Monday, March 1, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 6

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

I met with my trainer and have an updated muscle status. I've gained almost 10 lbs in just over a week ago. I didn't think it would all be muscle gain but I was wrong... very wrong.

We got an accurate body fat percentage and discovered it had significantly dropped even with my weight gain. A professional bodybuilder can gain 3-4 pounds of pure muscle in a week during heavy training. I gained close to 20 and my workouts aren't even close to a professionals routine.

Needless to say we were both shocked and he redid the measurements. Same result.

Now, I have been feeling much stronger but havn't examined my progress with all the problems last week. I'm friggin' ripped and getting bigger by the minute. I took just one dose of the Myostatin at the slightly increased dosage and was expecting 5-8 lbs of growth. Something happened.

I did some checking on the samples to see why. The vials were for animal testing and I assumed they meant typical small lab animals. These samples were designated as phase II... bovine! It makes sense since the beef industry is a major contributor to the project. I'm glad I didn't take Greg's recommendation of 200 times the amount. My body is over saturated already and there's enough in me to last another month. Not sure whether to take advantage of the increased Myostatin and lift even heavier or take it easy, like my doctor said. >>


  1. Meg got off work a bit earlier than usual today partially because her boss was in a good mood today and there had been no 'funny instances' at work save for a coffee spill or two.

    Meg was excited about the prospect of working out an extra hour or two today. She grabbed dinner really quick, making sure to get lots of protein like red and white meat, four eggs and the other good stuff. After changing into her workout clothes, Meg headed down to Angelo's once again to workout. Although this routine was practically built into her system now, it was still very relaxing for Meg as she could relieve her stress with a good workout and the excitement of ever-increasing muscle mass was always the cherry on top of the whipped cream.

    Meg noticed that the stalker's notes seemed to have stopped. She was relieved but did not let her guard down nonetheless. Perhaps her stalker(s) were simply taking a break or something.

    Anyways, Meg did her usual stretches before starting on a half-hour warm up and medium weight training. She was going to talk to her trainer first before doing the heavy lifting. She originally wanted to do some heavy lifting at the end of week, but felt she should slow down just a bit, after all, 20 lbs of muscle in a single week was pretty good for an 'amateur.'

  2. Phoebe StardragonMarch 2, 2010 at 5:00 AM

    With a groan of effort, Meg finally finished her last lift for the day. She didn't feel as exhausted as she used to, but her body seemed more unresponsive today, not giving her a bit of pain nor enjoyment in her workout. The whole thing was just dull. Maybe she should keep herself at the bar for another hour- that could get her into the spirit of weightlifting!
    "Not working as well as it used to, huh?" smirked her trainer. "Don't slack off. The more you do the more uninterested you get."

    "Maybe my body could use a break," replied Meg indignantly. "I haven't been sleeping well for the last few nights-" her trainer silenced her before she could finish, then drew a meticulously labelled bottle from his pocket. "I'm not surprised." He wiped the bottle with his (other) clean napkin and threw it over to Meg. "This will help you calm down after you train," he offered. "Maybe the results of your training will not be as... impressive, but it'll be more porportionate and even. And remember," he added with a twinkle of his eye as Meg dropped the bar and caught it curiously, "porportion is everything."
    Meg wanted to know more about the stuff given to her, but her trainer refused to say more.

    (Hopefully this storyline will work out better than the previous fiasco I caused. Sorry for that.)

  3. I got my results back from the doctor and it's not good. My blackout was due to 1) stress but more importantly 2) an arrhythmia from working out too hard. I didn't think it was possible but the Doc said my heart hasn't been able to keep up with the added demands of the increased muscle mass. There's something to be said for slower gains but I still have an over-dosage of bovine Myostatin running through me.

    He prescribed medication and guess what... it's a mild steroid. I wonder how it will react with the Myostatin and the mystery sedative my trainer gave me?

  4. Meg got home after her workout and saw two notes waiting for her, clearly from two different people, there could be no doubt that she had two people watching her now. She opened the smarter looking note first, being careful as she unpeeled the glued down tab:

    "I see you've been given some pills for your health and a little extra from your trainer. It is a dangerous game you're planning on playing. Remember, you don't get any replays in this life.


    Meg pondered the message for a moment, it had sound advise and made Meg reflect on the last few weeks, until the second note made its self apparent in her subconscious. Hesitantly she opened the second note, unfolding the hastily folded piece of paper, greeted once more by the newspaper cutting letters:

    "Take the cocktail! Grow all nice a strong! What have you to loose?"

    Meg sat down on her sofa and was quickly joined by Sammy, resting her soppy head in Meg's lap. Meg stroked her companions fur as she went through her options.

    Benji Dude

  5. I just finished the most intense workout I've ever had and am not tired at all. I feel so unbelievably strong and kind of like this cocktail mixture within me.

    The night is still young and feeling really horny. I may have to look for a different kind of workout tonight :)

  6. Crap, another text from a guy I met Friday. This cocktail has supercharged my libido and I gave some poor shlub the ride of his life. I swear it's not like me but I couldn't help it after the workout. I felt almost possessed. I'll have to be more careful in the future and find a nice way to tell this guy to buzz off.