Friday, October 9, 2009

The perfect date

Taking a poweder break from date. guys a real douchebag! whats yor idea of perfect date? what would you do to impress me?
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  1. I would compliment you on your body, and musculature. I would then take you to a nice place to eat and drink and let you have whatever you want. My hope would be to be allowed into your place to properly worship your muscles..... ;)


  3. I would buy you flowers, candies, take you to a great show or movie, a meal at an expensive restaurant, and then to bed . . . or at least coffee LOL!!!

    Belle. (Better not post this one! LOL!!!)

  4. Sorry Meg, but unless it involves a double date with a certain "little" redhead I don't think I'll be wooing anyone.

    That being said, I hope you find a great guy. :)

  5. Sorry to hear the date's not going well wonderful. He evidentially doesn't deserve you.

    As for your question...

    I would woo you with whit and charm, always doing the gentlemanly thing. Offering you my arm, opening doors for you, pushing your chair in...

    I'd give you roses, pamper you with compliments. Take you to a nice restaurant where we could while the night away at a candle lit table talking about what ever came to mind. Followed by a walk under moon light hopefully on a beach but beggers can't be choosers.

    I'd escort you home, we'd sit chatting and having coffee till the sun comes up.

    Basically I'd be an old classic romantic.

    Benji Dude

  6. Let's see..

    We'd meet, exchange a brief (and judging from your photos, firm!) embrace, and I'd offer you compliments on your fine dress and physique.

    I'd take you somewhere interesting where we would play and explore together -- perhaps hands-on exhibits at the local science museum, skating out on an ice-rink, or even a video-games arcade. Whatever takes our fancy.

    We'd play together, enjoying each other's company -- but we'd eventually get hungry, so I'd take us for a pleasant meal somewhere nearby -- and talk.

    I'd listen as you'd tell me about your history and where you come from, and find our what you care passionately about in the world. I'd reciprocate; talk about my experiences, triumphs, and disappointments.

    We like each other, and want to keep talking, but we've finished the meal. So we'd continue the conversation outside; I'd pay, and walk you back towards home via the park -- under a beautiful night sky, past the lake in the moonlight. You'd draw me closer for warmth, and we'd continue on, arms around each other.

    Eventually we'd reach your door, and I'd turn to part company. And you'd look up into my eyes, and smile. And we'd hold each other closer, and kiss.

    I'd thank you for a wonderful night, and offer to take my leave. You'd invite me in for coffee, but out of a sense of decency I'd insist on waiting until another night.

    And then you'd be inside, replaying the wonderful night in your mind, slightly sad that I'm not there, wanting to spend more time together.

    And then a text message would arrive: what are you doing tomorrow night?

  7. I'm blushing, so many amazing dates. I wish I could take you all out or at least teach the guys around here a thing or two.

    ...and to Cele, why don't you ask Jewel out on a virtual date on my blog. Could be a fun time and I'll be the chaperone :)

    XOXO Meg

  8. I'd make you chili. I make a mean pot of it. Put at least 5 pounds of muscle on you just by the heat ;)

  9. No offence Meg but I don't think she needs a chaperone! :P

    Benji Dude

  10. you don't think Cele and I need a chaperone? I don't think so either...we will manage just fine...right Cele?

  11. hmm if it were me, i would treat meg to a five course, italian meal that i made myself. i would probably then play some life piano for her and compliment her beauty and muscles...after that...okay i havent planned that far yet...anyways, meg, is it possible for me to contact Amanda since we're doing that inn thing?

  12. Sure it's possible, now you just have to find her email. Shouldn't be too hard.