Monday, February 1, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 2

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My ongoing, real-time AP journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time.

Got up early today for an workout. Taking it simple with a light jog to do some cardio. My muscle soreness is gone and am amazed how fast the body recovers, especially my body. I felt completely energized when I returned, showered and got ready for work.

When I arrived and got to my desk, I saw a pink 5 lb dumbell with a note next to my computer. It said "Better luck next time". I heard some laughing from far away and looked towards the sales department. I could see Bill mocking me in "hulk smash" pose. That asshole!

Looks like I'll be hitting the company gym at lunch today and everyday from now on. I might as well ask Angelo if I can rent the back room since all my free time will be there. My goal now is to become stronger than any man... and I will succeed!

We're getting ready for our production meeting so I have to go but will keep you updated. >>


  1. Meg tenderly stepped into her house. It was the middle of the night and she'd been at the gym since she finished work. Her body wasn't thanking her for the intence regieme, "I need a soothing bath" she thought to her self as she slowly climbed the stairs.

    "Oh that feels good" she moaned as her trim, taught body slid into the warm water and bubbles (a girls gotta have some simple pleasures in life). She relaxed in the bath with soft music in the background and the dim lights.

    After an hours worth of soaking Meg pulled her body out of the warm water, still aching but not as bad as before. She quickly wrapped her self in a towel and looked at her reflection, looking at her arm she tensed the muscles and smiled at the bulge her bicep made, "I'll get that bastard back!" she vowed to herself.

    Benji Dude

  2. Oh, just so you know, due to time differences it is actually the middle of the night as I wrote that last entry. Just thought you shoudl know.

    Benji Dude

  3. I'm soooo tired and sore today and have been nodding off at my computer. Not good! We're in the middle of a big project with a tight deadline.

    Keep it together Meg & focus. I've started bringing my own coffee in so I don't have to run into Bill. He'll be the least of my worries if I don't concentrate on work.

    I've brought in some small hand exerciser's to my office so I can keep working out ALL day. Angelo has been supportive and said he'd stay open all night if I wanted. Don't know if my body can take but I'm willing to find out.

  4. Another week winding down and am soooo ready for the weekend!

    Been pushing myself really hard this week and I need a little time to rest and recoup before I burn out. My only plans are to sleep, eat and lift.

    I'm meeting with my trainer tomorrow and want to go over his plans for building massive (and I mean massive) muscle. I'm curious his ideas besides just lifting heavy and he has some experience training male bodybuilders. We met two weeks ago, before my new found determination, and can't wait to see his reaction to the gain I've accumulated since then.

  5. The weekend rolls around and I meed my trainer. I tell him about my desire to be the biggest. He smiles at my determination and tells me that he has heard about a few technique that's in the works.

    He explains something about myostatin blockers, a substance when injected into the system, blocks myostatin, and causes muscles to develop and grow more easily.

    He explains this was tested in animals, and that the experiment has led to a general increase in muscle mass up to 86%. Currently, there were no drawbacks, but it may strain the joints. He heard that I wanted to try soemething else to get big, so that was one idea.

    I had to ponder a bit at the possibility.