Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Me!

Cele7110 has chosen me next to model and we've been working hard together. Yayyy! I'm so happy to show you the first pics he did of me. These are pre-Buffie and will be working on the hulk-out soon. We've got Party Meg ready to hit the town, a couple test shots then Me, Diana & Jewel at the gym.

Big kisses, Meg


  1. Ah, they all look so nice. ;)

  2. Good job there, so often these poser models look nothing like their real life counter parts, but there is definitely some of Meg in this one.

    Benji Dude

  3. Cele7110 is very talented and has a great eye for detail. We went back & forth many times to get everything as close as possible. I believe the same was true for Diana & Jewel.

  4. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like her. I do like to get things somewhat close to real but also leave room for fantasy. This is a fantasy depiction after all, and it needs to be something the ladies and I both enjoy.

    And to Splicer-ik, yes, they have all been really nice to work with as well.

    To everyone else, there is more on the way soon. I think Meg might even have a little fashion show for everyone...


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