Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

First day off in 5 months, this has GOT to be my favorite holiday! Wishin' everybody the best and hope yr out enjoying the sun like I'm gonna be.

Still workin' on our little getaway and we'll hopefully be leaving soon. Amy's not back from vacation and Josh has invited a girl named Jewel (who I need a confirmation from). Unfortunately that leaves Benji out... unless (and I did'nt want to make the trip this big) we get another girl. Whooo, 4 girls and 4 boys together alone a trip, that would be craziness!!

Happy Memorial Day


  1. I (amy) Finally made a blogger account to reply with ;)

    And I'm very willing to come on the trip

  2. YAYYY glad to have you back and coming along. Would you prefer we call you Amy or Amanda?

    Josh, get Jewel on board and we'll head out

  3. Hey Megan and Amanda,

    I talked to my female bodybuilder friend Jewel yesterday and she is so stoked and ready to go on this awesome getaway that you are both going to be going on. Megan I can't wait to get started. She told me that she emailed you and told you all about herself. So check your email Megan and email her back and let her know that you are taking her along on this awesome surprise fantasy trip that you have planned.

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the blog that is going to be posted. By the way are you laying out any ground rules and are there going to be other people comment on this or is this going to be closed and private for just the 8 of us. By the way who is the 4th girl. Jewel, Amanda, you makes it three. Did you find a fourth.

    Anyway keep me posted and I hope you are both rested and revitalized from your weekends and Amanda's vacation.


    P.S. Amanda what is your blogger account. How do i see that. Do you have a web address for it.


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