Monday, March 15, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 8

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

I've been on the Myostatin juice for nearly a month now and the gains have been phenomenal. I only took one injection but it has supersaturated my body for weeks, along with my doctor prescribed mild steroid for Arrhythmia. The effect is beginning to wear off and deciding whether or not to take another dose.

I've added well over 50 lbs of pure muscle since I began keeping track. The rate slowed a bit after the first week's amazing 20lb gainer but the quality and density have multiplied. I've made astonishing new personal records and am really putting Angelo's equipment to the test. It seems to help taking my new sexual frustration out on the cold steel.

I get stares everywhere I go and people whisper as I walk by. Is this what real bodybuilders go through? I'm sure my enormous breasts have a little to do with it too. 38GG... good thing I've got the added muscle for support. It's made me think more about that local bodybuilding contest. My first thought was to enter as a lightweight but after reviewing last years video, I could easily win the Middleweight division. It's three weeks away and will train even more intensely. I wonder if Myostatin would show up in a standard drug screening?

Time to check in with Andrew and get an update on the security pass. >>


  1. pics pics pics!

  2. Happy St. Patty's Day. I'm decked out in green and even have body paint for later when I go out with the girls.

    Come and see me... I shouldn't be too hard to find. Urggg, MegHulk Smash!!!

  3. Today Meg didn't feel like working out too much, she wanted to have fun and party at night, perhaps get a beer or two.

    Although she enjoyed working out, it was nice to slow down once in a while and take a break. As for this bodybuilding contest, Meg did some research and found that myostatin doesn't show up on tests at all. Since myostatin was a more genetic modification and not a 'steroid' by definition, the tests would come out clean.

    Tonight however, Meg planned to give herself another dosage and switch to a pro bodybuilder's workout routine. Hopefully, she'll make it and perhaps win the heavyweight competition.

    She daydreamed for a few seconds of herself, on Halloween Day, but as a huge, hulking mass of muscle and walking around saying, 'MegHulk smash!' the whole time. She wondered if she could get as big as the hulk...

  4. I've been keeping a close watch for my Peeping Tom but all seems clear for now. Even the Guardian has been quiet. I'm still curious as to Bill's involvement and decided to do a little investigating of my own. He was out on a call yesterday so I snuck into his office and hacked his computer. Mostly clean but he forgot to empty his cache. Lots of porn photos from female bodybuilding sites. It turns out the jerk has a little muscle crush, I could have fun with this info.

    It's been a few days since my 2nd full Myostatin dose and I think I'm beginning to glow. My heart's is still feeling strong and am using the prescribed steroid treatment. Angelo and my trainer have been helping me retool my workouts and have begun an intense professional type regime to get ready for the show. The effects of the Myostatin have reduced fatigue and healing time to almost zero so I've even pushed myself farther than their instructions. The muscle is coming in so fast now with a density and hardness unheard of. I've completely committed myself to becoming as big as humanly possible... no turning back now.

    I won't be able to hide this body at work much longer, my baggy clothes are barely fitting. It's not a secret, I just hate all the gossip and whispers when I started showing muscle. Now they all think I'm pregnant since my breasts have grown so large and am bulking out. Oh well, it's almost time to show everyone the new me. I plan to spend the entire weekend at Angelo's pushing myself farther than anyone has ever gone before. No rest, no mercy. Monday morning I will emerge as a transformed Goddess!

  5. Meg got into Angelo's gym straight after work on Friday and hadn't stopped, pumping all through Friday night, still performing big reps when Angelo turned up to open up in the morning. Meg barely stopped to say, "good morning".

    Now it was getting late on Saturday and after several hours of watching Meg work herself harder than anyone in the gym Angelo finally walked over to her, "I'm getting worn out just watching you Meg" he said as he spotted her.

    "I don't know what it is" Meg said, keeping her injection a secrete for now, "But I just seem to be buzzing with energy lately"

    "You're telling me!" replied Angelo, "I swear you're bigger now than when I walked in this morning" he added, "I've never seen anyone push themselves so hard with no negative side effects popping up, you must have a guardian angel or something".

    That last remake made Meg stop, putting the weights down she pulled her self up to a sitting position, "What did you just say?" she asked a little confused.

    "Nothing, just said you must have a guardian angel watching over you". Before Meg could say anything Angelo was called away, "Could he be my 'Guardian'?" Meg thought to herself, was he dropping subtle hints. Maybe all this none-stop working out had affected her brain.

    Meg got to her feet, wiped down the seat and went to the bottle machine to get herself a drink. It was the first time in the best part of twenty four hours that she'd really done any walking of more than a couple of paces going from one piece of equipment to the next, but she felt strong, even her thigh muscles were lightly rubbing against each other as she walked, her breasts were bouncing rather provocatively despite being encased in a new sports bra, which by the looks of things was already getting small, judging by the small bulging overflow evident through her tight top, "This is incredible" Meg thought to herself as she opened a bottle of water and started to chug it down, "This shouldn't be possible".

    The water finished Meg crushed the plastic bottle in her hand and threw it into the nearby bin and returned to her training.