Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Flirt


The Flirt: Part 6

I awoke the next morning with someone kicking sand in my face. Ironic right? Just a kid playing on the beach a little too far from his parents. I got up and flexed every muscle as hard and tight as these new babies could go and let out a ferocious roar. He ran off screaming back to his mom.

Today was going to be a “ME” day. After a quick shower, I grabbed a bite to eat, checked my phone and saw way too many texts and emails for me to deal with. I pulled up the State Qualifier’s website to see who won. It wasn’t me. I first thought it was because of my quick and unexplained growth, but it turns out they disqualify you if you leave before it’s over. Another oops.

The sun was shining brightly, so I crammed these magnificent new muscles into the biggest bikini I had and went out to explore my new body. I’ve never been much of a runner but somehow it felt right today. Each stride was effortless, quickly gaining speed and stamina. When I finally started breaking a sweat, I stopped at a nearby beach-side gym to catch my breath.

Let’s test this muscle out. There were some pretty big boys there and a ton of gawking tourists and muscle fans. I racked my normal set then added a little extra. The weights felt so light. I know I put on a decent amount of muscle last night, but this was way lighter than I expected. I looked around and saw what the biggest guy was pressing, then matched the same on my rack. It took a lot effort but I did a few reps, then slammed the last rep down with a thunderous clank. Everyone turned.

The big bodybuilder came over and introduced himself as Cliff. He checked me over and what I had had just lifted, then went into an egotistical rant about now being shown up on his beach. Apparently Cliff was a big shot in these parts and he liked to put on a show. He gave me a coy smile letting me know he was just playing to the crowd.

“So some muscle bitch thinks she’s as strong as me, huh. What do yous guys think?”, Cliff spurted and the crowd started yelling. I got up and started heading for the gate.

“No, no honey pants, let’s do this right.” Did he just call me honey pants? Cliff added more weight to his rack and settled in. “We call this MOOSE, like HORSE or Pig but with weights instead of balls.” He lifted the set easily, got up and roared. “This is just my warm-up. Your turn.”

OK, it’s on. Time to do what I do best, flirt with the crowd. I sensually walked over and played “poor weak ole me” to the crowd although my body said something completely different. I could feel their thought, they like it. The set was easy with my new strength from last night’s competition.

Set after set I matched Cliff and the crowd loved me more for it. I was pushing more weight than I ever dreamed… but I was at my limit. Cliff started to look worried that I may show him up and added another 100 lbs to the bar. It seriously started to bend as Cliff’s hulking buddies struggled to lift it up for a spot. Cliff grabbed hold and they slowly released. It went down like the Titanic, slow to sink and never to come back up. He was out. His first failure and my turn to steal.

The crowd cheered as I settled in. Cliff’s buddies were ready to spot me, but I waved them off. Concentrate Meg. I could feel the crowd, sense them wanting me to beat Cliff, show him up. I wrapped my hands on the bar and started to lift. It didn’t budge.

This was more weight than I’ve ever had racked. Way more. Concentrate damnit.

The bar started to move from the stand. I could feel my muscles thickening and tightening to give me more strength as I strained every fiber to lower the bar to my chest. Bigger & stronger was on everyone’s mind and I let it pour into me. OK, I successfully lowered the bar as it bent wide over my chest. I still had to lift it up though.

Nothing. Concentrate.

I turned beet red as I struggled, every muscle excruciatingly painful. It took everything I had just to keep it from crushing my chest. Only for a moment though.

The crowd was fever pitching chanting “HONEY PANTS! HONEY PANTS!” My chest began to billow with fresh muscle. Shoulders and arms ballooning. Blood coursing through engorged veins and feeding my body with unbelievable strength. The bar started to rise and the crowd went wild. I was growing quickly as a flood of the crowd’s emotions poured into me. Deep striations formed as my chest grew stronger and pushed my bikini top to its limits. I’ve never felt so powerful and didn’t want it to stop. More. More.

I successfully landed the bar on the rack and simply said, “More.” Cliff looked shocked but grabbed another 50 lbs. I motioned for 200. Just like before, I could barely lift it only this time the crowd wasn’t feeding me enough thoughts of super strength.

The bar came crashing down on my chest and again struggled to keep it from crushing me. So much weight this time though. I looked up at the sky like my nights on the beach, searching for more. The pain fueled my mind as fatigue racked my body. I was at the brink of complete failure and melt down.

For the first time, thousands of tiny voices with those far off desires became loud and clear in my mind, wanting me to get bigger and stronger. More muscular than any man. Any living being. Let’s give the voices what they want.

In a wave faster and more powerful than before, steel-hard muscle exploded over my body. Arggggghhhh…. YES! It felt as if a light turned on for the first time in my life and I could see. Besides much bigger muscle, it was becoming incredibly dense and thick. So much power coursed through me. I started to lift the bar as the muscle kept expanding.

The first rep was complete but it took everything I had. I need more, much more. The next rep was a bit easier as more muscle kept flooding in. Thick, round and dense with a roadmap of veins popping all over my magnificent new body to feed this power. I piled on more beautiful muscle with each rep. By the 10th rep I stood up with the bar in one hand and curled it like a dumb bell… a very light dumb bell.

I stood up and the crowd was silent. They just watched a gorgeous, well muscled girl turn into a magnificent Goddess with more muscle than anyone has seen before their eyes. Damnit, not again. I realized my bikini was in tatters next to the bench.

Holy shit was I big and felt so wonderful with all of this power. I looked down at my awesome nakedness, then over to Cliff with a coy smile. “Take that Honey Pants,” I said. I was in so much in self-muscle lust, I didn’t notice someone had caught it all on their phone.

I ran back home with amazing speed. Each stride felt so effortless. When I looked back I could see the trail I had left behind in the broken pavement. Christ, how much did I weigh?

My messages had piled up exponentially since my jog on the beach. One after another asking if I was OK. What happened at the show? Some I knew, most had found my name and email from the Qualifiers website asking me to contact them.

Then a text from my old friend Jessica. “I knew it! - GOOGLE Meg’s Muscle Growth.”

I googled it right away. The first thing that came up was a strange blog about a girl writing muscle stories with badly morphed pictures of muscle girls (although they do kinda look like me :) Then I saw a link to a video from last night’s competition. I clicked on it and sure enough it was me going all hulky on stage. Over 30,000 views since last night and climbing fast. Wow.

I skimmed through the comments and past the Troll remarks. Luckily in the digital age most people don’t believe what they see. “Badly Shopped”... hey now. “Quit the roids ladies”... puhlease! I hit refresh and another 5,000 view. This thing is going viral.

A new video link popped up. SHIT, it’s from this morning. This could be bad for me. I text Jess back. WU BAE. MISS ME AS MUCH AS I MISSU? DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE. COME SEE ME IN VENICE.

As much as I LOVE my new muscle, there’s no possible way I can explain any of it. I reluctantly size down to my pre-contest musculature. I decide to keep the denseness and still feel 10x stronger than I had. At least now I can fit into my bathrobe.

Then a knock at my back door and I nearly jump out of my chair. It’s Cliff. I instinctively crack it open slightly like he might attack me… but then I’d like to see him try.

“Uh, what are you doing here?” I question him in a surprising tone. He motions to the trail of pounded concrete leading up to my patio stretching 15 miles long. “Mind if I come in?” His bravado is long gone and I sense his bewilderment at my smaller muscles.

I open the door and invite him in. He sits on the sofa as I make us some tea. He just stares in confusion, trying to say something then abruptly stopping. Ain’t it cute, big strong man is tongue tied.

I set his tea down and sit close. Then, I give my breasts a little extra oomph to make him even more uncomfortable. I put my fingers to his lips. “Don’t say a word honey buns, I beat you fair & square”. He smiles as I wrap my hand around his arm and squeeze his huge bicep. The other hand goes a bit lower.

Now you might think this would be a good place to insert a revenge story. The thing is, Cliff is really hot and I’ve had a stressful couple of days. I look deep into his feelings and desires which turns me on more… more than ever before. He finally gets out, “what happened to your…” as my lower hand clamps tighter. He likes the muscle on me. I straddle his legs, pinning him to the sofa beneath me.”

“Touch me and find out.” He pulls open my bathrobe slightly then slowly reaches up and caresses my breasts as I let out a slight moan. He stops in amazement as I make them bigger before his eyes. I whisper into his ear, “please continue.”

Every spot he touches I make bigger. Breast tissue, muscle, you name it. The robe falls completely to the floor as I straddle him naked. His hand slowly crosses my shoulders as they balloon in size behind it. Twice as large, three times, then more. I envelope Cliff in a mass of muscle and tissue as he continues to stroke every inch of my body. The sofa finally breaks from my weight and I land on top of him, nearly knocking him out. He doesn’t stop caressing me.

My clit has grown large also and I scream in ecstasy as it throbs across him. I rip open his pants as if they were paper and thrust him inside of me. I can barely see him now beneath me as he continues to caress me larger and larger. I don’t know if I’m more turned on by him or myself. Damn I look and feel amazing. His dick is pretty large but I feel him wishing it was even bigger. I do too. A new sensation fills me as I feel it growing inside of me. Wider, longer, stronger.

He pulls out quickly and looks over his slightly enlarged manhood. I easily pick him up and thrust him back in harder. Pushing so deep it feels I may swallow him whole. We both continue to grow. Can I control things inside of me? I imagine him twice the girth and feel the growth instantly. He moans but continues on, desiring me to get bigger. I ram him in and out of me with such force but his dick is strong as steel and nearly big as an I-beam.

We crash through the floor. He climaxes as my full weight lands on him for a final thrust. He’s out like a light with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. I look up at the damage we caused.

The ground shakes as I head up the stairs to the bathroom to check myself out in the mirror. I can’t squeeze through the door, so I stand back a ways. I see is tits and muscle. Lots of them and I like it.

I look down the hole in my floor and see Cliff still passed out. Back to the computer and check the YouTube video from before. Over 300,000 views. I click the newer one from this morning thinking it may hit 50K by now. 3 MILLION!

Christ what have I done.


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