Monday, February 4, 2013

The Flirt


The Flirt Part 2:  

Middle School ended and Summer came. It was a time of change and growth for all my friends, just more so for me.

I realized what my special gift was and spent the Summer exploring just what I could do with it. When boys were close, I could feel their innermost thoughts and desires. I could absorb them and mold my body to match. Bigger boobs, longer legs, flatter stomach, it didn't matter. It was the greatest discovery of my lifetime.

I spent countless hours of experimentation at the swimming pool. A glance from someone was all it took but also found that a simple touch or casual flirtation made the feelings and transfer stronger. By July I had grown 2 cup sizes to a sold C, grew 2 inches in height, dropped 15 lbs and even my hair grew long and thick. I even had the deepest tan of everyone at the pool. The more I matured (and flirted), the stronger the boys desires became... and the more I wanted to change.

Each time I practiced, the transfer became easier. By Summer's end, I was a completely new woman and getting more attention than Jessica. Dumpy Meg was a thing of the past, lookout World.

My Freshman year of High School started and by the second semester I had the hottest body in the entire school... seniors and teachers included. I had to be careful though. I was the center of gossip with my Summer transformation, but could explain it as good genetics and hitting puberty. What would they say if I grew out my clothes before their eyes (I could actually do that by Sophomore year after lots of practice). I became able to control the speed of the transformation and able to pull male desires from farther and farther away. Someone staring at my body down the hall gave me all I needed to add a little more roundness in the tush.

To say I dated a lot in High School was an understatement. I never stayed with the same boyfriend for more than a month. Partly because of boredom but mostly I was cautious about them discovering my ability. It was hard to continually transform this and that when someone is intimately aware of every curve on your body.

Bigger, smaller, taller, tanner, I changed body types more than most change hairstyles... and loved it. Then something happened that changed the course of my transformations forever.



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