Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Latenight Loonacy

Written for me by CrazyCurt

All I've ever wanted for most of my life was a woman with ever burgeoning muscles.

A goddess of the extreme who has the strength of lifting my cat.

He's really fat. Me? Not so much. Ah I love dying.

One day I was walking my cat ... yes on a leash ... and I went down. Things make me fall and suffer and I go into seizures. In rain. And wet. And alone. Well here came Meg. I never would've thought this would happen.

Dressed in a dark leather outfit that barely fit her massive thighs and bis, here I am, a cat on a leash, staring at the most massive and gorgeous female of all time. She's towering over me, glistening and rippling muscle by every inch of her fabulous work, knowing I am a weakling ... with a cat.

"Hi may I help you?", she asked with a flex of shoulders beyond belief.

"breewooba duff nurber fleh?" I said stupidly, beyond the realm of stupid.

With one bicep-bulging arm she picked me up, and I ain't into to lift and carry stuff but hey I was lying dead in the rain. Here's Meg to the rescue. And then my cat ran off weirdly. I am in no condition to deal with that cat.

Meg Is.

She got him.

Imagine a woman the size of a truck able to run faster than a cat. And save your life. And still flex every muscle in her wickedly hot body, with a glowing smile that would kill any man.

I am smitten but lucky to be alive.

I miss you Megan, but you are not forgotten.

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