Monday, February 15, 2010

Meg's Growth: Week 4

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My ongoing, real-time AP journey to becoming the ultimate muscle woman. Story addition comments take place in real time.

I had a hot date for Valentine's Day but not the kind you may think.

I was at the gym and pushing the weights pretty hard when he approached me. Angelo has become my adopted Grandfather and always looks out for me, but I've been avoiding him since sleeping in his office the other day. "My Megan" he says in his thick accent. I turn to him, look into his kind eyes and begin to break down. I feel like my life has been an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks. The issues at work, a strange stalker, late nights and constant working out. He comforts me without saying a word and invites me to his place for dinner.

His house has the same feeling as his gym. Simple, old and full of character. That's one of the reasons I go to his gym. It's not flashy and fake like the strip mall chains. They have more programs, fancier equipment and lots of young attractive people, but it feels plastic to me.

He gives me a bowl of the best Goulash I've ever had. "An old family recipe" he tells me with a wink. I begin to pour my heart out to him and don't stop until he's heard my entire life's story. After my second piece of Bukta (I'd never heard of it either), we finish up and I feel better. I give him a big hug and head home. It feels good to have someone that truly cares and listens without judging. The weeks ahead will still be a struggle but it's nice to know someone has my back.

I sip my big mug of coffee and set it next to my keyboard. It's Monday morning and I'm starting out a new week. I feel healthy, both mentally and definitely physically. I'm excited at my new possibilities with the Myostatin blockers and other goodies that came in the package. I open my purse and see the un-opened containers and contemplate when to begin. Should I begin? >>


  1. Meg decides to inject the myostatin blocker according to the instructions if it was used on an animal. The syringe stung a bit but it was not unlike a regular shot. After applying a bandaid, Meg went back to work as usual, trying not to think about its effects. She wanted to wait a few hours to let the myostatin blockers kick in before she started her daily workout regiment.

    This week, she planned to stick to her regular workout schedule and monitor any changes, she could then add more myostatin blockers if she desired to build more muscle depending on how much difference she gained this week. So after work, it was going to be the usual: dinner, with lots of protein of course, then a two hour work out with heavy lifting.

  2. It's been two days since my first Myostatin treatment. I was kind of expecting to explode with muscle, like my stories, but that hasn't happened... yet.

    Here's what I have noticed. The strain from the workouts feels less, like I could lift heavier and heavier weights without tiring. Muscle soreness has been less with quicker recovery time. Muscle gain has also improved and I notice mass going on quicker after each workout. I'm stronger, faster and in better shape than I've ever been in my life. This is just the beginning.

    No word from my secret admirer the past few days. I'm trying to put it out of my mind and focus on work and my body.

  3. Meg was smiling as she walked into work this morning, checking her exposed arms out in any windows or mirrors she passed. It was all so exciting, the unknown of using the Myostatin on herself, the little gain she'd had so far was nice but maybe if she used more...

    The dangerous thought was put to one side as she sat down in front of her computer, still no odd little messages, "Maybe they've gotten board" Meg reasoned to herself as she focused on her work.

    Half an hour later and Meg was back onto the thought of the Myostatin, "Those instructions are for small animals..." she pondered, "Maybe if I knew how much a human would need in comparrision then I couldn't go over the top" "But who could I ask about that without arrousing suspecion?" Meg thought to herself, her internet activity is monitored so she couldn't use that and leaving till the end of the day was obviously out of the question given she couldn't an hour without thinking about it, "I've got it!" she exclaimed quietly clicking her fingers, "Greg'll know!" she added quickly getting to her feet and making her way to the IT server rooms.

    "Hi Greg" Meg said in her most seductive voice

    "Hi Meg, what brings you down here?" he asked, Greg was yout typical IT nerd, he knew far too much about most topics for his own good, as such he was easy for an attractive girl like Meg to manipulate.

    "I've got a little bet with a friend and I was hoping you could settle it for us?" Meg asked, standing behind Greg and leaning down beside his head.

    "Um... sure, I'll try anyway" stammered Greg, clearly unused to such close proximity to girls.

    "Well, I reckon that if 2cc's of aspirin would knock out a normal mouse, you'd need 10 times that to do the same to a human but my friend says it'd be more like 50 times" Meg explained, straitening up slightly to place her bust around Greg's head, "So, who's closer do you reckon?" she asked.

    "Well actually" Greg started, pushing his glasses back into place, "Has my bust really gotten that much bigger?" thought Meg as she watched, "You're both way off in order for a human to be knocked out by aspirin you'd need to consume about 200 times what you would give to a mouse"

    "Oh, ok thanks Greg" Meg said trying to hide her smile.

    "Why do you ask?" Greg inquiered, turning around in his chair, "I mean seems like a bit of a random bet to make"

    "Oh, erm, you know us girls Greg" Meg replied leaning forward a bit showing a sample of her cleavage, Greg's eyes locked onto the sight and stammered a responce, "See you around Greg" Meg said as she knowingly smiled and walked back to her cubicle.

    The moment Meg steped back into her cubicle the smile she had on her face vanished, there was another note on her monitor, "You are playing a dangerous game Meg, be sure to play safe", Meg screwed up the note and threw it in the bin. "These notes are getting out of hand" she thought to herself as she slumped into her chair, she eyed the phone on the desk, was it time to call security about it?

    Benji Dude

  4. Meg got off work and went out to get some dinner. She decided that if the notes came in again, she'd call security about it and say that someone is harassing her. However, she did take note of what the mystery person mentioned about not doing too much too quickly.

    Meg really wanted to get big, and the myostatin blockers would help her do that. One side of her wanted to inject as much of it as she could right now, but her rational side told her that it was probably not safe and that she should take it slow.

    As she finished dinner and headed off to Angelo's for her daily workout, she decided to analyze how much muscle she was gaining this week before stepping up her dose of myostatin. She technically would be the first human the myostatin treatment was used on, but only she knew that much. Enough thinking, more pumping iron!

  5. I met with my trainer last night and asked how I accurately measure my muscle gains. A measuring tape around body parts is the most fun but not really accurate. I've got a ways to go before I have 16" pythons :D

    I was previously going by my bench record but again that's not very accurate. So many muscle groups at different sizes and strengths.

    We set about calculating my lean mass to get the most accurate scale to measure my gains. My weight always fluctuates but today I'm at 132 lbs (not quite super model size). I absolutely hate calculating it but my body fat is at 22%. He tells me thats pretty good. So therefore...

    Height: 64 in
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Body Fat: 22.4%

    That gives me 103 lbs of lean mass. Not bad for a start. Lets see how much mass I can gain in the next few weeks.

  6. Been doing more calculations (sorry for being a nerd). I've determined my non-muscular system weight to be 55 lbs. It's a constant factor. Subtract that from my current Lean Mass of 103 lbs which gives me an accurate muscle weight of 48 lbs.

  7. Now that Meg had the numbers, she could set herself goals and measure accurately how much muscle she could gain. For instance, she figured if she could gain about 5-10 lbs of muscle per week, then it would take about a month to gain 30 lbs of muscle which was fairly substantial.

    She wanted to do some more tests and see how much she would gain this week before increasing the dose of myostatin blockers. She figured that before, she could gain about 3 lbs of muscle, but with the myostatin blockers, she could gain about 5 lbs.

    As she again fantasized of being a muscle goddess, she rememebered that she still had work to do, and it was best to concentrate on that first. Tonight, she planned to try going for three hours and see if she could set new personal records.

  8. Been tossing & turning in bed a lot lately. My mind keeps racing and can't get a solid night's sleep. I'm seriously dreaming about growing huge and it's keeping me awake. Could it be from the Myostatin?

    Might as well get up for an early Sunday morning pump.

  9. Meg spent the whole day pumping weights and doing general exercise. She didn't even notice until it was getting dark, "Oh my god!" she gasped as she figured out how long she'd been exercising for, "I'm not even tiered..." she added, looking at her reflection in the mirror as she did some spontanious shadow boxing.

    She felt great and she wasn't sure but there deffinatly seemed to be noticable improvement in her figure. "I suppose I should get something to eat and have a shower" Meg mused to herself noting the time, she picked up her towel and drapped it around her neck as she left her weight room, crossing the main hall to the bathroom meg spotted a note on the floor by the front door. With trepidation she picked it up.

    There was no address, no stamp, nothing on the outside. Slowly Meg tore along the top of the envelope and pulled out a letter and started to read it, "That sure is some work out you just had, though you think you are safe and working under the radar, you have been noticed and are no longer safe."

    Meg panicked, any thoughts of showers or food instantly left her mind as she icked up her purse and car keys. Quickly pulling out of her drive she just drove with no real destination in mind.