Saturday, October 3, 2009

Death of a nerd... Birth of a godess part 2

This is still an audience participation story, but a certain someone made a mean remark towards Belle and she furiously wrote this 2nd part. My offer still stands for a blog battle between Belle and WBL. I promise to make a fair fight out of it. Onto part 2.

She followed the route the bus took, it turned at the kwiki mart there she knew, and as she felt more and more fit instead of tired she decided to carry on, it was 12 miles to the burbs but she seemed strangely empowered and sure of herself, as she was making good time she would keep going. There was the mart and she turned the corner, this was the route as she recognized the road ok so she marched on. It was straight for some distance now and if she was right it crossed a bridge, which she could now see in the distance. As she walked in the cool night air she realized the shops all had their shutters down and most of them were closed or closing, but she was enjoying the experience.

As she continued she could hear someone coming along behind her, their steps keeping pace with hers. She turned quickly and there was no one there, she looked again and there was a figure about a mile back, but they had stopped. Again she heard the footsteps behind her, closer this time and she could hear the heavy breathing of the person and smell his sweat. She spun round again and gasped. There was someone there but about a half mile behind her yet. The figure stopped again and Belle thought of all the warnings about going into certain areas after dark. She dodged into an alleyway and waited to see what happened. The figure began coming on again and as he got closer Belle could hear his heart pounding as well as his breathing which seemed very loud to her. She felt her stomach churn yet at the same time she felt alive as though she owned the whole world. ‘Well’ she thought, ‘bring it on, one of us is going to have a shit night and it ain't going to be me!’

The tv alarm in Belle’s room brought her awake, the early morning news was starting. “Welcome to Sunday AM here in Basin City” the announcer said, “here are the news headlines”. Sunday, Belle thought, what the hell had happened to the weekend? She felt rougher than she had ever before and had a pounding head, she would need some coffee and a juice to waken up. The news was all about some homicide that had happened the previous evening, so Belle put on her dressing gown and stumbled into the kitchen. What the fuck, she thought, what had gone on here? There were empty food and drink containers lying all around. The place was in a mess. Belle went to the fridge for juice, there was a half empty container left. “Gawd that was full on Friday” she said aloud, checking the freezer - it was practically empty. The sods she thought, they have cleared me out. She vaguely remembered meeting someone in a bar, she must have invited a crowd round to her flat. It must have been some party, she didn’t remember it at all.

Belle took her coffee and juice back to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed to check the tv. The story of the homicide was still on, it must have been some event. She turned the sound up to hear it better, a Police spokesman was being asked about the events of the previous night. “Can you confirm” the interviewer asked “that the body that was found this morning was that of Fink Moore, prime suspect in ‘The Very Fat Lady Murders’ case”. Belle remembered them, a serial killer had been stalking the city, killing all the very fat ladies. The word on the streets was that some had been found stuffed full of candies, others had been tied so tight with rope that they had turned into sausages, others had been found set in huge blocks of jello. He always had an alibi for the nights of the killings and the Police had never been able to keep him in custody. The spokesman said the identity of the body had not been established yet. “It has been suggested” the interviewer said “that this killing has all the hallmarks of a vigilante revenge attack”. The spokesman said that there were signs this may have been a vigilante attack, the state of the body for instance suggested that at least 10 to 12 people had been involved, the words ‘Die you Bastard’ had been scratched in the road surface, the sidewalk and on the sides of the buildings, to 20 floors up, and he pointed to the state of the alley, a yard wall at the end had been demolished suggesting that they had access to large caliber weapons. Despite this, he said, the Police were keeping an open mind on the case. Gawd how awful Belle thought. True, if he was a serial killer he probably deserved what he got, but the thought of a dozen or so crazy vigilantes in the area frightened her.

Belle started to tidy up and soon had 2 bin bags full of rubbish from the kitchen, what a wasted weekend this had been. She carried the rubbish down the stairs and left it at the service area, then set out for her walk.

Soon at the park, Belle was looking for a peaceful stroll, but suddenly an old lady ran up to her “Did you see him, did you see him” she asked. The old lady had been mugged, her handbag taken and the culprit had run into the park. Belle told her to call the Police at once, and she would go into the park and look for him. Belle could see no one, but there was a line of bushes along the wall at the opposite side and she walked slowly over to them. Belle thought she could hear someone moving through the bushes and she got the unmistakable smell of leather, it must be the handbag. Belle felt excited now, but she was brought to a halt as she felt her clothes start to shrink! What the fuck she thought, they were getting tighter, she darted behind the nearest bushes and pulled them off before she was crushed, at least that was what it felt like. She had no clothes on now, but she was determined to catch the thief. She ran along the front of the bushes to the other end and waited.

She did not need to wait long, she could hear someone coming, the thief ran into view, what on earth Belle thought, is he a child or a dwarf or something? Belle shouted at him to stop and the mugger looked up at her and dropped to the ground. He was trembling all over and his jaw was wide open. Belle roared at him to hand over the handbag at once, but he just dropped it. The sound of a siren and the squeal of tires announced the arrival of a Police patrol car, thank goodness Belle thought, they can take it from here. Two officers ran into the park, and dropped to their knees. They began firing and Belle could hear the bullets buzz past her head. What the fuck! Belle turned and ran behind the bushes, she barely saw the brick wall behind, she went through it as though it was made from wet tissues. Belle was in the City yard, it was full of dumpsters and skips, she could hide in one of those. These things must be bullet-proof, Belle leapt at one of them.

She found herself floating in space, looking down at the Earth. What the FUCK!!!!!!!! Belle thought. She looked around, she seemed to be alone in the Universe. Belle had never seen a black so black as the sky now, the stars shone with an unblinking light and the earth stretched beneath bathed in a blue haze. Oh God she thought, what great beauty. She wondered now how could she survive here, humans would freeze to death up here or explode in the vacuum of space she had been told, certainly they could not breathe here, yet she felt fine. She began to realize it had not been a wasted weekend after all, something wondrous had happened to her. A sattelite flashed passed and brought her out of her thoughts. Somewhere far below her were her clothes, still lying in the park, she had better recover them. Belle found that if she took things slowly she could control her descent. She entered the atmosphere and lowered herself gently down, taking it easy.

She broke though the layer of cloud and looked for the park. It was not far off but Police helicopters were buzzing round it now, she would have to land somewhere safe and make her way there on foot. Belle landed in a back lot, hoping no one had seen her. She crept along in the shadows getting closer to the park. Catching a glimpse or herself in a window she thought she could pass for a jogger, if she had any clothes on! Belle reached the entrance furthest from all the activity and sneaked behind the bushes to look for her clothes. They were still there, no one had noticed them, and they fitted her again. Brushing the dirt off, Belle went into the park and saw a SWAT team edging towards the hole in the wall. She quickly headed off in the other direction. She would need a bottle of wine now to help her unwind, so she went to the local mall on her way home. The streets were full of very fat ladies, who all seemed to be celebrating something. Belle refused several offers of free donuts.

Back in her flat Belle opened the wine and fished around in the freezer to see what was left. She found a frozen meal and put it in the microwave. She would have to restock the freezer over the next week. Belle took the meal and wine into the bedroom and switched on the tv to catch up with the local news. The Police spokesman was on again talking about the killing of Fink Moore. The body had now been positively identified as that of the prime suspect in the very fat lady murders. The spokesman could confirm that the suspect’s house was being searched, but could neither confirm nor deny that a giant jello mould had been found in the basement, or that the freezer was full of bratwurst.

Belle took a drink, and they were back in the studio, the announcer saying that they were now going to their roving reporter Tricia Takanawa who was at Dallas Park to report on the strange happenings there today. “Are you there Tricia” “Yes, I am here Brad” she said “with Police spokesman Gordon Bennett who is going to tell us of the strange happenings here today”.

Belle looked up and saw it was the same Police guy, he was looking very teed off now. “Can you tell us about the strange happenings here today?" Tricia asked. “Well” Gordon said “earlier in the day there had been a report of a mugging at the entrance to the park, a Patrol Car had been dispatched, and on arriving at the crime scene the officers were told that the suspect had entered the park itself. They gave pursuit, and saw the suspect being attacked by a large hominid or ape-like creature”. What the !!!!!! Belle thought. “Fearing for the safety of the public, the officers opened fire on it, and it disappeared behind the bushes and went through a hole in the wall”. Crap Belle thought, I MADE the hole in the wall! “Can you describe the creature, was it the mysterious Bigfoot” Tricia asked. Belle thought, my feet were not that big! “The officers did not get a clear look at the creature, but they reported that it appeared to be hairless”. Damn right I am thought Belle. “The officers were certain however that the creature had taken someone captive as they both reported seeing a young blonde lady looking at them as the creature vanished. We are concerned for her safety”. ‘Idiots’ Belle thought. “A thorough search was made of the area but the creature and the abductee could not be found”. “Did the robbery suspect not get a good look at the creature?” Tricia asked. “At this present moment in time he is under sedation in a psychiatric ward” Gordon said. Huh, Belle thought, I am not that hideous.

Belle emptied her glass and went to get the bottle. Her meal was cold now so she would have to re-heat it. When she came back they were in the newsroom again. “Sightings of the strange Bigfoot like creature have been reported from all over the city, but none have been authenticated. This Channel is offering $500 for the first authenticated footage of the ‘Beast of the Burbs’ as this creature has been nicknamed”. Oh SHIT! Belle thought.

Belle went to bed and felt strangely happy and confident of what was to come, and slept the sleep of the innocent . . .


  1. It's all good stuff Belle but there are some major grammatical errors that need sorting. I'd be happy to go over them with you if you want. Ask Meg for my email address.

    Benji Dude

  2. Nice to see you writing, Belle. Don't let the jerks discourage you, and keep on writing.

    As far as adding on myself, I'll definitely have to think about it. :)

  3. It's kinda... weird.

  4. growl! Nice story.

  5. First, I should say that my spat with anonymous began when i put a morph on my deviant page. He took exception to the comment in it, which is his right, but i did not intend to insult him, i was just trying to be silly. I am really sorry I have brought his bile into this group, it is nothing to do with any of you.

    Bejni, that is good that you are willing to proof-read my stuff. I do work in a publishing house, but I never claimed to be able to write! I just put my fantasies down as they run through my head LOL!!!

    This latest part of the story does have a dark side to it. Maybe not in keeping with the ideals of the Buffies, but look on it as an alternate history of the character, so anything goes really if you want to ad to it!

    I have sent the 3rd part of this to Meg if she wants to use it. My idea is that this Belle will be shown the error of her ways and brought to the right side by the Buffies, after she has caused more murder and mayhem of course!

    I should say that the Belle here is more like me than i would care to admit. As i have Irish and Scottish blood in me, (and a lot of their whiskeys, sometimes!), when anything happens i don't like, i reach for the battle-axe first and start splitting heads open instead of thinking it thru' LOL!!! That's the curse of being a warrior amazon!
    I hope all this helps to explain my character in these stories.

    Thank you all for your kind comments, i look forward to reading your material now.

    Hugs and Kisses, Belle.

  6. I will admit now, perhaps some of you may have guessed, I am a lesbain. Hope you are cool with this. Belle.

  7. What!? A lesbian! On the internet! This is an outrage! :P

    I'm only messing with you Belle, you could be a mongoose for all I care and it wouldn't bother me.

    It's good to hear that you're comfortable enough with your sexuality to admit it, you're braver than most.

    Benji Dude

  8. Then the serial killer serially kills her. the end.

    BTW, I'm friends with WBL, and not only does he not know about any of this, that's not even what his initials stand for. The guy's got a life.

  9. First, Benji, glad you are ok with that. I don't hate ALL men, just MOST men, but i like the men in here.

    Anonymous, you actually made me laugh with your serial killer bit.

    Re WBL, it is odd that the person writing here anonymously used similar words and phrases to the emails i got from WBL, that's why i thought it was he. I know that is not his name etc, i was just having a cheap shot at him, so again, sorry. If you object to that, i can change the name and initials to anything, it is not important to the story. The point of the story was that this Belle has a very dark side to her. If he has not been writing anonymously here then i must apologise to him again.

    I am glad he has a life, quite a few people online don't seem to! The world would be a very poor place if we all thought alike, or were made to think alike, don't you agree?

    Thank you all for your comments, positive or negative, i really appreciate them, keep them coming.

    My dark side will not appear for another month now ;) , my 'muse' has gone with it, so i look forward to some real contributions to the stories.

    Bless you all, Belle.

  10. And you deleted the truth because you didn't want these people to hear it. Dumb bitch.

  11. Also, for the record, it's very rude and insulting to claim you'll have a 'fair' blog battle... whatever the hell that is... and then try to kill the guy in your story.

    Do you know how this whole thing REALLY began? On this girl's account, she originally posted stolen art. Of course, she took it all down, so she can claim it didn't happen. She took other people's art and posted her face on them without their permission.

    Now, I don't know why everyone's rallying around THIS art thief, but I thought people were AGAINST art thieves. He called her out on her stolen art, she started trash talking him and spamming his page.

    READ THE FACTS PEOPLE. Don't be tricked into a lie by cross-eyed liars.

    BTW, emboldening the letters in the 'geek's name, VERY mature. You sure do have the upper had on this one.

  12. BTW, if someone on Facebook can get in trouble with the FBI for posting a poll asking if the president should be killed, then you're here outright advocating someone's death by name. Expect a call in the next 24 hours.

  13. I just realized, i am so thick sometimes being a blonde, the nerd who dies in my story is meant to be ME, Belle, reborn as a muscle giantess. I never thought it could be taken any other way!!

    I owe everyone an apology for that. I only added some ones initials to the story because i thought he was the anonymous person calling me a crossed-eyed retard. I apologize to him as well, as it would seem it was not he.

    All this hassle made me delete my Yahoo group, in a fit of pique, as if anyone was interested in it.


  14. I wish you wouldn't have done that, Belle. I was one of the members of your group that you just left high and dry because of your fit of pique

  15. One thing I truly love about the Buffies is that we're all unique individuals. Belle's fiery temper makes her that much more fun to have around. Don't change.

  16. Gee, that 'muse being gone for a month' sure didn't last long whatsoever. Nice try trying to gain sympathy by threatening to leave. And nice try trying to gain favor by trying to turn on these people claiming you're a lesbian. Unless that's a real revelation, and ONLY if it's real, congratulations. Take it from a man who knows, women are more fun to have sex with than men. Not that I would know about sex with men.

    Anyways, if the language this guy is using seems the same as the language I'm using, it's probably because A) It's true... and/or B) I already told you, I know the guy. In fact, I'd love for him to jump in and call you out for the freak you are, but he claims he's too busy with some fucking job or something, how boring.

    So, to recap, Belle, stop trying to manipulate people by threatening to leave. So this magical 'dark side' will magically re-appear and threaten to kill me instead of this other guy? Well, you won't have to be a coward and fake someone's initials. I'll tell you my first name right here.


  17. Is the art copyrighted? most likely not.
    Does the original writer give permission for it? maybe, probably. Doesn't really matter.

    But, Belle, it might help if you put references to the stuff you've referred to- exceptions include fan fiction that includes 0 canon data.

    Being a real pain in the ass, am I? sorry for the inconvenience (sincerely). Just some issues...

    Sure, you can attack her art theft all you want, but that's no basis for you to attack the person, verbally or not. If you get anything wrong in your facts, you can be accused of slander.

    And anyway, it's not worth it wasting time on some job that doesn't need doing. Uncopyrighted art thefts can be fun at times too (not that I engage in it:)


  18. Hmmm. I think there will always be those who will always hate on lesbians. These people just don't get it. Lesbians are not some sort of hidious monsters, they are wonderful human beings.

    Now with that said, Belle this is one of the best I have ever read. Thank-you so very much for sharing.

  19. Thank you for those nice words - you are so kind. I don't mind people knowing I am a lesbain - it's great fun!!!!!

    And I have a new story written with Cele's help which I hope EVERYONE will like.

    I guess that's all we want from life is it not, to be liked?

    Hugs to all, Belle.