Friday, August 14, 2009

New Buffie Wanted

Looking for a female interested to come along with The Buffies. Some writing skills required but nothing too time consuming. A couple short articles here and there depicting The Buffies in action. Extreme muscle growth possible down the road so be prepared for an entire wardrobe change. Join us!


  1. Come on girls, don't you want to be big and strong like us? ;)

  2. Mr. Stone said...
    "Does the new Buffie actually have to be female?"

    Meg said...
    Well, yes and no. We are looking for a female reporter type character to eventually join us. But we could also use male reporters too.

    My thought is to have newspaper article type stories told by "reporters". This could give anyone a chance to add to our adventures without disrupting the main storyline, written by us Buffies.