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Fresh Look

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How do like my latest "look" from Mav. Fresh & clean with super powerful muscles. These arms are to-die-for!!

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Super Megan

muscle morph
Here's a great image to go with the Super Megan and Project G.O.D. story. Barry writes incredible stories, Mav creates incredible morphs.

Now don't look up my skirt :)


Story by Barry | Previous Chapter

Chapter 17: Agent Stephenson Has G.O.D. Like Plans

            BANG!  Dr. Forrest’s door violently flew open.
            “What the….” he said as he got out of his chair and walked to the door.
            A filthy and bloodied Agent John Stevenson entered the office and punched David in the nose.
            “You realize what that fucking bitch made me do?” he roared at David, who was on the floor, nose bleeding.
            “I tried to warn you Agent, but you wouldn’t listen.  I told you your guns and weapons wouldn’t have any effect on her.  Do you realize what being sextillion times stronger than anyone else means?” he said as he slowly got off the floor, grabbing his nose.
            “Tossing around Humvees like toys is nothing to her now.  You listen to me when I say this Agent, and hopefully it will get through your thick skull.  Meg has enough strength to lift the moon,” he said.  “Did you hear what I just said?” he asked again angrily.  “The fucking moon!”
            Agent John Stevenson slipped down and sat on the couch in the office.
            “I can believe it,” he said as he dug into his pocket and got out a handkerchief.  “Here,” he said handing it to David.  David took it.
            “Sorry about the nose,” John said.
            “It’s fine,” David said.  “I watched the satellite video.  I did see what she made you do,” he said.
            John sat up, getting ready to say something when David interrupted.
            “Don’t worry John; I was the only one watching it.  No one saw you, well, you know,” he said.  “Your pride remains intact,” he added.
            “Good,” John said as he leaned back.  “Until that fucking Barry guy interrupted, my sound machine was neutralizing her,” he said.
            “Yes it was.  But now that she knows you have it, she is smart enough to find a way to defend against it Agent,” David said.  “Don’t forget.  Brawn AND brains,” he said.  “Anyway, the attack wasn’t totally worthless.  We did learn some things,” David said.
            “Like what?” John asked.
            “Well for starters, we know she can move things with her mind.  That is how she flies.  And that is how she lifted those Humvees into the air.  We know she is invulnerable,” he said.
            “She can also insert thoughts into people’s minds.  Saw that for myself.  She made my soldiers retreat,” John said.
            “Astonishing,” David said.  “Most important though,” he said as he got up and removed the handkerchief from his nose.  “We realized that, right now, she is not the threat you think she is,” he said.
            John stood up.  “How can you even fucking say that?  She destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment.  She mentally tortured my men.  She made me…fuck, I can’t even fucking say it!” he exclaimed.
            “All of that is true Agent but just think it through.  With all of her amazing powers and abilities, she went out of her way to not kill anyone,” David said.  “She really may be a Goddess now Agent, but she seems to be a very kind one.”
            “You listen to me Doctor.  I worship only one God, and it is not this flying bimbo.  Kind or not, she has way too much power for one person.  We have to even the odds.  We have to enhance someone to face her,” he said.
            David turned and walked back over to his desk and sat down.  “Agent, we have discussed this.  I simply can’t allow someone else to go through the project.  It is too dangerous,” he said.
            John stepped up to the desk.  “Doctor, you no longer have a choice,” he said as five armed men filled the room.
            “What the fuck are you doing?” David yelled.  “This is a civilian operation.  You can’t just come in here and take over!”
            “Watch me,” he said.  “Secure the Doctor.  Get the chemicals ready for implantation of the project,” he ordered.
            “You will lose control of this Agent.  Trust me.  Don’t do this,” David begged.
            “Too late,” John said as he pistol whipped David across the face, knocking him out.  “I have been wanting to do that for a while, Doctor,” he said as he left the room for the basement and a meeting with Project G.O.D.

Chapter 18: Super Meg Gets a Name, and a Costume

            Barry and Meg entered the cabin.
            “You want to grab the first shower?” he asked.
            “No, you go ahead.  I will use up all the hot water,” she said as she put their things down and looked around.  The cabin was small with the kitchen, eating area and den basically one room.  There was a small loft upstairs and a master bedroom with attached bathroom.
            “Cozy,” she thought as she heard Barry get in the shower.  She gently sat down on the couch, it groaning under her muscled weight and turned on the TV.
            “We have breaking news.  A military operation gone wrong.  CNN has learned that a pre-planned military training exercise got out of control when several rogue members of the military used live rounds in a remote part of upstate California today.  We so far have no reports of casualties.  Check out these live pictures we are now just getting in,” the anchor said.
            Meg smiled as she saw the carnage she had caused.  “So that is how they are spinning it,” she said.
            “Spinning what?” Barry asked as he came into the den, dressed but still drying his hair.
            “What happened today.  Won’t be too long before they link those big foot prints at your uncle’s cabin to the ones at that construction site.  Sooner or later, it will get out that a human being is doing all this damage.  I need to get out in front of this thing, sooner rather than later,” she said.
            “Okay.  You want to go public now?” he asked.
            “What?  In a Pepsi cola sweatshirt and busted up brown sweatpants?  No,” she said.  “I still need a costume,” she added as she got up and headed to the shower.
            “A costume,” Barry thought smiling.
            Meg put the shower on HOT as far as it would go and squeezed into it.  The water, which would have burned anyone else, felt only slightly warm to her.  She began scrubbing her massive muscles with soap and water, rinsing off the soot and dirt from the attack.  She had to admit, feeling her muscles was a turn on.  Never in her wildest dreams had she EVER thought she would have such huge and powerful muscles.  Everywhere she looked, thick, sexy female muscles exploded from her frame.  She flexed her right bicep and a beach ball rose from her arm.  She smiled as she used the small in comparison washcloth to rinse it off.
            Meg closed her eyes and thought about the day.  She had just defeated the military with the ease of opening a soda can.  God, she was SO POWERFUL! Meg’s hand slowly slinked down between her legs.  The events of the day on top of feeling her own massive muscles were getting to her.  Suddenly a voice entered her head.
            “You get too excited and you could crack open the Earth,” she heard herself think.
            Meg opened her eyes and sighed.  “Being super has some disadvantages,” she thought as she continued to wash off. After twenty minutes she turned off the water and got out of the shower.  Using four towels, she began drying herself off.  She squeezed back into her awful clothes and opened the bathroom door.
            Barry was sitting on the bed, smiling.
            “What are you grinning about?” she asked.
            “Your costume Goddess,” he said as he took some papers from behind his back.  “While we were at the cabin, I got online and did some research.  I knew you weren’t real excited about having a costume, but I wanted to just see what is out there,” he said handing her the papers.
            Meg quickly scanned them.  “Bulletproof clothing?” she asked and the smiled.  “Ah, I see.  So if I do get shot up like today, they won’t just disintegrate, right?” she said.
            “You got it.  Look, they have jackets, shirts, even pants.  I figure we order some and you can use that super strength of your to mold it into a costume,” he said.
            “Good thinking Barry,” she said and then frowned.  “Says here it takes ten business days to be delivered.  I don’t want to wait that long,” she said.
            “Oh,” Barry said as he took the sheet.  “I didn’t read that part.  Well, says here they have a store up in Oregon.  That isn’t that far, we could just drive up and….”
            WHOOOSH! Was heard, knocking Barry down on to the bed.  Meg had disappeared.
            In a blink of an eye, Super Meg was hovering over the store in Oregon.  Using her mental prowess, she detected two customers and three sales persons.  Meg closes her eyes and concentrated.
            “Customers, leave,” she thought.  She smiled as the two customers walked out.
            “Manager, close the store and tell your employees to go home.”
            “Okay guys, closing early today.  Pack it up and see you tomorrow,” she heard the manager say.  Meg giggled as she watched the employees get in their cars and drive away.  She quickly descended and easily broke open the front door.  Taking a bag from behind the desk, the super human went shopping.
            Barry sat up and scratched his head.  “Meg?” he said aloud as he got up and looked around the cabin.  “Where did she….”
            WHOOOSH! He once again found himself on the ground looking up at Meg.  She was holding several bags.
            “Hiya Barry, what you doing down there?” she laughed.
            He got up.  “Where did you…” he looked at the bags and shot her a look.  “Oh, I see.  You flew up to the store and stole that stuff didn’t you?” he said.
            She frowned.  “So moral,” she said.  “What is the point of being omnipotent if I can’t take what I want from time to time?  Anyway, it is for a greater good,” she said walking into the bedroom.
            Barry followed.  “Meg, just because you can bench press a planet doesn’t mean you are above the law,” he said.
            She laughed.  “Really?” she said flexing her left bicep.
            He gulped in, mesmerized by the sheer size of her mighty and beefy bicep.
            “If it makes you feel any better, after I go public I will go back to the store and make it right.  Deal?” she said still flexing.  “Or do you want to try and make me pay for it now little man?” she asked with a coy smile.
            “N…no.  I, you would mop the floor with me with your pinky toe,” he said.
            “No doubt!” she said.  “Now, go into the den.  I am going to get to work and want it to be a surprise,” she said.
            “Yes Goddess,” he said as he closed the bedroom door and went into the den.
            Meg looked at the material.  She had grabbed several dark red jackets, several white and black long sleeved shirts, several pairs of black pants.
            “Let’s see if this works,” she thought as she closed her eyes.  Once again calling on her mental powers, she thought of reworking the material into the costume in her mind.  For the first time, she was having difficulty with the task.
            “Ung,” she gasped.  “Apparently altering matter is tough,” she thought.  Slowly, the material in front of her began to buzz.  She was doing it!  She was altering matter!
            “Fucking cool!” she said aloud as the material began to take shape.
            Barry heard the bedroom door open.  He sat up on the couch.
            “Wow…” he said as the muscled vision walked into the den.  Before him was Meg, only now she truly looked like the super heroine she had longed to be.
            She had somehow molded the black material into boots which went up almost to her massive knees.  Her calves bulged out, straining the material.  She was wearing what could only be described as a white one piece bathing suit which showed off her massive legs.  Across her belt line was a dark red belt.  She had a black cape hanging from her back.  Accross her chest in a darker red was SW.
        Barry slowly stood up and walked up to Meg.
            “I fucking love it!” he said.  He looked to the SW which was eye level with him.
            “SW?” he asked.
            Meg put her hands on her hips and hit a power pose.  “SUPER WOMAN!” she exclaimed.
            “Super Woman…” he repeated.  “Fitting,” he said in amazement.

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Story by Barry | Previous Chapter

Chapter 15: The Aftermath
           “Fucking shit, what a fucking rush!” the most powerful being on Earth said as she pounded her way back to the cabin.  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!
“Barry, thanks again for….” She didn’t finish.  “Barry?” she asked as he was not walking along her side.  She looked back and laughed.  Barry was behind her, several yards behind her.  He was getting up, having tripped and fell over one of the large foot shaped divots Meg was leaving in the ground.
           “You okay?” she asked smiling.  “What are you doing back there?” she asked.
           Barry got to his feet.  “What am I doing back here?” he repeated.  “Trying to keep up.  You’re so freaking big now that one of your strides is like three or four of mine so I basically have to run to keep up with you.  Second, it is kinda hard to maintain balance with your foot quakes shaking the ground every time you walk.  Third, well, I am still learning to navigate around your massive footprints in the ground.  I tripped and fell into one,” he said.
           Meg roared with laughter.  “Is this better?” she asked looking at him.
           “Whoa!” Barry exclaimed as he slowly levitated into the air and moved to Meg’s side.  She began walking again, with Barry floating at her side.
           “Thanks,” he said, still getting used to the unfamiliar feeling of flying.
           “No prob,” she said.  “Anyway, like I was saying, thanks again for coming to my aid.  I don’t know if I could have taken much more of that awful sound,” she said.
           “You’re welcome Goddess Meg,” he said.  She smiled.
           “Yeah, about that.  I, I don’t know what came over me.  After I crushed that device, all I could think about was making that little man cower and grovel before my power,” she said.
           “Saw that,” Barry answered.  “And where did the kissing your foot come from?” he asked.
           Meg shrugged, slightly embarrassed.  “I really don’t know.  Seemed like the ultimate show of respect or, in his case, humiliation.  To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking of him as being human.  I looked at him, more, more like, like…”
           “Like what?” Barry asked.  “Use some of that massive intelligence of yours pick some words,” he teased.
           “Funny,” she said as she thought about raising him much higher.
           “Whoa….shit!” Barry exclaimed as he raced up sixty feet into the air.
           “Meg put me down!  Put me down!” he screamed.
           Meg laughed as he slowly came back to his original floating position.  “Don’t make fun of a Goddess Barry,” she teased.
           Barry gulped.  “Lesson learned,” he said.  “Now, you were saying,” he said.
           “Right.  The only way I can explain it, is he felt more like a disobedient pet to me.  Something I, well, I owned.”
           Barry gulped again.  “Owned?” he repeated.  “Okay, I, I guess I can see that.  He had just tried to kill you, you were really pissed, you have, have unlimited power.  I, I can see thinking that in that instance,” he said.
           Meg stopped and faced her floating friend, who was now eye level with her height.  “It wasn’t just him Barry.  The soldier, the one I searched his brain to find out about that agent.  It happened then to. I felt total and utter superiority over him.  I had to fight the urge to make him cower at my feet,” she said.
           “Um…okay,” Barry said.  “You, you ever think that way about me?” he asked.
Meg looked down.  “Sometimes,” she quietly said.
Barry reached out and touched her big cheek.  “Hey,” he said as he tried to lift her head up to face him.  “Ummmffff…” he gasped.
           “You know you aren’t strong enough to do that,” she said, half smiling.  She lifted her head and looked at him.
           “Look.  You, you have been through a lot.  I mean, just last week you were a normal girl with normal problems like paying rent or, or saving up for new shoes.  Now, now you are a muscle bound super woman with the strength and powers of a freaking God.  I mean hell, it was me who even suggested you call yourself Goddess Megan.  Just a few minutes ago, I think I basically agreed to worship you when we got back to the cabin.  You want to know why you felt superior?” he asked.
           “Because I am,” she answered.
           “Right Meg.  Because you now are superior.  In every way I can think of.  You’re the smartest person on the planet.  Not to mention the most muscular and powerful being on Earth,” he said.  “That has to get in your head, so don’t feel bad,” he said, trying to console her.
           “Thanks Barry.  I think I needed to hear that.”
           “You are welcome.  Now, I am not trying to talk you into enslaving the world, but give yourself some slack as you adjust to this new, well, super normal,” he said.
           “Okay.  You know, for a weak little mortal, you are pretty smart,” she said smiling.
           “And for an omnipotent being, you are pretty fucking amazing,” he answered.
           She reached over and gently gave him a hug.
           “Ommfff,” he gasped, the air rushing out of him as her massive arms wrapped around his torso.
           “Sorry,” she said letting go.
           “No…no worries,” he said.  He was pretty sure that was going to leave a series of bruises!
           She returned to her walk towards the cabin.
           “Can I ask you something?” Barry said.
           “Shoot,” she answered.
           “You just defeated the United States army.  Was anything about that even hard?” he asked.
           Meg laughed.  “Not really.  I mean, I hardly felt the bullets and grenades.  I did feel the missiles, kind of like rain drops to a normal person.  To be honest, the hardest part was implanting that thought of retreat in all of those soldiers’ heads without exploding their brains.  That took some concentration, but the rest was pretty easy.  To be honest, it was kinda fun,” she said.
           “Fun?” he said astonished.  “Fucking unreal.”
           The duo reached the cabin.  It sat at an odd angle, with all of the windows blown out.
           “I am guessing my foot stomp did this?” she said.
           “Uh huh. It is a huge mess inside.  I think every wall is cracked.  Not to mention the buckling of the floor.  You owe my uncle Danny a new cabin in the woods,” Barry said.
           “Sorry about that…” she said sheepishly.
           “Ah, no worries.  I never much liked him anyway.  If you still want to hide out, there is a cabin rental place about twenty miles from here.  Pretty remote cabins.  We can set up shop there for a while,” he said.  “Your treat though,” he added.
           “Of course,” she said as they entered the cabin.  Meg found the clothes Barry had purchased and put on another god-awful sweatshirt and sweatpants.  She longed to take a shower, to wash the soot and dirt off of her, but she was pretty sure her stomp had bent the water pipes.  It would have to wait until they got to the new cabin.
           After about twenty minutes, the two went back outside.  “Okay, ready to go?” he asked.
           “Uh huh,” she said.  “Where is this place?” she asked.
           “In a small town call Prestonsburg, about twenty miles east of here,” he said.
           “Okay,” she said as she levitated.
           “Hey, hold up,” Barry said.  “I think a flying girl may get us more attention than we want.  I can drive my uncle’s truck,” he said.  “You can fit in the back and stay covered with that old tarp you wore when you busted up my house,” he said.
           Meg gently landed and looked at the truck.  All the windows were blown out of it as well.
           “What about the windows, seems like that would cause attention,” she said.
           “Maybe.  But I think a flying muscular super girl would cause more.  Hop in Goddess,” he teased.  “Your chariot awaits!”

Chapter 16:  A Change of Scenery and a New Plan Emerges
           Meg sighed as she gently got in the back.  Barry covered her with the tarp and got behind the wheel.  The front of the cabin had become an obstacle course.  It was difficult navigating through chunks of Humvees and weapons.  Not to mention huge foot prints and holes caused by explosions.  Despite the difficulty, Barry managed to get to the main road and take off.
           “Police are on their way, pull off on this side road,” he heard Meg’s voice say in his head.
           “Can you please ask my permission before you talk to me through telepathy?” he said aloud.
           “Can I talk to you through telepathy?” she sarcastically asked.
           “Smartass,” he thought.  “I don’t hear any police, but you are the boss,” he thought as he pulled off on a side road and drove behind some large bushes.  After waiting for ten minutes, Barry was going to say something when suddenly he heard the sirens.  He watched through the bushes as several police cruisers raced towards the cabin.
           “Good call,” he said aloud.
           “Thanks.  Don’t worry; they won’t link it to you.  As they passed, I inserted a thought to block any knowledge of you or me being there,” she thought.
           “Wow,” he said aloud, looking back at the covered up Meg.  “Like a Jedi mind trick,” he thought.
           “These are not the droids you are searching for,” Meg thought to him.  Barry laughed and got back on the road.
           “So, since we both didn’t bring our wallets, this may be a tad tricky,” Barry thought.
           “No problem there.  Just pull up to the rental place.  I will make him think we paid him,” she said.
           Barry sighed.  “I am not sure I like that,” he said.
           “Well, we used up all the cash we found in your uncle’s cabin on food and clothes.  It is either that, or you drive back to your house and get your wallet,” she thought.
           “True,” he said. “Just don’t…don’t cause any permanent damage to the guy okay?  He is just doing his job,” Barry said.
           “I won’t.  Getting pretty good at this telepathy thing,” she responded.
           Barry continued to drive.  Being careful to still watch the road, Barry reached over and grabbed the notebook with the list of names for Meg.
           “Been thinking about that,” he heard her say in his brain.
           “Oh yeah?” he said aloud.  “What did you decide?” he asked.
           “Well, Goddess Megan is a tad presumptuous.  If that military attack taught me something, it is that if you call yourself a God, even if you are one, it scares people.  I think some variation of ‘super’ before my name will work.  And I am now agreeing with you Barry.  I do need some sort of costume I think. People are used to reading comics, seeing those superhero movies.  If I dress myself in something kind of familiar, it might ease my introduction to them,” she thought.
           “Good point,” he said putting the notebook down.  “Hey, we are almost here,” he said as he pulled into the long driveway up to rental place.
           “I know,” she said.  “Been looking through your eyes,” she said nonchalantly.
           “Fuck,” he said.  “You can do that too?”
           “Seems so,” she said.  “Oh, one last thing.  About what you said when I let that agent go,” she beamed telepathically.
           Barry moved around uncomfortably in his seat.  “Um, yeah,” he said.
           “I know you still want to,” she thought.
           “Well, you seemed to want me to.  It, well you know I have a thing for strong women, and watching you dominate that asshole was really…hot,” he said out loud.  He heard giggles in his head.
           “At the time, I did want you to worship me.  I calmed down though on our walk back.  But if you want, we can have some fun with it tonight.  I kinda like it when you call me Goddess,” she thought to him.
           “I don’t need telepathy to know that,” he said as he pulled into the parking place.  “Okay, turn on those super ears of yours.  When he asks for payment, do your thing,” he said as he got out of the car.  “Carefully,” he added.
           “Stop worrying,” she thought to him.
           Barry entered the rental cabin and rang the bell on the desk.  A kindly looking elderly man came from the back.
           “Hello young man, can I help you?” he asked.
           “Damn,” Barry thought.  “I would feel better about this if he was some dickish punk.”
           “Yes, hi.  I, I need a cabin.  A remote one if possible,” he said.
           “Sure.  How long you plan on staying?” he asked.
           “Oh, um, not sure.  Just trying to get away for a few days, maybe do some fishing,” Barry lied.
           “Well, we got a great river for that.  Although, be careful.  Had ourselves an earthquake a few hours ago.  Oddest thing, it was one huge jolt and then nothin’” he said.  “I can see it busted up your truck pretty good.  You okay?” he old man asked.
           “Yes, fine.  Thanks.  Yeah, I, I felt it too.  Broke the windows in my truck is all,” Barry again lied while trying to hide his feelings of amazement from Meg as he realized her foot stomp was felt twenty miles away.
           “Okay, you have paid for four nights.  Appreciate you paying up front,” he said.
           Barry looked back at the truck, knowing he hadn’t paid him anything.  Meg had done her part.
           “Cabin 14.  Just foller' the road down about a mile and take your first left.  Will be the only cabin on that road,” the old man said as he handed him the keys.  Barry took them.
           “Thanks,” he said as he started to walk away.
           “Oh, one last thing young man.  Rumor is you got yourself a very very tiny penis,” he said.
           Barry’s mouth dropped and he was about to respond when he once again heard giggles in his head.
           “Funny,” Barry thought back to Meg.  “Really really funny.”

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Story by Barry | Previous Chapter

Chapter 13:    Big Brother, We Have a Problem
            David Forrest heard the CB go dead.  “She is calling herself a Goddess,” he thought.  The attack had the exact affect he thought it would.  It had been less than useless against her massive power.  He took a slow drink of water and set the glass back down on the desk.  “After she finishes with Agent Stevenson,” he whispered.  “She is coming for me.”  David turned to his computer.
            “Melvin,” he said.  “Use all available memory necessary to figure out a way to stop Meg,” he said.
            “I am currently working on 579 projects.  Would you like me to suspend that work Doctor,” Melvin said.
            “Yes God damnit, suspend that work.  She is coming for me Melvin, and I don’t have much time,” David fearfully said.

Chapter 14:    Agent Stevenson Gets Humiliated
            Meg found herself naked and outside again.  Only this time, she was holding a terrified man in her grasp.
            “I am not done with you by a long shot John,” the Goddess said as she used her mental powers to rip off a piece of metal from the jeep.  It slowly wrapped around John.  She dropped him to the ground.
            Meg turned her attention to the remaining troops.  Some were still hiding; others were picking up their weapons.  Meg closed her eyes and began to get into each of their heads.
            “You do not want to attack me.  In fact, you will forget this day ever occurred.  You will forget me.  You will go back to your bases, now,” she thought.
            John looked at his soldiers as they all put their guns on the ground and slowly began walking down the road.
            “Where the fuck are you going?” he yelled. “Get back here, get back here now damnit!  That is a fucking order!” he screamed.  He looked up at Meg.
            “What…what did you do?” he asked.
            “Who me?” she said pointing her finger at herself and grinning.  “Oh nothing really.  I just got into their brains and told them they didn’t need to fight me, to forget this day ever occurred, and for them to go back to their base.  They are just following orders John…MY orders,” she said flexing a massive bicep.
            John was flabbergasted.  “You…you can fucking do that?” he gasped.
            “Uh huh,” she said confidently.  “Well, before just now I knew I could read minds.  This was the first time I actually planted a command into someone’s brain.  Wasn’t sure it would work but, as you can see,” she said pointing to the zombie-like soldiers walking away, “It worked.”
            BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Meg walked back over to John.  “So, your little attack, pretty ineffective huh?” she asked.
            He looked away from the muscle covered marvel.  “Yes,” he said.
            “What in the hell were you thinking?  You really think your puny guns, grenades and missiles had a hope in hell against my power?” she asked.
            “I, I had no way of knowing it would be so, so ineffective,” he said.
            “Really?” she laughed.  “You already knew I was super strong and probably invulnerable.  Pretty stupid mistake on your part John,” she said.  “Lucky I am a forgiving Goddess and didn’t kill any of your pathetic little troops,” she said.  “In fact, I think you should apologize to me for the attack,” she said.
            Barry was watching what was going on.  Meg’s attitude had certainly changed.  The mere fact she was referring to herself as “Goddess Megan” was testament to that.
            “Hey Meg, maybe we should just let him go and get back to the…”
            “Silence mortal!” she said pointing at him.  She returned her attention to John.
            “So,” she said.
            John gulped in hard.  The last thing in the world he wanted to do was apologize to abomination.
            Meg sighed.  “I see, too proud huh?” she said looking down at him.  “I don’t think you fully grasp my power John,” she said as she began walking around, the Earth shaking. She stopped in front of his jeep and easily lifted it up.  She walked back and stood in front of the still restrained Agent Stevenson.
            “You have no idea how easy this is for me John.  This jeep is less than weightless to me,” she said.  Meg then readjusted her grip so she was holding either side of the jeep.
            ERNG! She easily crushed the jeep, parts of it flying off, barely missing the seated and restrained John.
            “I didn’t even feel that,” she said as she tossed the remains of the jeep in the air.  She brought her left foot back.  BOOM! She kicked the jeep like a football.  The sound wave from the impact blew John head over heels and made Barry loose his balance and fall down.
            Meg turned her attention back to John.  “Just so you know, I barely kicked that thing and it just left Earth orbit,” she proudly said.  “Now, that apology?”
            Using all his strength, John sat back up and looked at Meg.  He had no choice.  She could crush him easier than he crushed an ant.  He had to get out of this alive, live to fight another day.
            He looked down.
            “No, look at me,” she commanded.
            He looked up at the naked muscle maiden.  “I, I am sorry,” he said.
            Meg smiled.  “Beg my forgiveness,” she commanded.
            “What?  I, I said I was…” he stopped talking as he saw her smile turn into a scowl.  She hit a full body flex.
            “Fuck,” he said staring at her expanding muscles.  He cleared his throat.  “I, I beg your forgiveness,” he said.  “I am sorry I attacked you.”
            “Say it again,” she ordered.
            Barry, who had gotten back to his feet, watched the exchange with a tad bit of concern.
            “I, I said I, I beg your forgiveness.  I, I am sorry I attacked you,” he repeated, ashamed and humiliated.
            “Ha!” she laughed, clapping her hands.  “See, that wasn’t so hard was it weakling?” she asked.  She walked over and kneeled down in front of him, still looking down at him.
            “You see John, I could break your bones, crush your skull.  Hell, I could even get inside your head and make you think you were a Chinese school girl.  You see, I have more than enough power to do all of those things to you.  And you can’t stop me.  No one could stop me,” she said.
            She put her finger under his chin, making him look up at her.  “But for you John, that isn’t enough.  You go home with a few bruises and broken bones after facing me, your unit would consider you a hero.  You stood up to a living God.”
            “But, you grovel before me, you beg my forgiveness, you lessen yourself before my might.  Yes, those things, the humiliation of it all, THAT is how I get in your head John.  No glorious battle wounds for you.  No, instead, you will live with the knowledge that you just begged a young woman for forgiveness.  And given your pride, I imagine you won’t be telling anyone with your unit about that, will you weakling?” she asked.
            “N…no,” he said.
            “No what?” she asked.
            “No…Goddess Megan,” he answered.
            She smiled.  “Good boy,” she said as she got up and walked away.  John sighed a breath of relief.  She had her fun and now, now she would hopefully let him go.
            “Oh, now, one last thing,” Goddess Megan said as she turned around and faced John again, her hands on her mighty hips.
            “You see, when I first got these powers, Barry and I were talking.  I was telling him how I wanted to use them for good, to help people.  And despite your pathetic little attempt here to stop me, that is still my plan.  However, Barry said something interesting.  He said people would fear me, or they would worship me.  Having watched you piss your pants like the wimp you are, I figure you fear me.  But I want you to worship me,” she said.
            John looked up at her again.  “Never,” he said.
            “Never?” she laughed.  “You got some balls on you John.  I don’t know if I would have the courage to tell someone sextillion times stronger than you never,” she laughed.
            Barry once again felt like he should intervene but did not. He had to admit; watching her dominate this asshole was starting to turn him on.
            “Well John, if you want to get back to see that wife of yours, I think you should reconsider,” she said.
            John once again looked down.  He was furious!  He had to get back to base, use this humiliation as the fuel to find a way to bring this super bitch down.
            “Fine,” he said.
            Meg smiled.  BOOM BOOM BOOM! She took a few steps towards him.  She lifted her dirty left foot and brought it close to his face.
            “I want to hear you beg me, beg me to kiss my foot,” she said with a wry smile.
John felt a tear running down his cheek as he stared at the massive foot in front of him.  He took in a deep breath.
            “Pl…please,” he moaned.  “I, I beg you, Goddess Megan, may, oh fuck, may I, I please, kiss your foot,” he begged.
            Megan was getting excited.  No one had ever worshipped her before!  Let alone kissed her foot.
            “Yes John, you may kiss my foot.  Maybe some of those tears will wash away some of the soot from your pathetic little ineffective missiles,” she teased.
            He took in a deep breath and leaned forward, placing his lips on her big toenail.
            SMOOCH.  He quickly gave it a peck and sat back up.
            Meg smiled.  “Again,” she said.
            He leaned forward again, kissing the same place.
            “What, no thank you?” she asked.
            He signed again, more tears rolling down his face.  “Thank you, for, for allowing me to, to kiss your foot, Goddess Megan,” he said.
            She put it back on the ground.  “You are welcome my little worshipper,” she teased.  Using her mental abilities, she undid the metal around his body.  She looked towards the large crack she had made in the ground and levitated one of the Humvees out from inside it.  It slowly floated towards them and landed next to her.
            “It is banged up, but it works,” she said.  She opened the door.  “Now go,” she commanded.
            John sheepishly got into the Humvee and turned the ignition.  It roared to life.  Meg leaned down, her face in the driver side window.
            “Next time I see you John, you had better kneel before my power.  If not, the humiliation you just suffered will look like kindergarten.  Got it?” she asked sternly.
            “Yes Goddess Megan, I got it,” he said as he slammed it into drive and took off back towards home.
            Meg laughed as she turned around and saw Barry.  To say he was excited was an understatement.
            “I don’t need super eyes to tell that watching me make that guy grovel before my power was a turn on for you huh Barry?” she asked.
            “You, you have no idea Goddess,” he said.
            Meg smiled a thousand watt smile.  “Well, maybe we had better go back to the cabin and see if you can do a better job of worshipping me than he did,” she laughed.
            Barry’s smile got huge.  “You are the boss, Goddess Megan,” he said as they both walked back to the cabin.

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Muscle Megan

Meg Flexing
Meg Muscle Morph
Here's awesome new morphs of me by my little buddy Mav. I just love how beefy he makes me look. I think the body is from Wendy McMaster and I simply adore her.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Story by Barry | Previous Chapter

Chapter 11:    The Calm Before the Storm
            It had been four days since her transformation and Meg and Barry had been hanging out at the cabin.  So far, Meg had discovered she had the following super powers:  insane strength, invulnerability (she had actually made Barry shoot her with his uncle’s shot gun, the bullets bouncing harmlessly off), telepathy and mind reading, telekinesis (which allowed her to move things with her mind and fly), super speed, super eyesight, super hearing, improved intelligence, and massive muscles.
            And yesterday, she had discovered a new one.  She had super breath.  Well, she sort of had super breath.  She couldn’t freeze things with her breath like Superman, but using her diaphragm, which was just as enhanced as the rest of her muscles, she could blow wind out of her mouth at tremendous speeds. She was able to knock over a few trees when she blew hard.
            Of course, being so big and strong had some disadvantages.  One of them was that she barely fit into the shower.  And the water, even though it was running as hot as it could, was simply not hot enough for her to feel.  While she had adjusted to her new height now, the cabin was full of evidence to the contrary.  Several of the door frames had huge chunks missing from the top where her head had smashed through.  Plus, there were mangled door knobs all over the house.  And while she had been careful with walking around, the house also had several places where she had smashed the floor by simply walking.  Meg found if she used her flight powers, she could control her footfalls and not shake the Earth.
            Currently, Meg was sitting on the couch (best she could) watching TV.  Barry had gone to the small town near the cabin to get food and other supplies.  Meg was wearing a large bed comforter as a toga.  She hoped Barry would be able to find something in town that fit her.
            She had never really liked the news, but the news had never been about her.  For the fourth day, her exploits had been the top story.  This time, there was a news crew out at the hill she had lifted.  Apparently, when she dropped the mountain, it had caused a 3.4 magnitude earthquake.  The reporter was baffled as to what happened.  Geologist opined that the earthquake had shaken the hill loose and caused the huge crack in the ground.  No one could explain the massive foot prints though.
            Meg smiled.  She remembered the first story.  It, too, was about an earthquake in town.  Apparently, when she was running, she was using enough force to cause a small, 1.7 magnitude earthquake.  Once again, no one could explain the huge footprints.  Or how the construction site was completely destroyed.  Or why there were finger prints in the steel at the construction site.  Or why there were toe prints in the steel at the construction site.  Meg smiled again at the thought.
            And it wasn’t just TV.  A few days ago, Barry purchased some papers.  On the local paper, she was front page news.  More amazing though, was that she had made national news.  On page 7A of USA Today, there was a story of the unexplained phenomenon and footprints caused by her.
            “I will have to make a scrapbook,” she thought as she switched the TV channels.
            Meg knew she couldn’t hide out forever and, at some point, she was going to have to come clean.  Chances are, her work had already figured out she was the one who had figured out Project G.O.D. and then used it on herself.  She had left her cell phone and car at work.  Plus there had been agents in her apartment, which meant the government was now probably involved.  She didn’t like the thought of that.
            And then there was her name.   She just wanted to go by Meg, but Barry was insistent she call herself something else.  They had made a list of names.  Meg reached out and gently picked up the list and read it over.
1.     Super Meg
2.     Wonder Meg
3.     Supreme Meg
4.     Mega Meg (this one always made her laugh)
5.     Mega Woman
6.     Super Woman
7.     Muscle Woman
8.     Ultra Girl (or woman)
9.     The Goddess, or Goddess Meg (Barry had suggested this one)
10.  Power Woman

The list continued.  They had thought about simply “Supergirl” but were pretty sure that was trademarked.  Barry, who was an attorney, had thought of that angle.  She had amazing super powers, but she wasn’t impervious to a trademark lawsuit.
And then there was her costume.  Once again, Meg wanted to keep it simple but Barry had other ideas.  They had made a few drawings, some with capes (which she wasn’t a huge fan of) and some without.  All of them were very tight fitting and showed off her massive muscles.  “Why did every comic book heroine wear such skimpy outfits?” Meg wondered.  Anyway, she didn’t really care as she liked showing of her now massive muscles.  Plus, neither she nor Barry could sew, so hopefully he could find some large normal cloths and when she went public, she could have someone make an outfit for her.
Going public.  She had given it considerable thought.  Barry was right, many people would probably be afraid of her power.  Others might actually worship her, a thought which intrigued her.  She knew she wanted to do some good.  She had always dreamed that if she ever did get amazing powers, she would help people.
To that end, Meg had been on the internet a lot since she got to the cabin.  Using her vast intelligence, Meg found she could read at an increased rate.  And that she remembered everything she read, word for word.  She was pretty sure she had figured out a cure for a few diseases, or, at the very least, that she could be helpful in finding cures.
However, before she did all of that, she would really have to settle on a name.  She looked at the list again and sighed when her super hearing picked up Barry’s uncle’s truck heading back to the cabin.
A few minutes later, Barry walked in.  “Hey,” he said as he walked over to the muscled up super human.
“Hey,” she said as she put the list down.  He looked at it.
“Make any decisions?” he asked.
“No, not really,” she said.
“Well, you know what I think…Goddess Meg,” he said.
She smiled.  “I know, I know,” she said.  “So, find anything good in town?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he said.  “I went to Wal-Mart and got the largest clothes I could find.  Sorry, the women’s stuff was too small so all I could get were men’s clothes.  Here,” he said handing her a bag.  She opened it, pulled out the clothes and sighed.
“This stuff is really awful,” she said.
“Well, it was meant for really fat people, not really muscular and super people,” he said.
“True,” she said as she pulled out a grey sweatshirt which had an Indianapolis Colts logo on it.  “But I am not a Colts fan,” she said.
“Weird.  Here we are in California, and yet, I couldn’t find anything with the Chargers on it,” he said.
“Okay, turn around,” she said.  He did.  Meg undid the blanket toga and pulled over the sweatshirt.  It barely fit over her massive chest and hung half way down her mighty abdominal muscles.  She next took out a black pair of sweat pants and pulled them on.  They were beyond skin tight and only came down slightly past her knee.
“Okay, you can turn around,” she said.
Barry did and laughed.
Meg shot him a look.  “Laugh it up shrimp, you’re lucky I don’t break you in half for this,” she said smiling.
“Don’t I know it,” he said.
With a flex, Meg’s biceps burst out of the sweatshirt.  A slight flex of her thighs burst the legs out of the sweat pants.  “That’s better,” she said.
Barry laughed again.  “Pretty cool,” he said.  He walked over to the kitchen and began putting the food away.
Meg walked toward s the kitchen and stopped.
“You hear that?” she asked.
Barry looked up.  “I doubt I can hear a tenth of what you can,” he said.
“I know, but, it sounds like trucks, big trucks,” she said.
“Really?” Barry said.  “I didn’t see anything in town.  Are they getting closer?” he asked.
“Yes,” she said as she walked over to the door.  She opened it and using her super eyes, she looked down the road.  A convoy of military vehicles was heading towards the cabin.
“That isn’t good,” she thought as she closed the door and walked back into the kitchen.
Barry looked over at her, for the first time since she had become a Goddess, she looked concerned.
“What, what did you see?” he asked.
“Military trucks.  Heading this way,” she said.
“Military trucks?” Barry repeated.  “You sure?”
“Yes,” she said.
“Well, do you, you think we need to get out of here?  Fly away?” he asked.
“I don’t know.  I mean, no matter where I go, they will find me.  They probably used satellites to find me.  Damn!” she said.  “I wasn’t ready to go public just yet,” she said.
“Oh, I hear them now,” Barry said.
Meg started walking towards the door.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“Going to talk to them.  Maybe if I explain I am not a threat, they will….” She stopped mid-sentence.
“Get down!” she yelled as she turned and covered Barry.  A few seconds later the glass next to the front door broke and a canister flew in.  It tumbled into the den, landing next to the fireplace.  It started letting off smoke.
“What the fuck are they doing?” Barry asked as he began coughing.
Meg slowly stood up.  The smoke was affecting her, but not as badly as it was Barry.  Using her new super breath, Meg gently blew towards the smoke bomb, blowing the smoke out the opened windows.  After a few seconds, the room was clear.
Barry slowly stood up.  Cough cough.  “Thanks,” he said through watery eyes.
“You okay?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he said still coughing.  “You?” he asked and then realized how dumb the question was.  “Of course you are okay,” he said.
Meg turned back to the door.  “Stay here Barry,” she said.
“You still going to go talk to them after that?” he asked.
“Something like that,” Meg said as she flew out the front door.

Chapter 12:    The Storm
            Agent Stevenson looked through his binoculars.  He was in a jeep a great distance from the cabin.  A convoy of several Humvees were hundreds of years ahead of him.  He thought it best to direct the attack from the rear.
They had made a perfect shot, placing the smoke bomb inside the house.  Then something odd happened.  He saw the smoke blow out the back of the house, as if some great force had pushed it out.  He took his binoculars down.
            “Huh,” he said aloud.  He got on the radio.  “Attention men, the smoke bomb was ineffective.  Target not neutralized.  Move to plan beta,” he said.
            “Sir,” the radio crackled.
            “Go ahead,” he said.
            “We have a…a….” the voice stammered.
            “Spit it out private,” Agent Stevenson said.
            “We have a woman…flying towards us,” he said.
            Agent Stevenson brought the binoculars to his eyes.  He didn’t believe what he was seeing.  In his view was a super large and muscular woman flying towards the front of the convoy.
            “Attention men,” he said into the radio.  “Target has gone hot.  Use of force is authorized,” he said.
            Meg flew towards the oncoming trucks.  She landed in the middle of the road and put her hands on her hips.  Using a super loud voice, she spoke.
            “Attention.  I am not a threat.  I simply want to talk.  Please stop and let me speak to who is in charge,” she boomed.
            “Ignore her,” Agent Stevenson said.  He knew he was going against protocol, but protocol be damned!  His orders were to try and negotiate with her to bring her in and, if unsuccessful, neutralize her. However, Agent Stevenson had already seen enough.  If she was even half as strong as her huge muscles made her look, she needed to be stopped.  Plus, she was freaking flying (he had no idea how she was doing that).
            “No,” he thought.  “One person shouldn’t have that much power,” he said aloud.
            Meg looked at the approaching Humvees.  They weren’t stopping.  While she was pissed they had sent gas into the cabin, she really did not want to hurt anyone.  However, she soon realized she was probably going to have to defend herself.  Using her mental powers, Megan thought about lifting one of the trucks into the air.
            Private Smith was driving the lead Humvee.  Suddenly, he felt the vehicle shake.
            “What…” he said aloud to his fellow soldiers.  “You all feel that?” he asked.
            “Yeah,” Sargent Russell answered.  “I did.   Did we hit a….” he didn’t finish.  He held on to the door handle as the Humvee began to slowly levitate into the air.
            “Whoa!” Private Smith exclaimed as he ironically held on to the steering wheel, knowing he was no longer in control.
            “What the fuck is happening Sarge?” he yelled fearfully.
            “I, I don’t know,” Sargent Russell answered.  He looked forward at the hugely muscled woman standing several hundred yards away.  “I, I think she is doing it!” he exclaimed.
            “Her?” Private Smith asked.  “How?” he asked.
            “I, I have no fucking idea,” he said as the radio buzzed to life.
            “You men okay?” Agent Stevenson asked.
            Sargent Russell picked up the CB.  “What the fuck do you think Agent?” he yelled into the receiver.  “This fucking bitch is using the god damned force to lift my vehicle up!”
            “No need for hysterics Sargent.  You will be down soon enough,” Agent Stevenson said as he switched CB channels to address the group.
            “Men, the target has displayed hostile behavior.  Open fire at will,” he ordered.
            Meg heard an unfamiliar sound coming from the vehicles.  She suddenly saw soldiers taking position on the tops of the Humvees.  They were arming their guns!
            “This should be interesting,” she thought.  She knew she was for sure invulnerable to shot guns, but these guns were much, much larger.
            “Well, no time like the present,” she thought as she gave diplomacy one last shot.
            “Please, gentlemen, I do not want any trouble.  And I do not want to hurt you.  I just want to…”
            RATTATAT!  The Humvees opened fire.  Meg watched as the bullets raced towards her, her super eyes making them feel like they were moving in slow motion.  Meg turned the Humvee she was mentally lifting upside down and placed it back on the ground.  She tensed her massive muscles and waited for the bullets to arrive.
            Agent Stevenson looked through his binoculars again, watching the bullets sail towards their huge target.  His draw dropped.  While the bullets tore holes in her clothing, once they hit her huge muscles, they simply bounced off.  He watched in awe as the 50 caliber bullets ricocheted off her tits, stomach, face, arms and legs and bounced harmlessly away like rain drops hitting a tin roof.
            Meg smiled.  “Huh, guess I am invulnerable,” she thought as she barley felt the spray of bullets covering her muscular body.  “I tried talking. Let’s see what some force will do,” she thought as she started walking towards the closest vehicle.
            The radio inside Agent Stevenson’s vehicle cracked to life.  “Bullets have no effect sir!” was repeated over and over.  “This fucking bitch is bulletproof!” one soldier said.  “She is coming towards us, grenade!  Use the fucking grenades!” a scared voice said.
            The Agent brought his binoculars back up.  On the lead Humvee he saw the soldier mounting the fifty caliber continue to fire.  Another opened the door and stepped out, pointing a rocket propelled grenade launcher at the approaching massive woman.
            POW! Was heard.  Agent Stevenson watched the grenade sail towards its menacing target.
            Meg saw the grenade coming and smiled.  She let it hit right between her massive tis.  BOOM!  It exploded, showering her with pieces of metal and covering her in a fireball.
            “Yes!” Agent Stevenson said aloud as he watched the grenade explode, engulfing the target.  However, his excitement was short lived.  As the fireball extinguished the target, to his utter shock and amazement, was still there.
            Meg had actually kind of enjoyed that.  She could feel the heat from the fire, as well as the exploding between her massive tits.  Not like it hurt or anything!  She looked up at the Humvee and smiled.
            “Don’t you boys know it’s not nice to shoot a lady with a grenade?” she teased.
            “Fucking A man, get us the fuck out of here!” the soldier who had just shot her with the RPG yelled to the driver.  The driver slammed the Humvee into reverse and began to back away.
            “Oh no you don’t!” Meg said as she accelerated and grabbed the front of the Humvee, easily crushing the armored plating with her fingers.  She easily held the vehicle in place.
            “You weak little boys may want to get out of the Humvee.  Super Meg plans on crushing it,” she said.
            The men looked at each other and then quickly opened the doors, jumping out of the vehicle and running away.
            Meg smiled again.  Using her single hand, she lifted the Humvee into the air above her head.  With a flick of her wrist, she sent the Humvee flying over the heads of the other soldiers, it disappearing from sight.
            Agent Stevenson gulped.  Dr. Forrest had been right.  This girl may very well be invulnerable and super strong.  He picked up the radio.  “Call in the choppers,” he commanded.
            Meg began walking towards the remaining Humvees as they uselessly continued to spray her with bullets and grenades.  Laughing, the Earth bound Goddess caught several grenades and let them explode in her mighty hands.  As if she was playing with toys, Meg grabbed Humvee after Humvee.  She let the soldiers exit the vehicles before crushing them to bits and stomping them into the ground.  She laughed hard as her huge foot print was molded into the metal of the top of one of the Humvees she had crushed into the ground using her mighty feet.
            She heard a sound and looked up.  Two Apache helicopters were approaching, their large guns firing.      
            THUD THUD THUD THUD! Was heard as the larger caliber bullets slammed into her harder than steel muscles.  They bounced harmlessly off her superior body.
            “That all you got?” she asked loudly.
            Agent Stevenson heard her taunt.  “Hellfire missiles.  NOW!” he commanded.
            Meg watched as four missiles began sailing towards her.  Meg proudly put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest.
            KABOOM! KABOOM! KABOOM! KABOOM! The missiles found their target.  Agent Stevenson watched as a massive fireball engulfed Meg.  Even though he was still several hundred yards away, even he could feel the heat from the explosion.  Hoping against hope, he raised his binoculars and looked towards the target.
            “Impossible,” he said aloud.  While her clothes were now gone and her skin was black from the explosion, in a huge hole in the ground stood Meg.  Her hands still on her hips.  The missiles, just as everything else, had no effect.
            Meg dusted off her hands and looked at her body.  Other than being covered in soot, she remained unscathed.  She smiled again and looked at the helicopters as two more missiles came towards her.
            “Really?” she thought.  “You are just wasting good missiles,” she said aloud as she caught them in mid-air.  Effortlessly holding them, she crushed them to bits and let them fall at her massive feet.
            “You all were so sweet to send me two missiles, I should blow you a kiss!” she said aloud.  Putting her hand up to her red lips, Meg took in a deep breath and “blew” them a kiss.  SWOOSH!  A torrent of rapid air escaped her mighty lips.  She watched as the helicopters began to violently sway, unable to stay in one place against her massive gust of breath.  Soon they lost the battle and were blown several miles away.
            Meg turned her attention to the remaining vehicles.  Some were already empty, their occupants having wisely realized they were not match for this hyper muscular super Goddess.  The few brave soldiers that remained were still shooting her.  While it didn’t hurt AT ALL, it was starting to get annoying.  Raising her right foot, Meg slammed it to the ground.
            BOOM! The earth shook violently as a huge crack spread from her foot towards the vehicles.  The men in the gun torrents were shaken out of their perch, falling to the ground.  Of the five remaining Humvees, four slipped into the huge crack which formed from her mighty stomp.
            Even though he was still hundreds of yards back, Agent Stevenson held on to the dash as his vehicle violently swayed.  He had been in an earthquake once when he was stationed in San Francisco.  It had been violent, but this, the wave from her stomp, was ten times as intense.  With the Humvees all but gone, his air support negated, and his soldiers running away, Agent Stevenson had one weapon left.  And he prayed to God it worked.
            Meg walked over to the remaining Humvee, the ground shaking under her.  As she approached, the men got out and began running.
            “Not so fast,” she said a she mentally grabbed one of the soldiers and floated him over to her.  She mentally raised him so that they were eye level, his feet dangling a foot and a half off the ground.  For more intimidation, Meg flexed a huge bicep.
            “Why are you all here?” she asked.
            “Pr...Private First Class Anthony Merkle, serial number 334-687-99,” he repeated, doing as he was trained.
            Meg looked at him sternly.  “Listen up Private First Class Anthony Merkle.  Unless you want me to crush you into something smaller than a dime, you will answer me,” she threatened.
            He gulped in hard, once again repeating his name and number.
            “Fine,” Meg said as she used her mental abilities to search his brain.
            “What…what are you doing?” he gasped, feeling a strange force inside his head.
            “Hush,” she said.  Either by her will or his own, he immediately stopped talking.
            Meg searched his thoughts and memories.  They had been ordered to come and take her in, only using force if necessary.  Private First Class Anthony Merkle did not know what government entity had ordered the attack, but they were being led by an Agent Stevenson, an Agent John Stevenson.  He was located in a jeep, located approximately five hundred yards away.
            Meg dropped the soldier.  He fell in a heap at her feet.
            “P…please don’t hurt me, I…I have a family,” he stammered.
            Meg looked down at him.  For the first time since her transformation, she considered him a puny and weak mortal.  She felt total and utter superiority over him.  Shaking the thought from her head, Meg said, “I won’t hurt you Anthony.  Now, get up and go,” she said.
            “Yes ma’am!” he said as she stood up and ran off.  Meg looked down the road.  Using her super eyes, she spotted the jeep, and Agent Stevenson.
            Agent John Stevenson had watched the whole thing through is binoculars.  He saw Meg drop the soldier, say something to him and then let him go.  Suddenly, Meg seemed to disappear.  He brought the binoculars down and then back up to his eyes.  He felt the ground shaking again.  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!
            “What the fuck,” he said as he once again held on to the jeep.
            It suddenly stopped.  From behind he heard, “Hello John.  Thought I would run over here and say hi.”
            He turned around, behind him stood Meg, her massive arms crossed over her impressive chest.  He let out a slight gasp.
            “You look bigger in person Meg,” he said.
            “So I have been told,” she said as she picked up the back of the jeep and shook it.
            “Whoa!” he said as he fell out of the jeep on to the ground.  Meg walked over to him and gently put her foot on his chest.
            “Ommmfff” he gasped as the massive weight of her foot took his breath away.  He brought up his hands and grabbed at her huge toes.  “Ung,” he gasped, trying to move them.  However, he soon realized his attempts were less than feeble.
            “Might as well save your strength John.  You don’t have a hope in hell of moving that foot, let alone one of my toes.  They each can lift trillions of pounds,” she said.  “Probably more.  You are lucky I don’t crush you to a pulp,” she said.
            He stopped struggling and looked up at her.  “Did she say trillions?” he thought.
            “Yes, I said trillions John,” she said looking down at him.
            He laughed. “So, super strong and can read minds.  Guess that Project G.O.D really lives up to its name huh,” he said.
            “More than you realize,” she said as he applied a tiny amount of pressure.
            “Ung,” he gasped.
            “Now John, I don’t want to hurt you.  Now, I could just go into your head and get what I want.  However, you really kinda pissed me off so we will do this the old fashioned way.  Why are you here?” she asked.
            “Isn’t it obvious?” he said through clinched teeth.  “You, ung, said it yourself Meg.  Your t, toes can lift trillions of pounds.  Hell, your, ung, foot,” he said as he touched the massive foot on him, feeling its invulnerability, “Probably has more, ung, more strength than the entire United States combined.  You, fly, read minds, are, ung, apparently invulnerable to our weapons.  No one person should have, have that much, ung, much power.  Your existence Meg, is, ung, is a threat to national security,” he said.
            “But how do you know that?  You don’t know me.  You don’t know how I plan on using this amazing power,” she said slightly aggravated.  “I mean, if I was going to try and take over the government, don’t you think I would have done it by now?” she asked.
            “May, ung, maybe.  But I, and this, ung, this country, can’t take that chance,” he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a remote control.
            Meg laughed.  “Your guns, grenades and rockets had no effect on me John.  What you going to do with that remote control?  Make me watch reruns of Saved by the Bell?” she asked.
            “No, ung, Meg.  I am, ung, going to destroy you,” he said as he pressed a red button.
            “Ah!” she yelled as she grabbed her ears.  She quickly removed her foot and fell to her knees in pain, the ground shaking.
            John took in a deep breath and grabbed his rips.  He was going to be sore tomorrow.  He slowly stood up and walked over to the kneeling Meg.
            “Thought you might like that.  See, Doctor Forrest told us you were improved all over Meg.  Big muscles, super strength, probably invulnerable.  I thought about that and thought well, if she has all of that, I bet her hearing is improved as well.  Was I right?” he asked as he turned a knob on the device.
            Meg let out a scream which broke the windows on the jeep.
            “I will take that as a yes,” he said.  “You see, this little, remote control as you called it, is my new little toy.  I made it just for you.  I call it hyper sound.  See, it emits a high pitch frequency that us weak little humans can’t hear.  You, on the other hand, as a super woman, can.  From what I am told, it can be quite painful,” he said.
            Meg fell from her knees on to her side, still covering her hears.  The sound was like nothing she had ever heard before.  It felt like it was penetrating her skull.  Waves of pain and nausea rushed over her body.  It was paralyzing.  And it hurt.  Badly.
            “Meg, Meg, Meg,” he said as he walked around her.  “What was that about you crushing me?” he asked as he turned the knob again.  Meg groaned.
            “Pl...please…turn…turn it off,” she begged.
            “Hmmmm…naw, I don’t think so.  See, enough exposure to this, and it might prove fatal to you Meg.  You see, even as a Goddess, you can’t compete with the United States government Meg,” he said as he bent down next to her, close to her covered ears.  “We are in the business of bringing those who think they are Gods back down to Earth,” he said.
            Meg felt something sticky coming from her nose.  It was bleeding.  She was bleeding!  “Im…impossible,” she groaned.  She tried to get up, to grab the device but she couldn’t.  She couldn’t even bring herself to uncover her ears.
            John stood back up and walked back over to his damaged jeep.  He placed the device on the dash and grabbed the CB.  Changing it to a different channel, he spoke.
            “Agent Stevenson to Doctor Forrest,” he said.
            “Yes Agent, go ahead,” Dr. Forrest said on the other line.
            “Project pacify is successful.  Subject is,” he said as he looked at the ailing Meg.  “Down.”
            “Not for long,” he heard a voice say.  John looked up from the CB and saw a man standing next to his jeep.  He had the device in his hand.
            “Looking for this?” Barry said as he hit the red button, turning the device off.
            “Ung,” he heard Meg say as she lowered her hands from her ears and looked up.
            “Barry,” she said as she shook the cobwebs from her head.  “I thought I told you to stay inside,” she teased as she slowly stood up.
            “Sorry, last time I will disobey you Goddess Meg,” he said as he tossed the remote to her.  She caught it and looked at John.  He looked concerned.
            CRUSH! The device was smashed to bits inside her palm.  She slowly opened it, allowing the fragments to fall to the ground.  She wiped her hands against each other.  She next wiped the blood away from her nose.
            He gulped.
            “Agent Stevenson, Agent Stevenson, please respond.  What do you mean target is down?  Is she okay?  Still alive?” Dr. Forrest said from the other end of the CB.
            Meg walked over to the jeep and grabbed John by the shirt, hosting him up.  She grabbed the CB.  “Hi David, its Goddess Megan,” she said.
            “G…Goddess Megan,” David answered.
            “Uh huh.  John is just a tad busy right now getting beat to a pulp by me.  But don’t worry, your time is coming,” she said as he crushed the CB handle.  She raised John up to her face.
            “You know what happens when you piss off a God John?” she asked.  She looked down as piss ran down his leg.
            “Huh,” she said.  “Well, you are about to find out.”

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Story by Barry | Previous Chapter

Chapter 9: Meg Passes the Test of Strength (One Mountain, Coming Up!)
            Barry grinned as he reached up and felt her bicep.  “Holy shit!” he said as he squeezed the massive boulder of a muscle.  “It’s…it is so fucking hard!” he said aloud.
            Meg smiled.  “It should be.  I figure I am pretty much invulnerable,” she said.
            He looked up at her amazed.  “You’re, you’re (gulp) invulnerable?  Like…like nothing, nothing can hurt you?” he asked.
            “Last I checked, that is what invulnerable means Barry,” she teased.
            He continued feeling her bicep.  He couldn’t even dream of getting his hands around it.  It felt like nothing he had ever felt before.  It was warm, almost like it was giving off heat…or in Meg’s case, power.  The skin was baby soft, but under it was something harder than the hardest of diamonds.  Not just hard, the power it contained.  Power he couldn’t even comprehend.
            Meg smiled as she watched her friend get lost in feeling her muscles.  She had to admit, she kinda liked it.  She closed her eyes and thought about listening to his thoughts.
            “I bet this muscle has more strength than everyone on the planet,” she heard him thinking.  “She has turned herself into a living God,” he continued.
            Meg smiled again.  “At least one person considered her a deity!” she thought.  But it was more than that. While she was hearing his thoughts, she was also sensing something.  It was hard to describe, but it was very basic.  Almost like she was sensing his feelings.  That was it!
            She was feeling what he was feeling.  At first it was hard to translate, but Meg soon adjusted.  She sensed feelings of awe, wonder, and amazement.  To go with those, she felt feelings of inferiority and smallness.  Then there was something else…something very powerful.
            Meg opened her eyes and looked at him with a huge grin.  “He is getting turned on!” she thought.  She probed deeper into his mind.
            “He has always had a thing for strong, muscular women,” she thought as she reveled in her new mind reading power.
            Barry felt something odd in his head and looked up at Meg.  She was looking at him, smiling.
            “You are a little deviant Barry!” she said.
            “You, you were reading my thoughts?” he asked as he let go of her super massive bicep and backed away.
            “Yeah.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to.  Just kinda happened,” she said.
            “What did you, um, see?” he asked.
            Meg smiled a brilliant smile.  “Well Barry, you think I am a Goddess, I heard that,” she said.
            “Oh,” Barry said looking down.
            “And that you have a thing for super powerful women,” she said.
            “Yeah,” he said embarrassed.  “I guess there is no denying it when all you have to do is read my mind.  So, I will be honest.  Yes, I have always dreamed of meeting a woman with huge muscles and super strength,” he said.
            “And now you have!” she said as she hit a double bicep flex.  Mounds of muscle rose of her impenetrable arms.
            “Yes, I…I have,” he said.  “You, you okay with me thinking that stuff?” he asked.
            Meg laughed.  “Of course Barry!  I have to admit, I am kinda impressed with myself as well!  Don’t be embarrassed and don’t think anything of it.  If it makes you feel any better.  My fantasy has always been to be big, muscular and super strong.  So, it is a win win for both of us, okay?” she said gently.
            Barry smiled.  “Okay,” he said.  He looked down towards the river and mountains.  “So, Super Meg, what am I thinking now?” he asked.
            “Hmmm…” Meg said as she concentrated on reading his mind.  She smiled.  “You want us to go down to the river and watch me lift things,” she said.
            Barry smiled.  “That is amazing.  Yes, that is what I was thinking.  What do you say?” he asked.
            Meg levitated over to Barry and gently lifted him up.  “Sounds like fun!” she said as she floated them down to the river.
            “Just so you know Meg….I, I am not a huge fan of, of heights,” Barry said as he tried not to look down.
            Meg laughed.  “You will be fine.  Trust me.  Flying with me is safer than any airliner,” she said as she slowly descended down from the cabin on the hill to the rocky river.
            BOOM! Was heard as she landed.  She put him down.  He looked up at her smiling.
            “That is way cool, the way the freaking Earth shakes when you land,” he said.  “Can you do it again?” he asked.
            Meg smiled as she turned and walked away from him.
            “Whoa,” Barry said as he felt the Earth below him tremble under Meg’s might. Meg giggled as she turned around and walked back.  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!
            “Amazing,” Barry said.  He looked around.  There was a large boulder at the other edge of the river.
            “You got it,” she said having read his thoughts.  She levitated over the river and landed next to the boulder.  BOOM!
            Meg looked the boulder over.  She guessed it weighed about thirty tons.  She laughed to herself as the thought of being able to lift something this big was becoming natural to her.
            “One boulder, coming up!” she said to Barry.  She reached around the boulder and grabbed it.     
            CRUNCH!  Her super powerful fingers dug into the hard stone with ease.  Remembering her experience with the bull dozer earlier that morning, Meg GENTLY lifted the boulder.
            “Holy shit!” Barry said, amazed at what he was seeing.  “Meg!  You, you are lifting it!” he said across the river.
            Meg smiled.  “Duh,” she teased.  “What, you think I couldn’t do it?  I am sextillion times stronger than you Barry.  This boulder is lighter than air to me,” she said proudly.  She lifted the boulder over her head and, with some adjustments, lowered her right hand.
            Barry’s eyes widened as he watched his massive friend hold thirty tons of boulder over her head with one hand.
            Meg laughed at his reaction.  She slowly began pumping the boulder up and down when she got a wild idea.  Finding a good balancing point, Meg dug her index finger into the huge boulder.
            “Can you lift a boulder with your finger Barry?” Meg asked laughing.
            “No way,” Barry said amazed.  Meg levitated up, still holding the boulder with her finger.  She floated over the river and landed next to Barry, the boulder over his head.
            BOOM! As she landed, causing the Earth to shake.  Barry fell to the ground, losing his balance.  He looked up from the ground at the enormous being in front of him.  Her muscles were not even flexing while she held thirty tons over her head…with her finger.  He gulped in and slowly stood up.
            Meg flexed her other bicep.  “Go ahead, take a feel,” she said.
            “Yes ma’am,” he said, amazed at what was happening.  He reached up and felt her rock hard flexed super bicep.  It was harder, MUCH harder than the boulder she was holding.
            “Wow,” he said feeling her bicep.  He looked up at her.  “Is, is it heavy at all?” he asked.
            Meg laughed again.  “No Barry, it isn’t heavy, not in the least,” she said.
            “You realize you’re lifting like, thirty or forty tons with, with your fucking index finger Meg,” he asked.
            “Of course!  To be honest, I am not even registering this weight.  I can’t really even tell it’s there unless I look at it,” she said.
            “Meg, I, I can’t fathom your strength.  Your, your freaking finger is millions of times stronger than me,” he said still feeling her flexed bicep.
            “Barry, it’s not millions of times stronger.  It is billions,” she said.  “Anyway, I am getting bored.  You ever seen bowling with boulders?” she asked.
            “Huh?” he asked as he looked up at her.
            Meg readjusted the boulder and held it in her hand.  “I said, bowling with boulders.  You know, like this!” she said as she gently rolled the boulder towards the trees across the river.
            WHOOOOOSHHHH! Was heard as the boulder flew from her powerful hand.  CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH!
            Barry looked on in sheer incredulity as the boulder flew across the river and smashed through several trees.  He could no longer see the boulder, but he could hear it as it continued on its path.  After a full minute, the sound was gone.  He gulped.
            “Did it finally stop?” he asked.
            Meg squinted her super eyes.  “No, it’s still going.  It’s just too far away for you to hear.  I would say it is a good 200 miles away now,” she said.  Only she heard a boom.  “There, it has stopped.  It smashed against the side of a mountain,” she said.
            “You, you can see and hear two hundred miles away?” he asked in disbelief.
            “Yeah, if I try,” she said.  “So, what is next?” she asked.
            “I don’t know if there is anything here that would really tax your strength Meg,” he said.
            She looked at him.  “Okay, let’s go,” she said.
            He looked at her.  “Hey, stop reading my freaking mind!” he said.
            She laughed.  “Sorry, can’t help it.  But I agree, let’s get away from your cabin.  Don’t want one of my toe taps to cause it to shake to the ground,” she said.  She scooped him up and flew several miles away.
            They landed next to a very large hill which had several large boulders on it.  She set him down and landed with a BOOM.
            “Okay, what do you want to see first?” she asked.
            “Umm…you, you think you could shake the Earth with one of your toes?” he asked.
            Meg laughed again.  “My toes huh?  You got a thing for them too?” she asked.
            “You already know the answer to that,” he said pointing to his head.
            “Yeah, I do.  Okay, but I don’t want you to get hurt.  Here,” she said as she lifted him up and put him on her shoulders.
            “Whoa!” he said as he was lifted.
            “Okay, here you go Barry,” she said as she lifted her left big toe.  Using a small amount of its nearly unlimited power, she slammed it to the ground.
            BAM!  The Earth shook violently as a massive crack in the ground began to emanate from her mighty toe.  The ground shook as the crack widened to several feet and spread out several hundred yards.  Soon the ground stopped shaking.
            “A new grand canyon!” she said excited.
            “My...God…” Barry stammered.  “How, how much strength did you use?” he asked.
            “Oh, like less than twenty percent I think.  I applied several thousand tons of force,” she said nonchalantly.
            “S...s…s...everal…t…ons of force…w...with your...t…toe?” he gasped.
            “Yes Barry,” she laughed.  “Thousands of tons of force, with my toe,” she repeated as she slowly put him down.  He was happy to be back on the ground.  The amazing demonstration of super strength had caused him to get a tad excited.  He readjusted himself and turned to face her.
            “You’re amazing,” he said.
            She beamed.  “Thanks!” she said.  She turned to the large hill.  “What do you think?” she asked.
            “About what?” he said as he turned and looked.  “That hill?” he said.  “You, you going to try and lift that freaking hill?” he asked.
            She shrugged her shoulders.  “Sure, why not,” she said.  “It is just a hill,” she added as she walked towards it, ground shaking.
            Barry stayed where he was, not wanting to get in her way, or get hurt.  Meg surveyed the hill.  Using her new intelligence, she guessed it weight millions of pounds.  A walk in the park for her!  The hard part was going to be finding a way to get under it.  Giving it some thought, Meg smiled and got to work.
            Barry looked on at the super woman.  “She doesn’t even realize just how powerful she is now,” he thought as he watched her start her work.  Using her super speed, Meg began running around the base of the hill.  BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! Was heard as she crushed her hands into the sides of the mountain, causing a large crack to form around its base.
            To Barry, a mere human, Meg was now a blur.  He watched as he saw what looked like a large crack forming around the hill.  The blur stopped.  Meg dusted her hands off and surveyed the hill.  She bent down and dug her fingers into the large crack she had just made.
            CRACK, CRUNCH, CRACK! Emanated from the hill.  Barry watched in amazement as the side Meg was holding began to rise up.
            “Fucking shit!” Barry exclaimed as he watched.  Meg heard him and looked back smiling.  “You ain’t seen nothing yet little man!” she said as she began lifting it further.  Huge cracks formed in the ground around the hill.  Small cracks also began running up it.  Meg had her end of the hill over her head.  For the first time, she actually registered the weight.  It registered lighter than a piece of paper would to a normal person.
            As Barry gasped, Meg began “walking” the hill over her head with her hands.  She slowly began moving the hill, working her way towards the middle.  Huge chunks of stone and dirt…chunks larger than sedans, fell from the hill.  Soon Meg was in the middle of the hill.  With a thrust of her mighty arms, Meg lifted the hill up.
            CRACK CRACK CRACK! Barry heard.  In wonderment, Barry saw the hill dislodge from the ground.  He looked up.  Underneath the huge hill was his college friend, Meg, holding a mountain over her head!  She had a huge grin on her face.
            Barry fell to the ground, his legs giving out as he thought he would faint again.
            “You okay there stud?” she asked from under the hill.
            “,” he stammered.  “I, I can’t believe what I am seeing,” he gasped as he stood back up.  “You’re, you are doing it Meg!” he exclaimed.  “You, you lifted a mountain!  I mean, your holding like three hundred feet of earth over your head!  Please, please tell me it was hard!?!?” he asked.
            Meg laughed.  “Wish I could, but it wasn’t.  Easy as pie actually,” she said.  “In fact, I would hold it with one hand, but it is kinda hard to balance it as it is,” she said.
            “Hard to balance a mountain over your head?  Duh!” Barry thought.
            “How…how much do you think it weighs?” he asked.
            “Oh,” Meg said as she slowly started walking towards him, the ground shaking harder than usual.  “Hundreds of millions of pounds, maybe more,” she beamed.
            “H…h…h…” Barry couldn’t even say it.
            Meg laughed again.  She loved making him speechless!  Well, if he liked her lifting it, he would love this!  She closed her eyes and slowly, she began to levitate.
            “No way….” Barry said as he watched Meg and the mountain rise into the air.  She was not only lifting the mountain with her insane strength, she was now flying with it over her head!
            “Any place you want me to put this?” she teased.
            “,” he gulped.  “I, I mean…do…put…put it anywhere.”
            Meg smiled as she slowly floated back to the ground, landing with a huge BOOM.  Figuring she should put it back where she found it, Meg slowly began walking the mountain over her head as she moved towards the edge.  With a huge BANG, Meg put the mountain back on the ground.
            “Wonder how they will explain that?” she laughed to herself.  She turned around and flexed her huge biceps at Barry.
            “So, what do you think about that?” she asked.
            He walked towards the muscled wonder.  Without even thinking about it, he kneeled in front of her.
            Meg looked down at him.  “What are you doing?” she asked.
            “I…I don’t know.  It…I felt like kneeling before you Meg,” he said.  “I can’t believe what, what I just saw you do.  It, it was beyond amazing, beyond, beyond stupendous.  Your muscles, they, they weren’t even flexing.  It was like you were lifting a book.  But, but you weren’t Meg.  You, you were lifting a small mountain.  Such…such strength, p...power,” he gasped.  “Your power…it is limitless,” he added.
            Meg smiled as she unflexed her biceps.  “Maybe,” she said.  “Pretty sure there isn’t anything on the planet I can’t now lift.  But please Barry, please, get off your knees,” she said.
            “O…okay,” he said as he slowly stood up.  “You really are a Goddess now,” he said.
            Meg put her hands on her hips.  “Yeah, I am starting to kinda think that as well,” she said.  “You ready to go back?” she asked.
            Barry looked around, surveying the scene.  Where there had been flat ground was now a massive crack in the ground.  The large hill, which had risen hundreds of feet into the air, now sat at an odd angle on the ground.  A huge crack going around it.
            “Sure,” he said as she picked him up and began flying back to the cabin.
            “So,” he said.  “What are you going to call yourself?” he asked.
            “What do you mean?” she said as she levitated slowly.
            “Well, like, there is Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Mary Marvel, She Hulk,” he said.
            “She Hulk,” she repeated laughing.  “I see what you mean.  You think I need a name?”
            “Well, isn’t that what you are supposed to do?  At least that is what they do in the comics,” he said.
            “True, but this isn’t a comic Barry.  It is real life.  And unlike the comics, I don’t think if I put on a pair of glasses and a suit that I will be able to fool anyone.  I mean, my condition is permanent.  I figured I would just go by my name,” she said.
            “Huh,” he said.  “I guess that is true.  Not like you can try and blend in as a normal human,” he said.  “But still, I think you need a name,” he said.
            “Okay Barry, tell you what, when we get back, we can think of a name.  Actually, if I am going to use my powers for good, I am more concerned with cloths.  Can’t really go around dressed in a tarp and using a metal chain for a belt,” she said.  “I am going to have to get stuff specially made I think,” she added.
            Barry laughed.  “True.  Maybe something with a cape on it…” Barry pondered.
            Meg looked at him and rolled her eyes.  “We will see Barry,” she said as they both headed back to the cabin.
Chapter 10:    Big Brother Makes Big Plans
            It had been a few days since his lab had been wrecked and now, David Forrest knew who to blame.
            “So it was Meg,” he said into the phone.
            “Yes,” Agent Stevenson said on the other end.  He was sitting in his office, looking at satellite footage of a remote cabin in a very remote part of the state.  He was watching live footage of a man and a huge woman walking into the cabin.  Agent Stevenson was sure he was looking at the improved Meg.
            “How do you know?” David asked.
            “Well, for starters, she has not returned to get her car nor has she returned to her apartment.  In addition, we did fingerprint analysis of the construction site she destroyed.  It took a while for us to analyze it because of the sheer size of her fingerprints but we got a positive match.  It was Meg for sure,” he said.  “She really is quite large,” he added.
            David stood up from his chair.  “You have seen her?” he asked.
            “In a sense,” Agent Stevenson answered as he wrote down the latitude and longitude of the cabin he was watching.  “Look, that isn’t important.  What is important is that we know where she is, and I am sending a team to bring her in,” he said.
            “Bring her in?  You planning on using force?” David laughed.
            Agent Stevenson sat up in his chair.  “Yes Doctor, we are.  Something funny?” he asked.
            “Agent, you, you know how strong she is now.  She has more strength in her pinky finger than everyone in the United States combined, and then multiplied by ten.  You were at the meeting a few days ago.  You know we have determined she is invulnerable.  Your bullets won’t even tickle her Agent,” he stressed.  “And strength and invulnerability are just the powers we know of for sure.  Who knows what else she can now do.  You know we are working on a way to weaken, her.  So far we….”
            David didn’t finish.  “And just how long are we to wait Doctor?  So far, we have kept this from the public.  What do you think will happen when the world finds out you have created an unstoppable super woman?” he asked.  “It would cause panic.  If she won’t come back peacefully, we have means to bring her in otherwise,” Agent Stevenson said.
            David sat back down in his chair.  “I see,” he said.
            “Let me ask you this Doctor,” Agent Stevenson said.  “Project G.O.D. obviously works.  Why don’t you just let me enhance one of my agents?  Would be much easier if we had someone with her power working for us,” he said.
            “And have another unstoppable super person?” David said flabbergasted.  “No, I won’t do that,” he said.
            “You underestimate the loyalty of my agents Doctor,” Agent Stevenson said.  “Just know, if we can’t bring her in or terminate her, you may not have a choice in enhancing someone else,” he said as he hung up the phone.
            David leaned back in his chair and sighed.  He hung up the phone.
            “Melvin, please give me a progress report on project neutralization,” he said.
            “Calculations are ongoing Doctor Forrest,” Melvin said.
            “Estimate time for completion,” Doctor Forrest said.
            “Unknown.  Test subject has no weakness,” Melvin said.
            David sighed again.  “Melvin, please call test subject Meg,” he said.
            “Understood,” Melvin said.
            David stood up and stretched.  The Agent was right.  It would be easier if they had someone with Meg’s extraordinary powers on their side.
            “It hasn’t come to that yet,” he said aloud.  “Hell,” he thought.  “We don’t even know if she is a threat.  If only I could talk to her, find out what she is thinking,” he thought as he walked out of his office and almost tripped on the still present huge footprint in the floor.  He put his foot next to it and laughed at the size difference.
            While he didn’t know the type of weapons Agent Stevenson was going to use, he was pretty sure they would be totally ineffective.
            “She may actually be on our side,” David thought.  “And his attack may just change that,” he thought as a chill ran down his spine.

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