Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm a Hedgehog

Hedgehog Meg
Thanks Taylor for the super cute artwork. I'm may be appearing in his next Gurren Lagann comic, The Super Galactic Gurren Lagann Adventure.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Beginning of Goddess Meg

A story by Meg's Servant

It had taken me years and most of my fortune. The ingredients were so rare that I only had enough for one batch, and one batch only. If I was right, after drinking it, I would be able to absorb the strength of others. Imagine the possibilities!

I hear a knock on my door. “Not now!” I think as I put the cup down and answer it.

“Hiya Tom,” a bubbly Meg says to me. “My computer crashed again, can you help me out?” you ask me.

“I am busy, can you come back later? I can help you then,” I tell you as I start the shut the door but you slide in anyway. You look around my apartment.

“Shew!” you say. “What stinks?” you ask as you walk over towards the table with the cup on it. “Wow, is this it? The formula you told me about?” you ask.

I walk over. “Um yes,” I say to the attractive and fit Meg. “I just finished it. Hopefully after I drink it I will have the power to drain people’s strength,” I tell you.

You roll your eyes. “That sounds ridiculous,” you say and then give it some thought. “Although it would be cool to like get really strong,” you say as you pick up the cup. “Is this your only batch?” you ask.

I get nervous. “Yes,” I say. “Please, hand it over,” I say. You smile and bring the cup up to your red lips. GULP! You drink it down before I can stop you.

“No!” I yell as I rush over but am too late. You put the cup down on the table and let out a little burp. “Excuse me!” you say laughing.

“You…you bitch!” I yell as I grab your arms. “What have you done?” I scream.

Your laughter turns to concern and then anger. “Did you just call me a bitch?” you ask sternly. “Well, maybe we should test your formula Tom,” you say to me.

I begin to feel an odd sensation, like I am getting the flu. I start to get light headed. “What is going on?” I think and then suddenly realize what is happening. The arms I am holding start to feel firmer…not just firmer but…STRONGER!

“No!” I say as I realize you are draining my muscles.

“Oh yes!” you say as you get stronger. I let go of your arms and stumble back on weaker legs. I look at you and you have larger muscles than before.

“What a rush!” you say as you flex your biceps. A small, but noticeable bump creeps up. “Wow, that is new!” you say. You look at me. “Awww…what’s wrong Tommy boy? Feeling weaker?” you tease as you walk towards me.

“No! Please! Stay, stay back,” I say to you as I back away. You see me moving and pounce, putting me in a bear hug. You begin draining me again.

“Ung,” I gasp as my strength rushes out of me. I feel the arms around me getting larger, stronger.

“P..please..s..stop,” I gasp as your biceps begin to fill your once loose sleeves and your thighs expand larger.

“Ummm…nope!” you say. I begin to struggle with my fleeting strength. I hear you laughing. “Oh, is that all you got Tommy boy?” you tease. “Methinks ol’ Meggy is now stronger than you!” you say taunting me.

She is right. She is now stronger than me, and only getting stronger and stronger.

“mmmeg..” I gasp. “, ung you…,” I wheeze.

You laugh again. “Very well,” you say as you let go. I fall in a heap at your feet. I have never felt so weak. You look down at me.

“Wow Tom, you don’t look so hot? Maybe next time you don’t call me a bitch huh?” you say as you walk around me. I feel a heavy foot on my back pushing me down. “So, how much of your strength do I have?’ you ask.

“I..I don’t know,” I say feeling a tad better. “A lot. Please, please let me keep what I…” I don’t get to finish. You slide your foot out of your sandal and step on my hand. You begin to take my strength again.

“Mmmmm….” you moan. “We have been talking all about you, how’s about talking about me?” you say. “ I am feeling SO STRONG! I think I have a lot of your muscles, your strength. But, tell you what,” you say feeling ultra-powerful. “If you can move my foot off your hand, I will stop,” you say looking down at my shrinking body.

I am so weak now. I bring my free hand over to our big foot. “Ung,” I gasp as I feel the drain quicken when I touch you. “Unnngg..mff….” I gasp as I try and pry your foot off my hand.

You smile as you realize how weak I actually am. You can’t even feel my efforts. You moan with delight as you get more powerful from my touch.

“i..c..can’t.ung, m..ove your..ung..mmff…f..oot,” I gasp to you as I stop trying. “i..its..ung, so..too..s..strong,” I gasp. “p..l.ease……”

You look down at me smiling. You realize your foot is now stronger than my entire body. You laugh with delight. You have defeated me and now contain almost all my strength. You stop draining me but leave your foot where it is.

“So Tom. You can’t move my foot. Guess that means it is now stronger than you,” you say proudly.

“,” I gasp looking up at your now powerful body.

“Excellent. So, I think things will change around here, don’t you? For starters, I think you should make up for calling me a bitch. I think you should be my servant, my slave,” you say to me as you take another drink of my dwindling strength.

“ung….p..leae I, ung, i..w..will..s..serve, ung…,” I say. “you…and, ung…o..only, ung..y..yo…you.”

You smile again and stop. You have destroyed me. I am weaker than your smallest of digits. You take your foot off my hand and put it in front of my face.

“If you are my slave Tom, you will kiss my foot,” you say with pride.

I don’t want to but I know I have no choice. You are my physical superior. Your body now pumps with the strength of mine. Using all my strength I lift my head and put my lips on your foot. SMOOCH. I kiss it and then leave it on your mighty foot.

“You’re so strong now,” I say to you with my face resting on your foot.

I hear you laugh. “Yes I know. And I will only get stronger! This world will bend to my will!” you say to me as you order me to kiss your foot again. I do it, knowing you have enough power to make good on your threat.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Goddess Meg & Servant Tom

A story by Meg's Servant

It had been six months since the girl formally known as Meg had taken over the Earth. She had stolen my formula and drank it, allowing her to drain the strength from other people. She had made quick work of Superman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Supergirl, Mary Marvel and a host of other superheroes. She now contained all of their powers and strength. She was the most powerful person in the universe. The military had been useless against her power. Bullets bounced harmlessly off her mighty body. Misses had no effect. They even tried a nuke when it was apparent she planned on taking over the Earth. It did not part her hair. She was the ultimate power. Totally invincible, impossibly strong. She could move the earth with her small toe. She had no equal. She made herself a God, and she was worshipped by the entire planet.

My name is Tom. I was the first to be Meg’s Servant, but not the last. After she drained all of the superheroes came to my house and told me her plan. The world was a mess, and she was going to fix it. And fix it she did. There were no more wars or countries as the planet was united in worship of Goddess Super Meg. All resources went into worship of her, and only her. To that end, her servants, all seven billion, built her palaces and golden thrones. Today she was visiting the palace she had put me in charge of. I had worked weeks to make sure it was completely clean and ready for her arrival.

I await my Goddess. I see her flying in and I get on my knees, as do the rest of her servants. An orchestra plays music as Goddess Super Meg lands. She is super muscular. Her arms are over fifty inches of pure muscle and her legs are beyond enormous. She is wearing a golden one piece bathing suit type of clothing. The word GODDESS in red across her huge and powerful chest. She is barefoot and walks towards me. I come up to the middle of her thighs in my kneeling position. She is super tall.

“Hello Servant,” You say to me.

“Good morning Goddess,” I say. “Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence this morning Goddess,” I add.

You smile and use your x-ray vision. “You did a good job cleaning my palace Servant Tom, but I see a few specs of dust in the corner next to my throne,” you say.

I panic! I had gone over the entire place with such care! “A thousand apologies my Goddess!” I say. “Please, please forgive me, I beg of you.”

You extend your huge foot and lift your mighty big toe. “I see twenty specs of dust. I shall drain you for twenty seconds Servant Tom as punishment,” you say.

I dutifully place my hand under your huge toe. I am fearful as I know what that toe can do. I saw it first hand when you flicked the side of Mount Everest with it and sent it hurtling into space. I gasp as you put your heavy toe on my hand. It is so large it almost covers my hand. You begin to drain my strength.

“Ung,” I gasp as I feel weaker. I look at your huge toe and foot. You do not need my strength. It is less than meaningless to you. Like a rain drop in the ocean, less even. Your power is limitless.

“Thank…ung…you…for…t..aking my….ung…strength..G…G…Goddess,” I gasp as I know what to say. It is an honor to have you drain me. Very few people actually get the honor of being in the Goddess’ presence, much less getting to worship her in person. After twenty seconds you stop and lift your now stronger toe. I weakly pull back my hand. You have taken almost all of my strength.

I lean down and pucker my lips and gently kiss the huge toe which just drained me. “I thank you for taking my strength Supreme Goddess,” I say and kiss her toe again. “I thank you for allowing me to worship at your feet Goddess,” I add. “I worship you, and only you Almighty Goddess,” I say as I begin kissing your other toes and you entire huge and powerful foot.

“You worship me well Servant Tom,” you say as you look down at me worshipping your feet. You love how it feels to be worshipped. “As Ruler of Earth, very few people get the honor of worshipping at my powerful feet,” you tell me as you decide to head towards your golden throne. Your big feet leave foot shaped divots in the gold plated ground. I dutifully follow behind you, kissing the ground you walk upon. You sit at your throne and lift up your left foot.

“Kiss the bottom of my foot Servant Tom,” you command. I smile as I scoot over and begin kissing the ball and bottom of your huge foot.

“Thank you Goddess for allowing me to worship your mighty foot,” I say between kisses.

“You are welcome Servant Tom,” you say as you flex her huge bicep. I long to worship it but I know the rules. You only touch your servants with your mighty feet. I know how lucky I am to be worshipping you, and I feverishly kiss the bottom of your foot. I work my way up to the bottom of your pinky toe. I kiss it as well, wondering just how strong it must be. Able to lift quadrillion tons no doubt, I think as I kiss it again and again. It is hard to imagine your power and strength.

You look down at your foot. It is so large you can barely see me behind it, but you feel my kisses. You smile at my worship and lift your other one. “Kiss my other one Servant Tom,” you command in a mighty voice. I do so, with glee.

“So, I am thinking about rearranging the continents tomorrow. As a living Goddess, I never liked the way they were organized. When I am done, maybe I will come back and let you worship me even more Servant,” you say to me.

“That would be the highest of honors Goddess,” I say as I continue my worship and imagine just how strong you have to be to move continents!