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A story by Barry

Chapter 1: Working Late has its Advantages  
She hated working late. Hated it more than speeding tickets or being hit on by some drunk asshole in a bar when all she really wanted to do was dance with her friends. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

“But, like I have a choice,” Megan thought as she plugged away at her computer. Megan worked at a startup biotech company as a computer analyst. It was her first and so far only, job after graduating with honors in computer science from college. It was a good job salary wise, especially for someone so young starting out. But her boss could be a bit of a jerk, and he seemed to love to make the new folks “earn their keep” by staying late while he and the others left.

“That, and the way he looks at me,” she thought. “And then there was that time in the server room…” but she didn’t let her mind go there. Sure, she could have reported his personal game of “grab ass” but she didn’t. He had been more suggestive than anything else. Plus, she needed the work, and in this economy, one doesn’t simply quit a job. “Even if your boss is a super perv with the hairline of a receding sea and who smelled like he swam to work in a pool of Aqua Velva every day,” she thought.

Megan sighed as she entered another line of code. She looked at the clock on her computer. 7:30, on a Friday. Not only was she missing getting dinner with her friends, but she knew she was going to miss her workout. Megan liked to keep in shape and tried to work out at least five to seven times a week. Her body showed her hard work as she was lean, but by no means muscular. She went back and forth on the issue of muscles on women. Sure, she was happy with being simply “in shape” but part of her longed for more. She longed to be covered in huge, massive muscles…muscles larger than any female bodybuilder on the planet. But that, of course, took lots of work and time. And time, right now, was something she didn’t have.

“Well, I won’t have to worry about giant muscles anytime soon, especially if all I am doing is working out my fingers on this stupid keyboard,” she said aloud and then realized she was the only one in the room. Megan got up and stretched. “Might as well get a soda, I am going to be here a while,” she though as she walked towards the vending machine.

The new project she was working on was weird. Her assignment had been to increase the computing capacity of Melvin. Melvin was the name given to the super computer located in her office. She knew it had something to do with the military, but other than that, she was kept totally out of the loop. Her boss knew, and, best she could tell, he was the only one.

Megan walked over to the Coke machine and got out two dollar bills. “Fucking larceny,” she thought as she scanned her choices for a twelve ounce can of beverage. Having decided on a Diet Coke, she put in her two dollars and hit the button. The vending machine made a sound like someone inside of it had decided to have a wrecking ball party.

“That is not good,” she thought as she looked down at the spot where her beverage should come out. Nothing came out. The machine had eaten her money.

“Perfect,” she thought as she slammed the machine with her hands. Of course, her hand slaps were useless against the mocking machine. In fact, she was doing more damage to her hands than to the Coke machine. “Sometimes I wish we did have artificial intelligence. I am not strong enough to beat this thing to death, but it sure would be nice to tell it to fuck off and hurt its feelings,” she once again said aloud to no one in particular. Shoulders slumped; she began her trek back to her desk when something caught her eye.

In his haste to leave the office at five, her boss had forgotten to lock his door. As Megan approached his office, she noticed that not only was it unlocked, but his computer had been left on.

“I remember him saying something about a hot piece of ass he had to meet,” she thought as she stepped inside. “Must have forgotten to log off. Guess I will be the good employee and do it for him,” she said as she walked towards his computer. She giggled the mouse to wake it up.

“Good evening Dr. Forrest,” the computer said. Megan jumped back, not expecting the machine to be pulling a HAL on her. “Working late Dr. Forrest,” the machine said again.

She looked around. She was the only one there. “Fuck it,” she thought. She knew the computer would shut down if it did not recognize the voice, and since she sounded nothing like super douche Dr. Forrest, she opted for the written interface.

“Yes I am working late Melvin,” she typed.

“Excellent,” the computer spoke. “You currently have Project G.O.D open. Would you like to continue,” it said.

“What is Project G.O.D.,” she wondered.

“Melvin, please give me a description of Project G.O.D,” she typed.

“Project G.O.D. is a classified government project sponsored by the CIA. The project attempts to improve the human genome by injecting certain minerals and vitamins into the human body, and then stimulating those with short bursts of high radiation,” Melvin said. “The mixture of the chemicals with the radiation causes the cells in the human body to begin to replicate at an increased speed. If successful, Project G.O.D would push human capacity to its limits or beyond. Applications include increased stamina, intelligence, bone and muscle density and strength,” Melvin said.

“Whoa…” Megan thought. “How strong would a person be who underwent the G.O.D. treatment,” she asked.

“Unknown,” Melvin replied.

“Have human tests begun,” Megan typed.

“No. Tests have been limited to mice. All test subjects survived the process, but within minutes exploded,” Melvin said.

“Yikes,” Megan thought. “Why were the tests unsuccessful,” she typed.

“Unknown. Your job, Dr. Forrest, is to increase computer function to analyze this problem,” Melvin said.

“So that is what I have been working on!” she thought. “A freaking super serum for solders. I guess that makes sense, super soldiers who were, well, super human would certainly lessen American casualties,” she thought. Suddenly a wry smile came across her face. If she could figure out the proper code and increase Melvin’s speed…she could potentially solve the problem. She would be a freaking living legend in the company! No doubt a huge raise, bonus and, possibly promotion out of simple computer processing!

Suddenly, and without thinking, a thought blared like a trumpet in her head. “Or I could use it and become super myself.” Her smiled widened. “Now that I like,” she thought.

“Melvin, please transfer all Project G.O.D. data to terminal 27, Megan’s terminal,” she typed.

“Done,” Melvin said. Megan smiled again and clapped her hands.

“Okay, better log my boss out,” she thought as she started and then stopped. “Duh,” she thought.

“Melvin, what does Project G.O.D stand for,” she typed.

“Growth and Omnipotent Development,” he said.

“Huh,” she thought as she logged out her boss. “It really might just make me one.”

Chapter 2: To Hell With It

With a renewed sense of urgency, Megan began plugging away at her computer. Sure, some of the stuff was over her head but Megan was smart. She knew all she had to do was increase the computing function and Melvin would do the rest. For the next three hours Megan worked non-stop entering new lines of code and programming. It was trial and error at first, but she soon got the hang of it. Knowing more about Project G.O.D. had helped.

Finally, around 11 p.m. she was done. Using the Melvin interface, she typed.

“Melvin, please calculate why the G.O.D. injection and radiation process caused experimental subject death.”

“Question acknowledged and approved. Time to finish calculation, three hours, seven minutes,” Melvin said. “Do you wish for me to begin?”

She went to type in yes and then stopped. “Do I really want to do this?” she thought. “Best scenario, this works and I become, well, super. Second best is that it does not work, but I have at least increased the computing capacity and showed the whole project was bust from the start. Worst case scenario, I explode,” she thought as shivers ran down her spine. “Oh to Hell with it, life is about risks as my mom always used to say!” she said aloud and typed in “Yes.”

“Beginning calculation,” Melvin said.

Megan sat back in her chair and looked down the hall at the Coke machine. “If things go well, I am going to rip you in half and get my money back and my freaking Diet Coke,” she said out loud. Megan closed her eyes and tried to relax.

Suddenly, at 2:07 a.m. her computer began to beep. “Holy shit!” she said as she was startled out of her sleep. She rubbed her eyes. She looked around to get her bearings. She had been lost in a dream. In it, she had been experiencing intense pain, followed by intense pleasure, and everything around her became tighter and smaller. Her computer had woken her up before she got any further.

“Calculation complete,” Melvin said. “The problem is with the duration of the radiation burst. An additional ten seconds is needed to correct cellular eruption and to normalize human function,” Melvin said. “I have made the adjustments. Would you like to proceed with a test Dr. Forrest,” Melvin said.

Meg’s smile returned. “Hell yes,” she typed into the interface.

She heard a buzzer, followed by a series of what sounded like large doors opening.

“Please proceed to the basement Dr. Forrest,” Melvin said.

Megan got up and walked towards the basement, a basement which she though held cleaning supplies and an old Macintosh computer. However, when she got down there the far wall had opened and revealed a corridor. Carefully she walked down it, the doors closing behind her.

“I hope this was a good idea,” she thought as she entered a room with a large metal table. The table looked like one would see at a doctor’s office, only it was made of thick metal and appeared to have arm and leg clamps on it. Above it was a large emitter, and next to it was a serious of bottles hooked up to a very large and very scary looking needle. All of it was hooked up to a very large computer. The screen came to life.

“Dr. Forrest, protocol indicates animal testing continue. Do you wish to override,” it said.

She went over to it. “ Yes. Proceed with human testing,” she nervously typed.

“Acknowledged,” Melvin said as the table began to move to a more upright position and the bottles attached to the needles filled with various colored liquids.

She walked over to the table and gulped. She returned to the terminal.

“How strong will the new formula make test subject,” she typed.

“Unknown. No previous data available,” Melvin said.

“Postulate,” she typed.

“Increase of a factor of ten, possibly more,” Melvin said.

“Okay, I can bench around 70 now, so that would be 700 pounds. Cool!” she thought. However, once again, the voice of doubt (reason??) crept in.

“I do this, I will become one of the strongest humans on Earth,” she thought. “And who knows what other improvements will occur. My life will change for sure. How will I explain away the increased muscle mass? Intelligence? Or other improvements?” she pondered. “Will my friends still even be my friends if I am so different? And will I like being so strong?” She sat on the edge of the table. “Of course, it has positives two. Namely, no more working out. And being super healthy without worrying about disease or what I eat would be great as well. And it’s only an increase of ten. It might not make me the strongest person alive, but I would be close. I would certainly be three times stronger than most people I know. And having increased strength would for sure have its advantages. Certainly make opening jars easier!” she laughed. “And it’s not like I will turn into the Incredible Hulk or something,” she thought and smiled. “Although that might be kinda cool too.” Meg flexed her arms and looked at her nice, but smaller biceps. “This has always been a dream, and who says no to a dream,” she thought as she began typing on the computer.

“Begin process,”

“Acknowledged. Please place test subject on table,” Melvin said. Megan got on the table. The thick bars around her arms and ankles closed.

“I sure hope this thing lets me out. I may become strong, but I doubt I could break these freaking things,” she thought nervously.

The table lowered so she was lying flat. The large needle came towards her and entered into her left arm.

“Oww…fuck,” she said.

“The process will take four minutes,” Melvin said. “The process is beginning.” 

Next Chapter

Let us know what you think. The real super muscle action starts with the next chapters! 


  1. Fantastic! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you! This is my first stab at writing a story in this genre. A BIG thanks to Meg for posting it. Another big thanks to her for this blog which lets us all pretend! I welcome all comments (really..good or bad). The only way to improve is through good feedback. I promise the next few chapters will demonstrate Meg's new super powers! Thanks.

  3. Great start. I'd love to read more. Thanks

  4. Thanks Rodman. I am writing more and will get it to Meg. Once again, thanks for posting Meg!

  5. please make her ridiculously powerfull and lots of details on the obtentions of diferent powers and draining

  6. Good intro, I'm not usually interested unless the muscle growth begins within a few paragraphs, but you have an interesting character here so will read on.