Monday, March 22, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 9

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My ongoing, real-time, Audience Participation journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time so help me grow.

The weekend was intense & grueling but the brand new Megan has far surpassed any of my expectations. I was close to an FBB amateur middleweight size before... but now have a solid professional heavyweight level physique. I honestly don't think Iris Kyle would have stood a chance against the new me at the recent Arnold Classic, and I'm only getting started.

A crowd started to gather yesterday at Angelo's and people took bets on my progress. Their cheers helped to push myself farther. I was setting new personal records every hour without any signs of slowing. We didn't have time for measurements but the muscle weight was being packed on at lightning speed while my enhanced metabolism kept melting away body fat. My breasts have grown too which is weird. It's almost as if the body fat is funneling straight into my girls.

I did have to spend a few hours to go clothes shopping (darn). Nothing would fit my new mass and I had to work today. I got lots of stares at the mall and had a really hard time finding normal clothes that fit. I ended up at the Plus Size store which actually had some really cute clothes for larger women. They still didn't fit quite right since my proportions were in different places from their regular customers.

So now it's Monday morning and the entire office went silent when I walked in. Surprise! I've been covering up at work over the last month while I've made the most gains. My attire is low-cut with plenty of flesh showing, yet still meets dress code policy. Each step and breath I took sent my muscles flaring with rivers of deep, engorged veins criss crossing every inch of me (I may have done an early morning pump-up for extra effect).

That muscle-loving asshole Bill's look was priceless. I sauntered over to him and let his eyes wash over my magnificence. He tried to remain calm, like nothing had changed but I could tell he was turned on like never before. I moved in close with every muscle in full flex and raging hard.

"Ready for our rematch stud?" >>


  1. Bill didn't say anything, just sat their stuttering like a loon, Meg let him him sweat it out for a couple of minutes before walking away, she could feel his eyes pinned to her sculpted legs and tight ass, and she loved it.

    Meg didn't want to go too crazy with her attire today so she was wearing shoes that only had a 1" heel to them. They were fine to start with, smart yet practical but after a few hours of sitting at her desk she couldn't ignore the discomfort any more. Lucky Meg is a girl who is always prepared for such events, opening the bottom draw of her desk she pulled out some simple flats and quickly slipped into them.

    "Oh my god what's going on with my feet?!" Meg moaned to her self twenty minutes later as she pulled off the flats, the discomfort had gotten even worse and it was all in her Achilles tendons. She slipped her 1" heels back on and felt a little less discomfort, "It can't be..." thought Meg, standing up.

    As Meg stood in her 1" heels she felt the discomfort, she slipped out of her shoes once more and stood bare foot in the middle of her cubical and felt horrific discomfort, it was like her Achilles were being stretched beyond their means, she instantly stood on her toes and the discomfort vanished, "What's happening to me?" she hushed as she slowly lowered her heels but only managing to get them to about 4" off the ground before the discomfort returned, "Looks like I'm going to have get some new shoes" she admitted to herself as she returned to her desk, "Big heeled shoes, just what I need, more outbound expenses".

  2. Bill tried to back out of our arm wrestling rematch but his buddies gave him such a hard time he gave in. I've given him some time to train, which I doubt will help much. I'm lifting harder and packing on more muscle than ever before!

    Grabbing a quick dinner and taking Sammy out for a walk, then it's time to get back to Angelo's.

  3. Another full nights work out with no sleep and Meg's cloths are getting too tight again, she couldn't believe the rate at which muscle was piling on and the rate her bust was expanding, she'd never felt so sexy, so powerful before in her life. The one worry she did have though, was, of all things, her feet. For the last couple of days Meg had been reduced to wearing 5" heels all the time, it was either that or walk bare foot. While it did make her calves look fantastic it wasn't so great when working out, big heels and heavy weights don't mix too well.

    However a bit of research on the net (and looking at the results of the myostatin in the lab tests) showed that sometimes the muscles can be come so tense that they contract. So maybe it was a side effect of being so strong, or maybe it was a side effect of the myostatin, Meg couldn't tell, she only hoped that her Achilles didn't decide to contract any more. She was already wearing her biggest heels and didn't like the prospect of wearing 6" or more heels, even if they did make her legs great.

    Today was the day though, today Meg was going to get her revenge on Bill, and she wanted to look her best for the occasion. Meg put on a black tight, knee length skirt, coupled with her 5" black shoes her legs looked amazing, upstairs she wore a long sleeved white shirt and a black waistcoat, it was a powerful combination and helped show off her impressive bust. As she walked about work, her heels clicking on the hard surface, Meg could feel everyone's eyes locked on her frame, her curves, her canyons, her smile reflected how happy she was at being the centre of attention. But she was focused on one goal, Bill.

    Meg made a be-line for the cafeteria, as usual Bill was in there getting his morning coffee, "Bill" Meg said, rolling up her sleeves, exposing her taught, sculpted arms, the single vein popping out along her bicep thanks to her sugar intense breakfast she took a seat, "Ready for our rematch?" she asked, placing her arm on the table. Bill swallowed hard and walked over, nervously taking his seat...

  4. A large crowd has gathered in the cafeteria. Bill tries to make excuses but the entire office won't let him back down. Cocky Bill Sanders seems to be squirming and I love that people see him for what he really is. The event has a powerful effect on everyone. The women band together to cheer me on. The people that whispered and sneered about my sudden muscle growth now support me. Even Bill's asshole sales friends cheer for me in an attempt to give Bill a hard time.

    I remove my waistcoat and roll my sleeves up to my shoulder. It accentuates my already mammoth bicep and causes the veins to swell deeper. It's all a psych out tactic as Bill can't take his eyes off my arm. The crowd gasps as most of them see the new me for the first time. "Go Meg!" can be heard as Bill begins to sweat. We sit across from each other and lock our arms.

    Jan yells go and the rematch begins. The first jerk is a stalemate since Bill has a good hundred pounds on me. He is strong but hasn't actively used his muscles in a long time. A real "Glory Days Jock" living off old memories. Confidence washes over his face in that moment.

    The tide quickly turns as his initial burst is replaced by my superior muscle. My arm seems to pulsate with power, even getting a little bigger under the strain. Bill can't take his eyes off it and tries even harder to push it back. Veins pop in his forehead and he begins to sweat as I remain solid and calm. How long do I let this go on? I just came off of a heavy non-stop workout session and could last under his waning strength for days. I let it go back & forth for a moment to give the crowd a good show.

    Just then, I feel Bill's other hand creep up my thigh.

    SLAM! Down goes my iron fist, burying his hand into the table with thunderous roar. The table splits in two and the crowd gasps at the raw display of strength. In an instant, Bill jumps at me and plants an awkward kiss before I can react. HOLY SHIT!

    I feel his raging hard-on pressed against me as he attempts to fondle my arms. I grab his now-broken hand, squeeze with all my might and he immediately drops to the floor under the pain. A kick to the ribs sends him sailing across the cafeteria.

    I get up and walk through the stunned crowd. A couple people begin to clap, then more. Enough of the show, this isn't fun anymore. I get back to my desk while the thunderous applause from the entire office continues... even Bill Sanders closest friends.

  5. Meg sits at her computer, deep in thought, even in victory she doesn't feel like she won. Bill had forced himself on her, he'd stolen her dignity for a second time. Sure she'd broken his arm but... it was a hollow victory.

    "Hey Meg" Jan said softly peering through her door way, "You left this behind" she added, handing over Meg waistcoat.

    "Oh thanks Jan" Meg replied standing up to take the waistcoat, it was at that moment that Meg felt a cold draft down her back, she peered over her sculpted shoulder but couldn't see anything amiss. Meg turned around as she went to put on her waistcoat.

    "Oh my god Meg! Your shirt!" gasped Jan. Meg turned to look at Jan.

    "What's wrong with my shirt?" she asked, placing her waistcoat on her chair.

    "You've ripped it, right down the back" answered Jan.

    "Well that explains the draft" Meg said, quickly picking up her waistcoat and putting it on, "Only got this shirt the other day as well" she added.

    "You can't go the rest of the day with the back of your shirt split open" stated Jan, "I've got some spare cloth in my desk, meet me in the toilets in five minutes and I'll fix it up for you". Meg gave Jan a puzzled look, "Yeah, don't ask" Jan said before Meg could ask the obvious.

    "Ok I'll see you in five minutes" Meg replied with a sheepish smile. Jan started to leave for her own cubicle but turned around suddenly.

    "Oh, nice job" she said with a smile, then walking off to her desk.

  6. Bill isn't at work today. I assume he's ashamed to show his face but hope it's not for more diabolical reasons. He's up to something, I can feel it.

    Angelo called me earlier to confirm my acceptance into the bodybuilding contest. Yayyyy! I'm a little nervous about displaying my physique in front of a crowd, but he said I have nothing to worry about. We're starting to go over posing techniques and routines. I need to find a sexy suit to wear and of course get pumped as large as possible before the show.

    Would taking another Myostatin dose so soon be a good idea? Not really sure but I need to look my best and hopefully blow the judges away.

    Well, I'm off for another lunch time workout at the office fitness center. My trainer has me on a contest diet that really sucks. I'd much rather meet Jessica for lunch.

  7. Meg was wearing the shirt that Jan had repaired for her the other day but it was already getting tight again. Meg couldn't believe the rate at which she was putting on muscle. Thankfully her Achilles seems to have settled down, restraining Meg to wearing 5" heels as a minimum. At least it gave her plenty of time to practise strutting in them, and they did make her calves look great.

    Getting back from the gym Meg noticed two police officers waiting outside her cubicle, nervously she walked up to them, "Is there a problem officers?" she asked.

    "Are you Megan Jane Delany of 123 Garland Street?" one of the officers asked, sounding most serious.

    "Yeah, that's me" Meg replied softly.

    "I'm afraid you're going to have to come down to the station with us Miss Delany, someone has made a complaint towards you" stated the second officer.

    "A complaint?" asked Meg, "What kind of complaint? Who was it?" she inquired, getting upset.

    "If you'll just come with us Miss Delany" the first officer replied, "I don't want to have to restrain you" he added softly, tapping his hand cuffs.

  8. I'm up early on a Saturday and preparing for a busy weekend of getting ready for the bb contest. I've got a spray tanning appointment, meeting with a nutritionist to go over contest diet, working on posing & routines, making hotel accommodations and of course training. I may need an assistant soon.

    All of that and my recent trip to the police precinct has got me frazzled. I had to spend most of the night talking with officers about the complaint filled against me. F'in Bill!

    It turns out pussy boy has a fractured hand and other multiple broken bones and ribs. There is some internal bleeding and possible organ damage from my little kick. Oops, but the bastard deserved it. We cleared it up and charges were dropped after I threatened sexual harassment. The entire office will back me up.

  9. Meg took a little break for lunch and went to wipe all the sweat and grime off her. She continued to focus her thoughts on the upcoming contest and how she wanted to be as big as possible to impress the judges.

    After the contest though, she wasn't sure what'd she do. One thought was that'd she take a break from her workouts and just relax a little, perhaps hit the bars, go to the beach to show off, or even travel a bit.

    Another idea was competing in professional bodybuilder competitions and perhaps aim for the highest award possible, then again, that still seemed a ways off. Still, she had made unbelievable gains the past few weeks, and wanted to measure the amount of muscle mass she gained. She asked her trainer to do the measurements again, and was shocked at the results...

  10. Just got my new measurement results back... and was shocked! My weight has skyrocketed to 195 lbs which is over 50 lbs from my last weigh in. Talk about bulking up!

    The shocking part is the muscle gain. Down to 14% body fat puts my pure muscle weight at 113 lbs! That's almost double in the last few weeks and close to my total weight from just a few years ago. My god, this transformation is amazing.

    I've been back to check with the doctor about my heart and he say's everything looks good. The prescribed steroid is keeping my heart up with the increased blood flow demands. He upped the dosage amounts when he saw how big I've become. Kind of funny, the bigger I grow, the stronger steroids I NEED to take.

  11. Meg was at home, after having a quick shower in the middle of her constant workout. Meg was eyeing the box of myostatin, still high from the results of her measuring and the good news from the doctor. She wanted more. More muscle, more strength, more everything. She could feel herself getting moist just thinking about.

    Meg sat there staring at the box, pondering the options, she loved being so big and strong, and she loved looking at the other big strong people at the gym, she wanted to best them. She needed to best them, she needed to be stronger, she needed to have bigger muscles.

    "Fuck it" she finally said to herself, reaching for the myostatin, "I have to be huge for the tournament" she added as she measured out a dosage 200 times what the instructions said and quickly forced it all into a vein.

    Meg instantly felt a rush, she felt so energised, so knew she wasn't going to be sleeping for awhile. She started to picture herself, super muscled, with chiselled abs and gigantic tits, god it was making her horny.

    She couldn't hold it back any more and quickly grabbed her silver bullet, turned onto full power and thrust it between her wet folds, "Oh god that feels fucking good" she moaned to herself, sliding it in and out a few times for extra pleasure. But it wasn't as all-consuming as she was expecting and with a surprising amount of lucidity she didn't want to waist any of the myostatin (having just injected most of what was left into her system), she could already feel her self growing larger as the dildo worked its magic between her legs, but she wanted more growth, quicker. She darted to her gym and started pumping like there was no tomorrow.