the stage where I've had my fun and I need my libido reduced to something a bit more manageable".

    "Of course Meg, I understand" I answer softly, smiling at her as I think about reducing her libido by half. Meg visibly relaxes as the change takes hold, taking a deep breath she smiles at me.

    "Thank you sweetie" she says before giving me a tender kiss on the lips, whereas before it would have been a sex fuelled passionate pash.

    "You're welcome" I say as I lean back in the sofa once more, Meg's head resting on my chest. We watch some more TV and chat a bit more, constantly learning new things about each other. As we learn about each other we get closer, quickly surpassing just sexual partners and becoming something more, stronger.

  27. A few hours go past and eventually I realise that I have to check out of my motel and head back home, "I'm really sorry Meg" I say, looking down at her, her head still resting on my chest, "But I have to be at work tomorrow" I explain.

    "Oh" she simply says, "You're, you're not going to leave my like this are you?" she asks, sitting up.

    "Do you want to stay like that?" I ask, Meg looks over her body, well what she can see of it anyway, her hands roam over her body again.

    "I do love what you've done to me" she starts with a smile, "But I could never lead a normal life looking like this" she answers solemnly.

    "I know" I answer softly thinking about all the changes that need to be made. Megs body shifts about as she losses her extra 6" in height, her muscles melt away as her three breasts deflate down to just two, within a couple of minutes she's back to how she was at the start of this small adventure. Next I focus on myself, reducing my muscles back down to normal. We sit there for a few minutes looking at our "normal" selves, Meg understandably looks a little sad.

    "What's up?" I ask, lightly cupping her chin so she looks me in the eye, it's almost odd that she has to look up slightly.

    "I, I really want to experience that again, promise you'll come visit someday soon" she answers.

    "Meg, God himself couldn't keep me away" I answer, kissing her forehead, "You're too wonderful a woman to stay away from" I add smiling.

    "I'll hold you to that" Meg replies with her own smile.

    "I'm sure you will" I counter as I pick up my clothes from last night, still on the floor where I left them. I excuse myself as I go to get changed in the bathroom, Meg heads to her bedroom to do likewise. A few minutes later we both come out, dressed and looking as if nothing unusual had happened to us last night.

    Meg walks me out to my car, her arm wrapped tightly around my mid section, my arm draped over her shoulders, "I'll have to buy some of that serum next time" she states.

    "There's no need for that" I answer, lightly resting my head against hers.

    "But I insist!" Meg states, quickly stepping front of me

    "But it won't do anything Meg" I say smiling at her, "The effects of the serum are permanent, your body will always be modifiable by my mind" I explain as I open the car, "However I don't know if there's a range to our link or not" I finish.

    "Oh, well that's alright then" Meg says smiling at me. We hug one more time and I step into my car.

    "I'll let you know when I get home" I say starting up the engine.

    "You'd better!" Meg replies jokingly pointing a finger at me.

    "Bye wonderful" I say, smiling at the comment.

    "Bye sweetie" she replies. I reverse out of her drive way and wave to her as I drive off, before I get too far though I make one last change that she can't possibly object to as I give her hair the body, fullness and shine that I gave it last night.

    I arrive home near midnight, stepping inside my home the first thing I do is pick up my phone and ring Meg.

    "Hello, Meg speaking" she says, answering the phone.

    "Hi Meg, it's me, just letting you know I arrived home safely" I reply.

    "Oh hi Ben, glad to hear it, oh and thanks for the hair! I love it!" she says.

    "You are most welcome wonderful" I reply.

    We chat for a bit longer, before time catches up with me and I'm forced to hang up. I go to bed and have a decent nights sleep, featuring some pretty wild dreams involving me and Meg. I wake up and see that my body has bulked up again, not as much as when I was at Megs but enough to be noticeable, thinking quickly I return my self to "normal". I do my normal routine and head off to work.

    Just before lunch my mobile starts ringing, I look at the caller and see it's Meg's number, I quickly accept the call, "Hi Meg what's up?" I ask cheerily.

  28. "Oh Hi Ben" Meg replies equally cheerily, "Did you have a good nights sleep?" she asks.

    "Yes I did thanks, and you?" I answer.

    "Yeah I slept like a log last night" Meg confirms, before a slightly awkward silence ensues.

    "Was there something you wanted?" I ask after several seconds go by.

    "Erm" Meg counters with a hint of hesitation, "Did you have any interesting dreams last night? Dreams involving me?" she asks. My heart races at the thought, "How could she know?" I think to myself.

    "Ah, well, as a matter of fact I did" I answer, feeling somewhat embarrassed, "Why do you ask?"

    "Well it's the strangest thing" Meg starts, her old confidence kicking in again, "I went to bed last night, looking like my usual self" she continues, before I hear her shifting posture slightly, "I was woken up this morning by the weight of six beach ball sized boobs on my chest and an extra pair of arms fondling them" Meg explains.

    "Oh god I'm sorry" I answer softly down the phone, trying to ignore the swelling in my pants at the image Meg has placed in my head.

    "It's ok sweetie" Meg says comfortingly, "It's perhaps a little more kinky than I'd admit to liking but it's kinda fun" she adds.

    "Oh, well that's ok then" I reply relieved.

    "But" Meg states, making me feel worried again, "I do have work to get to and none of my clothes will fit" hints Meg.

    "Oh god of course!" I say, quickly thinking Meg's body as being back to normal, "Did it work?" I ask after a minute of waiting.

    "Yes sweetie it worked, thank you" Meg answers with a hint of happiness.

    "I'm sorry Meg, if I'd have known I..."

    "Stop apologising Ben, it's fine. You didn't do it on purpose" Meg interrupts

    "Ok wonderful" I answer, "If it happens again just give me a call and I'll sort it out" I offer.

    "Oh you can be sure of that sweetie!" Meg confirms with a soft laugh.

    "I'll talk to you soon wonderful" I reply joining in with Meg's laugh.

    "Ok sweetie, you stay safe" she replies hanging up the phone.

    A few days go by, Meg and I stay in contact, communicating either by phone or email (but more often than not email). I've managed to keep myself in check and Meg's not mentioned any "incidents". That is, until I' was reading her latest blog update, she'd written some story about growing stronger, if I was honest with myself it was turning me on. A few minutes later and my mobile rings, it's Meg.

    "Hi Meg! How's things?" I ask

    "Hi Ben, sorry quick call today I'm still at work. Have you just been reading my blog?" she asks.

    "Yes" I answer quickly, "Why?" I ask unsure if I want the answer.

    "My clothing is getting very tight and I think people are starting to notice" Meg says quietly down the phone line.

    "Oh god I'm sorry Meg!" I answer quickly picturing her back to normal, I can hear her breath in relief as she changes, "I guess I got a bit carried away when reading your blog" I add.

    "It's ok Ben, I'm glad its having the right affect on you!" she replies with a light laugh, "But it might be helpful if you saved reading it till late at night" she adds.

    "I'll try to restrain myself" I answer cheerfully.

    "Thanks sweetie" Meg replies sending me a kiss down the phone, "I've gotta go, take care of your self sweetie" she adds before hanging up.

  29. Over the next few months we grow closer and closer, Meg learning more and more about my kinks through her body. I always do the right thing by her and change her back as soon as she rings me, apologising profusely each time. There were a couple of close calls, the conference incident for one.

    Anyway I'm getting side tracked, it soon becomes obvious that there is something between the two of us, and I'm not talking about the chemical link. We discus at length about one of us moving closer to the other, I had fewer things tying me to my location so I made the plunge and shipped out across the pond to be closer to Meg. I can still remember the passion in the kiss we shared when we met up in the airport, dare I say it was almost Hollywood in it's perfection. I ended up getting a small place just a few blocks away from where Meg lives.

    Our bond quickly developed, soon becoming a couple, spending nights at each others places, enjoying the excitement of the serum still surging through our veins. After about six months of being together we made the plunge and got a place together. All through this I still at times absentmindedly morphed Meg's body but living together it was easier to correct, we had even made a code word for when it was happening, "Tea-time", short for "Transformation Time".

    Our friends always comment on how different we are to each other, quickly followed up by how nice a couple we make and the extraordinary way in which we first met. We just answer by saying, "She's my wonder woman" and, "He's my sweetie".

    A year after moving in together and after a mammoth sex session lasting the whole weekend. I was laying on top of Meg's massively muscled, huge busted body having just shot my load inside of her. I looked up into her eyes, she looked back, I smiled, she returned the smile. Everything seemed so peaceful, so right and before I knew what I was doing I said, "Marry me".

    "What?!" Meg asks surprised.

    "Marry me" I repeat, feeling confident that I hadn't said the wrong thing.

    "Yes" Meg answers leaning up to kiss me passionately on the lips. And as they say, they lived happily ever after.



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