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Chapter 13:    Big Brother, We Have a Problem
            David Forrest heard the CB go dead.  “She is calling herself a Goddess,” he thought.  The attack had the exact affect he thought it would.  It had been less than useless against her massive power.  He took a slow drink of water and set the glass back down on the desk.  “After she finishes with Agent Stevenson,” he whispered.  “She is coming for me.”  David turned to his computer.
            “Melvin,” he said.  “Use all available memory necessary to figure out a way to stop Meg,” he said.
            “I am currently working on 579 projects.  Would you like me to suspend that work Doctor,” Melvin said.
            “Yes God damnit, suspend that work.  She is coming for me Melvin, and I don’t have much time,” David fearfully said.

Chapter 14:    Agent Stevenson Gets Humiliated
            Meg found herself naked and outside again.  Only this time, she was holding a terrified man in her grasp.
            “I am not done with you by a long shot John,” the Goddess said as she used her mental powers to rip off a piece of metal from the jeep.  It slowly wrapped around John.  She dropped him to the ground.
            Meg turned her attention to the remaining troops.  Some were still hiding; others were picking up their weapons.  Meg closed her eyes and began to get into each of their heads.
            “You do not want to attack me.  In fact, you will forget this day ever occurred.  You will forget me.  You will go back to your bases, now,” she thought.
            John looked at his soldiers as they all put their guns on the ground and slowly began walking down the road.
            “Where the fuck are you going?” he yelled. “Get back here, get back here now damnit!  That is a fucking order!” he screamed.  He looked up at Meg.
            “What…what did you do?” he asked.
            “Who me?” she said pointing her finger at herself and grinning.  “Oh nothing really.  I just got into their brains and told them they didn’t need to fight me, to forget this day ever occurred, and for them to go back to their base.  They are just following orders John…MY orders,” she said flexing a massive bicep.
            John was flabbergasted.  “You…you can fucking do that?” he gasped.
            “Uh huh,” she said confidently.  “Well, before just now I knew I could read minds.  This was the first time I actually planted a command into someone’s brain.  Wasn’t sure it would work but, as you can see,” she said pointing to the zombie-like soldiers walking away, “It worked.”
            BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Meg walked back over to John.  “So, your little attack, pretty ineffective huh?” she asked.
            He looked away from the muscle covered marvel.  “Yes,” he said.
            “What in the hell were you thinking?  You really think your puny guns, grenades and missiles had a hope in hell against my power?” she asked.
            “I, I had no way of knowing it would be so, so ineffective,” he said.
            “Really?” she laughed.  “You already knew I was super strong and probably invulnerable.  Pretty stupid mistake on your part John,” she said.  “Lucky I am a forgiving Goddess and didn’t kill any of your pathetic little troops,” she said.  “In fact, I think you should apologize to me for the attack,” she said.
            Barry was watching what was going on.  Meg’s attitude had certainly changed.  The mere fact she was referring to herself as “Goddess Megan” was testament to that.
            “Hey Meg, maybe we should just let him go and get back to the…”
            “Silence mortal!” she said pointing at him.  She returned her attention to John.
            “So,” she said.
            John gulped in hard.  The last thing in the world he wanted to do was apologize to abomination.
            Meg sighed.  “I see, too proud huh?” she said looking down at him.  “I don’t think you fully grasp my power John,” she said as she began walking around, the Earth shaking. She stopped in front of his jeep and easily lifted it up.  She walked back and stood in front of the still restrained Agent Stevenson.
            “You have no idea how easy this is for me John.  This jeep is less than weightless to me,” she said.  Meg then readjusted her grip so she was holding either side of the jeep.
            ERNG! She easily crushed the jeep, parts of it flying off, barely missing the seated and restrained John.
            “I didn’t even feel that,” she said as she tossed the remains of the jeep in the air.  She brought her left foot back.  BOOM! She kicked the jeep like a football.  The sound wave from the impact blew John head over heels and made Barry loose his balance and fall down.
            Meg turned her attention back to John.  “Just so you know, I barely kicked that thing and it just left Earth orbit,” she proudly said.  “Now, that apology?”
            Using all his strength, John sat back up and looked at Meg.  He had no choice.  She could crush him easier than he crushed an ant.  He had to get out of this alive, live to fight another day.
            He looked down.
            “No, look at me,” she commanded.
            He looked up at the naked muscle maiden.  “I, I am sorry,” he said.
            Meg smiled.  “Beg my forgiveness,” she commanded.
            “What?  I, I said I was…” he stopped talking as he saw her smile turn into a scowl.  She hit a full body flex.
            “Fuck,” he said staring at her expanding muscles.  He cleared his throat.  “I, I beg your forgiveness,” he said.  “I am sorry I attacked you.”
            “Say it again,” she ordered.
            Barry, who had gotten back to his feet, watched the exchange with a tad bit of concern.
            “I, I said I, I beg your forgiveness.  I, I am sorry I attacked you,” he repeated, ashamed and humiliated.
            “Ha!” she laughed, clapping her hands.  “See, that wasn’t so hard was it weakling?” she asked.  She walked over and kneeled down in front of him, still looking down at him.
            “You see John, I could break your bones, crush your skull.  Hell, I could even get inside your head and make you think you were a Chinese school girl.  You see, I have more than enough power to do all of those things to you.  And you can’t stop me.  No one could stop me,” she said.
            She put her finger under his chin, making him look up at her.  “But for you John, that isn’t enough.  You go home with a few bruises and broken bones after facing me, your unit would consider you a hero.  You stood up to a living God.”
            “But, you grovel before me, you beg my forgiveness, you lessen yourself before my might.  Yes, those things, the humiliation of it all, THAT is how I get in your head John.  No glorious battle wounds for you.  No, instead, you will live with the knowledge that you just begged a young woman for forgiveness.  And given your pride, I imagine you won’t be telling anyone with your unit about that, will you weakling?” she asked.
            “N…no,” he said.
            “No what?” she asked.
            “No…Goddess Megan,” he answered.
            She smiled.  “Good boy,” she said as she got up and walked away.  John sighed a breath of relief.  She had her fun and now, now she would hopefully let him go.
            “Oh, now, one last thing,” Goddess Megan said as she turned around and faced John again, her hands on her mighty hips.
            “You see, when I first got these powers, Barry and I were talking.  I was telling him how I wanted to use them for good, to help people.  And despite your pathetic little attempt here to stop me, that is still my plan.  However, Barry said something interesting.  He said people would fear me, or they would worship me.  Having watched you piss your pants like the wimp you are, I figure you fear me.  But I want you to worship me,” she said.
            John looked up at her again.  “Never,” he said.
            “Never?” she laughed.  “You got some balls on you John.  I don’t know if I would have the courage to tell someone sextillion times stronger than you never,” she laughed.
            Barry once again felt like he should intervene but did not. He had to admit; watching her dominate this asshole was starting to turn him on.
            “Well John, if you want to get back to see that wife of yours, I think you should reconsider,” she said.
            John once again looked down.  He was furious!  He had to get back to base, use this humiliation as the fuel to find a way to bring this super bitch down.
            “Fine,” he said.
            Meg smiled.  BOOM BOOM BOOM! She took a few steps towards him.  She lifted her dirty left foot and brought it close to his face.
            “I want to hear you beg me, beg me to kiss my foot,” she said with a wry smile.
John felt a tear running down his cheek as he stared at the massive foot in front of him.  He took in a deep breath.
            “Pl…please,” he moaned.  “I, I beg you, Goddess Megan, may, oh fuck, may I, I please, kiss your foot,” he begged.
            Megan was getting excited.  No one had ever worshipped her before!  Let alone kissed her foot.
            “Yes John, you may kiss my foot.  Maybe some of those tears will wash away some of the soot from your pathetic little ineffective missiles,” she teased.
            He took in a deep breath and leaned forward, placing his lips on her big toenail.
            SMOOCH.  He quickly gave it a peck and sat back up.
            Meg smiled.  “Again,” she said.
            He leaned forward again, kissing the same place.
            “What, no thank you?” she asked.
            He signed again, more tears rolling down his face.  “Thank you, for, for allowing me to, to kiss your foot, Goddess Megan,” he said.
            She put it back on the ground.  “You are welcome my little worshipper,” she teased.  Using her mental abilities, she undid the metal around his body.  She looked towards the large crack she had made in the ground and levitated one of the Humvees out from inside it.  It slowly floated towards them and landed next to her.
            “It is banged up, but it works,” she said.  She opened the door.  “Now go,” she commanded.
            John sheepishly got into the Humvee and turned the ignition.  It roared to life.  Meg leaned down, her face in the driver side window.
            “Next time I see you John, you had better kneel before my power.  If not, the humiliation you just suffered will look like kindergarten.  Got it?” she asked sternly.
            “Yes Goddess Megan, I got it,” he said as he slammed it into drive and took off back towards home.
            Meg laughed as she turned around and saw Barry.  To say he was excited was an understatement.
            “I don’t need super eyes to tell that watching me make that guy grovel before my power was a turn on for you huh Barry?” she asked.
            “You, you have no idea Goddess,” he said.
            Meg smiled a thousand watt smile.  “Well, maybe we had better go back to the cabin and see if you can do a better job of worshipping me than he did,” she laughed.
            Barry’s smile got huge.  “You are the boss, Goddess Megan,” he said as they both walked back to the cabin.

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  1. Barry I loved this chapter! Thanks for incorporating my suggestion from earlier. So Meg, you like having your toe kissed? Seemed very fitting to me. Was jealous!

    1. Hiya Lester, toe kissing isn't really my thing but happy Barry included the fantasy for ya.

    2. I loved it as well Meg! Would live to be the one having the honor of kissing that toe in recognition of your power! I know not your thing but would love it Barry if you included more. You good with that Meg if he does? No pressure though Barry, love the story either way.

    3. Meg, most people find it odd but it is a fantasy and fun to read about at least. Appreciate your willingness to play along.

    4. So Meg, was that toe stronger than everyone on Earth combined? Unclear in the story. What ya think?
      Also one of the best thought out and written stories I have read in this genre.

    5. Lester and Meg's Servant, glad you liked that part of the story. As Meg said, foot kissing really isn't her thing. To be honest, I had not thought about it until suggested (although it was fun writing about it!). I will leave it up to Meg to let me know if she she cares to see more of that kind of stuff in the story. Afterall, it is a story about Super Meg!
      And Jr2006...much thanks. Plus, we all know that toe was stronger than that ;) But again, I will leave that up to Meg to answer!

  2. Never got an answer to that question Meg. Is that toe stronger than everyone on Earth combined? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Hmmm, that would be a really strong toe. Maybe I'll test it someday

    2. No time like the present!

    3. I agree! Just let us know beforehand so we can grab on to something sturdy. And try not to toss the Earth out of orbit!

    4. What you say Super Meg? Ready to test out that big strong toe of yours? You could start small. Maybe lift one of the Hawaiian islands?

    5. So, was it heavy Super Meg?

    6. Meh, I've lifted heavier :)

    7. Heavier???? With your toe? Like what? A continent??

    8. Ha! That shouldn't be a surprise. I mean, Super Meg IS sextillion times stronger than us mere mortals ;)

    9. Good morning Meg. Still waiting to hear what you have lifted with your toe heavier than a Hawaiian island??? Do tell!

    10. Hello Meg. How ya been? Lifted anything super heavy lately? Like what?

    11. my bags after shopping at the mall. Believe me they were super heavy, lol

    12. Was hoping for something heavier. Unless you shop for battleships Super Meg!

    13. With muscle as large as you have, where do you shop? Macy's super muscular woman?