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Chapter 5: Fun with Heavy Things
The cool spring air made Super Megan realize two things. First, she was completely naked. Second, she had forgotten to gather her torn clothes, purse and cell phone which were still inside. She turned to enter the building again when a sound made her stop. They were sirens.

“Damn,” she thought as she realized the guard, while trapped, could still radio for help. Not being used to her new super hearing, it was hard for her to tell if the police were ten miles, or ten feet, away. She knew she could probably get in and out of the building fast enough to avoid them – and even if they did show up while she was in there, Megan was positive she was now strong enough to wipe the floor with them. However, a confrontation was the last thing she wanted, and she for sure didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“No,” she thought as she turned back around. “Best to not chance it,” she thought. If her new super powered body was permanent (and she prayed to God that it was) she would have to come clean at some point.

“Okay, now I just need to find something to cover up with. Where is a circus tent when you need one?” she laughed to herself. Actually, she knew where there was something close. A few miles away was a construction site. She passed it on the way to work every day. Having worked many late nights, she remembered seeing several pieces of equipment covered in tarps. “Those will have to due until I can find something more stylish” the super girl thought.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! She laughed. “Don’t think I will EVER get used to shaking the ground by simply walking!” she said aloud as she headed towards her car and then stopped again. She laughed again. Not only did she not have her keys, but there was another problem. There was no way she would fit inside of it in her current state.

“Oh well, guess I am walking,” she thought as she headed towards the street. Megan had no idea what time it was, but it was late enough to where there was no traffic on the street. She looked around when something caught her eye. She squinted and then gasped.

3:17 she read on the sign…a sign which had to be at least a mile away.

“No fucking way,” Megan gasped as she began to smile as she raised her hand and began to click off her new super powers. “Super muscles, super strength, super hearing, and now, super eyes,” she said. “I now have powers beyond all freaking reason!” she said. “Way fucking cool!”

Excited, Super Megan began walking down the street. Not feeling any exertion, she began a slow jog. She still felt no exertion. “Might as well open her up and see what she can do,” Megan thought as she began to run faster.

BOOM! CRUNCH! BOOM! CRUNCH! Followed her footsteps as she accelerated, her feet digging into the concrete and smashing it to bits. Leaving a wake of huge foot prints in her path, Megan began pouring on the speed. Her eyes quickly adjusted, allowing her to see everything in perfect detail, despite her incredible speed.

Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty miles an hour and counting. In less than one minute, the fastest human ever made it to the construction site. She quickly slowed down; amazed at the ground she had just covered. And further amazed she was not even close to being out of breath.

“Guess we can add super speed to the list,” she thought as she knew she had not even tapped her true speed. Megan walked up to the gate and stopped. There was a large pad lock on it.

She smiled as she grabbed it. ERNG! She easily tore it off. “Pathetic,” she though as she swung the gate opened and walked in. She soon found what she was looking for. Covering a large piece of earth moving equipment was a blue tarp. She ripped it off the machine and wrapped it around her body. Grabbing a chain and easily ripping it off the earth moving machine, Meg wrapped it around her waist and secured the tarp.

Megan looked around. “Hell, while I am here,” she thought as she walked over to the earth moving machine. It was a rather large looking bulldozer and had to weigh several tons. Megan smiled as she grabbed underneath it with one hand.

ERNG! ERNG! She laughed as she realized her fingers were easily digging into the hard metal of the bulldozer. “Fucking shit,” she laughed. “My fingers are running through this steel easier than a knife through peanut butter.” Using her other hand, Megan grabbed underneath the bulldozer. She grinned.

“One, two three!” she said as she raised her arms. SWOOOOSHH! The bulldozer flew at hundreds of miles per hour above her head.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed as she used her super eyes to watch the bulldozer go sailing into orbit. She laughed nervously and looked at her hands. “I wasn’t even trying…” she thought. A huge grin moved over her face. “I gotta see if I have limits!” she thought.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! The Earth trembled under her mighty feet. Megan grabbed a huge steel beam used for construction. It was lighter than air. She held it in front of her and using two hands, she bent it in half.

“Ha!” she laughed realizing she had used no strength at all. ERNG! ERNG! She bent in half again, and again. She delighted as she easily squished her fingers into the steel beam. She got a wild idea.

BOOM! Was heard as she dropped the beam on the ground. Megan raised her foot and placed her toes over the crumpled beam. ERNG! Again, the casual strength of her toes proved to be too much for the steel as she easily dug her super toes into it. She laughed again.

“My freaking toes are stronger than thousands of men!” she said aloud, knowing her toes had to be exerting tons and tons of pressure to bend the steel. The super woman looked around. She saw dump trucks, more bulldozers, cranes and trucks. “I bet if I stacked all of this shit on top of one another, it wouldn’t challenge me!” she said excitedly.

Megan walked over to a flatbed truck loaded down with steel construction beams. She guessed it weighed close to a hundred tons. She extended her pinky and flicked the side of it.

BAM! The truck went flying across the construction site, ripping through the under construction building and flying across the street. Huge construction beams tore off the truck and flew into the buildings surrounding the site, causing massive damage. Megan put her hand over her face and laughed. She should have been concerned about the property damage but she really didn’t care. She heard an odd sound and turned her attention to the under construction building. The workers had finished about ten floors. She heard a rumbling, the bending of metal and then watched as the building collapsed on itself.

“No way….” She said as she looked at her thick pinky finger. Megan surveyed what had just happened. Using only the strength of her pinky, she had demolished the entire construction site.

“I have the strength of millions….” She thought. “No, fuck that…the strength of billions,” she said aloud. A thought entered her head, and she liked it. “I am a freaking Goddess!” she exclaimed, and she was right.

Chapter 6: Big Brother Finds a Mess
The phone rang. It never rang at this time of night unless something bad had happened. Dr. David Forrest picked it up. “Hello,” he said in a groggy voice.

“Dr. Forrest,” a strange voice on the other end said.

“Yes, who, who is calling,” he answered.

“We need you to get down to the lab as soon as possible. There has been….an incident,” the strange voice said and then hung up.

David sat up in his bed. “An incident…” he wondered. “What the fuck does that mean?” he said aloud as he got out of his bed. He didn’t like being kept in the dark.

Agent Stevenson had been with the CIA for more than twenty years. In all of his time, he had never seen a site as the one before him. Having dispatched with the police by telling them there had been an internal explosion which posed no danger, Agent Stevenson looked around. Someone…or something had wasted the first floor of the building. The elevator doors had been ripped off and thrown through the building. The elevator itself was jammed, with some unknown and great force having squeezed the metal brakes causing it to stop.

But that wasn’t the weirdest stuff. The Coke machine looked like it had been hit by a Mack truck. And then there were the footprints.

“Fucking footprints,” he said aloud as he looked on in wonderment. Before him were the largest set of footprints he had ever seen. They traversed the first floor, basement, loading dock in the back and then lead away towards the south.

Trying to keep things to a minimum, Agent Stevenson had only contacted a few of his most trusted agents. They were quietly taking pictures.

“Hello?” a voice said from the front door. Agent Stevenson turned around.

“Dr. David Forrest?” he asked.

“Y..yes,” David said, looking at the damage. “What...what the fuck happened here?” he asked amazed.

“I am agent Stevenson,” he said as he extended his hand.

David shook it. “Agent…what…has happened...” he gasped.

“That is what we are trying to find out Doctor. Although, I think you and I have a pretty good idea,” he said.

David looked around again. “I, I have….” and then his voice trailed off. He looked at Agent Stevenson.

“You, you know about Project G.O.D. don’t you,” he said.

“Yes Doctor I do. And if you will come with me, I believe your project has gone active. Very very active.”

David followed Agent Stevenson to the basement. He looked down with awe at the huge footprints which lead away from there. The two entered into the testing room.

“I will need to access Melvin,” David said as he walked over to the terminal and saw the smashed keyboard.

“No need Doctor. I already have. Looks like you authorized all of this,” he said.

“Me?” he said amazed. “I, I wasn’t even here after six!” he exclaimed.

“Really? Well earlier this evening, from your terminal, you transferred all of the data on Project G.O.D. to another terminal,” the agent said. “Melvin, please explain to the Doctor.”

“Yes Agent Stevenson,” Melvin said.

“Now just wait a god damned minute!” David yelled. “How are you accessing my super computer, only I and…” he didn’t finish.

“Calm yourself Doctor. The CIA leaves nothing to chance. Now, Melvin, continue,” he said.

“At 7:41 you accessed all data on Project G.O.D. At 7:54 you transferred all data on Project G.O.D. to terminal 27,” Melvin said.

“Terminal 27…” David pondered. “That, that is Meg’s station,” he said.

“Yes Dr. Forrest, it is. From that terminal, you solved the Project G.O.D. dilemma of subject termination. You then initiated human testing.”

“Hu…human testing?” David gasped as he sat down on the metal table in the room. “Melvin, who, no, did I initiate this test using voice or input control?” he asked.

“Input control Dr. Forrest,” Melvin said.

David jumped up. “There!” he exclaimed. “Right there. Whoever did this knew Melvin would not recognize their voice so they used input control. Why on Earth would I do that when I could simply speak the commands Agent Stevenson?” he asked.

Agent Stevenson looked at him blankly.

“Look,” David said as he walked around the room, careful not to trip over the huge footprints. “Check the security cameras. I wasn’t even here!” he said.

“We tried. Whoever did this destroyed the security server,” Agent Stevenson said.

“Destroyed it? It was behind a steel door!” he exclaimed.

“Yes. And your test subject ripped it apart like it was made of butter,” the agent replied.

David once again sat on the table. “Melvin, who was the test subject?” he asked.

“Unknown,” Melvin said.

David looked at Agent Stevenson. “You are with the CIA, surely you know something!” he said.

“Not yet. Look Doctor, I believe you when you say it was not you. Besides, we know you were out with a young lady tonight, and I have agents talking to her now. But what we need to do is find out who this was, and find a way to stop them,” he said.

“Right…” David answered when it came to him. “Meg!” he said. “Meg, the, the girl whose terminal all Project G.O.D. data was transferred to. She might know something! She, I had asked her to work late. Maybe she was here when this occurred?” he asked.

“We are on that as well Doctor. I have agents on route to her apartment as we speak,” he said.

The two were interrupted by another agent. “Agent Stevenson, we found this,” he said. He handed him a purse and cell phone. “They belong to that Meg girl,” the agent said. “Her car is also still in the parking lot.”

“Thank you,” Agent Stevenson said. He looked on the ground and picked up the tattered remains of a pair of shoes.

“You know who these belong to Doctor?” he asked.

“,” he said. “But, they...they look like female shoes.”

“Yes Doctor they do. I wonder why this Meg would leave her purse, cell phone and car here?” he asked.

The Doctor gulped. “You…you don’t think Megan did this do you?” he asked.

“Right now Doctor, I don’t know what to think. What I know, is that there is some person out there with strength beyond that of any person alive. And we need to find them,” he said as he pulled out his cell phone and left the room.

David put his hand over his mouth. “Holy shit!” he thought. “The project worked!” He turned to Melvin.

“Melvin, please give me a run down on how the test subject was improved,” he said.

“Calculating,” Melvin said. A few seconds later, Melvin responded.

“Strength increased by a factor of 100 to the 10th power; Eyesight improved by ten thousand percent; hearing improved by ten thousand percent; intelligence improved by a factor of 4; muscle and bone density improved by 100 to the 10th power,” Melvin said nonchalantly.

The Doctor looked at the readout in amazement. “M…Melvin, just how many pounds can test subject lift,” he asked.

“1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.” Melvin responded.

The Doctor gulped. “Melvin, is test subject now…invulnerable,” he asked.

“Affirmative,” Melvin said. “Bone and muscle density allow for invulnerability.”

David fell to his knees. The project had worked alright, worked all too well. And now he was responsible for creating an unstoppable juggernaut. He had to fix this problem.

“Melvin,” he said, voice shaking. “Begin new project. Please,” he gulped. “Please begin calculations, for a method of neutralizing the test subject,” he said.

“Calculating,” Melvin coldly answered.

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  1. Heheh, and now the fun begins.

  2. It does! So I thought I would ask for some feedback. Do you all want to see meg use her super powers to take over the world OR to help people? Not sure which way I am going to take it but wanted your alls thoughts. Hope you all continue to like the story! Again thanks meg for posting!!

  3. I say she makes the world worship and kiss her feet. But that is just my two cents. What say you meg? Feel like having the planet bow to you & kiss your feet as a goddess?

  4. ... but they already do lol. I've done stories both ways, am curious to what all you lovelies out there want.

  5. How much time can you devote to the story? Do you need a fairly quick conclusion?

    If not, this might be a path to pursue.

    Often these stories start out with the superhuman corrupted by power, and then learning to help people.

    But why not the reverse?

    You could start with her helping the world. Building scientific research, a business empire, then medical research.

    She finds a way to enhance herself, and also ordinary people. Perhaps she enhances a small group of enhanced followers, maybe old friends and colleagues, enhanced people who are her agents in managing and controlling the world?

    But she is enhanced more, the distance between her and humanity lengthens. The distance between her and her enhanced followers lengthens. Eventually she looses her ability to sympathize with humans, she looses her attraction to humans, and she goes off into the universe as a new god.

    Rather than physical strength, I see intelligence and the powers of observation and persuasion (and perhaps other mental powers) as the key to godhood.

    Personally I'd also avoid giantism, because unfortunately for giants, sexiness and guile become impossible past a certain point. Enhance her looks, but keep her superficially human looking.

    Those are just my thoughts, for anyone to use or discard.

    - Keith

  6. By the way, Barry, I'm very happy with the story so far. I'm certain I'll love whatever you choose to write next.

  7. Lester and Keith, thanks so much for your feedback! To answer Keith, I can devote time to the story so long as 1) it doesn't get boring or old and 2) meg still is enjoying it. Also Keith, your blueprint is great and that is where I was sorta thinking of taking it. You will see Meg developes other powers as well and certainly becomes a goddess (don't worry Lester, as powerful as Meg is in the story, I am sure some people will worship at her mighty feet :). I have written chapter 7 and am working on 8 and hope to get those to Meg. As always, please keep giving feedback (good or bad). I want to write a great story about Meg that we can all enjoy!

  8. Much appreciated Barry. Perhaps you can write me in as the one worshipping at Goddess Meg's feet? Regardless keep up the good work. Enjoying it thus far.

  9. Ha! Thanks Lester. I will see what I can do. Who knows, maybe I will join you!!

  10. So Meg. What do you think of this story so far? Haven't heard your opinion yet. You like being so powerful? You want more power? Just curious as to your thoughts.

    1. I really love it and can't wait to see where he takes me. Barry sent in the next few chapters and will be posting soon so stay tuned for more Super Megan!!

  11. Glad to hear he sent in more chapters. Here is to hoping he made you even more powerful Super Megan! So Meg, if you really had the strength and powers you have in the story, how would you use it?

    1. Hard to say since I don't have any world domination ambition. Probably just keep all world powers in check (and maybe a couple sexy man servants to tend to my every need).

      Lol, that's all I need

    2. You taking applications Super Meg? Would love to be your male servant, serving you at your mighty feet! I say sign my ass up!
      So, if I were your servant, what would you call me? What would you have me do?

    3. You got room for one more? You got two feet. One for each of us to kiss and worship. Sound good to you?

  12. Thanks for the kind words Super Megan! Hope you (and everyone else) like the new chapters when posted. Also, like your new profile pic Meg. You look like the super woman we all know you are! I can't wait to see how super you become either!

  13. Interesting site and story. however, her strength level is a tad absurd. even superman, if you look it up, wasn't as strong as the lady in this story. and superman is the most powerful being as far as i know. just saying, would be more realistic if you toned down her strength a tad. not trying to be critical, but you asked for feedback. oh, and i don't think she should be goddess. seems weird that meg seems to think she is on this site. just saying.

    1. This isn't a blog for you if you're looking for realism... just saying.

    2. I appreciate the feedback Super Dude, but I think Meg is right. A blog about a girl wanting to have huge muscles and beyond super strength isn't really for those who want to read about realism. And I will let Meg speak for herself, but I really don't think she considers herself a freaking Goddess. It is just the rest of us that do :) A little pretend never hurt anyone! But I do appreciate you reading the story and giving me your thoughts.

    3. no problem barry. was not trying to be rude meg but message received. i guess it takes all kinds and if you get off by the fake 'worship' of your readers more power to you. just don't count me as one now. especially since you can't take criticism. and i am just saying.

    4. Will you please put this dude in his place Meg? He would be so lucky to worship your power. Jealousy isn't very becoming Super Dude.

    5. i put a comment here last night. did you remove it? again, can't seem to take criticism can you? and lester, fight your own battles man. stop cowering at this girl's feet, begging to be her slave.

    6. Excuse the language Meg, but fuck you Super Dude. Who are you to judge me or worse yet Meg? I think this website is great and it let's those of us who find female muscles and super strength hot a place to go. If its not your thing then leave. No one gives a shit about your opinions.

      Now, getting back to the fun. You didn't answer my questions Super Meg. If I were your male servant, what would you have me do?

  14. Got to say, I agree with Lester. This is a fantasy blog Super Dude. If it isn't your thing, move on. You are lucky Meg is taking the high road with you. Otherwise she would use her super strength to mop the floor with you! Again...a fantasy blog...get it? Probably best if you find someplace else to post.

  15. All negative comments stop now. I don't pick fights or allow them on my blog.

  16. Yes ma'am! Let's keep it positive! Anyway, I am not foolish enough to argue with someone as powerful as you Super Meg ;)

    Thanks again for posting the next part of the story!

  17. Sorry Meg. Shouldn't have taken the bait. Will be positive from now on, I promise! Have a great weekend Super Meg!

    Your humble servant,