Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Flirt


The Flirt: Part 4

A week or so later, Jessica came down to Angelo's to see where I "built" my toned body. Angelo had taught me some basics so it looked like I knew what I was doing. She came a couple times but soon went back to her mega-chain fitness center and invited me to join her there. I didn't have any interest. Besides, I had grown fond of Angelo and he offered me a job for the Summer. I accepted.

Angelo's didn't have many customers but business started to pick up after I started. It could have something to do with my outfit, which might have been a little skimpy and tight. I loved the attention and did what I do best... flirt with men for their attention.

I must have achieved the perfect body, since the desires coming from the men around me didn't alter. Long, lean with a firm muscle-tone and gravity defying breasts.

That was until a new patron walked into Angelo's.

I greeted him as he came in, introduced myself and showed him around as I do with all new customers. His eyes were rolling over my every curve, which everyone's did, but the lust emanating from him was for big muscle. As I demonstrated proper technique on one of the machines, I could feel a new desire coming from him. He was imagining rock hard muscles growing and stretching my outfit to it's limit. The transformation started before I could control it which startled me and I quickly shut it down. I stopped, looked deep into his soul and simply asked, "Well Joe, do you have any other questions?" trying not to look freaked out.

Did men find big muscles on women attractive? I've loved this athletic body I've had for the last few years but never thought of having bigger muscles. I already felt strong and full of energy, but maybe it was time to experiment more... and Joe was my new target.

A few days went by after Joe's initial visit to the gym and he left me with a decent amount of muscle. I watched as they reacted to my every movement, dancing at my command. Had to wear less revealing clothes, but not much. The additional strength and energy felt wonderful and I wondered what even more would feel like.

I've seen pictures of female bodybuilders but started to Google more about them. Many were bigger than I had thought possible until I ran across the fantasy sites. Drawings, morphs and stories about impossibly huge women with immense strength and gargantuan muscles. Wow, some people were really into this which fascinated me.

I called Joe. "Ummm, hi Joe? This is Megan from Angelo's. Just a standard follow up to see how your experience at Angelo’s has been and see if you have any questions?" I was lying through my teeth and made up a couple bullshit questions regarding the gym's equipment and service. A slight funny feeling came over me, like I could almost feel his desires of me through the phone. That was new and he was definitely thinking about me and my toned muscle.

We ended up going out for coffee that night. I didn’t plan on staying long. After a cup and a refill, I asked him if he wanted to go to Angelo's for a late night workout. Business hours were long over, but I unlocked the door and seductively led him to the free weights, leaving a trail of clothing like breadcrumbs for Joe to follow. He was full of raw of desire as I finally revealed the barest of my workout attire.

I laid down on the bench and grabbed a few twenty five pounders. Joe came over and sat by my feet just watching as I lifted the iron dumbells over my head, then back down. Again. I didn't need to look into his eyes to feel what he was thinking. He simply watched as my taught and slightly muscular body reacted against the weight. His muscle lust was intense.

I crossed my arms and started a few sit-ups which quickly made my abdominals a defined six-pack. By the tenth sit-up I was at a full eight-pack. Joe rubbed his hand over my hard core, feeling the ridges as they became more defined and pronounced.

The muscle and unbridled strength began to flow into me as a mesmerized Joe kept wishing for more. I didn't have to lift a weight at this point to gain mass, it was all done by my new friend and his desires for muscular women. Larger, stronger and leaner as my little body fat began to melt away, making my fast growing physique ultra defined.

I straddled Joe as my body began to sweat, grabbed his hands and thrust them along my side and up around my chest. A new wave of desire came stronger as he held on to feel the growing muscle beneath his hands. Not only did they become bigger, but also harder as Joe's strong physique now felt like marshmallows against the iron growing beneath my skin. Such power.

As my sports bra stretched to it’s limit, Joe tried to remove the little fabric left on my growing breasts. I easily pinned his arms back to stop him, set him back on the bench and lay on top. The harder I’d grind on him, the more the more muscle flowed into me. I could see his pain and need for release, but I kept grinding and growing as his pain and pleasure increased.

The desires and amazing growth emanating from Joe simply turned off as he finally came and passed out. I grabbed a weight that I used to have trouble with and it felt light as a feather. I had thick, sinewy muscle covering my body from head to toe. Simply amazing at how much I gained in such a short time. I wanted much, much more.

I grabbed a towel and went to the locker room for a quick shower and change. Joe came out of his haze and I escorted him home before he was fully conscious of how much muscle I had truly packed on that night.

A problem I've always had after a significant body change is explaining it to others. I could always come up with something believable but not this time. I tried on baggy clothes and other tricks to hide the mass muscle that "appeared" overnight. I had as much muscle as a pro figure competitor and there wasn’t any way I could hide or explain it.

It was time to move on and start fresh.


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