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Chapter 17: Agent Stephenson Has G.O.D. Like Plans

            BANG!  Dr. Forrest’s door violently flew open.
            “What the….” he said as he got out of his chair and walked to the door.
            A filthy and bloodied Agent John Stevenson entered the office and punched David in the nose.
            “You realize what that fucking bitch made me do?” he roared at David, who was on the floor, nose bleeding.
            “I tried to warn you Agent, but you wouldn’t listen.  I told you your guns and weapons wouldn’t have any effect on her.  Do you realize what being sextillion times stronger than anyone else means?” he said as he slowly got off the floor, grabbing his nose.
            “Tossing around Humvees like toys is nothing to her now.  You listen to me when I say this Agent, and hopefully it will get through your thick skull.  Meg has enough strength to lift the moon,” he said.  “Did you hear what I just said?” he asked again angrily.  “The fucking moon!”
            Agent John Stevenson slipped down and sat on the couch in the office.
            “I can believe it,” he said as he dug into his pocket and got out a handkerchief.  “Here,” he said handing it to David.  David took it.
            “Sorry about the nose,” John said.
            “It’s fine,” David said.  “I watched the satellite video.  I did see what she made you do,” he said.
            John sat up, getting ready to say something when David interrupted.
            “Don’t worry John; I was the only one watching it.  No one saw you, well, you know,” he said.  “Your pride remains intact,” he added.
            “Good,” John said as he leaned back.  “Until that fucking Barry guy interrupted, my sound machine was neutralizing her,” he said.
            “Yes it was.  But now that she knows you have it, she is smart enough to find a way to defend against it Agent,” David said.  “Don’t forget.  Brawn AND brains,” he said.  “Anyway, the attack wasn’t totally worthless.  We did learn some things,” David said.
            “Like what?” John asked.
            “Well for starters, we know she can move things with her mind.  That is how she flies.  And that is how she lifted those Humvees into the air.  We know she is invulnerable,” he said.
            “She can also insert thoughts into people’s minds.  Saw that for myself.  She made my soldiers retreat,” John said.
            “Astonishing,” David said.  “Most important though,” he said as he got up and removed the handkerchief from his nose.  “We realized that, right now, she is not the threat you think she is,” he said.
            John stood up.  “How can you even fucking say that?  She destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment.  She mentally tortured my men.  She made me…fuck, I can’t even fucking say it!” he exclaimed.
            “All of that is true Agent but just think it through.  With all of her amazing powers and abilities, she went out of her way to not kill anyone,” David said.  “She really may be a Goddess now Agent, but she seems to be a very kind one.”
            “You listen to me Doctor.  I worship only one God, and it is not this flying bimbo.  Kind or not, she has way too much power for one person.  We have to even the odds.  We have to enhance someone to face her,” he said.
            David turned and walked back over to his desk and sat down.  “Agent, we have discussed this.  I simply can’t allow someone else to go through the project.  It is too dangerous,” he said.
            John stepped up to the desk.  “Doctor, you no longer have a choice,” he said as five armed men filled the room.
            “What the fuck are you doing?” David yelled.  “This is a civilian operation.  You can’t just come in here and take over!”
            “Watch me,” he said.  “Secure the Doctor.  Get the chemicals ready for implantation of the project,” he ordered.
            “You will lose control of this Agent.  Trust me.  Don’t do this,” David begged.
            “Too late,” John said as he pistol whipped David across the face, knocking him out.  “I have been wanting to do that for a while, Doctor,” he said as he left the room for the basement and a meeting with Project G.O.D.

Chapter 18: Super Meg Gets a Name, and a Costume

            Barry and Meg entered the cabin.
            “You want to grab the first shower?” he asked.
            “No, you go ahead.  I will use up all the hot water,” she said as she put their things down and looked around.  The cabin was small with the kitchen, eating area and den basically one room.  There was a small loft upstairs and a master bedroom with attached bathroom.
            “Cozy,” she thought as she heard Barry get in the shower.  She gently sat down on the couch, it groaning under her muscled weight and turned on the TV.
            “We have breaking news.  A military operation gone wrong.  CNN has learned that a pre-planned military training exercise got out of control when several rogue members of the military used live rounds in a remote part of upstate California today.  We so far have no reports of casualties.  Check out these live pictures we are now just getting in,” the anchor said.
            Meg smiled as she saw the carnage she had caused.  “So that is how they are spinning it,” she said.
            “Spinning what?” Barry asked as he came into the den, dressed but still drying his hair.
            “What happened today.  Won’t be too long before they link those big foot prints at your uncle’s cabin to the ones at that construction site.  Sooner or later, it will get out that a human being is doing all this damage.  I need to get out in front of this thing, sooner rather than later,” she said.
            “Okay.  You want to go public now?” he asked.
            “What?  In a Pepsi cola sweatshirt and busted up brown sweatpants?  No,” she said.  “I still need a costume,” she added as she got up and headed to the shower.
            “A costume,” Barry thought smiling.
            Meg put the shower on HOT as far as it would go and squeezed into it.  The water, which would have burned anyone else, felt only slightly warm to her.  She began scrubbing her massive muscles with soap and water, rinsing off the soot and dirt from the attack.  She had to admit, feeling her muscles was a turn on.  Never in her wildest dreams had she EVER thought she would have such huge and powerful muscles.  Everywhere she looked, thick, sexy female muscles exploded from her frame.  She flexed her right bicep and a beach ball rose from her arm.  She smiled as she used the small in comparison washcloth to rinse it off.
            Meg closed her eyes and thought about the day.  She had just defeated the military with the ease of opening a soda can.  God, she was SO POWERFUL! Meg’s hand slowly slinked down between her legs.  The events of the day on top of feeling her own massive muscles were getting to her.  Suddenly a voice entered her head.
            “You get too excited and you could crack open the Earth,” she heard herself think.
            Meg opened her eyes and sighed.  “Being super has some disadvantages,” she thought as she continued to wash off. After twenty minutes she turned off the water and got out of the shower.  Using four towels, she began drying herself off.  She squeezed back into her awful clothes and opened the bathroom door.
            Barry was sitting on the bed, smiling.
            “What are you grinning about?” she asked.
            “Your costume Goddess,” he said as he took some papers from behind his back.  “While we were at the cabin, I got online and did some research.  I knew you weren’t real excited about having a costume, but I wanted to just see what is out there,” he said handing her the papers.
            Meg quickly scanned them.  “Bulletproof clothing?” she asked and the smiled.  “Ah, I see.  So if I do get shot up like today, they won’t just disintegrate, right?” she said.
            “You got it.  Look, they have jackets, shirts, even pants.  I figure we order some and you can use that super strength of your to mold it into a costume,” he said.
            “Good thinking Barry,” she said and then frowned.  “Says here it takes ten business days to be delivered.  I don’t want to wait that long,” she said.
            “Oh,” Barry said as he took the sheet.  “I didn’t read that part.  Well, says here they have a store up in Oregon.  That isn’t that far, we could just drive up and….”
            WHOOOSH! Was heard, knocking Barry down on to the bed.  Meg had disappeared.
            In a blink of an eye, Super Meg was hovering over the store in Oregon.  Using her mental prowess, she detected two customers and three sales persons.  Meg closes her eyes and concentrated.
            “Customers, leave,” she thought.  She smiled as the two customers walked out.
            “Manager, close the store and tell your employees to go home.”
            “Okay guys, closing early today.  Pack it up and see you tomorrow,” she heard the manager say.  Meg giggled as she watched the employees get in their cars and drive away.  She quickly descended and easily broke open the front door.  Taking a bag from behind the desk, the super human went shopping.
            Barry sat up and scratched his head.  “Meg?” he said aloud as he got up and looked around the cabin.  “Where did she….”
            WHOOOSH! He once again found himself on the ground looking up at Meg.  She was holding several bags.
            “Hiya Barry, what you doing down there?” she laughed.
            He got up.  “Where did you…” he looked at the bags and shot her a look.  “Oh, I see.  You flew up to the store and stole that stuff didn’t you?” he said.
            She frowned.  “So moral,” she said.  “What is the point of being omnipotent if I can’t take what I want from time to time?  Anyway, it is for a greater good,” she said walking into the bedroom.
            Barry followed.  “Meg, just because you can bench press a planet doesn’t mean you are above the law,” he said.
            She laughed.  “Really?” she said flexing her left bicep.
            He gulped in, mesmerized by the sheer size of her mighty and beefy bicep.
            “If it makes you feel any better, after I go public I will go back to the store and make it right.  Deal?” she said still flexing.  “Or do you want to try and make me pay for it now little man?” she asked with a coy smile.
            “N…no.  I, you would mop the floor with me with your pinky toe,” he said.
            “No doubt!” she said.  “Now, go into the den.  I am going to get to work and want it to be a surprise,” she said.
            “Yes Goddess,” he said as he closed the bedroom door and went into the den.
            Meg looked at the material.  She had grabbed several dark red jackets, several white and black long sleeved shirts, several pairs of black pants.
            “Let’s see if this works,” she thought as she closed her eyes.  Once again calling on her mental powers, she thought of reworking the material into the costume in her mind.  For the first time, she was having difficulty with the task.
            “Ung,” she gasped.  “Apparently altering matter is tough,” she thought.  Slowly, the material in front of her began to buzz.  She was doing it!  She was altering matter!
            “Fucking cool!” she said aloud as the material began to take shape.
            Barry heard the bedroom door open.  He sat up on the couch.
            “Wow…” he said as the muscled vision walked into the den.  Before him was Meg, only now she truly looked like the super heroine she had longed to be.
            She had somehow molded the black material into boots which went up almost to her massive knees.  Her calves bulged out, straining the material.  She was wearing what could only be described as a white one piece bathing suit which showed off her massive legs.  Across her belt line was a dark red belt.  She had a black cape hanging from her back.  Accross her chest in a darker red was SW.
        Barry slowly stood up and walked up to Meg.
            “I fucking love it!” he said.  He looked to the SW which was eye level with him.
            “SW?” he asked.
            Meg put her hands on her hips and hit a power pose.  “SUPER WOMAN!” she exclaimed.
            “Super Woman…” he repeated.  “Fitting,” he said in amazement.


  1. Oh, who needs a costume? She shouldn't have to worry about clothes or shoes anymore, haha.


    1. Ha! So true! I guess when you are totally invulnerable you don't but a costume on Super Meg is just more fun!

  2. I have been meaning to ask. Is sextillion a real number Barry? Where did you come up with that? Regardless it makes one super powerful Meg!

    1. Yes it is, funny huh
      I did the math myself which Barry used in the story.

    2. Wow! Super strength, super muscles, super speed, super flight, super eyes,super ears, super invulnerability, and now super sense of humor! Is there nothing you can't do Goddess Meg??

    3. Hey Lester. It sure is a real number and was all Meg's doing. She wanted to be both funny AND powerful! It actually made her stronger than I had intended, which is way cool. Anyway, hope that answers your question my friend.

  3. Afternoon Super Meg! I thought it was made up as well. Funny stuff! Do you want to be even stronger in the story? How much stronger? Do do tell!

    1. Not sure I could get much stronger, but then this is a fantasy :)

    2. You play coy Meg! If you could snap your fingers and get muscles and power how big would your muscles be? How strong would you be? How tall? Would be awesome to know Meg! Love the blog by the way

    3. Good questions! Looking forward to your answers Super Meg!

    4. Any more chapters coming in the story Barry? It's great so far!

    5. Barry told me he's taking a little break, but we'll hopefully have new chapters in the future.

  4. Ok. Hate to hear that as I loved the story and was looking forward to reading about your bouts of super strength Super Meg. Hope you return soon Barry!
    So any more stories on deck with you Super Meg?

    1. Not as yet, still dealing with a little writers block and a big lack of motivation.

    2. How's about a story of me worshipping your huge and super mighty muscles Goddess Meg? Would love a story about that hotness!

    3. If you want to write one, I'd certainly review it for posting

    4. Ok. Never written a story before but I can try. Saw you do interactive stories. If I write one and you like it Goddess, you want to write the next part?

    5. Nope, I've been burned out on interactive stories.

    6. Well that's too bad. But one story of me worshipping you at your mighty feet and your super muscles on its way!! How you feel about being Ruler if Earth Goddess Super Meg!

  5. The story is going really well, I'm riveted.


    But a thought for some future story: A female superhero who, like 97% of real women with hot bodies, refuses to be seen in the same outfit twice in one month.

    I'm thinking
    - Floral print silk mini-skirts with coordinating bikini panties,
    - Dance-inspired leotards and tights with a dance dress over,
    - Slit up the back long dresses for formal gatherings,
    - A variety of dark colored skirted suits for meeting police chiefs and politicians.
    - T-shirts and shorts,
    - Halter tops and Daisy May shorts,
    - After establishing herself, she has some top designers competing to design her a constant stream of new costumes.

    Think of "Power Girl" -- I mean, white after Labor Day???

    Women's complex body shapes can be shown off in so many different ways with different outfits, different cuts, different colors, drawing the eye, creating illusions, emphasizing different body parts, creating different feelings and emotions in observers.

    (I image the single costume rule came about because comic book artists didn't know much about womens' fashion, and didn't want to spend a dozen hours each month coming up with a new outfit.)

    Just a thought for a future story. The current story is going great!

  6. yo Meggy, mind if i also have super strength too and appear in your story for the series and my name is william
    ps how did you get in too bodybuilding and why plz respond

    1. Hiya William. Not my story, so probably not

    2. Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I am taking a long break from the story which actually may turn into a permanent break. I am sorry for that. If anyone wants to take it up and run with it, feel free. Thanks.

    3. I may write another Goddess Meg and Servant Tom chapter William. I could put U in that if U want? However, Goddess Meg would drain your strength and make you worship her as she does everyone else. U just let me know man.

  7. come on plz i can be the one trying to capture you and kill you but cant because your superhuman

  8. hey meg, you kind of stole idea. i mean really go to this link and you'll see,:( i even started earlier than you in 2008. by the way william asked such a wierd question dont u think plz respond