Friday, April 24, 2009

Dreams (draft)

I had the strangest dream last night. I woke up in the past, in my body from a week ago. I know this because I had just bought a new home elliptical machine. I got up, tripped over the box and gashed my hand on the nightstand. It seemed so real, more so than many dreams I have. I woke up and started getting ready for work, looked down at my hand and saw an almost healed gash. I glanced to the corner of the room and my new machine was there, all set-up with the box tossed in yesterdays trash. Could that dream have been real?

The next night I had a similar dream. The machine was setup in the corner and I could see it's box in the other room, ready for the trash. Must be a couple days later? Might as well hit the machine in my dreams since real life seems so busy. When I wake in the morning, I could slowly start to feel the pain of an overdone workout. I've only actually used it once for an hour so that couldn't cause the soreness. I'm starting to believe these dreams are real and are effecting my current self.

Night 3 and time to put these dreams to the test. I've always wanted huge muscles like female bodybuilders, but haven't had the time to get that big. I'm usually too busy with work. I try to workout regularly which has given me a nice firm tone that my boyfriend Ben seems to enjoy quite a bit. Hopefully my new home machine will help me get more cardiovascular in. I lay down to go to sleep and think of what I was doing 2 months ago. Before I know it I'm there, awake in my body from two months ago. I head to Angelo's, my gym which is open 24 hours (even in my dreams). I warm up and start hitting heavy weights. The strain doesn't feel as bad in dreams, which helps me to lift more. After a couple hours I start thinking of myself from a different time. Instantly I'm there, 4 months ago at Angelo's. I jump to 6 different times in my recent past, all in the same night without waking up. What a great way to get in shape with limited time.

I wake up groggy from the nights activities. In the period from just waking up to being fully alert, I can see and feel changes happening to my body. My abs start taking a more defined form, biceps are starting to gain a nice little bulge and my veins spread out like a roadmap. Everything is tightening and growing in that minute or two before I'm fully awake. When its over, I go to the mirror to check myself out. Damn I look hot and hit a double bicep pose in my bra & panties. Definitely bigger than I remember. I go to jump on the elliptical machine for a quick workout before work, but it's gone. Weird. Was I robbed last night? After a quick check of the locks, I look for other stolen items, but nothings missing. Its getting late so I'll have to deal with it later.

Friday night and Ben's coming over for dinner. All I can think about is going to sleep, but am trying my best not to be pre-occupied with my muscle growth. When he shows up, I thought he would notice my change, but doesn't and I realize that my new figure isn't really new. I've always looked this way to him. We have dinner, watch a movie and hit the bedroom. As soon as I drift off to sleep, I wake up in a past time and get to work again. First job is getting a large supply of steroids and finding a secure spot for them. Above a ceiling tile in the bathroom should work. I inject myself, then head off to Angelo's, over and over again. I'm amazed how many trips I can make tonight. Much more than last night. I even make numerous visits to myself before I moved to Cali. The results should be amazing and I can't wait to wake up.

After a full night of heavy dose lifting, I finally wake up. I want to savor the transformation, so I lie still to prolong the wake-up period. Although groggy, I feel the changes as they happen. Starting slow, but not for long. I feel the power of muscles coursing and pounding, my god I've never felt this good and strong before. I watch my chest as it rises and forms into solid chiseled granite. I can see my small six-pack get larger and harder, the valleys deep and pronounced. I turn to see my biceps grow to 4 times their size. My vascularity thickens and can actually see blood flowing through them. I've never seen such amazing muscles on a woman and they're all mine. My breasts loose a little size, but the mountain of muscle behind them makes them appear larger than before. I finally wake completely up, so charged with sexual energy that I roll over to show Ben my newfound womanhood. I rip off the covers to show him my new body, but It's not him.

It takes me a second to comprehend what's happened and look around at the other changes around me. My room is different, in fact it's not even the same apartment, much smaller. My clothes, shoes, I look out the window and even my car has changed from a Solara to an older model Explorer. In a couple minutes, I forget about what once was and only know my current life. I head back to the bedroom... and Vince. I picked him up last night at a bar and brought him home. He's a little sleazy, but so hot and great in bed. I lift him up, put him inside me and easily orgasm for what seems like hours.

One more night of this and I will be so amazing. Practice makes perfect and I'm able to make three times more jumps than I did last night. I lift harder and faster, jumping from time period to time period. I make multiple re-stocks of steroids and find much purer grades and much larger quantities. The dosages keep increasing, way more than recommended and probably more than anyone should ever have. Over and over starting when I'm around 14 years old, heavy lifting and mass amount of roids. I want to keep going and try to prolong waking up as long as possible. It's Sunday morning and don't have to be anywhere, but my body will automatically start waking up soon. The last thing I do is grab a marker and write on the stomach of a past me "You will thank me".

Here it comes rush and I brace for the change. The feeling is beyond belief as the muscles start multiplying over and over on my already super muscular body. I breathe deep and my chest rises upward. Wave after wave of large rippling muscle transforms my body. My quads and calves explode with muscle, my abs are ultra defined and my arms balloon to freakish proportions. No one has ever been this strong, big or hard. My skin almost appears translucent since I can see every muscular fiber beneath the thin pink skin. I feel blood pumping through every part of me and don't ever want this feeling to end. The transformation takes 2 or 3 minutes and I feel enraptured watching it. Please don't ever end. After I'm fully awake I stand in front of the mirror to get a good look at myself. My god I'm gorgeous. Posing naked in front of the mirror, I see a supreme massive being in front of me and breath deep, every muscle ballooning out. I flex and get even bigger. I'm so amazed at myself, every thing is larger, harder and sexier than any woman, man, beast than ever conceived on Earth. I make myself hot just by looking at myself. I rub my fingers up and down across my body and let out orgasmic scream that rattles my trailer home (trailer home?). I need to test my strength.

I get into my old beater truck and head to Angelo's. Looking down, I see some scabbed over track marks on the inside of my leg. I pause for a minute and don't know why I'm checking them out. They've been there for at least 5 years, some longer. I pull up to the gym and my truck moans as I get out and laugh. I weigh so much but only normal people would care about that, I'm a goddess now. I walk in and tell Angelo to set up the heaviest weight ever assembled, Im going for a world record of most weight lifted by any living being. A small crowd starts to form and I settle in to my stance. The amount of steel before me is impressive, but I can take it. I don't know the amount of weight, but it has to be well over 2 tons. I bend down, grab the bar and start to lift. It doesn't budge. The crowd starts to shout out support, "Go Meg". I give it my all and every muscle starts pumping, blood is flowing and my heart starts racing. A quick look in the mirror and I start to get aroused. Focus on the task at hand, Meg! I strain and moan and raise the bar only slightly. I keep trying but the weight is just too much. More support comes out from the crowd. I tell them "Wait, I'll be back in an hour". This glory will be mine and I head out to my truck for a quick nap.

– I need to finish this, but wanted to post what I have. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and ideas.



  1. Here's a couple comments: Gross & disgusting. Who wants a chick thats bigger than a dude?

  2. Here's another comment: great start. Please continue.

    And another: don't listen to the idiot who made the above comment...

  3. Erm... well actually quite a few guys, Anonymous! If it's not to your taste then feel free to go somewhere else.

    I really like this story. The descriptions of muscle growth are great and I love the unusual rationale behind it too. At first it was a little confusing but then I got what was going on and everything slid into place.

    It's a much more original and creative piece of FMG fiction than most stories out there and a very impressive first attempt. Keep it up please, Meg! Thanks very much for sharing it with us!

  4. Love it, great work. You wrote me out of it before the fun begins though. Is that the same Vince from Security??

  5. LOL of course not :) Just a little payback for your last post. Thanks for the comments.

  6. This has to be one of the most unique muscle growth ideas ive ever read about.
    Your writing style is very nice and well to read.
    I really enojoyed reading it.

  7. Graet Start, I look forward to reading more of your muscle growth fantasy.

  8. nice start.look forward to reading more. how about competing in different sports or maybe the olympics.please write more.

  9. We love you Meg.
    Please keep it up, and grow muscles that would make you more powerful than God itself.

  10. Luv you all too. I'll try to grow big & strong and not let ya down. More powerful than God is pretty strong. I'm sure none of you could handle me, even combined. :)

    Well we can always dream right.

  11. Handle you...?
    Dear Meg, you should take over the world and rule it as you prefer, not to be handled by weak beings such as males.

  12. HA HA. I'll surely take over the world, but am not much of a ruler. I'll just need a few hundred slaves to keep me from being bored.

  13. meg i want to keep giving you power show me what a real goddess can do .-