Monday, January 25, 2010


Getting ready for the week. Oh, the dread of Monday's. Here's something from Mav that brightened my day and hopefully yours too.

Have a great week, luv ya!

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  1. I imagine there are worse ways to start Mondays than a morning hulk out in the bathroom. Imagine how surprised the office would be...

    Meg had to twist her broad shoulders to the in order the avoid smashing through the steel and glass office entrance. John, the morning receptionist/guard stared in awe. Meg's shirt barely held her frame, large by even her amazing standards. Her nipples poke out ever so slightly, not enough to get her fired but enough to taunt the imagination of any straight man. Her skirts barely covered her upper thigh revealing full, luscious leg's perched on top of high-heels which accentuated her diamond like calves. Meg, noticing John's lustful eye's, smiled and stretched with briefcase in arm to give him a better view. "Hmmm," she moaned, "Don't you just hate these Mondays?" know, something like that.