Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Flirt


The Flirt: Part 5

To say I was “built” was putting it mildly. Venice Beach was the Mecca for bodybuilding, so I left my home in the middle of the night with what little money I had and decided to make a new start. No need to pack much since my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I grabbed an extra pair of loose sweats then left my parents a note and a kiss on their sleeping cheeks as I crept out the door.

I drove through the night and arrived at first light. Muscle Beach.

After a quick bite to eat, my first stop was a local beach-ware shop to get a new bikini and wrap. Straight from the dressing room to the checkout counter, I could tell the young male clerk was doing his best not to stare. He rung me out and I gave hive a little extra swagger as I walked out the door.

I immediately felt at home as 5’ 9” ripped young hardbody. I could really experiment with my special gift here.

I lived out of my car for the first week or so and loved to spend nights on the beach. I paraded around to the local gyms and beach spots and it didn’t take long to grab the attention of some top bodybuilders around Muscle Beach. They took me in, ready to mold and shape me into a top Figure competitor. I was soon offered Anobolics, HGH and other black market enhancements. I accepted them all, but didn’t take a one. It was simply cover for my sudden growth about to happen.

Over the next few weeks I spent most of my time at the gym, working out a little but mostly flirting with the guys that liked strong muscular woman. I drew their desires, molding my body to their idea of feminine muscular perfection. Very soon I was ripped (although I ate like a pig) and gained thicker, stronger muscle. My breasts even grew bigger which some thought was a boob job. Nope, just my little special gift.

Money was running out and hadn’t found an apartment. A photographer came to the gym looking for fresh talent. Not one of the top names I’d seen but he did good work. He was smitten and asked if I would model for him. I gladly took the money for spending the next few hours on the beach in quite honestly the smallest bikini I’ve ever seen. The photos soon hit the internet and spread like wildfire. It didn’t take long for a buzz about the new girl on Muscle Beach and sponsorship and modeling offers started coming in.

I hired a serious pro trainer to look legit and an agent to manage my sponsorship & modeling offers. Both soon pressured me to take the next step and start competing. They saw meteoric growth and thought I had potential to be a top pro. Why not, I knew I could build better muscles quicker than anyone and decided to enter the State Qualifier. I had come to town with a Figure level physique, but in no time grew to the dense musculature of Women’s Physique.

It was late at night laying on the beach, deserted with stars shining bright. I’m always sensing other people’s wants and desires so the peaceful quiet is rare and welcome. Then I started to sense something else very faint.

I got up, dusted the sand off me and looked around. A dog walked off in the distance but he didn’t even see me. Just the sand, surf and stars around me. Another faint desire, then another. I tried to block them out but the more I did, the sharper they became.

That first modelling gig turned into a flood of offers as well as a few major corporate sponsorships. My Instagram & SnapChat accounts were exploding too. I eventually found the cutest little place for rent by the beach, although I still preferred to sleep under the stars on a warm night.

I was ready for the State Qualifying competition even though I barely worked out. It helps when you’re surrounded by female muscle hungry schmoes on the beach and peering into the gym. My muscles were dense and thick to the point of bursting through my paper thin skin with hardly any body fat. Haha, I didn’t even need to get a fake tan, just pulled that desire from anyone that walked by.

The night of my first competition came and I was backstage in the pump room getting ready. The other women around me were all so buff and beautiful. Way more than I thought for an non-pro competition, but then again this was California. A chorus of clanking weights played while overly tanned women got pumped. Sweat poured down the spray tans leaving tiny streaks across heavily veined muscle.

The Women’s Fitness competitors were on stage now. The auditorium wasn’t packed, but I could feel a lot of desire for big, muscular women pulsating from the audience. Although it wasn’t towards me directly, I was able to pull from them and beef up a little. I wanted to go out there and be the biggest and best on stage. I slowly packed on even more thick, dense muscle as I pumped up for the show. Just enough to make my new competition suit fit snug in all the right places.

The Women’s Physique round finally came and my number was called. I walked out into the white hot spotlight and started hitting a few key poses. Nothing too graceful since I didn’t really practice much, but the crowd seemed to like what they were seeing.

A flood of desires started coursing through my mind as the audience reacted to my routine. They like me this big. I even felt some urges to go bigger. I’m a flirt by nature so I played up the audience with a couple off the book moves. A school girl dance here and a couple stripper moves there. The crowd went wild as I took a bow to leave the stage. The looks from the other competitors dig through me like dagger, but I don’t care. The audience loves me.

A few minutes later we were back on stage for the posedown. No need fighting for center stage… I was center stage. Cameras flashing throughout the crowd and I felt so strong. More desires come flooding in, way more than the people from the audience. It was more like when I was laying on the beach. Hundreds if not thousands of tiny far off voices.

Probably not my best decision, but I decided to let loose at the end of the round. They wanted it. I wanted it. Why not give them a show they wouldn’t forget. I reached out to the crowds desires and my muscles became thick and massive. Deep cuts and gorging veins popped as I flirted on stage with the crowd. They went wild as I continued my routine and growth into a full fledged bodybuilder. The applause finally turned to a collective gasp, then completely silent as people started to realize what was happening to me. I kept going, mind racing and body pumping. Completely unaware while I was so engaged in this fantastic muscle lust.

Then I felt a pop. My top burst and shot like a rubber band into the front row of judges. I quickly ran off the stage when I realized what happened. Back in the pump room, I started laughing uncontrollably. Janet Jackson could pull off NippleGate, I may have just started MuscleGate. I grabbed my phone from the locker to post a selfie. This should hopefully add a few thousand or more followers. Walking over to the wall mirror to grab a pic, I looked up and my jaw dropped.

F. U. C. K.

Mounds of massive muscle covered me. I mean, I knew I had grown some but this was ridiculous… amazing was more like it. I’ve seen bigger muscles at Gold’s, but I wasn’t far off now. I always felt the REALLY big female bodybuilders looked a little too manly. This was different. Huge, luscious muscle draped my body and accentuated every curve. A quick turn to the backside and my ass would make any Brazilian jealous. Flaring lats that tapered like angelic wings. My tits seemed small now in comparison, so I added a couple extra cup sizes to balance it off.

I could control each muscle group as they danced beautifully for me. A beautiful ballet of pure beef. I pulled a dumbbell from the rack and lifted it without any effort. A heavier one, then a heavier one with barely any struggle.

I finally turned to see the entire a horde of competitors, promoters, staff and fans staring. Being topless was the least of it. I simply walked back to the locker room, grabbed my clothes and left. How could I possibly explain this? At least it was a small show and I doubt many people saw it.

I drove for hours and when I got home the night was full of stars and the beach mostly empty. I laid down in the warm sand, cleared my head and the distant, far off urges I had sensed before were clearer. My mind wandered through them, trying to focus, isolate and enhance. There were seemed to be dozens at first, then hundreds, thousands. Continually getting a little clearer, stronger and multiplying.

I slowly drifted off as the waves crashed against the beach.


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