Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Draw The Superheroine Team Contest!

Attention all artists, cartoonists & poser users. We're holding a contest to draw our new all female, all super muscular superheroine team! We've each come up with a profile card that best describes how we want to look but they're just for reference. The look, feel and style are up to you. The composition can be whatever you want, either simple character sketches or fully complete art. Go wild.

Please submit your drawing as a jpg to me at We don't have a deadline but would like to start judging in a few weeks. If you're interested but want more time, just email me to let me know, i'm flexible (don't laugh!). This will not be a conventional comic but we would like to have at least a cover for each episode. If your artwork isn't picked, we would maybe use you down the road. There is no prize except for the love & admiration of 5 buff women. XOXO!

Sincerely, Meg & the girls.


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  2. Great Idea, I love the samples you posted.
    I hope you get a lot of entries.

  3. I just sent a note to some artists on DA to help you out. You may want to offer something?

  4. "Normal" and "super-sized" stats... does that mean that you transform back and forth between the two sizes like She-Hulk? Or is it a one-time growth sequence?

    BTW FYI that's my artwork in the super-size sample for Amanda, which is already a vote of confidence in my work.

  5. Hi Megan,

    I think you will not have a hard time getting an artist to do your cover and your artwork for the comic adventures. Seems like David Matthews of DCM is very interested. He does awesome work.

    The sky is the limit like I said.

    Talk to you very soon Megan and keep me posted on everything.


  6. Yay David!!
    All of us are big fans of yours. It would be something like shehulk - not a one time transformation (without giving too much away).

    I want to make sure every know that we're not asking for alot sequential art (unless someone wants) this is more character design and or a single image used for maybe a cover type image thats based on our profiles.

    XOXO Meg

  7. Hi there!
    Just wanted to ask, do we have to choose one girl, we can draw as many girls as we want, or have to draw all of the team?
    And what's the maximum of pics for each girl?

  8. Hi Daikichikitsune,
    It is a team (well there may be 1 bad girl in the lineup - hint hint) so we'd prefer them all together or individual before and afters of each... but since I'm not giving a prize it's completely up to you. There is no maximum pics of each girl.

    XOXO Meg


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