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Chapter 7: Barry, Meet Super Megan
The sun was beginning to rise. In the distance, Meg heard the now all too familiar sound of sirens.
           “Guess someone heard my fun,” she thought. “Time to go,” she added as she began walking away from the now destroyed construction site.
           BOOM BOOM BOOM! She looked behind her. Once again, she was leaving footprints…footprints which would lead to her destination.
           “Hmmmm…” she thought as she concentrated on walking with a much lighter touch. It was at that point, something amazing happened.
           “W..whoa!” she said aloud as her feet slowly began to leave the ground.
           “What the fuck…” she pondered as she unsteadily levitated off the ground.
           “Holy fucking shit,” she said aloud. “I, I am freaking levitating!” she said. “I am freaking levitating,” she said again, not sure she believed her own words. “,” she wondered when it hit her.
           “Melvin said Project G.O.D. improved both physical and mental abilities. I, I must be lifting my body with some form of mental control. Like some sort of telepathy or something,” she thought.
           “Is there no limit to my power?” Meg said aloud. The sirens were getting closer. Meg grinned a fabulous grin and began floating above the street, heading towards her house.
           The now omnipotent Meg did not need to get close to her apartment to know she did not want to go there. From a great distance, her superior eyes told her all she needed to know: There were two black vehicles parked in her apartment complex parking lot. Looking through the window of her apartment, Megan could see two men in suits sitting on her couch.
           “Fuck,” she thought. “They are on to me. Better find a safe place.” Meg pondered that when she realized the perfect place.
           “Barry,” she thought as she thought about gaining altitude. Slowly, the beyond super Megan floated upwards.

           It was early on Saturday morning, and Barry was still in bed, lost in a fabulous dream about being on a yacht with the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue when suddenly, he heard a huge BANG!
           “What the…” he said as he shot up in bed. He looked at the clock. 5:25. “What the fuck,” he said as he swung his legs out of bed. He grabbed a baseball bat he usually used for softball practice and quietly walked to the door from his bedroom. He swung it opened and hit the light of the hallway leading from his bedroom to the den.
           “Whoever you are…I, I am, um…armed!” he lied. “Get out before I call, call the cops!” he said.
           There was no answer. What he did see was what looked like, debris. Debris of the remains of his front door.
           “What the…” he gulped, thinking that he had better call the police when suddenly he heard a deep, but very feminine voice say, “Don’t call the cops, please.”
           Barry took a few steps back. It sounded like a woman! Normally, Barry would not object to having a woman in his house at 5 in the morning, but this plain odd.
           “Who...who are you?” he asked. “ yourself!” he said, not really sure he wanted that. At the end of the hall Barry’s eyes had to be deceiving him. He first saw massive toes, then breasts, then legs, arms, shoulders and a head as the intruder slowly revealed herself from the den. The being in front of him slowly turned around and began to descend. BOOM! Was heard as the house shook. Barry fell on the ground.
           “Hiya Barry,” the voice said.
           Barry looked up from the ground at the vision in front of him. It was the MOST MASSIVE being he had ever seen. Her head almost hit the ceiling and her shoulders would not fit in the hallway. She had cannon balls for biceps and legs that looked like they were grown in the Sequoia National Forrest. Emanating from her massive feet were splintered pieces of hard wood. Wood she had cracked when she…
           “Landed,” Barry said aloud.
           “Holy fuck...holy fuck!” he yelled as he quickly got up. Realizing he would need more than just a mere baseball bat to get rid of the hulking beast in his house, Barry scurried back to his bedroom and closed the door, locking it.
           “What the fuck are you?” he yelled through the door. “I, I am calling the police,” he said wondering if even they could do any good.
           ERNG, CRASH! Was heard. Barry scrambled against the back wall as his bedroom door disappeared. The being had pulled it off its hinges. Because she was too wide to fit through the door, the being floated sideways into his bedroom.
           “You can call the cops,” the being said. “But I don’t think they will do any good,” she said as she flexed her mighty biceps. For the first time in his life, Barry fainted.

           When he awoke, he was sitting in a familiar room. He felt a strange pressure around his chest. It was his iron fire poker from a fireplace set, and it had been wrapped around his body.
           “What the…” he gasped as he tried to free himself but could not.
           “You were getting a little out of hand there Barry; I had to calm you down. Don’t worry, I will take it off when you have settled,” the voice said.
           “How, ung,” he struggled. “How do you know my name…who...or...or…what are you?” he asked. He looked around. “And where the hell am I?” he asked.
           “Your uncle’s cabin by the lake,” the voice said. “Couldn’t stay at your place. Oh, and sorry about that mess. I promise I will pay for it,” the voice said.
           “My uncle’s cabin?” he said looking around. The voice was right, he was in the cabin. “How, how did I, ung,” he gasped struggling again.
           "You can stop struggling Barry. You really are WAY too weak to break out of that metal prison I put you in," the voice said.
           “Where are you?” he demanded.
           “Here,” the voice said. Barry felt another strange sensation as, without anyone moving or touching him, he began to slowly turn around. He gasped again when the being entered his vision.
           “My God…” he gasped.
           Meg smiled. “Goddess actually,” she said laughing.
           “G...Goddess,” he said in disbelief. “Why, how…I, I can’t move,” he said.
           “True. I am holding you still right now using the power of my mind, and that fire poker of course. Now, if you have calmed down, we can talk,” she said. “You promise to behave?”
           “Y...yes.. ma’am,” he stammered.
           Megan LOVED the way he was responding to her. A mixture of fear (which she didn’t like), but also of awe and tremendous respect. “Okay,” she said. Using her new mental powers, the metal poker began to unbend and fall to the floor. She also released her mental hold.
           “Thanks,” he said looking up at her from the floor.
           “You’re welcome Barry,” Megan said.
           “What…what are you?” he asked.
           “You mean other than a Goddess,” she said laughing.
           “Yes...well, no, I, I certainly look like a G...God...Goddess, I just…,” he stammered.
           She laughed again. “It’s okay Barry. Do you not recognize me?” she asked.
           “Rec...recognize you? Um, last I checked I didn’t know any seven foot tall goddesses,” he said.
           She laughed again. “Okay, I will give you a hint. Last Halloween, you got so drunk you pissed yourself and I brought you over to my house so no one would know,” she said.
           Barry’s eyes got wider than Megan’s muscles and his mouth dropped open. “M…Megan?” he asked in total disbelief.
           Megan put her hands on her hips and flexed her mighty muscles in the world’s most impressive “power pose.” “Goddess Megan,” she said laughing. “At your service!”
           For the second time in his life, Barry fainted.

Chapter 8: Meg Reveals Her True Power
Megan sighed as she watched Barry faint for a second time. “Was this the reaction she should expect from everyone to her new body?” she thought as she looked at him. She and Barry had been friends since college. However, he now looked smaller to her. Not just smaller…lesser somehow.
           Meg shrugged her shoulders as she used her new mental abilities to open the door to the deck. She had to admit, of all her new super powers, her mental abilities were one of her favorites. Megan slowly levitated towards the door, ducking her head as she went outside. Using great care, she landed on the deck and looked towards the lake and mountains. It really was beautiful.
           Despite his reaction, she didn’t regret letting Barry be the first person to see the new and vastly improved Meg. She knew she needed someplace to hide out and figure things out, and Barry was the only person she knew who had access to such a remote cabin. Megan looked down at herself. She was filthy!
           “Guess crushing concrete and steel with my toes and flicking around tons of metal with my fingers is dirty work,” she laughed. She also was hungry. Very hungry. There was still so much to learn about her now powers!
           “Hey,” she heard as she turned around. Barry was standing in the door. “Sorry about that,” he sheepishly said.
           Meg smiled. “No problem,” she said. “How do you feel?” she asked.
           “Fuck me, how do you feel?” he asked as he walked outside. “You’re fucking, well, I was going to say huge but you are beyond that Meg. You, I mean, your muscles…how, how,” he stammered.
           Megan laughed. “Tongue tied Barry?” she asked.
           He shot her a look. “What the hell is going on Meg?” he asked.
           “What, you don’t like the new me?” she asked smiling.
           “The new you?” he exclaimed! “You’re, you’re…”
           “A goddess?” she answered as she put her hands on her hips and hit another power pose.
           Barry gulped. He had never seen such muscle on a person in his life. No one had! And it wasn’t just muscle, it was…”Power,” he said aloud.
           Meg laughed again. “Tell you what, I am famished. Why don’t you make us some breakfast and I will tell you all about it,” she said.
           “Breakfast,” he said aloud. “You crush my front door, smash my hard wood floors in my house, break into my uncle’s cabin and all you can think about is breakfast?” he said. “Speaking of, how, how did we get here? This cabin is like three hundred miles from my house,” he said.
           Megan floated towards him. He looked up at her as she now towered over him. She GENTLY patted his head. “Breakfast first Barry, and I promise I will answer all your questions,” she said.
           He gulped again as he stared at the muscular behemoth floating in front of him.
           “Breakfast it is,” he said as he turned and walked back into the house.
           The choice in the cabin was slim, but Barry managed to put together a decent breakfast. Megan had told him she was famished, and by the looks of the new her, he guessed she could put away a lot of food. Twenty minutes later he brought breakfast out to the porch.
           “Okay. Pickings were slim, but I managed to find some oatmeal, bacon and some granola. Sorry, no milk,” he said as he set it down on the table. “Perhaps if I had known you were going to kidnap me and bring me here, I could have stocked the fridge,” he said smiling.
           “Ha!” she laughed.
           Barry sat down. Meg once again gently walked towards the deck chair and stopped. There was no way she was going to fit.
           “You got anything, um, bigger?” she asked.
           “What, like an Olympic sized pool?” he answered.
           She smiled. “Smartass,” she said as she once again VERY GENTLY kneeled in front of the table and began eating.
           “Okay, talk,” Barry said as he stared at her.
           “Right,” she answered. “Okay, you know how I have been working on a project for the military?” she asked.
           “Sure, I know you have been working lots of nights. Is, is that what all of this is about?” he asked.
           “Yes,” she said shoving several pieces of bacon into her mouth. “I was working late last night. My boss left, but he left his computer on. I, I did some snooping. Turns out, the project was a secret CIA project to increase the strength, intelligence and overall well-being of a person. My job had been to increase the computing power of our super computer to solve certain problems with the formula,” she said.
           Barry laughed. “A super solider formula? Really? Sounds like something in a bad science fiction story.”
           Megan smiled. “I know, but it wasn’t fake,” she said as she looked at her new body. “Obviously,” she said.
           “Go on,” Barry said.
           “Okay, so I figured out the problem. It was an imbalance in the radiation used,” she said.
           “Radiation,” Barry asked as he backed into his chair.
           “Don’t worry. It isn’t harmful to you. The levels are actually quite low. Besides, it is now contained in me. My new uber dense muscles and bone don’t allow any of it to leak out,” she said.
           “Uber dense muscles and bone?” Barry asked.
           “Yes. The project was called Project G.O.D.,” Meg said. “Growth and Omnipotent Development. Once I figured out how it worked, I decided to test it…on myself. There were five bags of chemicals which were introduced into me via IV. Afterwards, I was hit with several doses of radiation. At first, I thought it didn’t work. But after a few seconds I began to grow. My muscles, bone, hair, everything began to get bigger and thicker. I burst out of my cloths and after a few minutes, I looked like this,” she said flexing her biceps.
           “Wow,” Barry said. “Um…so it obviously made you’re, you’re, um, m...muscles get bigger,” he said staring at her towering biceps.
           “Yep,” she said. “But that was just the start. I was only supposed to be ten times stronger. Obviously there was a miscalculation,” she said still flexing.
           “O…obviously,” he stammered again. “So, um, like, how…how strong are you?” he asked.
           “Well, at first I didn’t know. When I got off the table, my simple footsteps caused the earth to tremble,” she said.
           “I know. I felt that when you walked into my house. Are you, you trying to shake the earth?” he asked.
           She laughed. “Not at all! Just the power of my normal footsteps. Anyway, once I got out of the lab, I was able to test my powers. I made my way to a construction site, where I got this beautiful attire,” she said pointing to her tarp. “Barry, it was remarkable. I didn’t use any strength at all, and I was bending huge construction beams, with my bare hands. Hell, I bent it with my freaking toes!” she said excited.
           Barry looked down at her dirty feet and gulped again. “You…you bent steel…w...w…with your, um…t…t...toes?” he asked amazed.
           “Uh huh,” she said shoving more food into her mouth. “It was really really easy. But that wasn’t the most amazing part. Using this,” she said as she held up a thick pinky. “I flicked a truck full of steel beams. It went flying several hundred yards, destroying the site,” she said proudly.
           Barry didn’t know what to say. He was having trouble comprehending the extreme power of his friend.
           “Earth to Barry,” Meg said as she waived her hand in front of him.
           “Oh…yeah. Just, just thinking about what you said. That truck had to have like, what, several tons of steel on it?” he asked.
           “Yep. I estimated about a hundred tons. Which gets me to your question. You asked how strong I am,” she said.
           “Y…yes,” he said, almost afraid of the answer.
           “Well, my strength wasn’t the only thing enhanced. So too was my intelligence. If I had to guess, I would say I am the smartest person alive, by far,” she said.
           “Okay,” he said quietly.
           “So, extrapolating the meager strength I used in flicking one hundred tons with my pinky, I figured my strength had been multiplied by sextillion,” she said.
           Barry’s eyes got huge and his mouth dropped. “S...six…” he couldn’t even say it.
           Meg laughed again. “Sextillion Barry. That is a one, with twenty-one zeros after it,” she said. “Basically, if you took the strength of everyone on earth and multiplied it several times over, I would still be stronger,” she said proudly.
           Barry felt like he was going to faint again. “You…you could lift the planet,” he said without even thinking.
           Meg beamed and flexed her biceps again. “Ha!” she laughed. “No actually, I couldn’t. But I could probably put a huge crack in it if I wanted!” she said. “I am pretty sure I could lift the moon, though!” she said flexing.
           “The m…m…moon?” he gasped. “I...I can’t fathom that…that amount of…s...strength,” he said.
           “It took a little getting used to for me as well,” she said as she unflexed her mighty muscles. “But like I said, my strength wasn’t the only thing enhanced. I have super eyesight. I can see things miles away and, if I concentrate, I can see almost microscopic things as well. My hearing is also vastly improved. In fact,” she said as she stopped talking. “I can tell you are getting excited. Your heart is racing,” she said.
           “What?” he said. “…yeah,” he sheepishly answered looking down. “Um, so, so how do you um, levitate,” he asked.
           “Oh that,” she said still eating. “Well, my intelligence increased and, apparently, the formula unlocked portions of my brain. I can levitate things with my mind just by thinking about it. That is how we got here so fast. After you, well, fainted, I scooped you up and flew us here. I couldn’t go real fast as I didn’t want to hurt you. Once inside, I tied you up with the metal fire poker and waited for you to wake up,” she said.
           “R...right,” he said as he stood up and walked towards the railing of the balcony.
           “You okay?” Meg asked.
           He turned and faced her. She was kneeling so they were almost eye to eye. “Am I okay,” he laughed. “Meg, do, do you realize what you have done?” he asked. “You have made yourself the most powerful being to ever walk the face of the Earth. Hell, you, you may be the most powerful being in the fucking universe,” he said.
           “I know,” she said looking at him. “Cool huh?”
           “Cool?” he said flabbergasted. “Meg, yes, yes it’s cool, but it’s so much more than that. I mean, you're, you're unstoppable now. With your strength, your, your amazing abilities, there, there isn’t anything you can’t do!” he said. “I mean, how, how are you going to use these powers?” he asked.
           “I, I don’t know. I mean, I want to help people, I know that. I don’t want people to fear me. I, well, that is why I came to you Barry. I am super intelligent now, but I wanted another perspective,” she said.
           “A weak human perspective?” he asked.
           She smiled. “Yeah, I, I guess so,” she said. “Do you think everyone will react the same way you did?”
           “What faint?” he said smiling. “Some will. I mean, I, I don’t know. I know you don’t want to scare people, but some people will fear you now Meg. Others, well, others might…might...” he said.
           “Worship you,” she heard a voice in her head say. She smiled. She had read his mind.
           “Others might what Barry,” she asked wanting him to say it.
           “I was going to say, others might….worship you,” he said. “I mean, you, well fuck it, I will just say it, you have God-like powers now Meg,” he said. “Which gets me to my next point. Do you consider yourself a God now?” he asked.
           Meg slowly stood up. She was a good two feet taller than him. She levitated and turned towards the mountains. “I will have to give that some thought,” she said.
           “Okay,” he said as he walked over to her. “I have one more thought,” he said.
           “Yeah, what is that?” she asked.
           “I am dying to feel your muscles!” he said.
           Megan laughed as she once again gently landed on the deck. She flexed her bicep and brought it across her massive chest.
           “Feel away little man!” she teased.

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  1. This is a really great story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Mr. Stone! So glad you have enjoyed it. Let me know if there is something you would like to see in the story. Can't make any promises, but I love to hear feedback! Again, a big thanks to Meg for posting it!

  3. Nice work! One of my favorite strength feats is a girl causing earthquakes with her feet and this has plenty of that!


    1. Thanks man! Glad you are liking the story. That is one of my favorite feats of strength as well!

  4. Terrific story, this is going really well!