Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mega Meg 2

Part 1 
By steelknight3000. A Short story based on jnw550's story Meg's Day Off. 18 year old college girl Megan is back and stronger than ever. The teenage goddess, overwhelmed by her endless power, lets loose.

 "Wow, being big is awesome!" declared 12 foot tall Megan as her dainty feet left craters in the shuddering earth. The golden tanned teenage goddess stepped on a parked car and crushed it like a soda can, loving the sound of it popping underfoot. She scooped up an SUV with her buff arm and listened to it crunch and shatter as she flattened it between her palms. The super girl then took the beach ball sized wreck and rubbed it against her cunt until it vaporized. Her breathy moans created hurricane force winds that blew the other cars in the parking lot around like leaves. A few trees and light poles were knocked down.
"Mmm, that was good. Megan needs more,"
Her eyes glowed with energy and sparks of lightning arced between her gigantic tits. Her powerful thighs flexed, each leg the as tall as a man, creating fissures in the ground. She powered towards a nearby three story brick campus building and crouched down digging deep into the foundation. In one swift motion she stood up ripping the building out of the ground like a vegetable.
"Hello little building! Wanna play?"
It strained and shuddered as part of it collapsed. She tilted it at an angle sending furniture and people tumbling out the other side.
"That's it? Not even enough for a pump?"
She let it drop creating another quake.
"Ugh, how pathetic", she thought. "I've nearly wiped out campus without trying. If I don't slow down the whole town would be next,"

Focusing her mind elsewhere, the mega-teen returned to her dorm room for a more constructive outlet for her power. She lounged in her bed, specially reinforced to handle her hyperdensity which was now reduced to a mere 2,200 pounds. She was still the same size though, taking up nearly half the room. Despite her size, she wasn't bulky. Her body remained sleekly proportioned.
 A laptop was propped up against one thigh and tablet on the other. Two more tablets were spread across the sheets. She was putting together a paper in theoretical physics while reading 20 different articles in 20 different languages. At the same time she browsed news sites from around the world, scanned through Twitter, memorized a few dictionaries, checked out clips of herself on Youtube, while an endless playlist of hardcore porn videos played on one part of her laptop screen. All the while she masturbated, her fingers moving between devices and her own body so quickly she might as well have had 10 hands.
Amber was there as well, though she kept busy playing with Megan's massive body. She kissed the super girl's feet while caressing her calves and massaging her thighs. The bed creaked and groaned with each twitch of her muscles.
"So it's only been less than an hour and I've already revolutionized the fields of quantum physics, learned 3 languages, and wrote a thesis on Kafka. Seems that my brain is as powerful as my body. Strongest, smartest, there something I CAN'T do?"
She beckoned Amber with her eyes. As if on command she started to go down on Meg.
"Teehee, you can't resist can you? I don't think anyone can..."
The bed's powerful frame, made of a titanium alloy so dense it had to be sculpted by Meg's own bare hands and then carried in secretly when school was out. It groaned as her hips began to writhe.
"I just need to cool off a bit. It's hard to control my strength when I'm MMMM horny like thisss. If I don't stop myself I'll just get stronger and bigger and stronger...Wouldn't wanna put the whole planet in danger just to get off would I? Mmmm that's gooood."
Meg's thoughts ran wild. Too much power was flooding in. She had to get out of there before she approached climax again or the county would be turned into a crater.
"Sorry Amber, better for you if we call it a cliffhanger,"
In an instant she was gone, leaving behind a blast of air that sent Amber flying out into the hallway naked.


The ocean floor had become Megan's own little sanctuary. The deepest coldest part was her favorite. The pressure was high enough to crush steel but couldn't strain her muscles one bit. She sat on her legs and rode the endless orgasmic bliss. The power surged through her body like a drug. Twelve feet tall, fifteen, thirty, it didn't matter down in the deep. Though even here she had to hold back lest she start a continent-drowning tsunami or crack the Earth's fragile crust. She came in quick succession, each more intense then the last. Each time she did a little more power came through sending pulsing shockwaves through the Earth that registered worldwide. The ice cold seawater that touched her began to vaporize as soon as it touched her skin as she turned into nuclear reactor, her white heat illuminating the sub-surface desert like an underwater sun. The super girl grasped her titanic breasts as if her arms could contain her rapidly expanding body.
"Mmmm...little more...yessssss...this fucking rulessssss..."


Two months later Meg rose out of the ocean onto a South Pacific beach. Water cascaded down her huge tits as the thirty foot mass of female flesh rose up like a titaness.
Her footsteps were like bombs quaking the island and kicking up big clouds of sand.
"Oh baby, that was PLANET BREAKING"
Her voice flattened several acres of jungle and caused rock formations to collapse. She massaged her ultra firm tits, getting horny just thinking about the last couple of months. Her powerful chest expanded pushing against her arms, the only force strong enough to overpower them.
"Hrrrrrrrnnn, this body can't be stopped can it?"
She came once again, turning half the island into a smoking sand crater which filled with seawater 3 feet deep.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed it buzzing through the air. Even at the 30,000 feet nothing could hide from her. An unarmed UAV with a surveillance package.
A team of military-types was observing from a remote bunker in Nevada.
"We've located the source of the disturbance, Colonel. She's surfaced,"
"Body temperature at 178 Celsius and climbing. Fuck, muscle mass at 560 percent. Muscle density at 2,389 percent!"

"Getting a good look boys?"
Her striking voice was transmitted through the UAV's microphone.
She struck a few supermodel poses, showing off her naked body. The erotic images on the screen transfixed the room.
"Megan, these 'events' of yours have cause some real political damage not to mention the environmental damage,"
"Can't help it. The planet's still here right?"
Another 4.0 quake was felt across the Pacific islands. The Colonel clenched his teeth. He knew trying to convince Megan to do something was like asking the sun not to shine.

The 18 year old goddess smiled then disappeared into a blur speeding towards Hawaii for a few more weeks of relaxation.

Part 3

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