Monday, February 8, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 3

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My ongoing, real-time AP journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time.

I feel sooo good this Monday! I got much needed sleep and still managed a few heavy workouts this weekend. My body feels great and super strong. My trainer noticed the changes right away. The developing muscles have taken a firmer, sinewy tone. Also, the exercise has supercharged my metabolism and any body fat seems to be melting away.

I've been thinking more about Myostatin blockers and doing a bit of research. It's not available for human testing yet, but research labs can get authorization for animal testing samples. Good thing I work at a research facility.

Although I've never used my computer skills for personal gain, I think its time to do something for ME. My company doesn't have a need for Myostatin but luckily I can fudge some records, move funds around and order a small shipment. The subroutines are untraceable and Dr. Meg is about to start a new experiment.

The shipment should arrive in a week. In the meantime, I plan to stick to my new rigorous workout routine. >>


  1. I got up this morning feeling that today would be the start of a great week. The day was beautiful, and nothing seemed to be going wrong.

    Before I stepped inside for work this morning, i found a quarter face up on the ground. Perhaps I might get lucky and make significant gains today at the gym after work!

  2. It's the middle of the night and the prospect of quickly developing massive muscle is too much to bear, as Meg tosses and turns in bed, trying desperatly to get to sleep, "Damn it!" she declaires jumping out of bed, "I've got too much energy to sleep!" she adds as she quickly puts on some running gear and heads off around the streets.

    Running aimlessly around Meg finally ends up outside her gym, still feeling rather fresh Meg bends down and picks up the key from under the plant pot that Angelo had told her about, "Use it when ever you want" he said, "He's such a sweetie" Meg thought to her self as she let her self in and disabled the alarm.

    Meg did a quick full body workout along with a few bits of heavy lifting, just managing to better her old personal bests in most areas. Pleased with her workout she slipped into a sauna to unwind. An hour later she felt ready to fall asleep, sleepily stumberling through the gym she eventually found Angelo's office, which rather oddly had a sofa in it, "I'll just catch a quick nap then head home" Meg reasoned with herself as she laid down on the soft sofa and closed her eyes...

    Benji Dude (written at 1:05am local time)

  3. I'm fast asleep and am awaken by the sound of a key in the door. Startled, I immediately bolt up and look for something to use as a weapon. Angelo walks in, turns on the light and has a similar startled expression. "My Megan" he says as the morning brain fog begins to lift and I realize I'm in his office at the gym. Crap! I look at the time and its 7:30 am. I'm going to be really late to work today!

    "I'll explain later" I tell him as I give him a peck on the cheek and run out. My body reacts violently with pain as the sore muscles caution me to slow down. How much did I lift last night? I'm reminded of my first story "Dreams" and laugh at the thought I might have worked out in my sleep.

    I make it home, shower, get dressed and head to the office. I arrive disheveled with bloodshot eyes. Wouldn't you know it, my supervisor is waiting at my desk. This can't be good.

  4. Just finished up my lunch time workout and back to work. Another session of pushing it hard and my body is screaming at me to stop. I press my fingers firmly on my bicep and can feel the rock hard muscles push through my sleeve. I know it's not much of a show but I crush the empty soda can next to me and watch as my forearm muscles flare and tiny veins pop out.

    My supervisor walks by and gives me the "look". Crap. Here's what happened this morning.

    He sat next to me and said "I've noticed changes in you Meg." Well, honestly, who hasn't. He went on to voice his concern over my performance in the last few weeks... the dozing off and more than usual irritable behavior. It wasn't so much as a reprimand as a friendly warning. I apologized and promised to keep focused at the office.

    So now he catches me playing with my muscles... great Meg!

  5. Back at the gym and Meg works out her anger issues on the punching bag, just pummelling away at the target in front of her for a good two hours.

    Hot, sweaty and relaxed Meg dabs her face clear and walks over to the changing rooms and has a quick shower before heading home.

    As Meg approaches her front door she sees a note pinned to it, "I've been watching you from afar, don't push yourself too hard" it said, Meg immediatly looked around her, searching for a shadowy figure or someone looking suspicious but there was nothing. Slightly freaked out, Meg quickly got her self inside and locked the door, no extrenuios exercise tonight, just sleep, and lots of it.

    Benji Dude

  6. As Meg slipped into dream world, she dreamt of one day in the near future of being huge, really huge.

    She saw herself in her dream at a beach, but massively muscular and busty. She was a mountain of muscle that made even the Olympian Gods envious. She strutted the beach as if she owned it, and strode confidently that no one was bigger or stronger than she was.

    It was a wonderful feeling she continued to dream, to have a body piled and stuffed with muscle and power. To have such raw strength to lift cars and trains with ease and to completely dominate any male that came her way.

    She kept smiling as she continued to dream big.

  7. I'm having lunch out with Jessica today and have the strangest feeling of being watched. Every time I look around it feels like someone is just out of sight. I think my admirer/stalker is keeping an eye on me and not sure if I should be flattered or concerned yet.

    My clothes are starting to feel snug. If this keeps up, I'll need to go shopping soon. Any reason to hit the mall is a bonus in my book!

  8. After lunch Meg headed back to her office cubicle and there was another note placed on her monitor, "Having lunch with a friend? Always a good way to relax but having a piece of chocolate pudding for desert, naughty naughty" Meg quickly strunched up the note and threw it in the bin.

    "Wow look out everyone, Meg's pissed!" came a voice from behind her, Meg turned around and saw Bill standing there with his cohorts, laughing. She felt the rage building inside her, fists clenching tight, knuckles going white. Then her supervisor walked by.

    "Everything ok here?" he asked, looking back and forth between the two opposing sides, Meg quickly regained her composure and relaxed her hands.

    "Everything is fine" Meg said calmly, before turning around and sitting at her computer.

    Benji Dude

  9. Meg wanted to concentrate on her work today and not worry about the mysterious notes that's been showing up recently. Plus, she didn't want her supervisor mad at her again and know that the notes would only trouble her further. So today, she was going to play it by the book.

    She was going to finish up work, after that, get dinner, and planned to get at least two solid hours of workout for the night. Her body had packed on a notable amount of muscle this week, and she knew that she would only grow bigger.

    Tomorrow she was going to be excited as she expected her package to arrive and she could begin on her experiment.

  10. Meg got up this morning a little later than usual and quickly did a brisk hour and a half of workout before taking a shower and having a light breakfast.

    After the week's mayhem and soreness, Meg was willing to take a bit of a break today to relax a bit. A few minutes past eleven, the doorbell ran and Meg sprang to the floor.

    "Morning ma'am, here is your mail." The mailman said.

    "Thanks very much!"

    She signed off for the package and as soon as the mailman was out the door, she tore open the brown wrapping paper in excitement.

    Inside the package were several siringes, several beakers and a jar of what was presumabably myostatin blockers. Meg couldn't help but smile to herself.

    "This is going to be a fun week for me." she thought to herself.

  11. A fitting present for Chinese New Year indeed :) it would've been better if there was another layer of red wrapping underneath the packaging.