Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Jewel!

It's about time someone did a Jewel picture... and today's her birthday. These are for you Babe! Cele7110 did fantastic before pics of her... yes these are the before pics. Can you imagine how big she'll be. New Diana pic also wearing a sexy ity bikini.

Happy Birthday, luv Meg

Sunday, August 30, 2009

There might be a new Buffie coming soon. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Buffie Meg from Wardrider99

Yayyy! Wardrider99 finished some after photos of me for the Buffies contest. They look fabulous...thanks so much!!

Big kisses,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mav 6

More of me from the fabulous Mav. Don't ya just wanna lick me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Meggy

Got a problem or need some advice? This column is just like Dear Abby but with attitude. Write in and I'll help your whiney ass out, but be prepared... nice Meg is out for coffee and Dear Meggy doesn't hold back. Bring it on wimps! >>

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strength & Honor

Staff Sergeant Jason White of the 136th Armored Cavalry invited me to Fort Bowie in Brownwood, TX for a couple weeks of training. Not too many civilians get invited so I was happy to accept. Their motto is "Strength and Honor" which seems fitting. I've got the Strength part down and you know what they say about Honor. When I arrived, he laid out our daily itinerary and I got to participate along side the other soldiers. Here's the log of my time in the Army.

Day 1
I introduce the M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle to the students. We are in the motorpool where 5 M3's are lined up. I describe it as a 32 ton, armor personnel carrier with a 25 mm main gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and TOW missile system. Once there is a quick demonstration on how to drive it, we go to the road course which takes them off road to learn the limits of the vehicle's mobility.

These cute little M3's seem fun. Lets play with the guns. The tiny 7.62mm bullets feel kinda good as they bounce off my chest. Don't you use real bullets? I straddle the main gun and give it a try. Oooh its got a bit of a kick, like a deep massage. How big is the barrel... let me see. Yup it fits :) Feels even better now. These darling missiles look interesting. What if I squeeze one with my bicep? Hey now, I actually felt that!

On to the road course. I have a bit of trouble getting in it with my size. The government didn't take into account Buffies when they designed them. So l lift one up and carry it above my head. 32 tons you say, its kinda light. Sorry guy's didn't know you were still in there. I break into a jog and beat the other M3s. You guys are slow. If you're looking to test the vehicles mobility, I think I passed without even breaking a sweat.

Day 2
We demonstrate how to prime and detonate C4.

C4, I like explosions!! I'm a little greedy and will take all you got. This PlayDoh stuff is great. Lets make a C4 bra and panties. Cute huh. A bit more to pack on, there, you like?. Ok now you can arm it but ya better stay back.
1, 2, 3, KABOOOM.
That was awesome can we do it again!!! I feel all tingly and think it gave me a suntan.

Day 3
We take the boys to the missile range where they get fire a live TOW missile. The targets are old burned out hulls of army equipment.

Yay, more boys with missiles, sounds like my kind of fun. They go pretty fast but I bet I can make 'em faster. Give it the old heave-ho (that's why it's called TOW right?) and wholla, I just quadrupled the speed & range. Sorry about the Officer's quarters, I need to work on my aim a bit.

Day 4
We introduce them to the Mark 19, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (yes it actually exists.) The target, by this time, is probably you.

OK, I'll be the target. Mark sumthin' sumthin' grenade launcher? Sounds cute, let's play. I catch the first one and send it back, oops probably shouldn't have done that. Sorry boys. These are starting to come faster, you said "automatic" right... like a machine gun. Hey the explosions have a pretty good beat. Let's dance. 1, 2, 3 BLAM cha-cha-cha. 1, 2, 3, BLAM pirouette. Not too graceful but I'd like to see a ballerina dance through a barrage of grenades.

Day 5
Land navigation day. Maybe not too much for you to do. They are taught to navigate through a large area. Maybe this day you could just put on a show for them to keep their morale up. The M3's are there.

My dress was singed from your grenades yesterday and there's a sale at Macy's. See ya! What's an A.W.O.L.? Yah right, just try and stop me.

Day 6
We teach them how to Call for Fire. They will call artillery on a target and adjust it so that there what we call "steel on steel".

BORING. I'll show you "Steel on Steel"! Lets check these targets out. The vehicles are kinda burned up but still solid. The metal crumbles under my strength so I begin to wad the 32 tons of steel into a ball. Wow, I can actually get the whole thing down to softball size! Alright, let's practice on my aim. Here comes the artillery shell, aim and throw. Crap, missed. Looks like we have a new satellite in orbit though. On to the next one, lots of these vehicles laying around out here. My aim is much better, I'd say this exercise was a success.

Day 7
Urban Combat. We take them to a compound in which they will fight through against a simulated enemy using grenades, rifles, and the skills we teach them. They will fast and aggressive flushing or killing all inside the multi room building.

Urban combat huh, sounds real close & personal. I'm not very subtle as I smash through the compound. You aren't going for stealth are you? The bullets & grenades shatter against my skin as I make my way through the structures. I swear it's not my fault that all the boys keep getting hit. They're staring at my ass when they should be looking out for the enemy. I'll make it easier for them. In no time I destroy every last wall, roof and standing structure in the entire compound. Cough, cough... a little dusty. See now everything is out in the open and easier to see. Not the point of the drill? Sorry!

Day 8

Rest, I was just getting started. Well lets play with the boys!. How about armwrestling? Everyone immediately lines up... all 60 of them. Sarge is first and I go easy on him. Hey, I waited a whole second before smashing his hand through the table... and I kept from breaking his bones... I'd say that's going easy. No other takers so I challenge everyone. I grab the ends of 10 ropes in one hand. On the other end are 60 men digging in for a tug-of-war. More come running to join in and it turns out to be over 100 strong men vs. my bicep. I'm not even using my good arm. Sarge says go and we start pulling. Its back & forth for a moment but I end up winning. Ever see 100 soldiers come flying forward at once... I have. You guys wanna hook these ropes up to tanks and try again?

That was fun, I'm gonna go skinny dipping in the pond if anyone wants to join me.

Day 9
Begin the Field Training Exercise or what Sarge calls "Operation: Survive the Goddess". I'll save that one for another time.

Thanks again Sarge, I had a great time playing with your little Army thingies. Hope I didn't cause too much damage.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Missing ya!

Just sitting here alone this weekend. Wish you could all be here with me, we would have so much fun!! Thanks for the photo Mav. Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Buffies - Origins part 3

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Meg

Fresh air is a pleasant change to the musty prison smell. We can’t enjoy it for long, still need to keep moving and get off the island. Benji points the way southeast to a small marina where hopefully we can find some boats. Even as strong as we’ve become, our jump range is limited and the Pacific is mighty large.

We find the island has many hidden defenses along the way. Our amazing new bodies are impervious to the mortars and flying bullets but we need to watch out for Joshua, Benji and the others. We make a protective barrier around them and move slowly towards the marina.

Back at the fortress, buried deep below, Eric begins the startup procedures and examines Benji’s settings. The machine hadn’t worked to this level of success before. What’s different? It has to do with the four girls. They’ve been the key all along. Katherine is anxious to begin and yells out as her rage swells. Everything is set within the lab as the power meter continues to rise. It hasn’t reached the level of the previous transformation but there’s only one test subject this time. Eric pulls the lever.

Katherine stands ready as the shield surrounds her and blue liquid once again rises up. A light shines down as liquid fills the tank. Katherine breaths it all in and the pain begins. Thoughts of anger fill her mind as new muscle flows through her body. The tightening of tissue and mass begins quickly and she immediately feels the change. Her lab coat expands to show a firm, rising form beneath. Peaks and valleys form throughout the fabric as hard muscle pushes through to its limits.

The pain becomes intense but Katherine takes it all in, wanting more. Fabric tears form on the lab coat as her body quickly grows too big. It falls to shreds and the dress beneath follows soon after. So much power being packed into a petite frame but that’s growing too. Eric watches Katherine become taller while her body bubbles with raw muscle and power. The last remnants of clothes shred away and she’s left wearing shear black bra & panties. They stretch with the growth and become almost see through. She continues to grow while the power level reaches zero. Her lacy bra almost snaps as the mounting muscle builds beneath it but holds tightly as transformation cycle finishes. What a perfect creature, such power!

Besides the tremendous new strength, she notices enhanced speed, agility and senses. Her rage has also grown tenfold and lashes out, smashing through the barrier. She easily picks up multi-ton lab equipment with one hand and flings it across the room at lightning speed. Metal turns to putty in her mighty grasp. Such power! Eric watches the destruction but knows any attempt to stop her is futile. “Stop!” but she continues destroying the lab. She finally turns to him and says “Katherine’s gone. I’m WildKat”.

Then she remembers the girls. The four pretty, perfect girls that Eric thinks are special. Not for long. She easily smashes through the large boulders blocking their exit and quickly clears a path through the fortress passageways. Rocks fly at sub-sonic speeds as the rage fueled WildKat makes small work of Diana’s previous deterrence. “My God, look at that power” Eric thinks as he follows behind. One of the rocks hits him, shooting him back and knocking him out cold. Katherine is oblivious and keeps moving forward.

We’ve moved slower than hoped in order to keep everyone safe from island defenses. The ocean finally comes into view and we see the Marina. It’s not very big and there are only a few outrigger canoes moored to the dock. Not exactly built for speed but I think we could give them enough paddle power reach the mainland in no time.

The ground begins to shake as we prepare for departure. It feels far off but gets closer quickly. Amanda’s enhanced senses see what’s coming before the rest of us. She takes her canoe, full with supplies and passengers and casts off with all her strength. It sails safely across the ocean without her. The rest of us do the same and send our canoes and passengers off also. The four of us stand alone on the beach ready to take on whatever’s coming.

We watch a hulking woman storm through the trees then come towards us. “My god, that’s Katherine”. She stands almost a foot taller, dripping with muscle and red with rage. We thought we were big! “You’re next” she says in a menacing voice and launches at us with blinding speed. The four of us quickly rush to meet her. Our bodies collide in a fury and Meg is sent flying back through the air. Her rock-hard body skips like a stone across the water’s surface.

Diana, Amanda and Jewel continue with powerful blows to WildKat and knock her back. Kat needs to take them one at a time and attacks fast with a deluge of blows that sends each one flying across the beach. Amanda comes back hard first but is beaten back. Diana brings a fierce second wave attack and lands a couple blows before getting thrown across the beach. Jewel comes next but the stronger WildKat makes quick work of her.

The canoes are miles from shore before they begin to slow from their mighty send off. They can hear the battle back at the island even at this distance. What’s happening there? There must be some way to help so? Everyone is in agreement about returning and they slowly row back to the island

Meg washes up on shore dripping wet and pissed off from the sucker punch. Jewel joins her side and they race towards Kat. Diana & Amanda join us and our combined might sends her sailing back. We’ve got her on the defensive but it doesn’t take long for WildKat to gain the upper hand again.

Our bodies heal quickly but her blows but still hurt like hell. Her speed and strength are incredible. Meg yells out “Enough everyone, stop” and surprisingly everyone does for a few seconds. This is the second time this happened. Could it be a power from the transformation? The effect doesn’t last long and Kat is soon back. Meg tries one more time with a direct order “Katherine, stay still” and she once again stops.

We rush to restrain her while she’s immobile. Diana grabs hold of her from behind and begins to grow, packing on even more muscle. Not only does she seem stronger, her hair and skin appear different. Her face? She looks like Katherine! Kat comes out of her trance and throws us off in a fit of rage. Diana slowly begins to look like herself again. Does she have some sort of shape-shifting ability?

Jewel wonders if she has a special power too. She searches deep within herself but nothing happens. Meg runs forward and slams into her, toppling both of them over. Amanda looks to see Meg lying on the beach but her heightened senses detect someone else there. Its Jewel but she’s invisible. They get up and Jewel looks down at her non-existent body.

The powers give them each an edge but they still need to use teamwork in order to defeat WildKat. Meg begins and uses her charm power to keep Kat still. Diana grabs a hold of her and transforms again into Kat, gaining her added strength. Jewel is still invisible and aids Diana in restraining her. Kat comes out of Meg’s trance but can’t break free. An invisible force and someone that looks like her have her pinned down. Meg and Amanda come in for the kill.

We unleash months of captivity and cruelty into Kat. Harder and harder as she begins to bleed and her bones begin to break. Diana slams her down with enough force to split open the ground. Amanda uproots a tree and swings at Kat like Babe Ruth. Meg gets in a swift powerful kick to the chest as Jewel jumps high into the air and comes down for the finishing blow. She’s left lying unconscious on the ground. We lift her up and send her flying across the island and smashing into the fortress.

We walk back to the beach and collapse near the shore. It’s over.

Joshua, Benji and the others arrive back at the island to find Meg, Diana, Jewel and Amanda unconscious near the shoreline. No sign of an enemy but the area is devastated and the girls look badly beaten. They realize they can’t stay long and begin to move the girls to the boats. Their body weight is tremendous but everyone lends a hand to lay them across the bow and outriggers. They push off and slowly row back out to sea.

It doesn’t take long before we’re awake. Must have an accelerated healing ability also. “Thank you for saving our lives” Joshua says. “I’m impressed how well you all work together and would like you to continue… with my help.” That’s about the last thing on our minds at this point. We’ve been given a great power. Do we go back to our old lives or maybe do something new and try to make a difference in the world? Our feelings are mixed. “Just think about it while you recover as my guests, I insist.” We could use a break and time to think about our future.

Time to get moving. “Hold on” shouts Meg as she dips her paddle into the ocean and the canoe rockets across the water. The other three boats follow close behind as they descend towards California.

Next on The Buffies

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mav 5

Some more marvelous morphs from Mav. Luv ya Babe!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Buffies Diana by Cele7110

These pictures have been well worth the wait. Cele7110 did an amazing job on Diana.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Buffie Wanted

Looking for a female interested to come along with The Buffies. Some writing skills required but nothing too time consuming. A couple short articles here and there depicting The Buffies in action. Extreme muscle growth possible down the road so be prepared for an entire wardrobe change. Join us!

A couple more pre-buff Diana

Cele7110 has been working hard on Diana, even with a few computer setbacks. I think he's just playing with us to unveil the super buff version :)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mav 4

Here's some more from Mav, my own personal photographer. I really should start paying him :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marrakesh Meg and the Ring of Forever

This is an audience participation story and open to everyone to contribute.

My job sometimes takes me to exotic locations, even if my work there isn't. My CSE/IT team was sent to Morocco for a week to help our division there integrate software we developed back in Cali. I know, boring! At least we got to stay in a plush hotel in Marrakesh and had evenings free to explore the ancient city. I stayed in the first night due to jet lag but the second... well I was ready for adventure.

I was happy my best bud Diana came along and the two of us set out. We passed an alley and came upon Souks, an old street market with an overwhelming amount of shops that were packed with treasures. Fun! The deeper we went into the market, the more exotic the items became. Clothes and jewelry, artwork and antiquities. We made our way through to the deepest part of Souks and found Khalid. His booth was small and he looked as ancient as the Saharan desert. His penetrating eyes drew us in and he motioned us closer. His accent was thick but he spoke to us in english "I have something for you". That's a typical line to get tourists to buy so I didn't think much of it. He pulled out an ancient scroll and handed it to me. There was faded writing on the outside with an unbroken wax seal. Diana asked him what was written and he said "Megan & Diana"

I swear to God I've never been so weirded out in my life. I grabbed Diana, ran out of Souks and kept going. We stopped by a stone fountain to catch our breath and get a grip on what just happened. How could this be possible? It took a while to get the nerve but we finally removed the seal. I carefully opened the scroll to reveal a map. There was large letters in old arabic sprawled across the top. I punched it into my Iphone (yep, there's an app for that) and the readout came back with the translation The Ring of Forever.

"Well Diana, what should we do?" >>

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just finished my first workout with my new trainer. He's a little more than I wanted to spend but has already given me a new focus. He showed me some mistakes I had been making and gave me great tips and pointers on how gain healthy, natural muscle mass.

I showed him some of the photos from this blog and he laughed. I could tell he was turned on by it though. Who wouldn't be.

Saving the world never looked so good.

Mav sent me this photo and I thought I would put it to good use. Here's the 1st (and hopefully not last) Buffies poster. My apologies to Diana, Jewel & Kat, I hope to get you 3 in a poster soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mav 3

Mav keeps sending so many wonderful pics I have a hard time keeping up... but please God don't stop. XOXO Meg

He's getting Amanda into the picture now

One of me on stage

...and my sweet, shiny ass.

Sun tanning on the beach

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Diana after FMG

Wow, simply Wow! Wardrider99 did an absolutely fabulous job on Diana for the contest. I just wanna lick her :) See his before pics here.

Gaia Meg

A friend sent an email with this avatar of me attached for the online community Gaia. He was sweet to ask my permission to use it and said he was spreading the word of my blog there. How awesome is that!! I don't have time to be on Gaia but if you are and see me around there, say "Hi".

If anyone else wants to spread the word of my blog too, I would love you dearly. Let me know how you did and I'll give you props here.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Amanda

Super Amanda by ~daikichikitsune on deviantART
Daikichikitsune just finished this AWESOME version of Super Buffie Amanda for the contest. Here's the before pic he did

A few more from Mav

Mav sent another couple rockin' morphs of me. He even got a Buffies screen shot in there. Thanks so much and I love all the ones you've done. Keep up the great work.


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