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Chapter 9: Meg Passes the Test of Strength (One Mountain, Coming Up!)
            Barry grinned as he reached up and felt her bicep.  “Holy shit!” he said as he squeezed the massive boulder of a muscle.  “It’s…it is so fucking hard!” he said aloud.
            Meg smiled.  “It should be.  I figure I am pretty much invulnerable,” she said.
            He looked up at her amazed.  “You’re, you’re (gulp) invulnerable?  Like…like nothing, nothing can hurt you?” he asked.
            “Last I checked, that is what invulnerable means Barry,” she teased.
            He continued feeling her bicep.  He couldn’t even dream of getting his hands around it.  It felt like nothing he had ever felt before.  It was warm, almost like it was giving off heat…or in Meg’s case, power.  The skin was baby soft, but under it was something harder than the hardest of diamonds.  Not just hard, the power it contained.  Power he couldn’t even comprehend.
            Meg smiled as she watched her friend get lost in feeling her muscles.  She had to admit, she kinda liked it.  She closed her eyes and thought about listening to his thoughts.
            “I bet this muscle has more strength than everyone on the planet,” she heard him thinking.  “She has turned herself into a living God,” he continued.
            Meg smiled again.  “At least one person considered her a deity!” she thought.  But it was more than that. While she was hearing his thoughts, she was also sensing something.  It was hard to describe, but it was very basic.  Almost like she was sensing his feelings.  That was it!
            She was feeling what he was feeling.  At first it was hard to translate, but Meg soon adjusted.  She sensed feelings of awe, wonder, and amazement.  To go with those, she felt feelings of inferiority and smallness.  Then there was something else…something very powerful.
            Meg opened her eyes and looked at him with a huge grin.  “He is getting turned on!” she thought.  She probed deeper into his mind.
            “He has always had a thing for strong, muscular women,” she thought as she reveled in her new mind reading power.
            Barry felt something odd in his head and looked up at Meg.  She was looking at him, smiling.
            “You are a little deviant Barry!” she said.
            “You, you were reading my thoughts?” he asked as he let go of her super massive bicep and backed away.
            “Yeah.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to.  Just kinda happened,” she said.
            “What did you, um, see?” he asked.
            Meg smiled a brilliant smile.  “Well Barry, you think I am a Goddess, I heard that,” she said.
            “Oh,” Barry said looking down.
            “And that you have a thing for super powerful women,” she said.
            “Yeah,” he said embarrassed.  “I guess there is no denying it when all you have to do is read my mind.  So, I will be honest.  Yes, I have always dreamed of meeting a woman with huge muscles and super strength,” he said.
            “And now you have!” she said as she hit a double bicep flex.  Mounds of muscle rose of her impenetrable arms.
            “Yes, I…I have,” he said.  “You, you okay with me thinking that stuff?” he asked.
            Meg laughed.  “Of course Barry!  I have to admit, I am kinda impressed with myself as well!  Don’t be embarrassed and don’t think anything of it.  If it makes you feel any better.  My fantasy has always been to be big, muscular and super strong.  So, it is a win win for both of us, okay?” she said gently.
            Barry smiled.  “Okay,” he said.  He looked down towards the river and mountains.  “So, Super Meg, what am I thinking now?” he asked.
            “Hmmm…” Meg said as she concentrated on reading his mind.  She smiled.  “You want us to go down to the river and watch me lift things,” she said.
            Barry smiled.  “That is amazing.  Yes, that is what I was thinking.  What do you say?” he asked.
            Meg levitated over to Barry and gently lifted him up.  “Sounds like fun!” she said as she floated them down to the river.
            “Just so you know Meg….I, I am not a huge fan of, of heights,” Barry said as he tried not to look down.
            Meg laughed.  “You will be fine.  Trust me.  Flying with me is safer than any airliner,” she said as she slowly descended down from the cabin on the hill to the rocky river.
            BOOM! Was heard as she landed.  She put him down.  He looked up at her smiling.
            “That is way cool, the way the freaking Earth shakes when you land,” he said.  “Can you do it again?” he asked.
            Meg smiled as she turned and walked away from him.
            “Whoa,” Barry said as he felt the Earth below him tremble under Meg’s might. Meg giggled as she turned around and walked back.  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!
            “Amazing,” Barry said.  He looked around.  There was a large boulder at the other edge of the river.
            “You got it,” she said having read his thoughts.  She levitated over the river and landed next to the boulder.  BOOM!
            Meg looked the boulder over.  She guessed it weighed about thirty tons.  She laughed to herself as the thought of being able to lift something this big was becoming natural to her.
            “One boulder, coming up!” she said to Barry.  She reached around the boulder and grabbed it.     
            CRUNCH!  Her super powerful fingers dug into the hard stone with ease.  Remembering her experience with the bull dozer earlier that morning, Meg GENTLY lifted the boulder.
            “Holy shit!” Barry said, amazed at what he was seeing.  “Meg!  You, you are lifting it!” he said across the river.
            Meg smiled.  “Duh,” she teased.  “What, you think I couldn’t do it?  I am sextillion times stronger than you Barry.  This boulder is lighter than air to me,” she said proudly.  She lifted the boulder over her head and, with some adjustments, lowered her right hand.
            Barry’s eyes widened as he watched his massive friend hold thirty tons of boulder over her head with one hand.
            Meg laughed at his reaction.  She slowly began pumping the boulder up and down when she got a wild idea.  Finding a good balancing point, Meg dug her index finger into the huge boulder.
            “Can you lift a boulder with your finger Barry?” Meg asked laughing.
            “No way,” Barry said amazed.  Meg levitated up, still holding the boulder with her finger.  She floated over the river and landed next to Barry, the boulder over his head.
            BOOM! As she landed, causing the Earth to shake.  Barry fell to the ground, losing his balance.  He looked up from the ground at the enormous being in front of him.  Her muscles were not even flexing while she held thirty tons over her head…with her finger.  He gulped in and slowly stood up.
            Meg flexed her other bicep.  “Go ahead, take a feel,” she said.
            “Yes ma’am,” he said, amazed at what was happening.  He reached up and felt her rock hard flexed super bicep.  It was harder, MUCH harder than the boulder she was holding.
            “Wow,” he said feeling her bicep.  He looked up at her.  “Is, is it heavy at all?” he asked.
            Meg laughed again.  “No Barry, it isn’t heavy, not in the least,” she said.
            “You realize you’re lifting like, thirty or forty tons with, with your fucking index finger Meg,” he asked.
            “Of course!  To be honest, I am not even registering this weight.  I can’t really even tell it’s there unless I look at it,” she said.
            “Meg, I, I can’t fathom your strength.  Your, your freaking finger is millions of times stronger than me,” he said still feeling her flexed bicep.
            “Barry, it’s not millions of times stronger.  It is billions,” she said.  “Anyway, I am getting bored.  You ever seen bowling with boulders?” she asked.
            “Huh?” he asked as he looked up at her.
            Meg readjusted the boulder and held it in her hand.  “I said, bowling with boulders.  You know, like this!” she said as she gently rolled the boulder towards the trees across the river.
            WHOOOOOSHHHH! Was heard as the boulder flew from her powerful hand.  CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH!
            Barry looked on in sheer incredulity as the boulder flew across the river and smashed through several trees.  He could no longer see the boulder, but he could hear it as it continued on its path.  After a full minute, the sound was gone.  He gulped.
            “Did it finally stop?” he asked.
            Meg squinted her super eyes.  “No, it’s still going.  It’s just too far away for you to hear.  I would say it is a good 200 miles away now,” she said.  Only she heard a boom.  “There, it has stopped.  It smashed against the side of a mountain,” she said.
            “You, you can see and hear two hundred miles away?” he asked in disbelief.
            “Yeah, if I try,” she said.  “So, what is next?” she asked.
            “I don’t know if there is anything here that would really tax your strength Meg,” he said.
            She looked at him.  “Okay, let’s go,” she said.
            He looked at her.  “Hey, stop reading my freaking mind!” he said.
            She laughed.  “Sorry, can’t help it.  But I agree, let’s get away from your cabin.  Don’t want one of my toe taps to cause it to shake to the ground,” she said.  She scooped him up and flew several miles away.
            They landed next to a very large hill which had several large boulders on it.  She set him down and landed with a BOOM.
            “Okay, what do you want to see first?” she asked.
            “Umm…you, you think you could shake the Earth with one of your toes?” he asked.
            Meg laughed again.  “My toes huh?  You got a thing for them too?” she asked.
            “You already know the answer to that,” he said pointing to his head.
            “Yeah, I do.  Okay, but I don’t want you to get hurt.  Here,” she said as she lifted him up and put him on her shoulders.
            “Whoa!” he said as he was lifted.
            “Okay, here you go Barry,” she said as she lifted her left big toe.  Using a small amount of its nearly unlimited power, she slammed it to the ground.
            BAM!  The Earth shook violently as a massive crack in the ground began to emanate from her mighty toe.  The ground shook as the crack widened to several feet and spread out several hundred yards.  Soon the ground stopped shaking.
            “A new grand canyon!” she said excited.
            “My...God…” Barry stammered.  “How, how much strength did you use?” he asked.
            “Oh, like less than twenty percent I think.  I applied several thousand tons of force,” she said nonchalantly.
            “S...s…s...everal…t…ons of force…w...with your...t…toe?” he gasped.
            “Yes Barry,” she laughed.  “Thousands of tons of force, with my toe,” she repeated as she slowly put him down.  He was happy to be back on the ground.  The amazing demonstration of super strength had caused him to get a tad excited.  He readjusted himself and turned to face her.
            “You’re amazing,” he said.
            She beamed.  “Thanks!” she said.  She turned to the large hill.  “What do you think?” she asked.
            “About what?” he said as he turned and looked.  “That hill?” he said.  “You, you going to try and lift that freaking hill?” he asked.
            She shrugged her shoulders.  “Sure, why not,” she said.  “It is just a hill,” she added as she walked towards it, ground shaking.
            Barry stayed where he was, not wanting to get in her way, or get hurt.  Meg surveyed the hill.  Using her new intelligence, she guessed it weight millions of pounds.  A walk in the park for her!  The hard part was going to be finding a way to get under it.  Giving it some thought, Meg smiled and got to work.
            Barry looked on at the super woman.  “She doesn’t even realize just how powerful she is now,” he thought as he watched her start her work.  Using her super speed, Meg began running around the base of the hill.  BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! Was heard as she crushed her hands into the sides of the mountain, causing a large crack to form around its base.
            To Barry, a mere human, Meg was now a blur.  He watched as he saw what looked like a large crack forming around the hill.  The blur stopped.  Meg dusted her hands off and surveyed the hill.  She bent down and dug her fingers into the large crack she had just made.
            CRACK, CRUNCH, CRACK! Emanated from the hill.  Barry watched in amazement as the side Meg was holding began to rise up.
            “Fucking shit!” Barry exclaimed as he watched.  Meg heard him and looked back smiling.  “You ain’t seen nothing yet little man!” she said as she began lifting it further.  Huge cracks formed in the ground around the hill.  Small cracks also began running up it.  Meg had her end of the hill over her head.  For the first time, she actually registered the weight.  It registered lighter than a piece of paper would to a normal person.
            As Barry gasped, Meg began “walking” the hill over her head with her hands.  She slowly began moving the hill, working her way towards the middle.  Huge chunks of stone and dirt…chunks larger than sedans, fell from the hill.  Soon Meg was in the middle of the hill.  With a thrust of her mighty arms, Meg lifted the hill up.
            CRACK CRACK CRACK! Barry heard.  In wonderment, Barry saw the hill dislodge from the ground.  He looked up.  Underneath the huge hill was his college friend, Meg, holding a mountain over her head!  She had a huge grin on her face.
            Barry fell to the ground, his legs giving out as he thought he would faint again.
            “You okay there stud?” she asked from under the hill.
            “,” he stammered.  “I, I can’t believe what I am seeing,” he gasped as he stood back up.  “You’re, you are doing it Meg!” he exclaimed.  “You, you lifted a mountain!  I mean, your holding like three hundred feet of earth over your head!  Please, please tell me it was hard!?!?” he asked.
            Meg laughed.  “Wish I could, but it wasn’t.  Easy as pie actually,” she said.  “In fact, I would hold it with one hand, but it is kinda hard to balance it as it is,” she said.
            “Hard to balance a mountain over your head?  Duh!” Barry thought.
            “How…how much do you think it weighs?” he asked.
            “Oh,” Meg said as she slowly started walking towards him, the ground shaking harder than usual.  “Hundreds of millions of pounds, maybe more,” she beamed.
            “H…h…h…” Barry couldn’t even say it.
            Meg laughed again.  She loved making him speechless!  Well, if he liked her lifting it, he would love this!  She closed her eyes and slowly, she began to levitate.
            “No way….” Barry said as he watched Meg and the mountain rise into the air.  She was not only lifting the mountain with her insane strength, she was now flying with it over her head!
            “Any place you want me to put this?” she teased.
            “,” he gulped.  “I, I mean…do…put…put it anywhere.”
            Meg smiled as she slowly floated back to the ground, landing with a huge BOOM.  Figuring she should put it back where she found it, Meg slowly began walking the mountain over her head as she moved towards the edge.  With a huge BANG, Meg put the mountain back on the ground.
            “Wonder how they will explain that?” she laughed to herself.  She turned around and flexed her huge biceps at Barry.
            “So, what do you think about that?” she asked.
            He walked towards the muscled wonder.  Without even thinking about it, he kneeled in front of her.
            Meg looked down at him.  “What are you doing?” she asked.
            “I…I don’t know.  It…I felt like kneeling before you Meg,” he said.  “I can’t believe what, what I just saw you do.  It, it was beyond amazing, beyond, beyond stupendous.  Your muscles, they, they weren’t even flexing.  It was like you were lifting a book.  But, but you weren’t Meg.  You, you were lifting a small mountain.  Such…such strength, p...power,” he gasped.  “Your power…it is limitless,” he added.
            Meg smiled as she unflexed her biceps.  “Maybe,” she said.  “Pretty sure there isn’t anything on the planet I can’t now lift.  But please Barry, please, get off your knees,” she said.
            “O…okay,” he said as he slowly stood up.  “You really are a Goddess now,” he said.
            Meg put her hands on her hips.  “Yeah, I am starting to kinda think that as well,” she said.  “You ready to go back?” she asked.
            Barry looked around, surveying the scene.  Where there had been flat ground was now a massive crack in the ground.  The large hill, which had risen hundreds of feet into the air, now sat at an odd angle on the ground.  A huge crack going around it.
            “Sure,” he said as she picked him up and began flying back to the cabin.
            “So,” he said.  “What are you going to call yourself?” he asked.
            “What do you mean?” she said as she levitated slowly.
            “Well, like, there is Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Mary Marvel, She Hulk,” he said.
            “She Hulk,” she repeated laughing.  “I see what you mean.  You think I need a name?”
            “Well, isn’t that what you are supposed to do?  At least that is what they do in the comics,” he said.
            “True, but this isn’t a comic Barry.  It is real life.  And unlike the comics, I don’t think if I put on a pair of glasses and a suit that I will be able to fool anyone.  I mean, my condition is permanent.  I figured I would just go by my name,” she said.
            “Huh,” he said.  “I guess that is true.  Not like you can try and blend in as a normal human,” he said.  “But still, I think you need a name,” he said.
            “Okay Barry, tell you what, when we get back, we can think of a name.  Actually, if I am going to use my powers for good, I am more concerned with cloths.  Can’t really go around dressed in a tarp and using a metal chain for a belt,” she said.  “I am going to have to get stuff specially made I think,” she added.
            Barry laughed.  “True.  Maybe something with a cape on it…” Barry pondered.
            Meg looked at him and rolled her eyes.  “We will see Barry,” she said as they both headed back to the cabin.
Chapter 10:    Big Brother Makes Big Plans
            It had been a few days since his lab had been wrecked and now, David Forrest knew who to blame.
            “So it was Meg,” he said into the phone.
            “Yes,” Agent Stevenson said on the other end.  He was sitting in his office, looking at satellite footage of a remote cabin in a very remote part of the state.  He was watching live footage of a man and a huge woman walking into the cabin.  Agent Stevenson was sure he was looking at the improved Meg.
            “How do you know?” David asked.
            “Well, for starters, she has not returned to get her car nor has she returned to her apartment.  In addition, we did fingerprint analysis of the construction site she destroyed.  It took a while for us to analyze it because of the sheer size of her fingerprints but we got a positive match.  It was Meg for sure,” he said.  “She really is quite large,” he added.
            David stood up from his chair.  “You have seen her?” he asked.
            “In a sense,” Agent Stevenson answered as he wrote down the latitude and longitude of the cabin he was watching.  “Look, that isn’t important.  What is important is that we know where she is, and I am sending a team to bring her in,” he said.
            “Bring her in?  You planning on using force?” David laughed.
            Agent Stevenson sat up in his chair.  “Yes Doctor, we are.  Something funny?” he asked.
            “Agent, you, you know how strong she is now.  She has more strength in her pinky finger than everyone in the United States combined, and then multiplied by ten.  You were at the meeting a few days ago.  You know we have determined she is invulnerable.  Your bullets won’t even tickle her Agent,” he stressed.  “And strength and invulnerability are just the powers we know of for sure.  Who knows what else she can now do.  You know we are working on a way to weaken, her.  So far we….”
            David didn’t finish.  “And just how long are we to wait Doctor?  So far, we have kept this from the public.  What do you think will happen when the world finds out you have created an unstoppable super woman?” he asked.  “It would cause panic.  If she won’t come back peacefully, we have means to bring her in otherwise,” Agent Stevenson said.
            David sat back down in his chair.  “I see,” he said.
            “Let me ask you this Doctor,” Agent Stevenson said.  “Project G.O.D. obviously works.  Why don’t you just let me enhance one of my agents?  Would be much easier if we had someone with her power working for us,” he said.
            “And have another unstoppable super person?” David said flabbergasted.  “No, I won’t do that,” he said.
            “You underestimate the loyalty of my agents Doctor,” Agent Stevenson said.  “Just know, if we can’t bring her in or terminate her, you may not have a choice in enhancing someone else,” he said as he hung up the phone.
            David leaned back in his chair and sighed.  He hung up the phone.
            “Melvin, please give me a progress report on project neutralization,” he said.
            “Calculations are ongoing Doctor Forrest,” Melvin said.
            “Estimate time for completion,” Doctor Forrest said.
            “Unknown.  Test subject has no weakness,” Melvin said.
            David sighed again.  “Melvin, please call test subject Meg,” he said.
            “Understood,” Melvin said.
            David stood up and stretched.  The Agent was right.  It would be easier if they had someone with Meg’s extraordinary powers on their side.
            “It hasn’t come to that yet,” he said aloud.  “Hell,” he thought.  “We don’t even know if she is a threat.  If only I could talk to her, find out what she is thinking,” he thought as he walked out of his office and almost tripped on the still present huge footprint in the floor.  He put his foot next to it and laughed at the size difference.
            While he didn’t know the type of weapons Agent Stevenson was going to use, he was pretty sure they would be totally ineffective.
            “She may actually be on our side,” David thought.  “And his attack may just change that,” he thought as a chill ran down his spine.

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  1. Good stuff. Hope you keep writing.

  2. She should have destroyed the project god machine. Just in case.
    Anyway, one of the best stories so far. I like that she's infinitely strong yet thoughtful and caring.

  3. Thanks j2001 and Meg's Servant (great name by the way!) Glad you all are liking it. Yeah, she might regret not destroying that machine! Again, a BIG thanks to Meg for posting and for maintaining this great website!