Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super Meg

Mav sent this great morph of me. Its based on an old pic of Andrulla Blanchette and it looks so powerful. Luv it!! He didn't mention it as a Buffies contest entry but I think I'll add it.

Here's another.

And another


Diana - A work in progress

Diana Bust by ~cele7110 on deviantART

Diana WIP by ~cele7110 on deviantART

Just got a note from Cele7110 and he's working on Diana for the Buffies art submissions. He's looking for feedback... and if this is a work-in-progress, I can't wait to see the finished.

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Buffies Submissions

I was beginning to think that there wasn't going to be many entries but they're flooding in now and all are sooo great. Here's the latest submission from Wardrider99 and it's of me!! Can't have too many super buff Meg's out there. This really looks great and I hope they keep coming in.


The Buffies submission

Just got a new Buffies submission from Pete. Aren't these great!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meg & Amanda

SuperCDR just sent me this latest Buffies entry of me & Amanda. I love it! He's looking for feedback & input. I gave him my thoughts but would like to hear from the others.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Amanda pre-FMG by ~daikichikitsune on deviantART
Another great drwaing from Daikichikitsune for the "Draw the Superheroine Team" contest. I can't imagine how big you'll look Amanda in the "after" photo.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to add to some new stuff soon but have been away from the computer lately. It's really hard to stay indoors when you look this good in a bikini! I did add some new storylines to Audience Participation II and Path of Destruction if anyone wants to keep them going. Hope yur having a great summer!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Buffies - Origins part 2

Previously on The Buffies
Written by Meg

Our spirits are raised with a glimmer of hope and we start working on Benji right away. The plan is simple, gain his confidence, trust and compassion then use him to somehow escape. There’s no other way. The outer walls are too thick to tunnel through and we don’t know what’s on the other side. Katherine would rather kill us than help and we still don’t know why we’re being held captive? The constant screams and torture of the other prisoners lets us believe its nothing good. We have to get out and soon.

On Benji’s next visit, Jewel starts by talking softly to gain his trust. Amanda demonstrates her gymnastic stretching techniques to lure his eye. No man can resist watching. Meg takes the full frontal flirt approach and Diana begs and pleads with him to let us go, complete with sad eyes and crocodile tears. Each approach is unique and designed to appeal to a different facet of his personality, one has to work.

Benji begins to wear down and open up to us, smiling and talking. His visits to become more frequent, using any excuse to go to the dungeon. He is falling in love, which is a powerful asset to have, our only one. Our neighbor passes another note through the wall, which reads “time is short, hurry”.

It’s time for Phase II and a more tactile approach. First a soft touch as he passes the food. Meg’s non-subtle approach is to grab his ass and plant a kiss. You can tell Benji enjoys the attention. She places his hand on her chest and Amanda follows with the other one. He gets lost for a moment but snaps out of it. Putting the food down, he looks around and moves on. Hopefully it’s not too much too soon but we have little choice?

The door opens later and we’re ready to turn it up a notch. We strip down to entice him when he walks by but Katherine comes instead. She flips out when she sees us and takes us one at a time to another room for torture and beating. Katherine appears to enjoy every minute of it. We’re left with broken bones and bloody bodies. “That’s just the warm-up” Katherine says before spitting on us and leaving. “Filthy whores!”

Benji arrives the next morning and is horrified at the sight of us. We explain what happened and watch as tears roll down his cheek. He wipes them away and the timid and shy Benji we’ve known is gone. He looks up with determination and confidence and says “Never again… I promise.”

The constant screams have become more frequent and louder in the last couple days. The testing and torture are increasing but there seems to be less of us captives. None of us have been taken to the lab for testing yet. It almost seems as if they’re saving us. Whatever’s happening is coming to a climax and very soon.

We’ve spent just over a month in captivity but It feels like forever Our neighbor sends us notes to keep us sane and help pass the time. He’s been a great source of support in this dark time. Katherine brings our food and we expect the usual slop. It’s better than normal with actual meat and somewhat warm. She ends with her usual quip “You’re next” and for some reason this time we believe her. We hope this isn’t our last meal but it sure feels that way.

Benji comes by later with horror in his face. “The project is near completion and I can’t save you any longer!” he says. We plead with him, “There has to be a way.” He explains that we’re deep underground with armed guards on every level and surrounded by ocean. There’s no way out. He thinks for a minute then looks up and smiles. “I might know a way!”

He returns later that night, opens the door and walks into our cell. He looks dead serious. “We have to use the device. That’s what this has all been about, testing and perfecting the device.“ Our interest is peaked. “It’s 98% complete and there hasn’t been a successful test yet. I wouldn’t even suggest it if it weren’t the only way.”

We agree without hesitation as Benji lets us out of our cell. It’s our first glimpse of the entire massive dungeon area. Most of the other cells are empty now except for a few, including our mysterious neighbor. “We must hurry!” he says but we insist on saving the others. Benji keeps moving us down the long corridor. “We’ll come back for them, I promise”.

Lights flicker as water drops from the dark underground passageway ceiling. We journey our way through arrive at large solid door. Benji enters a code then places his palm on a panel. The door opens and we enter an immense lab that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. He shows us to the main platform and asks us to stand close together. We watch him begin the startup procedure, flipping switches to power up this device. He appears to have a vast working knowledge of its design and we wonder if he is more than just our jailor.

“We’ve only got one shot are you ready?” We can’t turn back now. The power meter rises to 68% when alarms go off. Guards will start rushing in here in no time. He can’t wait any longer and pulls the lever to activate the device. The large room comes to life as a protective shield comes down and surrounds the four of us. Benji yells out “Whatever happens, please take me with you.”

A thick blue-ish liquid starts to seep up from the platform as the protective shield surrounds us. The four of us wonder how this will help us escape and are feeling apprehensive. The liquid rises quickly and surrounds us. Benji hurries to secure the room the best he can before the guards enter. Our lives are in his hands.

When the liquid reaches our necks, a ray of warm light bathes the tank. We get goose bumps as a slight tingling sensation courses through us but it quickly turns to a dull pain. The light intensifies and the liquid fills the tank completely. No air to breath but the liquid fills our bodies and gives us the oxygen we need to survive. We feel an electric charge throughout the tank and the transformation begins.

Our muscles pull and stretch, binding tighter together. Mass increases during the process and slowly builds exponentially. Layer upon layer of tissue form, transforming us, making us stronger and better than before. Blood flow is increased to allow for more mass and our hearts race to keep up with the demand. Defined muscles begin to form under our skin, then grow larger, increasing in size and definition. Breast tissue also increases during the process forcing massive overflow within our dirty, tattered garments. The confined area becomes tighter as we continue to grow within the protective shield.

Each muscle group becomes hypertrophied and the pain goes from dull to excruciating in a matter of moments. Each tissue strand doubles then quadruples in size forming steel like cables of muscle tissue surrounded by a growing vascular support system. We’ve become larger and stronger than a female bodybuilder then continue to grow past a male champion’s size. The massive power flowing into us is giving us our chance for escape. We finally realize Benji’s goal to give us the strength to break free. We’ll gladly take it all and more.

Solid slabs of steel mountainous muscle continue to pour into us. Our strength levels continue to increase at an astonishing pace. We’re thrust together so tight in the tank now as our bodies continue to grow and expand. Pressure builds in the tank and the liquid starts to bubble as our muscles explode in size and push through skin revealing a vast network of rock-hard tissue, fiber and sinew.

We hear a boom as the lab door is finally blown open and guards rush in. Katherine is close behind along with the mysterious man we believe is the leader. He’s yelling and shouting orders as the guards take defensive positions around the lab. Katherine walks up to the tank and looks mesmerized at our transformation. Our evil captor can’t turn away at the sight of four super muscled goddesses. The guards pull her back from the platform then shoot out the glass to stop the transformation.

Liquid rushes out as we fall from the platform. It takes a moment to acclimate ourselves to the new bodies and we step off the platform with enough power to stop an army. Bullets fly off our newly formed diamond hard skin ricocheting across the lab. The leader yells out “Don’t ruin the lab” and they switch to tranquilizer rounds to no effect. They charge us but we easily brush them aside which sends them flying. We head for Benji as a guard holds a gun to his head. Meg screams out to “Let him go” and oddly enough he just steps back as if to grant her wish. We grab Benji and head for the door. We’ve incapacitated all the guards, the leader holds his safe distance and Katherine is still transfixed on the central platform. We run out but first a little pit stop before we head for freedom.

As soon as we leave the lab bullets start flying again. The well-dressed leader and Katherine are following close behind and quickly bring out heavier weapons. Shells explode down the passageway but we barely feel a thing. They turn off power and lights to slow us down but Amanda amazingly can still see. She uses newly enhanced senses to easily lead us through the black corridors. She can hear and decipher each individual voice, smell the fear, blood and chemicals all around us.

We reach the dungeon, our home for the last few months. When all of us are in, Jewel turns and with her mighty strength, grabs the stone corridor walls and pushes outward with so much force that they crumble. Large boulders fall, trapping our pursuers behind in the dark tunnels.

We come to the cell of our mysterious neighbor, a friend from the beginning who was integral to our escape. Diana easily rips the heavy cage door from the foundation and a dirty unshaven man walks forward. “My name is Joshua.” he says with a gulp as he gets a full look at us. “I’ve seen we’ve grown a bit” he chuckles. “Now let’s get out of here.”

Our only passageway is blocked so we need a new route. Benji tells us there’s ocean surrounding us so we need to go up. The other captives keep a safe distance as we make short work of the thick steel re-enforced ceiling. With a large hole in the ceiling we easily jump everyone out with our super charged leg muscles. There are more guards and blocked passageways as we make our way through the island fortress. Heavy artillery and explosives are brought in to stop us but still no effect to our new bodies. Amanda and Meg take the front and make an impenetrable wall, plowing through any defense. Jewel takes the middle to protect Benji, Josh and the others while Diana covers the rear and causes as much damage as possible, blocking any stray guards from following.

Teamwork has become almost instinctual from our time in captivity. We’ve become sisters and our newfound boundless strength has made us quite a powerful team. Joshua notices this and ponders. We race level after level with ease and see daylight in no time. Out of the fortress and into the tropical jungle… and freedom!

Trapped deep below, Katherine and the leader are back in the lab planning their next move. “Those girls were the key to ultimate power.” the leader says in outrage. Katherine looks down and sees a torn piece of cloth from Amanda’s outfit. She takes it and pleads “Eric my love, give me the power to defeat them and I’ll bring them back.” The equipment is mostly intact and the device’s power levels slowly rise as Katherine walks up to the platform. An evil grin washes over her face and she says softly under her breath “You have no idea of what’s coming for you.”

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My friends are bigger than yours!!!

It's super awesome that Amanda and Katherine both have blogs. I hope you check them out 'cause beside being Buffies, they're good friends of mine.

KatTF's Hulk-Out Diary
Amanda's Muscle Diary

Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Meg

The mysterious Mr X. sent in this latest entry for the Draw The Superoine Team Contest. I look huge!!!!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009


katherine pre-FMG by ~daikichikitsune on deviantART
Daikichikitsune created this awesome "before" picture of Katherine for the "Draw the Superheroine Team" contest. Me and the other girls are feeling a little jealous Frank.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Katherine

Katherine by ~daikichikitsune on deviantART
Katherine's looking mighty powerful here in our first entry for The Buffies artwork contest by Daikichikitsune. I'll upload all of the entries for you to check out when they come in.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Buffies - Origins part 1

Written by Meg

It's a stormy night as flight 501 flies across Nebraska on its way to Pittsburgh. A flash of lightning cuts across the sky and the plane disappears. 10 minutes later it reappears and continues on to its final destination. No one has any idea that they were gone for a short time. The only thing different is a girl named Meg is no longer on the flight.

Another flash of light occurs four days later at a gymnastics training facility outside London. The athletes and trainers are oblivious that time passes by and go on without any idea that one of the star athletes Amanda is missing.

On the beaches of Florida two days later, aspiring bodybuilder Jewel is taking her dog for a walk by the ocean. There are hundreds of people enjoying this beautiful summer day and no one notices a flash of light take the beautiful redhead. All that’s left is a dog barking looking for its owner.

One week later in Germany, the same light shows up on the metro train early in the morning. The train vanishes for 15 minutes then shows back up and the people go on their way. Unfortunately Diana won't make it home today.

There are hundreds of remote islands in the Pacific but this one has a dark secret. It has beautiful tropical trees, wildlife and mountains on the surface but deep below lies a manmade fortress with a sinister agenda. The climate is cool and damp with four feet thick walls reinforced with concrete and steel. Soft flickering lights illuminate the surrounding dungeon-esque area. The room is vast with dozens of holding cells filled with people, animals... and other un-describable beings used for testing by a diabolical leader. The cell at the far end houses four women who won’t give up hope.

Meg is the first to mysteriously arrive in the cell. She’s a healthy young computer systems engineer with light brown hair, a positive attitude and an infectious smile. Amanda arrives shortly after. She’s spunky, blonde and still dressed in her gymnastics attire. They quickly become close and rely on each other for help and support.

Jewel is next and is well built, has fiery red hair and a spirit to match. She's a few years older than Meg & Amanda and quickly takes a protective role over the others. Diana is the last to arrive and immediately starts yelling in her native German tongue. We calm her down and learn (thankfully) she speaks English. She’s a fit young blonde and a DJ in the German underground club scene.

The cell is cramped with dirt floors, three cots and a bucket in the corner. Not the four star accommodations some are used to. It’s dark, damp and cold in this vast dungeon as we huddle close together for warmth and talk quietly. It’s no slumber party as we slowly get to know one another and ask "Why are we here?" or "How can we escape!" It looks hopeless from the beginning as we see no way of escape and listen to the impossible screams coming from around us. The more we talk the more we learn about each other. Is there a common connection between us? Why were the four of us chosen? At this point there aren’t any rational answers. We are a computer engineer, a gymnast, a bodybuilder and a DJ from different parts of the world.

Twice a day, like clockwork, someone comes to give us food and water. Today it's the redheaded boy. He’s actually a full-grown man but has a slight build and boyish face. He passes our food through the cell door, which is little more than cheap stew and smelly brown water. He never smiles and keeps his head down in a shameful sort of way as he dishes out the gruel. Once or twice we'll catch a glance of his eyes that screams out "I'm sorry". He slides the tray through and moves to the next cell.

Long after our jailer leaves and the dungeon is quiet, we hear a slight tapping on the wall. Tap. Tap-tap. It could be Morse code unfortunately none of us know it. Jewel grabs a leg from one of the cots and taps back to let our neighbor know we're here. The tapping continues for a few minutes then a scraping sound starts. It continues for hours and we begin to scrape the wall with the cot leg, being careful to put it back before our jailers come back.

Its dinnertime in the dungeon but this time Katherine comes and she's a nasty son-of-a-bitch. She orders us around and demands respect with “Yes Katherine.” “Please Katherine.” otherwise it’s a beating and she loves that part. She’s about our age, has black hair with bangs and thick glasses. Her insults and yelling start right away and don’t end till she moves on. Most of the time our meals end up on the floor and we try not to provoke her, just listen and maybe figure out why we're here. Hurray, this time she actually leaves the food and we’re so hungry. The bitch snickers and moves on to the next cell.

We’ve heard horrible screams our entire captivity but now we see our first glimpse of horror. The doors slam open and we see a beastly creature being dragged through the dungeon. Katherine and the redhead are pulling it along with a well-dressed man we’ve never seen before. He screams "Damnit Benji hold on tighter!" Now we know the redhead’s name… Benji. Who is the man calling the shots? The beast looks massive and we can't tell if it’s human or animal. It appears to be somewhat docile, most likely drugged but still putting up a fight. Katherine takes every opportunity to slash out at the beast, punching and kicking it. They make their way to the far end of the dungeon and cage the beast. The three walk back and Katherine turns to sneer at us with “You’re next”. A couple hours later we hear a heart-stopping howl as the beast wakes up.

The scraping the wall is a non-stop activity for us, and our mysterious neighbor. We finally make a tiny hole in the wall. A tiny piece of rolled-up paper comes sliding through and we quickly open it up. It reads "Hello, want to escape?"

A glimmer of hope and we don’t have anything to write back with. We send the note back through and tap on the wall. Message understood. This begins our friendship with an unknown neighbor.

The outer door quickly opens and Katherine walks towards us. Crap! We immediately panic but she just snarls and continues down the corridor to another cell. A few minutes later she comes back and stops at our door. She holds up a syringe full of liquid and tells us "I'm going to love working on you four. Prepare for the pain". She smirks and walks off. “Don’t get too comfortable, you’re next” she says as she walks through the door.

As soon as the door closes, another note comes through the wall. We open it and read "Red smiles. Use him". Huh? “Red” must be our jailor Benji, but he never smiles, at least not around us. The note becomes clear and we know what we must do. We send the note back and tap on the wall to answer. So begins the seduction of Benji.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July to all my friends... either from the USA or other parts of this great planet. It's one of my favorite holidays and can't wait for all the fireworks tonight!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Super Me

I was contacted by CDR and he asked me if I would like a super 3d rendition of myself. Well Hell Yes!! He sent me these super awesome hot images (I requested the lollipop). Here they are for everyone to enjoy and please check out his DeviantArt page. He does incredible work.

Big XOXO to you. Love Meg