Sunday, September 13, 2009

All-powerful Belle

Pete did an amazing job on the transformation of Belle!! Thanks for making our new friend feel welcome!


  1. OMG love the art Pete, looking forward to being that big LOL!!!

    Like the 'bell' references as well, really cool work. That's a great talent.

    Hope to work more with you in the future, hugs (gentle ones lol!!!) and kisses, Belle.

  2. I am so awestruck by your art that my comments are just not doing it justice, i am just dumstruck.

    Love and kisses, Belle.

  3. Gosh... thanks Belle. Hehe, I think this must be the first time my art has rendered a lass speechless...and a MUSCULAR lass too *Pete resets the bones in his back and trys to get his arms around Belle to hug her*

    Big hug


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