Monday, March 8, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 7

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

Another record gain week for the Megster. My heart feels stronger and my body is unstoppable. I've tried to lighten up on the workouts but I figured "what's the point". My body is super-charged and demands extreme lifting for any sort of gains. Body weight continues to increase as body fat decreases... my development and transformation has been dramatic, to say the least. I'm beginning to have a bodybuilders body and in such a short time. I'm soooo excited. My trainer has been keeping a close eye on my astonishing progress. He mentioned an amateur bodybuilding show coming up in San Fransisco and thought I might be interested. It could be fun to show off my body, especially since I've had to lay low for awhile.

Aside from the mysterious notes last week, my Guardian has been quiet. I remain watchful and while I haven't gone off the grid completely, I've stopped using credit cards and cell phones. I also changed my route to work and anything routine in my life. Some things I can't (or won't) change unless forced. I'm curious to how it will all play out.

I've been wearing baggy clothes to work lately and Bill from sales stopped by to taunt me. While I've been gaining weight and muscle, my body fat has been drastically dropping, giving me more gaunt features and an appearance of weight loss. "Not gonna win a rematch by drinking non-fat latte's girly" he said with a smirk while patting his ever growing girth. What a dick, but he may be my best motivation yet and it won't be long till a rematch at the pace I'm going. >>


  1. Meg got home from after another "intense" workout where she just didn't get tiered but she did develop an itch that just couldn't be scratched at the gym. She quickly looked through her mail, breathing a sigh of relief with no signs of any ominous notes.

    Meg could feel the itch increasing, she couldn't ignore it any more, she went to her bedroom and stripped. Reaching into her bedside draw she pulled her trusty friend, "Rodger Rabbit" so turned it to a low setting and quickly slid it between her moist folds, noting that it took a bit more effort to get it in than normal.

    Meg laid down on her bed, eyes closed as one hand slowly pumped the toy in and out, the other hand caressing her fleshy breast, playing with the rock-hard nipple. Her lips parted slightly as she moaned in pleasure, with a skilled hand she increased the power of her rabbit and picked up the pace. Her moans got louder as she neared an orgasm, like an epic score reaching it's crescendo it built, increasing the power more made her thrust her toy faster the crescendo increased, so close. She swapped hands, enjoying running her fingers over her taught muscles. Without even realising it Meg had cranked her rabbit all the way up to maximum, usually only going to half power but it felt so good. She could feel the pressure building, her orgasm was close, her body yearning for release, she wasn't going to deny herself. Not now. It felt to good, she was so close. She lightly bit her lower lip in anticipation.

    Then it hit, light a freight train, her body went rigid, she could feel her pussy clamping down around her dildo tighter and tighter as her body was flooded with pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced before, her pussy lips still clamping down on the plastic friend, firmly wedged in place there was a light cracking sound, followed by a slightly stronger cracking sound. Thankfully by this point her orgasm was subsiding, getting her breath back Meg pulled out her toy and looked at it, the clear red plastic had been cracked right along its length and around the circumference where her pussy had gripped it so tightly. some of the plastic had splintered off and fallen inside the dildo damaging the motors inside making it useless.

    "Guess I'd better be careful who I fuck in future" Meg thought to herself as she casually placed her broken toy beside her. "Still" she mused smiling to her self, "Lucky for me I still have some strong digits to play with" she added as she slid her hand down her body and pressed a finger between her wet folds and started to pump away...

  2. Hehehehehe.

    Meg, I can imagine you crushing his neck with your massive bicep, a thunderous pounding of your legs. Sigh. No I can die happy ;)

  3. I was home alone last night when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and standing there, bound and gagged, was the guy I went out with Friday. That's not exactly accurate... it was more of a super intense one night stand where a darker side of me took over. He's been texting me non-stop but didn't get the message that I'm not interested for Round 2. I swear I'm not that kind of girl but these urges that have been coming over me are too powerful. I've got to control this new sex drive, especially now that "Rodger Rabbit" is broken.

    So there he was at my door, wrapped in duct tape with a note attached. He looked petrified as I grabbed it. It said "Be careful with your extracurricular activities... The Guardian."

    I started removing the tape and was hoping he could give me a description of the Guardian. As soon as he could move, he ran off in terror, screaming "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sorry for what?

    He ran for the park and I saw him pick up something before continuing on. Could he have been watching me? We'll I don't have to worry about seeing him ever again.

  4. Meg's super charged body had done wonders to her daily regime, she seemed to be able to go without sleep, no matter how much exercise she did, though any kind of sexual activity did wear her out, it was perhaps the only thing that did these days.

    So she went to work at about 8am, like she used to do, worked till lunch time then did an hours workout in the company gym, carried on working till 5pm-ish then it was off to the gym and her trainer for a 3 hour workout, then dinner with Angelo (high energy of course). Back to the gym till closing time, usually about 10pm, then back home at her weights station pumping iron till about 6am when she'd get a shower, breakfast, etc then off to work to do it all over again.

    On the odd day when Meg didn't "feel" like pumping iron she'd usually end up furiously masturbating in bed, using her fingers to bring her to countless orgasms. Before all the Myostatin Meg would perhaps have two orgasms (three if she was really turned on) and after about an hour she'd be drained but post Myostatin Meg would go for at least five hours and would loose track of the number of orgasms she'd given herself.

    Today was one of those masturbation days, Meg had only been going for an hour or so when there was a knock at the door. Reluctently Meg got out of bed, donned her silk night gown, smiling as it revealed her well toned body and went to the door, but there was no one there, just a parcel with a note, "Not more notes" she sighed to herself as she brought the note and parcel inside, making sure to lock the door.

    "The loss of your rabbit is most unfortunate, here is a "little" something that should stand up to your... ministrations, enjoy.


    Carefully Meg opened the small package and pulled out a silver bullet dildo, she blushed a little at the realisation that someone had seen her discard her old toy. But she was still too wound up from the previous hours activities to dwell on it and the note for too long. Sliding back into bed she turned on the bullet and tried to slid in between her lips, at first it was quit difficult Meg couldn't believe that she had tightened up that much, she was certain she was wet enough for it to go in. Using more of her new strength she eventually forced it in and quickly approached the first of many orgasm, the question is though, would the dildo survive?

  5. I decided to take a break yesterday from any sort of workout to let me body heal, yet I still seemed to have gained muscle!

    It appears even daily tasks like walking and breathing offer enough of a workout for this chemical cocktail of mine work.

  6. There was another note waiting for Meg when she got home, she could tell just by looking at it that it wasn't from her "Guardian".

    "You thought your guardian had stopped me but all he did was stop an amateur from work.

    That was one hell of a show you put on the other night, can't wait for you to get horny again!"

    Meg felt a rage build up inside of her, creepy notes was one thing but full-on peeping tom is something else. She scrunched up the paper and stepped out on the front porch, "Who the fuck are you?!" she shouted, feeling the vein in her neck throbbing.

    Meg waited for a response but there wasn't one. Then just as she was turning to head back inside she heard a twig snap, turning towards the sound, she could just about see a silhouette of a person standing in the bushes, "What do you want from me?!" she demanded from the figure as she ran over but the silhouette ran off as soon as she started approaching and disappeared into the night.

    It was too late and too dark to go after them, Meg promised her self that she would come back in the morning and search the area for anything that may give her clues to the mysterious peeping tom.

  7. As has become normal for Meg she didn't sleep last night, she was too angry with her peeping tom to pleasure herself in the bed room and she was having a down day so she spent most of the night, catching up with house chores.

    When the sun finally came up though Meg bolted outside back to the bushes from last night, searching for anything that may reveal the identity of her evil stalker.

    It didn't take her long to find something, resting atop of some leaves was a security key fob, Meg picked it up, thinking it looked kind of familiar, turning it over she saw the company logo for where she worked, then the familiarity came to the fore it was used to gain access to some of the more secure sections of the building, sections she wasn't privy to. Now all she had to do was find out who will be requesting a new security fob at work today.

    A smile spread across Meg's face, finally she had a lead, something to focus on, a means of finding out who is making her life so miserable and a chance of beating them to a pulp! Putting the fob in the pocket of her sweat pants she continued searching for any more clues.

    Half an hour later she gave up, returning inside she decided to get dressed for work. Noting that her clothes were starting to get a little tight, "Have I really gained that much muscle?" she thought to her self as she looked at her reflection. She was certainly buff, there was no doubt about that now but she couldn't see how far she had progressed.

    Meg slipped off yesterdays underwear and squeezed into clean panties and bra. Meg couldn't help but notice the amount of overflow her breasts had now that she was wearing a different bra, "Could my breasts be growing?" she pondered, it did seem a little odd that despite loosing masses of body fat her breasts were still as large as they had ever been. Were they the same size, or getting bigger? Either way Meg knew that she'd have to go shopping tomorrow for new bras if nothing else.

  8. Meg got home from shopping, placing her new clothes on the bed she couldn't believe how much new stuff she'd brought, the credit card bill was going to be massive. She picked up a new bra, marvelling at the size listed on the label, "I can't believe I'm now a 38GG cup" she thought to her self as she placed the bra over her bust and posed in the mirror, "They're going to look great in the new work suit I brought" she added smiling to herself.

    Meg's train of thought was broken by the phone ringing, she quickly answered it with a well practised hello, "Hi Meg it's Andrew, you wanted me to call you when someone requested a new security fob" Andrew was a sweet guy, maybe even boyfriend material if it weren't for the fact that he was in a long term relationship with someone already... and gay.

    "You mean someone's actually asked for a new one?! Who was it?" Meg asked, her heart beating a mile a minute.

    "It's Bill Sanders" replied Andrew.

    "What?!" Meg asked in disbelief, "You mean Bill from sales?"

    "That's the one" answered Andrew

    "But he doesn't have a need for a security pass?" Meg said getting confused, "Are you sure you got the right guy?" she asked.

    "I served him myself, he passed all the security checks, seems to be a bit of a dark horse"

    "Ok then, thanks for letting me know Andrew, I'll buy you a drink after work" replied Meg accepting the information.

    "Ok Meg, see you at work on Monday"

    Meg had to sit down, she couldn't believe what she was had just been told, "Does... does Bill fancy me?" she hushed to herself. Sammy cam bounding into the room and jumped into Meg lap, "I know you love me" she said with a half laugh as she hugged her four legged friend.