Monday, February 22, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 5

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My ongoing, real-time AP journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time.

That last note really scared me and I had to put some distance between me and home. I headed west last night and didn't stop until a couple hours later. I ended up in a small town on the outskirts of Yosemite. It's small and desolate except for an old hotel and a WalMart (go figure).

After the long drive, I felt a little better... but not much. I didn't have time to pack anything, so I grabbed a few essentials at WalMart and checked into the hotel. The desk clerk looked a little sleazy and kept watching me. I kind of wanted to find another place but my body was exhausted. The strenuous workout, shock from the note and long drive had finally taken it's toll.

Surprisingly, I slept pretty good and the sun is shining this morning. I opened the curtains to a gorgeous view... and no one around anywhere. I feel safe for the moment and can hopefully figure out my next move.

The first thing I have to do is call in to work. My supervisor won't be happy but I have a few personal days and now seems like a good time to use them.

I also need to keep up with my training and think I saw an old workout room in the hotel. My first week with experimental Myostatin treatments is complete. So far, I've noticed a little extra muscle gain, less fatigue and shorter recovery time. Not sure what all the hype about it is yet.

I have to adjust the dosage so hopefully this week I'll see some real gains. My buddy Greg mentioned humans require 200 times the dosage of a small animal. That's what the samples are formulated for (since human testing is still illegal). I didn't increase it that much but upped it 10x. It will deplete my supply in no time and am worried about ordering again through the company. I fudged files & records the first time and not sure how long I can get away with it. I'm on thin ice with my supervisor anyways.

I need to find a new steady supplier of Myostatin if I want to continue. >>


  1. I spent most of the day hiking in Yosemite yesterday. The fresh air really invigorated me and gave me a chance to take my mind off my stalker. I went 10 miles without breaking a sweat, easily continued on for 15 more miles and went back to the hotel for an intense workout on their pitiful equipment.

    I could get used to this life without hassles or worries.

    One problem in my little getaway. I found a small lake close to the hotel and went for a moonlight swim to relax from the long day. It was a little cool but not bad for Winter in California and I was going au naturale.

    I heard a sound in the bushes and quickly got to the shore. I'm still amazed how quickly my body reacts and responds. I grabbed my towel and ran to my car... only to find another one there. I got a good look at the car but it quickly took off before I saw the driver.

    It was time to move on. I went back to the hotel, packed and went to the front desk to check out. I noticed the car parked around back and ran into the hotel office. The sleazy clerk looked startled and quickly hid something when he saw me. My first reaction was to run but my body had a different plan.

    One punch later, the hotel clerk was flying backwards. Shelves crumbled and the real wall caved in from the impact. I didn't know I had it in me. I looked for what he was hiding and saw the small camera feed. There was me sleeping last night and working out.

    What is it with me and goddamn perverts?! I grabbed the tape and took the opportunity to kick the clerk again.

    It's now a new day and I'm on the road again with no destination in mind. Just hopefully someplace quiet and safe.

  2. Day three on the lam and no closer to figuring out what to do. I need to meet this problem head-on and get back to my life. At times like this you just want to call your dad and have him take care of it. Not this time, I can do it.

    I called Jessica from a pay phone and asked her to swing by my place and get my mail. She didn't mention anything was out of place but said there was an envelope shoved under the door.

    I asked her to meet me tonight at our "spot" and bring the note. I'm almost positive no one knows where it is.

    I better get moving. I have a long ways to go and need to pick up a few things along the way.

  3. Meg arrived at the "spot", thankfully Jessica was already there waiting, "Thank god you're here" Meg said as she embraced her friend, "It's good to see a familiar face" she added.

    "Yeah it's good to see you too Meg" replied Jessica, pulling back from the hug just long enough to look into her friends eyes, "What's going on? It's not like you to disappear". Meg proceeded to explain what was going on, her desire to get extra big, the Myostatin, the notes, everything.

    "So there we are" Meg concluded perching on her car.

    "But why not just go to the police?" asked Jessica confused, "Let them deal with this guy".

    "No!" snapped Meg standing up again, "I have to deal with, I have to prove that I'm not weak!" she added, trying to hold back tears.

    "You're not weak Meg" Jessica stated as she hugged her friend again in support. They stayed joined for a few minutes, neither knowing what to say, both just enjoying the others company.

    Eventually, as the sun set on the horizon, Meg broke the hug, "Let's take a look at this note then" she said feigning confidence, Jessica pulled the simple note out of her bag and handed it over. Meg took a deep steadying breath then opened the letter.

    "I know you won't read this till it's too late but you must be warned regardless, they know of your spot. They know about Jessica and your friend at the gym. They are on their way, protect those that you cherish and get your self off the grid.


    Benji Dude

  4. Who are "they" and who the hell is "Guardian"?

    Jess looks freaked now that she is unknowingly involved. I wish I had answers but I don't. I reach into my purse and pull out a small handgun, one of the items I purchased earlier for protection. I hand it over to Jessica and she flips out.

    "Please take it" I plead with her, "...and get somewhere safe. I'll handle it. My heart is racing way too fast and I feel the blood flowing through my muscles, almost as if the stress is feeding them.

    I throw away my cell phone and get back into my car. My new friend is sitting next to me on the passenger seat keeping watch... a lovable Rottweiler named Sammy.

    I head out from with Sammy at my side and my mind goes over the note. "...and your friend at the gym". Do they mean Angelo? Believe me he can take care of himself. Shit, they can't mean...

    I step on the gas and race as fast as I can to her apartment. Diana is in trouble!

  5. I weighed myself this morning and have gained 6 lbs! Crap, I thought I was losing weight. I meet with my trainer in a few days to go over my weekly gains and I'm sure he won't be happy.

    Time to take my new pal Sammy for a run then get ready. I'm going to try to go into work today, even after that last note. I can't run any longer and will just have to wait for this Guardian to contact me directly.

    That's not to say I'm not being careful. Sammy slobbers a lot and is the cutest thing I've ever seen but I would hate to see someone try to break into my apartment with him around. I have a couple other protective measures too besides Sammy and my right hook.

    I checked in with Diana last night and called Angelo. I explained what I could of the situation and thankfully they were OK. I haven't seen Diana in a couple weeks and she looked amazed at my muscle gain. I didn't think it was that noticeable?

    Oh well, I'm off. Wish me luck today.

  6. Had an intense workout at lunch today. I weighed myself again and actually gained another pound since this morning. I swear I'm not getting fat :D

  7. Meg got home after a long day at work and found yet another note waiting for her, she picked it up and noticed immediately that it felt different to the previous notes, thicker, heavier. With trepidation she opened it:

    "Your guardian can't help you"

    It was written like a ransom note you see in the movies, all the letters were cut out of magazines and newspapers. Was it possibly that she had two people watching her? There was a soft moan at Meg's feet, she looked down and saw Sammy looking up at her, her big soppy eyes and tongue hanging out, Meg couldn't help but smile at her companion.

  8. I passed out today. Pretty sure it's stress related but don't want to take a chance. I have a meeting scheduled with my doctor to get checked out.

  9. The doctor was a little puzzled by Meg's physical state, slightly high blood pressure and her heart was racing a mile a minute, even when she was totally relaxed, but there didn't seem to be any signs of strain and he did say that she appeared to be in extremely good shape. Meg mentioned that she hasn't been sleeping too well lately and he made a note of it but at the end of the session all he did was recommend some rest and a few nights good sleep, in addition to keeping track of her blood pressure over the next few days with the advise of if it goes above 140/90 while relaxed to book another appointment.

    Needless to say Meg wasn't to thrill, first her two stalkers, was it two? Stress at work and now she's got to deal with high blood pressure. Meg couldn't help wondering to herself when things were going to start going her way.

    Benji Dude