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Chapter 15: The Aftermath
           “Fucking shit, what a fucking rush!” the most powerful being on Earth said as she pounded her way back to the cabin.  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!
“Barry, thanks again for….” She didn’t finish.  “Barry?” she asked as he was not walking along her side.  She looked back and laughed.  Barry was behind her, several yards behind her.  He was getting up, having tripped and fell over one of the large foot shaped divots Meg was leaving in the ground.
           “You okay?” she asked smiling.  “What are you doing back there?” she asked.
           Barry got to his feet.  “What am I doing back here?” he repeated.  “Trying to keep up.  You’re so freaking big now that one of your strides is like three or four of mine so I basically have to run to keep up with you.  Second, it is kinda hard to maintain balance with your foot quakes shaking the ground every time you walk.  Third, well, I am still learning to navigate around your massive footprints in the ground.  I tripped and fell into one,” he said.
           Meg roared with laughter.  “Is this better?” she asked looking at him.
           “Whoa!” Barry exclaimed as he slowly levitated into the air and moved to Meg’s side.  She began walking again, with Barry floating at her side.
           “Thanks,” he said, still getting used to the unfamiliar feeling of flying.
           “No prob,” she said.  “Anyway, like I was saying, thanks again for coming to my aid.  I don’t know if I could have taken much more of that awful sound,” she said.
           “You’re welcome Goddess Meg,” he said.  She smiled.
           “Yeah, about that.  I, I don’t know what came over me.  After I crushed that device, all I could think about was making that little man cower and grovel before my power,” she said.
           “Saw that,” Barry answered.  “And where did the kissing your foot come from?” he asked.
           Meg shrugged, slightly embarrassed.  “I really don’t know.  Seemed like the ultimate show of respect or, in his case, humiliation.  To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking of him as being human.  I looked at him, more, more like, like…”
           “Like what?” Barry asked.  “Use some of that massive intelligence of yours pick some words,” he teased.
           “Funny,” she said as she thought about raising him much higher.
           “Whoa….shit!” Barry exclaimed as he raced up sixty feet into the air.
           “Meg put me down!  Put me down!” he screamed.
           Meg laughed as he slowly came back to his original floating position.  “Don’t make fun of a Goddess Barry,” she teased.
           Barry gulped.  “Lesson learned,” he said.  “Now, you were saying,” he said.
           “Right.  The only way I can explain it, is he felt more like a disobedient pet to me.  Something I, well, I owned.”
           Barry gulped again.  “Owned?” he repeated.  “Okay, I, I guess I can see that.  He had just tried to kill you, you were really pissed, you have, have unlimited power.  I, I can see thinking that in that instance,” he said.
           Meg stopped and faced her floating friend, who was now eye level with her height.  “It wasn’t just him Barry.  The soldier, the one I searched his brain to find out about that agent.  It happened then to. I felt total and utter superiority over him.  I had to fight the urge to make him cower at my feet,” she said.
           “Um…okay,” Barry said.  “You, you ever think that way about me?” he asked.
Meg looked down.  “Sometimes,” she quietly said.
Barry reached out and touched her big cheek.  “Hey,” he said as he tried to lift her head up to face him.  “Ummmffff…” he gasped.
           “You know you aren’t strong enough to do that,” she said, half smiling.  She lifted her head and looked at him.
           “Look.  You, you have been through a lot.  I mean, just last week you were a normal girl with normal problems like paying rent or, or saving up for new shoes.  Now, now you are a muscle bound super woman with the strength and powers of a freaking God.  I mean hell, it was me who even suggested you call yourself Goddess Megan.  Just a few minutes ago, I think I basically agreed to worship you when we got back to the cabin.  You want to know why you felt superior?” he asked.
           “Because I am,” she answered.
           “Right Meg.  Because you now are superior.  In every way I can think of.  You’re the smartest person on the planet.  Not to mention the most muscular and powerful being on Earth,” he said.  “That has to get in your head, so don’t feel bad,” he said, trying to console her.
           “Thanks Barry.  I think I needed to hear that.”
           “You are welcome.  Now, I am not trying to talk you into enslaving the world, but give yourself some slack as you adjust to this new, well, super normal,” he said.
           “Okay.  You know, for a weak little mortal, you are pretty smart,” she said smiling.
           “And for an omnipotent being, you are pretty fucking amazing,” he answered.
           She reached over and gently gave him a hug.
           “Ommfff,” he gasped, the air rushing out of him as her massive arms wrapped around his torso.
           “Sorry,” she said letting go.
           “No…no worries,” he said.  He was pretty sure that was going to leave a series of bruises!
           She returned to her walk towards the cabin.
           “Can I ask you something?” Barry said.
           “Shoot,” she answered.
           “You just defeated the United States army.  Was anything about that even hard?” he asked.
           Meg laughed.  “Not really.  I mean, I hardly felt the bullets and grenades.  I did feel the missiles, kind of like rain drops to a normal person.  To be honest, the hardest part was implanting that thought of retreat in all of those soldiers’ heads without exploding their brains.  That took some concentration, but the rest was pretty easy.  To be honest, it was kinda fun,” she said.
           “Fun?” he said astonished.  “Fucking unreal.”
           The duo reached the cabin.  It sat at an odd angle, with all of the windows blown out.
           “I am guessing my foot stomp did this?” she said.
           “Uh huh. It is a huge mess inside.  I think every wall is cracked.  Not to mention the buckling of the floor.  You owe my uncle Danny a new cabin in the woods,” Barry said.
           “Sorry about that…” she said sheepishly.
           “Ah, no worries.  I never much liked him anyway.  If you still want to hide out, there is a cabin rental place about twenty miles from here.  Pretty remote cabins.  We can set up shop there for a while,” he said.  “Your treat though,” he added.
           “Of course,” she said as they entered the cabin.  Meg found the clothes Barry had purchased and put on another god-awful sweatshirt and sweatpants.  She longed to take a shower, to wash the soot and dirt off of her, but she was pretty sure her stomp had bent the water pipes.  It would have to wait until they got to the new cabin.
           After about twenty minutes, the two went back outside.  “Okay, ready to go?” he asked.
           “Uh huh,” she said.  “Where is this place?” she asked.
           “In a small town call Prestonsburg, about twenty miles east of here,” he said.
           “Okay,” she said as she levitated.
           “Hey, hold up,” Barry said.  “I think a flying girl may get us more attention than we want.  I can drive my uncle’s truck,” he said.  “You can fit in the back and stay covered with that old tarp you wore when you busted up my house,” he said.
           Meg gently landed and looked at the truck.  All the windows were blown out of it as well.
           “What about the windows, seems like that would cause attention,” she said.
           “Maybe.  But I think a flying muscular super girl would cause more.  Hop in Goddess,” he teased.  “Your chariot awaits!”

Chapter 16:  A Change of Scenery and a New Plan Emerges
           Meg sighed as she gently got in the back.  Barry covered her with the tarp and got behind the wheel.  The front of the cabin had become an obstacle course.  It was difficult navigating through chunks of Humvees and weapons.  Not to mention huge foot prints and holes caused by explosions.  Despite the difficulty, Barry managed to get to the main road and take off.
           “Police are on their way, pull off on this side road,” he heard Meg’s voice say in his head.
           “Can you please ask my permission before you talk to me through telepathy?” he said aloud.
           “Can I talk to you through telepathy?” she sarcastically asked.
           “Smartass,” he thought.  “I don’t hear any police, but you are the boss,” he thought as he pulled off on a side road and drove behind some large bushes.  After waiting for ten minutes, Barry was going to say something when suddenly he heard the sirens.  He watched through the bushes as several police cruisers raced towards the cabin.
           “Good call,” he said aloud.
           “Thanks.  Don’t worry; they won’t link it to you.  As they passed, I inserted a thought to block any knowledge of you or me being there,” she thought.
           “Wow,” he said aloud, looking back at the covered up Meg.  “Like a Jedi mind trick,” he thought.
           “These are not the droids you are searching for,” Meg thought to him.  Barry laughed and got back on the road.
           “So, since we both didn’t bring our wallets, this may be a tad tricky,” Barry thought.
           “No problem there.  Just pull up to the rental place.  I will make him think we paid him,” she said.
           Barry sighed.  “I am not sure I like that,” he said.
           “Well, we used up all the cash we found in your uncle’s cabin on food and clothes.  It is either that, or you drive back to your house and get your wallet,” she thought.
           “True,” he said. “Just don’t…don’t cause any permanent damage to the guy okay?  He is just doing his job,” Barry said.
           “I won’t.  Getting pretty good at this telepathy thing,” she responded.
           Barry continued to drive.  Being careful to still watch the road, Barry reached over and grabbed the notebook with the list of names for Meg.
           “Been thinking about that,” he heard her say in his brain.
           “Oh yeah?” he said aloud.  “What did you decide?” he asked.
           “Well, Goddess Megan is a tad presumptuous.  If that military attack taught me something, it is that if you call yourself a God, even if you are one, it scares people.  I think some variation of ‘super’ before my name will work.  And I am now agreeing with you Barry.  I do need some sort of costume I think. People are used to reading comics, seeing those superhero movies.  If I dress myself in something kind of familiar, it might ease my introduction to them,” she thought.
           “Good point,” he said putting the notebook down.  “Hey, we are almost here,” he said as he pulled into the long driveway up to rental place.
           “I know,” she said.  “Been looking through your eyes,” she said nonchalantly.
           “Fuck,” he said.  “You can do that too?”
           “Seems so,” she said.  “Oh, one last thing.  About what you said when I let that agent go,” she beamed telepathically.
           Barry moved around uncomfortably in his seat.  “Um, yeah,” he said.
           “I know you still want to,” she thought.
           “Well, you seemed to want me to.  It, well you know I have a thing for strong women, and watching you dominate that asshole was really…hot,” he said out loud.  He heard giggles in his head.
           “At the time, I did want you to worship me.  I calmed down though on our walk back.  But if you want, we can have some fun with it tonight.  I kinda like it when you call me Goddess,” she thought to him.
           “I don’t need telepathy to know that,” he said as he pulled into the parking place.  “Okay, turn on those super ears of yours.  When he asks for payment, do your thing,” he said as he got out of the car.  “Carefully,” he added.
           “Stop worrying,” she thought to him.
           Barry entered the rental cabin and rang the bell on the desk.  A kindly looking elderly man came from the back.
           “Hello young man, can I help you?” he asked.
           “Damn,” Barry thought.  “I would feel better about this if he was some dickish punk.”
           “Yes, hi.  I, I need a cabin.  A remote one if possible,” he said.
           “Sure.  How long you plan on staying?” he asked.
           “Oh, um, not sure.  Just trying to get away for a few days, maybe do some fishing,” Barry lied.
           “Well, we got a great river for that.  Although, be careful.  Had ourselves an earthquake a few hours ago.  Oddest thing, it was one huge jolt and then nothin’” he said.  “I can see it busted up your truck pretty good.  You okay?” he old man asked.
           “Yes, fine.  Thanks.  Yeah, I, I felt it too.  Broke the windows in my truck is all,” Barry again lied while trying to hide his feelings of amazement from Meg as he realized her foot stomp was felt twenty miles away.
           “Okay, you have paid for four nights.  Appreciate you paying up front,” he said.
           Barry looked back at the truck, knowing he hadn’t paid him anything.  Meg had done her part.
           “Cabin 14.  Just foller' the road down about a mile and take your first left.  Will be the only cabin on that road,” the old man said as he handed him the keys.  Barry took them.
           “Thanks,” he said as he started to walk away.
           “Oh, one last thing young man.  Rumor is you got yourself a very very tiny penis,” he said.
           Barry’s mouth dropped and he was about to respond when he once again heard giggles in his head.
           “Funny,” Barry thought back to Meg.  “Really really funny.”

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