Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Flirt


The Flirt Part 3:  
A Taste of Power

It must of been late in my Junior year when I dated someone who liked to play... well, rough. Not abusive just more physical than I had ever experienced before. I don't even remember the guys name now but he took my transformation in whole new direction.

Fooling around in the back of his car and getting pinned to the back seat, I felt a new desire coming from the large varsity wrestler sitting on top of me. He loved the dominance over me but digging deep into his emotions, I felt his urge for me to fight back. My muscles began to slightly swell and fill with strength I had never known.

He looked surprised as I pushed back, but could feel he wanted more. A new rush of strength filled me and was soon able to get out from under him. My body was on fire and wanted more. This power felt like a drug, but fear at being discovered came over me and stopped him before we went any further. I had to get out and just run.

With so much new energy, I ran all the way home without feeling a bit of exhaustion. That was more exercise than I had ever done. Hell, it was the only exercise I had ever done. Up in my room, I stripped down to see how my body reacted to this new development. Holy crap, I looked amazing.

I had never looked so tone and lean. There was a undercoating of tight muscle that reacted to my every movement. My boobs even looked bigger as I examined every angle of this new physique. I think this body type is a keeper.

As with every transformation, I chose clothes that hid or concealed my body. At least for awhile, then I slowly wore more revealing attire to introduce the new Meg. This time was no different. I received mostly positive reaction and spent time tweaking this hardbody. Firm here and tone there.

The best reaction to my new physique was from my friends and especially Jessica. She joined a gym and started a rigorous workout not long after. She would never admit it, but we had an unspoken competition since that Summer at the pool when we were 13. Jess had always been the center of attention until then. She was so gorgeous and would have easily put me to shame if not for my unique gift.

Another year went by and we finally graduated High School. Jess worked hard for her rockin' bod but it still was nowhere like mine. One night over the Summer, we had a heart to heart at the lake. After a long night of laughing and reminiscing, she says "How have you done it, Meg? Your body is incredible but I've been your best friend forever and never seen you as much as lift a single thing."

I hadn't thought of that and was stunned for a moment. My naturally lazy persona didn't mesh with this high-octane body. I could explain my breasts and curves as natural but not this muscle tone.

"Umm, I belong to a great gym with an incredible trainer," I lied completely. Jess quickly responded with the two words I hoped she wouldn't say. "Which one?"

Crap. I knew which gym she belonged to and the other popular ones around town. I couldn't say those and get caught in this lie. But where? What was out of the way, yet believable? I remembered an old run-down gym in the industrial district. Perfect, since none of us would be caught dead down there. A real rough neighborhood. "It's... ummm... near the river in the district. You wouldn't know it."

"Holy shit Meg, you mean Angelo's!"

I hated working out, but Jessica caught me in a lie and now I had no choice. She insisted that she come down and try it out since it had done "wonders" for me. I lied again and said they were closed for a few weeks. Anything to stall. I needed to get a membership and a feel for the place.

The next day I drove down and found the seedy little gym called Angelo's. It was early in the morning with no one there yet. I walked through the door and let out a timid "hello". The equipment looked ancient and kinda smelled. After a minute with no response, I let out a louder "HELLO". Out came an older man from the other room. He introduced himself as Angelo with a thick accent. It's not a place I would typically go to but for some reason it felt like home.

My lying to Jess had gotten me here, so I decided to be honest with Angelo. Well, as honest as I could be. I blathered on about Jessica, the last few years and even never being to a gym or having worked out before. He just nodded, listening intently then simply said "I will help you, my Megan."


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  1. Love the story. Would you like to start a new fantasy with me and you in it. We haven't done one since 2009 Megan. Let me know if you are interested.

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